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The Diary of W. S. Myers

Miami, Saline, MO


This is WILBERT STERRETT MYERS, about 16-Years-old, when he went to work for G. T. Taylor and began to write his daily diary.

(From the Miami Daily News)

January ....1887

Miss Mary Burruss gave a Christmas tree to the little folks and a few invited guests..... The ladies of the Methodist Church realized $95 at the supper given just before Christmas..... We regret very much to announce the death of Mrs. G. Wilson, wife of Joseph Wilson, living near town, last Sunday morning.


From February 2, at 6 o'clock, to February 3, at 6 o'clock, the range of the thermometer was 47-degrees, tightening the ice gorge at this point and making travel over it safe.....The City Council has appointed a committee of three members, Greenabaum, Guthrey, and Webster, to select a suitable place for a city cemetery.....On the 20th day of March, 1874, began the publication of the Miami Index, Calhoun and Kirby, Editors. After the November election, Mr. J. C. Kirby became proprietor.


The Fannie Lewis, with Capt. Keith in command, will be here in a few days..... Corn is selling at $1.00 per barrel and wheat at $1.25 per bushel in this county..... Oliver Guthrey is a candidate for re-election to the office of school commissioner for this county..... Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson of this city lost their baby by pneumonia, Tuesday..... The Steamer, Gov. Allen, arrived here from St. Louis, Thursday. She will run in connection with the railroad at DeWitt..... Died in this city on last Sunday, Feb. 25, at the residence of her father, Miss Addie Myers (aged 15) The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the bereaved ones..... Milt Davis, living northeast of this place, died last Tuesday morning of pneumonia. Funeral conducted by Rev. O. Guthrey under auspices of the Grange, of which he was a member.

..(From the Diary of W. S. Myers)

May 11.
Chas. Hisle to Miss Lou Haynie (4 o�clock).
May 17.
Milt McDonald to Miss Willie Casebolt at Christian Church (8 o�clock).
June 3.
Put on my 1st pair Congress Shoes.
June 21.
It has been 2 years today since my dear mother died.

..(From the Miami Daily News)


Ben Nichols threshed 1460 bushels of oats in six hours and 20 minutes last week..... The new steamer, the A. C. Bird, built for Burruss Bros., at Grafton, Ill., has arrived and will run between Waverly and Miami..... Misses Lucy and Florence McFarland, two Saline County teachers, will teach in California, both securing schools near together and close to friends..... Next week is the great Miami fair and our little city is in gaily attire. Every effort will be put forth to see that fair and courteous treatment is given to all. Chief Marshall Lee Tucker is the right man for the job and secretary A. R. Edmonds will lend every assistance to exhibitors. J. W. Robertson, our genial deliveryman is prepared to see that nobody walks, and John Beck, at Booth 2, will see that you are fed.

(From the Diary of W. S. Myers)

Oct. 22.
We broke up housekeeping this morning for this winter as Papa and Rettie are going to California to spend the winter. So we took breakfast for our last meal together.
Oct. 23.
Commenced at Hotel today for dinner and to board this winter (Lem and I).
Oct. 25.
Papa and Rettie left to go to Marshall today on Marshall start their trip to California. Also going to California are Geo. Hahn and his wife, and D. B. Coltrane and wife. Miss Edna Saufley went as far as Marshall with them.
Oct. 26.
I went up to Mrs. S. W. Taylor�s tonight to play �corn & beans� with Willie and Frank. We just had a fine time.
Oct. 27.
Got a postal from (my brother) Newt written on 26th, and answered it. Also got a postal from Papa written at Kansas City, mailed at Topeka, Kansas. It was written on 26th. I wrote to Papa in return.
Oct. 30.
Received a postal from Papa written on 27th, and a letter from sister written on 28th.
Oct. 31.
Received a postal from Papa written on 28th, and answered it. Mr. W. Bell commenced tearing down the ell part of the big frame house in the front of the post office.
Nov. 1.
Mattie (Myers) and the children came over from Marshall to spend a few days. I received a letter from (my brother) Bob, written on the 26th, from Los Angeles. I answered it.
Nov. 2.
Received a postal from Newt, written on the 1st. Got a letter from (my sister) Lina, of Boonville, written on the 1st. Heard from Papa at Needles, California, written on the 29th.
Nov. 3.
Ollie Burns and Jennie Kieffer were married in the Methodist Church tonight.
Nov. 5.
Received my 1st letter from Papa in Los Angeles, California, written on the 30th, about him getting there.
Nov. 6.
Wrote to Papa and sister, Lina. Newt came over this morning after(his wife) Mattie.
Nov. 7.
Commenced wearing a pair of button shoes that Papa gave me before he left for Calif.
Nov. 10.
Received a letter from Papa, written on the 4th. Also wrote to Papa and Newt.
Nov. 12.
Received a letter from Newt, written on the 11th, and answered it.
Nov. 16.
Mr. Rolland Smith to Miss Allie Greenabaum at the residence of the bride (8:30 p.m.)
Nov. 20.
Got a letter from Papa and one from Rettie. Also wrote to Papa, Rettie, Lina, and Newt.
Nov. 22.
Received a letter from Lina, of Boonville.
Nov. 24.
Got a note from Newt and wrote to Papa.
Nov. 26.
Mailed Papa his letter today that I forgot to mail yesterday.
Nov. 27.
Wrote to Lina and sent her a few of Papa�s letters too. Also Lem gave me one of his pictures.
Dec. 1.
Wrote to Papa today.
Dec. 4.
Got a letter from Papa.
Dec. 5.
Went to a show in Mertens Hall and it was real good...of four little girls and two or three boys.
Dec. 6.
Wrote to Papa.
Dec. 7.
Put curtains up at Rev. W. M. Bell�s, in Mrs. Bell�s sitting room.
Dec. 8.
The M. E. Church South commenced a protracted meeting, by Rev. Gill, Pastor. Also put out a few of our Xmas goods on a table at Store (G. T. Taylor�s).
Dec. 9.
Received a letter from Papa today, written on the 1st.
Dec. 11.
Wrote to Papa.
Dec. 13.
Received a letter from sister Lina. Also sent her some of my Youth Companions and answered her letter.
Dec. 14.
Heard from Papa.
Dec. 15.
Wrote to Papa.
Dec. 16.
The Methodist Church closed their Meeting tonight. Also sent Papa a Presbyterian paper. Received a letter from Papa and wrote to him and Rettie. Ate dinner with Lewis Snody at Mrs. Lewis�, a boy that is going to school here from up about Malta Bend.
Dec. 20.
Got our mail today for the first time in two days, on account of so much ice in the River. Also, Miss Mary Lewis and Minnie McDaniel, and Mack Lewis got home today from school, for Christmas.
Dec. 22.
The River at Miami (here) blocked tonight.
Dec. 23.
Received a letter from Papa. Also, Mr. August Royar, Jr., died this evening.
Dec. 25.
Today is Christmas and last night Lem gave me a dollar, and I gave him some cigars. I went to Sunday School and my teacher, Miss Amelia Hawkins, gave me a nice Oxford Bible and some candy and cards. I also got a box from Papa and Rettie from Los Angeles, Calif., which was $5.00 each to Lem and I, from dear Papa , and Rettie gave me a clothes record and Lem, a hammered brass ornament. They laid Mr. Royar away this morning in his silent tomb by the Mason. And the snow was about 15 inches deep, and cold as could be, but they had a big crowd. I used to work for that man, collected for him and clerked for him. And tended to the telephone for him. He used to go away and leave me by myself for a whole day and I was only about 12 or 13 yrs. old. I couldn�t much more than see over the counter. He was a good man to me.
Dec. 26.
Got a letter from Papa, and wrote to him.
Dec. 29.
I received a letter from sister Lina today, from Boonville, and wrote to her and Papa.

END 1887