The Diary of W. S. Myers, 1889

The Diary of W. S. Myers

Miami, Saline, MO


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Jan. 1.
We had a �Pound Party� at Mrs. Jno. G. Guthrey�s tonight, and FUN, don�t mention it! We all had just a fine time. The other boys took nuts, candy, figs, raisins, chewing Frank and I thought we would be different. So I took a bottle of pickles and ginger snaps, and Frank took a box of sardines and crackers! Those that were there are as follows: Frank Taylor and Miss Rosa Mertens, Wib Myers and Miss Flora Mertens, Churchill Guthrey and Miss Clara Greenabaum, Lex McDaniel and Miss Iona Burns, Peyton Jeter and Miss Ethel McDaniel, Elbert Dunlap and Miss Tina Shelton, Harrison Wheeler and Miss Prid Bell. Miss Lona Edwards was married this evening. Lem took Miss Emma Parsons out.

The photo, at right, is dated "August 25, 1889." The girls are identified as, left to right, Edith Matzler, Daisy Duggins, Grace Shepherd, and Edna Kirby.

Jan. 2.
Lem and Irby Grady went up to Bell's to stay awhile tonight.
Jan. 4.
The Debating Club met at Mertens Hall again. Subject: Resolved that for mal-treatment, one toward the other, the Indian has greater cause to complain than the white man. Affirmative: B. F. Hill, C. P. Bondurant, W. H. Wheeler. Negative: H. L. Anderson, L. J. Hamner, G. R. McDaniel. The committee rendered their decision in favor of the Affirmative.
Jan. 5.
This is Saturday night and it is the first time I ever ate a roasted egg. Mr. Jeter fixed some tonight at the Store.
Jan. 6.
This is Sunday evening and I went over to see Hubert, who has been sick for over a month. I then came back and went to the Christian Missionary Meeting.
Jan. 7.
They commenced the Week of Prayer this week, going around to each one of the Churches.
Jan. 8.
It has been snowing all day and it is the first snow we have had this winter that amounted to anything.
Jan. 11.
There was a party at Mrs. Kile�s tonight for Miss Mollie and Clara. I went up with Churchill Guthrey and Elbert Dunlap, as I didn�t know for certain whether I was going. We had a fine time. It was one o�clock when I got home.
Jan. 13 to 16th
I was sick at home, taken Sunday with a chill. I wrote an 8-page letter to Lina, Boonville, MO.
Jan. 17.
I took Wib Burns down to the Hotel tonight and we had oysters.
Jan. 18.
Hubert Wood, who has been sick for the last two months, came out today for the first time. I took Miss Iona Burns home tonight from the Christian protracted meeting, for the first time in my life.
Jan. 25.
Miss Callie and Fannie Hanna gave a party at their house tonight. There was a big crowd. A lot of us boys and girls went out in a wagon load. We had just a fine time. We got home the next morning at 3 o�clock. Those that were in the wagon were: Lex McDaniel, Pert Cooper, Ed Burruss, Rolly Casebolt, Jerry Robertson, Mamie Wood, Wib Myers, Iona Burns, Peyton Jeter, Mollie Kile, George Burruss, and Churchill Guthrey. We had a four-horse team and, don�t you forget, we just flew! �Pop and pickle�... All the go!!!
Jan. 29.
The Baptists gave an �Oyster and Ice Cream Supper� tonight, for the benefit of their Missionary Society. Took in $63.00, cleared $39.00. Hurrah! for the Pop and Pickle that we played tonight. I took Miss Belle Burns home tonight.


Feb. 1.
I took Miss Belle Burns home tonight from prayer meeting (Methodist).
Feb. 6.
I took the "Belle" of the City home tonight.
Feb. 7.
Sent Newt an order for eight stencil stamps, he being the agent.
Feb. 12.
The Missionaries of the Christian Church gave an Entertainment tonight at their Church, of building a ship...having speakers, songs, and mottos. Just before it was out, there was a crowd from Marshall came over, as follows: Miss Eugenia Estill, and her brother; Miss Ida Haynie and Mr. Lewis, and another kid. After the meeting was over, the crowd above mentioned, and myself and Miss Belle Burns, went over to Dr. Wheeler�s and sat until after 10 o�clock. Then the crowd went back to Marshall. Churchill Guthrey took Miss Ida Haynie and Val Cravens took Miss Lizzie Wheeler. �Parsnips� (new name for �Yucatan�)
Feb. 14.
This is Valentine�s Day and I got two, but sent none. I got one ugly one and one that was written. Ha! Ha! Churchill Guthrey and W. S. Myers went over to Mrs. John Burns� to play a few games of �7-Up� and �Euchre� with Miss Belle and Iona Burns. O! The fun we boys �did have.�
Feb. 18.
Churchill Guthrey and myself went up to Mrs. Taylor�s to play a few games with Frank and Willie.
Feb. 22.
This is Washington�s Birthday. It is also my sister Lina�s birthday, and Mary Lewis�, too. I weigh 112# and I am 5ft. 5 3/4in. tall.
Feb. 24.
Sunday evening. This evening Churchill Guthrey, Peyton Jeter, Elbert Dunlap, Hubert Wood, and Wib Myers were up in Mr. Wood�s Shop. We planned to go to see some girls tonight as follows: Hubert and Peyton at Mertens (Rosa and Flora), Churchill at Greenabaum�s (Clara), Wib at Mrs. Jno. Burns (Belle) on these conditions.......The partners that got left were to set up the oysters to the crowd. The partners were Hubert and Peyton vs. Churchill and Wib. Hubert and Peyton were all okay, Wib was alright, but Churchill�s couldn�t go, as her papa was real sick. So that threw the �Oysters� on Churchill and me. We went down and we got away with all Mrs. Null had. We just had a big time. Well, the hour that we were to call (7 o�clock) soon rolled around, and I went to my chosen place. And don�t you forget, I had a nice time. I left at 25-minutes of 10 o�clock. I made arrangements for Churchill and I to come back Tuesday night and play some games with Belle and Clara. Hello! Hanna!.......How is your Ma???
Feb. 25.
Tonight I went up and played �Casino� with Wib Burns, and then Mr. Sohns came up and we three had a game. Ha! Ha! �No Telling...� (Fun!)
Feb. 26.
Tonight I had a game of �penuchle� with Wib Burns.
Feb. 27.
I got 15 stencils (stamps) from Newt today, that I ordered on the 8th. Willie Taylor and myself went up to the schoolhouse to hear them celebrate Longfellow�s Birthday.
Feb. 28.
Belle Burns� birthday is June 19th (born in 1871). I played �Sell-Out� tonight with Mr. Sohns and Wib Burns, up in Mr. Gus Leftwich�s office. Churchill Guthrey and I were to go over to Mrs. Jno. Burns� to play a few games, but it rained all day, so we thought we wouldn�t go. I mailed Hallie her stencil today, to go by the way of Marshall, as we haven�t had any mail from the other side for two days. I think the River will go out tonight, or tomorrow...then we will get our mail (but there is no telling!)


Mar. 1.
I mailed Newt a check today for the amount of $3.30 for the stencils. The River broke up last night, so we got our mail today, for the second time this week (21 sacks). I wrote to Hallie tonight.
Mar 2.
The mud is so deep now that the Marshall hack didn�t get in today until about one o�clock. It is due here at half-past ten. Mr. T. H. Harvey, D. N. Burruss, Dr. Grady and L. A. Myers are playing �You Know� now in the Store. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Mar. 3.
I have just gotten back from Church (Methodist). Peyton Jeter and I went over to call on the Miss Mertens this evening, and we had a nice time. I wrote to Daisy Duggins tonight, first time in about three-years.
Mar. 4.
Will Haynie, Wib Burns, and myself went down and got oysters at the Hotel tonight, and then went down to the Negro Baptist Church to a protracted meeting, and O! that Negro can talk! His subject was �the blind man.� I wrote to Juanita Coltrane, first time for about 6 or 7 months.
Mar. 5.
I mailed �J. C.� her letter this morning. We got in today our Spring stock of clothing. Also boots and shoes. In the lot of clothing, Peyton Jeter and myself got our suits that we picked out some two or three weeks ago. I received a letter from Hallie Hudson today.
Mar. 8.
I went to the Debate tonight and afterwards I went home with Belle Burns. Wib Burns, and Fannie Hanna went along and we played__________!!! O! You don�t know what fun we did have. It was half-past 11 o�clock when I left. Lem went to Marshall this evening, with G. N. Jackson, Dr. Grady, I. L. Grady, and D. N. Burruss, to take a higher degree in their Lodge. He is coming back tomorrow morning. John Carr (went) broke today. The keys were turned over to J. D. Snelling who is to settle it for him.
Mar. 9.
I settled with G. T. Taylor today for my 2nd year with him. He failed to charge me with as much as he ought to have, by $11.48. My last settlement was in favor of him too, by $5.00 or $6.00. He fails to charge me with things.
Mar. 10.
Sunday. This has been a beautiful day and I have enjoyed it too. This morning I got up at 15 minutes past 7 o�clock, got breakfast, and went to Sunday School. Then Hubert Wood, Churchill Guthrey, Peyton Jeter, Fred Sibley, and myself took a walk out to Preacher Guthrey�s. Then I came back and got my dinner. After that I got Hubert and we took a walk down below Ruxton�s Warehouse. We met George Ireland, and we turned around and came back to town. We then struck with Peyton Jeter and Churchill Guthrey at the Christian Church, and from there we went to Wood�s Shop and stayed awhile. Then, after supper, I went down to the Christian Church and have just now gotten back. Newt came over from Marshall today with Geo. Hahn. They went back this evening. Dr. Grady was taken sick last night at the Store. They didn�t take him home �til this morning. He is said to be very low. They sent for a Dr. that he learned under at St. Joe, who will be here in the morning.
Mar. 11.
Our boss (G. T. Taylor) went east this evening to buy his Spring stock of goods. I wrote to Newt today.
Mar. 12.
Lem sat up the last part of last night with Dr. Grady, who is much better today. I heard from Newt today. I have been cleaning the upstairs today, getting ready for Mrs. Shelton to move up. I had to move my curtain-shower out into the clothing room. Mrs. Shelton is to move tomorrow morning. Had my hair cut this evening.
Mar. 13.
I moved and cleaned everything on my side of the Store this morning. Mrs. Shelton moved up today. I received an answer from Daisy Duggins this morning that I wrote on the 3rd. Today I went down to the Bank and made my first deposit, of $25. I settled up with the boss and had $16.61 cents coming to me. So I took $15 of that and drew $3 on this month�s services and I had $7 that I had gotten from clothes that I had sold (old clothes of mine). So I am going to see if I can�t add to that (account) every month. If it is only $1, it is that much saved. It all goes to Papa when I am 21 yrs old, and then he gives me $50 to start on. I went to Prayer Meeting tonight at the Methodist Church and went home with the �Bell� of the City, �ell-Bay, urns-Bay!� Rettie has got the mumps, so Papa got help to stay until she gets well. Her and Lyt are the only ones in family that have had them. Will Haynie is staying in Edmonds and Grady�s Store now while Dr. Grady is sick. He used to stay in Mertens' Store, but Ernest Ish is there now. I heard tonight that my brother Lyt had joined the Baptist Church in Los Angeles, Calif.
Mar. 14.
This morning I went over to the schoolhouse and put up a curtain in Miss Mollie McDaniel�s room. I got up to Mrs. Carr�s on my way back to the Store. I met Miss Mary Zea, who said she also had a broken curtain and wished I would go back and fix hers. So I did. Coming out on the walk I met Miss Amelia, who said she had two curtains that were weak in the springs, so I, at last, got around and had them all fixed. I also stopped, coming back, at Mrs. Bill Bishop�s and put one curtain up in her room (parlor). We got in the wallpaper for Will Taylor�s store-room this morning. Hubert Wood and myself started out for a walk tonight. We started from Edmonds and Grady's Drug Store and walked up to the corner of Mrs. Robert Parrish. Then we walked over to Mertens� corner and sat down awhile and talked. Then walked back to Greenabaum�s corner and stood a little while. Hubert went home and I came over to my home at the Store, where I am now writing in my �day diary.� Ha! Ha! Ha! �No Telling� �Parsnips....Yucatan� �arsnips-pay ean-may ucatan-yay ......o-nay elling-tay!!!!�
Mar. 15.
Miss Beulah Noonan died this morning at 20 minutes of 10 o�clock. She is to be buried tomorrow morning. I went up to play a few games with Peyton Jeter at Mrs. Taylor�s with Willie and Frank tonight. I have just now gotten back. Lem is up in the Lodge. This has been a rainy and dark day. It would sometimes look as though it was going to clear off, then another shower would come. It is now 15 min. of 10 o�clock and I think I will go to my bed of rest. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Mar. 16.
I went into I. L. Grady�s tonight and bought me a watch. I had been talking about it for some time. So I asked Papa and Lem, and they both said for me to get a good one if I got one at all. So I bought a gold watch for $43.25 (with chain). The case is warranted for 20 years and the works for 2 years. The works = $19.50, the case, $18.00, the chain, $5.75 = $43.25. Made by American Waltham Watch Company. Number on works = 3740254; on 14-krt case = 332772. G. T. Taylor got back from the east this morning.
Mar. 17.
Sunday. I went to Sunday School this morning and Missionary Meeting this evening. Went up and played with Peyton Jeter on our harps, with Pet (Jeter) on the piano. Took a walk. Then went down to Mrs. Vanice�s and sat awhile. Then went to Church at the Methodist and came back and wrote a 10-page letter to Miss Daisy Duggins, in answer to hers on the 13th.
Mar. 18.
I went to the Baptist Church tonight to hear their new preacher that was here �on trial�....Mr. Richardson from England. After Church I went home with Belle Burns, and Churchill Guthrey took Iona Burns. After Churchill had taken Iona home he came over where I was and we stood there at the door for a half-hour or more, I guess, talking, and O! The fun we had!!!
Mar. 19.
Lem went to St. Louis this morning to buy his Spring stock of goods. This has been such a pretty day. I cleaned the upstairs today and changed things around.
Mar. 20.
We got in most of our new goods this morning and, I tell you, we have been working hard all day. Newt came over from Marshall this evening and brought Edna with him. He is going to take Mrs. Saufley home with him tomorrow morning. I went to the Methodist Prayer Meeting tonight and took Miss Belle Burns home. I made a bet with her, night before last, and I had to pay it today. She bet me that a certain fellow didn�t go home with her Sunday night and I bet here a pound of candy that he did. (But he didn�t)
Mar. 22.
They closed the Debate Club tonight for the season. I didn�t go tonight. I worked at the Store fixing up a display of hdkfs., hosiery, men�s ties and towels. I worked until after 10 o�clock.
Mar. 23.
This morning the boss came down and was much pleased with my work of last night. He was surprised to see it. I had done it unbeknownst to him.
Mar. 24.
Sunday. Today has been a beautiful day. This morning I got up at 7 o�clock, washed, made up my bed, and went (up home) to breakfast. Then I went to the Methodist Sunday School and after that I went over to the schoolhouse and looked through my spyglass. I then came back and got the mail and went to dinner. After dinner I struck with Hubert Wood, Will Haynie, Elbert Dunlap, Churchill Guthrey, Peyton Jeter, and Frank Taylor. We started out for a walk, but just as we started Hubert called Churchill and I back and wanted to know if we would carry a card for him over to Mertens, to Miss Rosa. So we did. We went one way and the group went another. As Mertens were having everything painted and papered we thought we wouldn�t go in, but after standing a while out on the porch we wished, afterwards, that we had gone in! We were only waiting, or rather, standing for 37-minutes, 37 3/4 seconds!!!! While we were waiting there, some ladies passed and I felt like �I was sent for, but couldn�t go!� We, at last, got the card from Rosa. do you think it turned out?? Yes, of course.....the card said, �No, regret very much!� That, of course, made us feel bad for Wood! Well, the next quest was to find the rest of the boys. Oh, I was about to forget...on our way back we met Miss Clara Greenabaum and Iona Burns at the corner of Jessup�s, whom we got to walk with as far as Greenabaum�s. Then we hurried on to give Wood the sad, sad news. Well, we, at last, found the boys in Wood�s Shop, cleaning up. They had been down to the River. We then all had a walk down to the graveyard and then out to Bell�s orchard, where we then had a �corn-cob battle,� and O! The fun, fun, fun we had!! No telling!!! We then came back and I went to supper. And after supper I went to the Christian Church, where I then took Miss Belle Burns home. And that wound up the fun and enjoyment we had today. Lem got home from St. Louis this morning.
Mar. 25.
I received a letter from Juanita Coltrane today, first for some time. I wrote my first check today in my own my brother, Newt, for $13.30, for a suit of clothes. I commenced on a new curtain rack today that I am making for the Store to show curtains. I had made one last Spring, but it was too small to hold the stock we carry.
Mar. 26.
Hubert Wood, Churchill Guthrey, Peyton Jeter, and W. S. Myers went over to Mertens� corner tonight for a walk and I then took a walk as far as Mrs. Guthrey�s, with Peyton and Churchill. This has been a beautiful day and is a beautiful night. I got Churchill to take a walk with me over to Mrs. Jno. Burns, as I had to take Belle her lace-dress that she had bought. Old Mr. Phil Reynolds died this evening at half-past five o�clock. He had been sick for some time, and had been very low.
Mar. 27.
I received a letter from Daisy Duggins in answer to mine of the 17th. Tonight I went down to the Methodist Prayer Meeting, and, after it was over, I took Miss Belle Burns home. I came back to the Christian Prayer Meeting and had a message to deliver to Miss Flora Mertens, so I walked over home with her. I had a nice time tonight. When I came back, Lem was working on some shelving, so I helped him some, and it is now eleven o�clock, so I must close and go to bed. Goodnight.
Mar. 28.
I have been going from one thing to another all day. I put up seven curtains at Mrs. W. R. Ruxton�s this evening. One had to be cut off, and the other six had to be turned around and put gilt on inside. They are moving into the old Fred Smith place, where Mr. Harry Wheeler used to live. They have just returned from Springfield, Mo. I went up and played �7-Up� with Wib Burns tonight. 1st game we stood (Myers) 4; (Burns) 7. 2nd game (Myers) 6; (Burns) 7. 3rd game (Myers) 6; (Burns) 7. So I quit! It was pretty close playing, I tell you. Lem went down to call on his best girl tonight, and I guess he took her to Prayer Meeting. No telling!
Mar. 29.
Churchill Guthrey and myself went over to Miss Clara Greenabaum�s to call on her and her cousin, and also Miss Belle Burns, who was to be up there. We spent the evening very pleasantly, talking and playing �Authors� and �Casino.� There was a crowd of us boys and girls going serenading tonight, but they changed it. While we were at Greenabaum�s, part of them came and serenaded us, but we let on like we didn�t hear them, so they, at last, quit and went away. So at 10 minutes of 10 o�clock we took our departure, hoping to have the pleasure of calling again...soon!
Mar. 30.
We got in our new Store stools today. They are �daisy�s� too. Lem is receiving his Spring stock today. Tonight Lem said he was hungry, so Frank Taylor and I went in with him and got two-cans of oysters and we ate them...raw...and, O! They were good too!...Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!... No telling!
Mar. 31.
Sunday. This has been a cloudy day, but I have done a good deal of walking. I have gone pretty near everywhere. I went down to the Christian Church and went home with Miss Belle Burns tonight (The Belle of the City). I commenced a letter tonight to Daisy Duggins, but it was after nine before I got back from Church, so I can�t finish it tonight, but will tomorrow night.


Apr. 1.
Today we got in our curtains and I got to finish my curtain rack. I tell you...we got in the nicest line we ever had, and the biggest. Sixteen different kinds, running from 3 to 6 pr. each. So you see....that makes a big stock for Miami. NOTE: I swore off Sunday (Mar. 31st) not to smoke anymore cigars or cigarettes!!
Apr. 2.
Will Taylor got in his goods yesterday evening and has been working all day on them. Hubert Wood and myself went down and put up his scales for him. I bought a can of potted-ham from him tonight, my first! I was his fourth customer. Peyton Jeter and I took a walk over to Mertens and back and he is asking for me to join the band....but I don�t know yet whether I will or not. No telling!
Apr. 3.
I took Miss Belle Burns home from Prayer Meeting tonight.
Apr. 7.
Sunday. I didn�t go to Sunday School this morning, first time I have missed this year. I intended to go, but circumstances were such that I couldn�t go. I wrote a letter to Juanita Coltrane this morning in answer to hers of the 25th. After dinner I went to a big �baptizing� at the River. Eighteen negroes dunked. It was raining, but the Ferry Boat and landing were covered with people and umbrellas. I also went to Missionary Meeting at the Christian Church, then took a walk out in the woods with Frank Taylor, Hubert Wood, Elbert Dunlap and Edgar Calhoun. I am now writing this and I am going quit and go to bed. I have been up every night this past week until after 11 o�clock, and I am going to see if I can get 10-hours sleep. It is 15 minutes before 8 o�clock now. Goodnight!
Apr. 8.
I went up to the Band Room tonight to try to blow the first horn I ever blew. I am thinking about joining the Band, if my boss lets me.
Apr. 9.
I asked the boss today and he said �yes, he didn�t care.� So I got Mr. Leftwich to show me how and to give me the scale. So, tonight, my first time, I ran the scale, but not good and clear. I took 2nd tenor.
Apr. 10.
I went down to the Methodist Church tonight to hear Bro. Tuttle (Episcopal preacher). Nannie Leftwich was affirmed after preaching was over. I went home with B. Burns. I also got a letter from Daisy Duggins, in answer to mine of the 31st.
Apr. 12.
I mailed two Miami Weekly Newspapers this to Lina, and one to Daisy Duggins. Ed Siebert, Peyton Jeter and myself were up to the Band Room tonight, practicing on our horns. I have just now gotten back and it is half-past 9 o�clock.
Apr. 14.
This morning it was 15 minutes of 8 o�clock when I got up and, it being so late, I didn�t get to go to Sunday School. So I sat down and answered the letter that I received from Daisy Duggins on the 10th. Then, after dinner, I came out in my light suit and put on Lem�s stiff hat...first time I ever wore one for any length of time. After supper, I went down to the Christian Church.
Apr. 16.
I didn�t mail Daisy�s letter to her until today. I wrote her a 14-page letter, the longest I have written yet. I also wrote to little Hallie, sister�s daughter, who has been, and is now, right sick. This evening I went to get up on a roll of carpet by the window on the stairs, in the Store, and the carpet went out from under me, throwing me backward on the steps about 6-feet. My head struck the box and was cut open. I also struck my backbone on the edge of the stairs and I thought I had broken it. Dr. Edmonds was called at once and said it wasn�t broken, but I was badly shaken-up, and, I tell you, I am pretty sore. (This was written on the 17th of April, but dated on the day I got hurt).
Apr. 17.
I sent Hallie a box of oranges and bananas this morning, by express. I went to the Methodist Prayer Meeting tonight and walked home with Miss Belle Burns.
Apr. 19.
The Miami Public School closed here this morning at 11:30 o�clock. There were four graduates: Miss Tina Shelton, Miss Ellis Clemens, Miss Mamie Wood, and Miss Belle Burns. The School was decorated with cedars and mottos and everything went off nice. They had singing and reading of essays from the graduates. I sent up a bouquet to Miss Belle Burns and then, after she returned home, I sent over a big box of oranges, bananas, figs, raisins, candy and yucatan, and sweet-wheat chewing gum. She was dressed in white lace made over a cream satin and a cream colored sash. O! She looked �cute,� I tell you! It looked as if it would rain this morning, but the sun came out pretty all day. Tonight they had a �to-do� at the Hall. The one that had the best speech, and said it best, was to get a medal and the second-best, a book. So Daisy Bishop got the medal and Sallie Hamner the book. After it was over, I walked home with Belle Burns.
Apr. 20.
I received a letter from Hallie today and she is much better. She had gotten my box and was well enough to write me a letter herself. We have been so busy all day that we had to call in Will Lemon about 4 o�clock to help us through. This has been the prettiest day of the season.
April. 21.
EASTER DAY. This has been a beautiful day. This morning I got up at 15-minutes to 7 o�clock and went to breakfast. After breakfast I went and put on my best suit and went to Sunday School. Then I went to preaching. At Sunday School my teacher, Miss Amelia Hawkins, gave me two Easter eggs (yellow and blue) and an Easter card (Easter Bells and other poems). At Sunday School today we fixed it up with flowers and had a choir to sing for us . We had a big Missionary Meeting this evening....more than we have had for a long, long time. We have been having only 30 to 35, but we had some 80-odd today. After Missionary Meeting was over, I went down to the graveyard and sat about an hour there. Then came back and got supper. Then I went to Church tonight at the Methodist to hear Bro. Anderson, and, after it as over, I went home with Belle Burns and Miss Minnie Robertson, who was with her when I asked Miss Bell, and we all had a nice time too! Goodnight!
Apr. 23.
This evening I received such a nice bouquet of �pansies.� Some of the pansies were as big as the bottom of a saucer. O! They were �daisy�s,� I tell you! The giver was a �nice, good-looking, young lady.� She was about 5 1/4-ft. tall, about 122 #, and went under the name of Miss Belle Burns. And, in return, I will say that words fail-me to express my many, many, many, many thanks for same. I wrote a letter to Hallie Hudson in answer to hers that I got Saturday. Will mail it in the morning.
Apr. 24.
This evening the boss went over to play croquet at G. R. McDaniel�s with Mr. Harvey and Dr. Grady. He told me at 15-minutes of 5 o�clock to bring his horse over to Mr. McDaniel�s, so I did. And just as I got there and started back...�Good Luck� as it was, it gave me the pleasure of walking up town with �the Belle of the City.� I made a shelf this evening and put it up in Mrs. Shelton�s room tonight. She wants it to put her glass and pitcher on. Ahem!
April 25.
�Fishing Excursion.� This morning I got up at 20-minutes past 4 o�clock, and cleaned up the Store and got breakfast. At half-past 6 o�clock, I was off with a lot of boys as follows: Hubert Wood, Frank Taylor and Churchill Guthrey to spend the day at Duck Lake fishing. We had Downs� team and a driver. We got down there at 8 o�clock and got our minnows for ourselves. Then came along Dr. Grady, G. R. McDaniel, and Mr. Frank Webster, and we got some for them. So it was 15-minutes of 9 o�clock before we got to fishing. H. Wood was the only one that had good luck. He got wet all over and 17 fish. Frank (dry) = 5 fish, Churchill (wet) = a little fish, and Wib (dry all over) = a little fish. When 12 o�clock came, we went in and spread-out our dinner, and the fare was a follows: light bread, ginger cakes, biscuits and crackers, potted ham, beef, sardines, pickles, peach pie, oranges, bananas, candy and boiled eggs. So you see we ate well. And it was a beautiful day. We went out again and stayed until after 2 o�clock, but had no luck, so Churchill and I came back to the hack and quit, made us a bed, layed down and talked to Bob (the driver). Until we heard a noise on the other side of the lake. Dr. Grady had a 2# catfish on his line and it pulled his line so hard he thought he had a �whale.� Ha! Ha! Ahem! So Mr. Webster had to pull it in for him. Mr. McDaniel didn�t get a thing. Well, the time soon rolled around to 6 o�clock and we took our departure, hoping someday to have the pleasure of going again and having as much fun as we did today. I like to died laughing at �Wood.� He got stuck in the mud and couldn�t get out...with a gallon of water running in his boots every minute. We got back at 8 o�clock and Ta! Ta! No telling!
Apr. 26.
Tonight a crowd of us boys and girls got together at the residence of Mrs. Jno. G. Guthrey, for the purpose of organizing a Mete Society for the benefit of the M. E. Church South. There was a very good crowd there, and we are to meet every two-weeks. We meet at Mrs. Jno. Burns� next time. Each one pays 5-cents every time they meet. We took-up at our meeting tonight - $2.00. I had the pleasure of having Miss Belle Burns� company to the Mete and spent a very enjoyable evening. I got to bed at 15-minutes of 1 o�clock.
Apr. 27.
I went around this morning and put up two curtains for Miss Delia Brown at the old Walden place. She and Miss Lillie are going to keep house.
Apr. 28.
Sunday. Today has been half-pretty, half-bad. This morning the sun came out just as pretty as could be, but at noon it began to get cloudy and cold. I went to Sunday School this morning, and have been reading and studying music the rest of the day. Price Rogers took Miss Belle Burns out buggy-riding this evening. After I went to supper I went down to the graveyard and sat awhile. Rettie gave me one of her rings to wear today (solid gold)...plain. It is the first one I ever wore. She has two others, one with a set in it, and then she has a ring with 5 diamonds in it. Lem gave it to her this last Christms.
Apr. 29.
I moved and cleaned everything upstairs today. And I tell you, I feel tired, too.
Apr. 30.
The Centennial of the �Inauguration of George Washington� was observed in this city, today. All of the Church bells rang from 6 o�clock a.m. to half-past 6 o�clock. And then again at 9 for the people to gather at the Methodist Church, where appropriate services were held. All of the Business Houses closed from 9 to 1. So I didn�t go to Church, but went up to the Band Room and practiced until dinner time. Then I went home and fixed dinner, as Rettie and Lem, and a crowd of other boys and girls, all went to fishing. The Band came out on the street and played a good many pieces for the people. After dinner the boss said we could have the evening too. So we closed and The Band, and a crowd of people, went down to DeWitt on the Mattie Lee on an excursion. Then I went back to the Band Room and practiced again until 5 o�clock. The boss was over to Mr. G. R. McDaniel�s playing croquet with Mr. Harvey , Dr. Grady, and Mr. McDaniel. A good many had their Stores flagged, but we draped our Store with �Red, White, and Blue Calico.�


May. 1.
This is Wednesday and the first of the month, so I have been out all evening collecting. I went down to the Methodist Prayer Meeting tonight.
May. 2.
Rettie and Edna Saufley went to Marshall today. Lem and Dr. Grady went over this evening to attend the �Lodge.� The latter two are coming back in the morning. Rettie and Edna came back this evening. I received a letter today from �Miss Etta-ay Avens-cray� on special business. Will try and answer soon, maybe tonight.
May 3.
I mailed an answer to the one I got yesterday (this morning). I also got a 10-page letter from �D. D.� I will answer soon.
May 4.
G. T. Taylor, �my boss,� was the �happy-father� of a baby girl this morning.
May 5.
This has been such a dusty day. It has been blowing all day, and it has been so cloudy that I stayed in the house all day....studying music. At half-past 5 o�clock, Hubert Wood and myself took a drive in our buggy. We went down by Carpenter�s, turned around and went out by Mr. Al Wheeler�s place - down that road- to see the new Church they had put up there. We came back and came in by Mr. Kieffer�s, then in by the Black Bluff Road. It was about half-past 7 o�clock when we got back, but the horse worked well. We didn�t have a bit of trouble with him.
May 6.
I went over to Jno. Burns� tonight to sit awhile. I took over some bananas and candy, and had an excellent time. Miss Belle is the one I went to see.
May 7.
I went up to the Band Room tonight to practice and Ed Siebert came up and then Mr. Jessup, and they said I was getting along fine. So they got their horns and we had a little music.
May 8.
Ed Siebert, Peyton Jeter and Mr. Hurd were up tonight and they helped me too.

Wib Myers, on left, and Harrison Wheeler, on right...members of the Miami Cornet Band, 1889/90

May 9.
Fred Sibley, Sam Grady, I. L. Grady, William Haynie and Lem Myers were running footraces tonight and as Lem started to run, his watch fell out of his pocket. It broke the lid off and rolled it up. It was a gold watch and it was easy to roll up. He also broke the chain and crystal, but didn�t hurt the works. (They didn�t run anymore foot-races tonight!)
May 12.
This has been a dark, cool, rainy Sunday, but I got up this morning and went to Sunday School. After dinner I was with the boys awhile. I wrote a 16-page letter to Daisy Duggins today. Also a few lines to Miss Floy Flourney, a cousin of Peyton Jeter�s at Linneus, Mo.
May 13.
Mr. Jeter and I commenced this morning to clean up the Store, from one end to the other, upstairs and down.
May 15.
Mr. Jeter and I finished cleaning tonight and we have everything clean too! But, don�t you forget, I am tired and sleepy.
May 17.
This has been a rainy day. Lem and lots of the other boys and girls went to Grand Pass this morning to spend the day in fishing, but they have just now gotten back and are wet as they can be! This morning I went around and put up one curtain at Mr. Grady�s and also made one for Mrs. Andrew Casebolt. After dinner, the boss had me go up and put in a piece of brussell carpet in the back of his chair. This evening I put up two curtains in Mrs. Jno. G. Guthrey�s dining room. I received an answer today of the letter I wrote Sunday to Floy, through Peyton Jeter. It was a cute one too! Mr. Milt Clemens gave me nine new blotters today. Ahem....No Telling!
May 19.
This morning I went to Sunday School, but not to preaching. After dinner we had a Missionary Meeting at the Methodist Church, and as I was secretary, I had to go. We had one of the biggest and best meetings we have had for a long time. There were 135 present and a $2.55 collection. Miss Amelia Hawkins left Wednesday morning to go to New York to spend the summer. So we have Miss Bettie Isbell as our new teacher. I wrote a 4-page letter to (my brother) Bob, in Los Angeles, today.
May 20.
I got me a light suit to have for everyday (cheviot). I commenced wearing it this evening. Later this evening I played my first piece with the Miami Cornet Band (that is, I played �at it.�)
May 21.
The Mete Society met at Mrs. W. O. Burgess� tonight. I couldn�t go as I had to practice.
May 23.
I took my first trip out with Band today. We went out to Fairville to a Sunday School picnic. We got to Fairville at 10 o�clock and went to the grounds at 11 o�clock. We marched up to the grove from the big gates and played as we went along. The Marshall Band came out just in time for dinner. They were in a big four-horse ambulance and we were in a nice two-horse Band Wagon. So we had plenty of music! Both of us joined and played a few pieces. Miss Sue Withers invited Peyton Jeter and me to eat dinner with her, and O!....I never had a nicer one in my life. I had oysters, salmon and chicken, salad, pickles, light bread and biscuits, ham, beef, fried-chicken, and turkey......all kinds of cake and ice cream. Don�t mention it!!! (I haven�t got time to name anymore). The Band was to leave at 4 o�clock. Mr. Leftwich, our leader, was going to St. Louis, so he went by the way of Marshall. But, when the Marshall Band left, they went around by Fairville again and played some more. So Mr. Hurd said �he couldn�t stand that.� so we played again also, even though �our leader� was gone! We certainly had a fine time. We finally got home at 6 o�clock. I have had my horn for 6-weeks now, and made my first trip today.
May 26.
Sunday. This morning it commenced raining as I got up and it rained until after 10 o�clock. Then the sun came out and it has been a very pretty day after all. Hubert Wood and I took a ride in our buggy this evening. I went by the Marshall road to see Mr. C. C. Ross� place as I never had seen it before. It was the first time in my life that I was ever out on that road. It is certainly a nice place. We came back by Mr. Grady�s and in by Mr. Sibley�s. We left at half-past 4 o�clock and got back at 7 o�clock. Tonight I went down to the Christian Church with Bill Haynie....also came back with him! No Telling! The first gas-pipes were layed in Miami yesterday evening in the Store of Scott & Miller (Lem�s employer). Edmonds & Grady, G. T. Taylor, D. H. Saufley, Gus Leftwich, and Dr. Dunlap are going to have it too. Theirs will be put in this week. It is said �to be in working order� in three-weeks.
May 27.
The Miami Cornet Band met in the Band Room tonight for the object of practicing and voting on three new members: Fred Sibley, Amos Martin, and John Robertson. Fred Sibley and Amos Martin were �black-balled,� and John was �all OK.� I voted for Amos Martin, but didn�t vote either way for the others. (I wasn�t going to vote on any of them, being so new myself, but Mr. Webster made me vote on the last one!)
May 28.
They commenced putting in the �gas-pipes� in G. T. Taylor�s Store today at 11 o�clock. We will have 11 jets instead of the eight, as we first said. Peyton Jeter and I went up to the Band Room tonight to practice with Jno. Robertson, that is, to show him how to run the scale. Today has been a dark, gloomy, and rainy day. It has been pouring down all day long.....only but two or three country men in town. Mr. Jeter said we had sold less today than anytime he could remember, and he has been in here 15-years, off and on.
May 30.
DECORATION DAY! This morning is the day we are to go to DeWitt. At 9 o�clock we came down on the street and played two pieces, then we marched-off playing one on down to the Ferry Boat (Mattie Lee). At half-past 9 o�clock we were leaving the banks. At about 10 o�clock we were at the DeWitt Landing. Then we marched up to the Depot and waited for the train. Then we met the delegates and marched them up in town. We then played some up there until after 11 o�clock. When we quit, we went down to the Hotel and there they had a good dinner for us. At 1 o�clock we marched out to the graveyard and played and had singing. We left the graveyard at about 2 o�clock and went around to some man�s big house, where they had singing and speaking. Wait....I forgot to say that just before we went to the graveyard, two pretty young ladies came out and pinned a bouquet on each one of us! We left the man�s house at 4 o�clock and came back down to the Lodge-room, where we left the Republicans, and were taken down to Capt. Ruckle�s house to have some strawberries. And, I tell you, they were fine (and lots of them). When we got through, we thanked them by playing 4 or 5 pieces for them. Then we went uptown, where we had the cigars set-up to us by the Republicans. Then we played and marched down to the boat. On our way to the boat, Wib Burns (one of our members) had us stop at his cousin�s house, Mr. Embry, and play a piece (which we did). We then went to the boat where a crowd of DeWitt girls got on and went up to the Landing where they were going to get some lumber. We got home at about 7 o�clock and, I tell you, I am as tired as I can be. So Goodnight. Yours, �Semper-i-Dem� Wib
May 31.
I received a letter from Daisy Duggins this morning. I cleaned things upstairs today (after the �gas-man� got through putting in the pipes).


June 2.
Today has been a beautiful day. I went to Sunday School this morning, but not to preaching. At about 12 o�clock I went up to Hurd�s Gallery and had my photo taken. Then, after dinner, I wrote a letter to Lina, which I expect to mail tomorrow morning. Then Will Haynie, Peyton Jeter, Elbert Dunlap, Lex McDaniel, Bufe Casebolt and myself took a walk. After our walk we went to the Missionary Meeting at the Christian Church. Then, after supper, I walked down to the graveyard and from there to Church.
June 3.
This is my birthday. I was born on June 3, 1871, so that makes me 18-yrs. old today. (Rettie gave me a nice dinner).
June 5.
This has been a beautiful day. I went to Prayer Meeting at the M. E. Church South tonight, and went home with sister. After Prayer Meeting Fred Sibley and myself went a walking over on the other hill and came back at 15-minutes past 10 o�clock.
June 8.
The Band went down last night to play for the Christian Supper at Mrs. Jno. Burruss� house, but it commenced raining as soon as we got there, so we only played three pieces. But I had a fine time afterwards. It rained all night long . I took Miss Belle Burns home last night and I never did see it rain so hard in my life....and dark as pitch out. We had to run as there was lightning. O! It was terrible! But I had a nice time and got to bed at half-past 12 o�clock. The rain has washed out a good many bridges in the country. There are very few farmers in town today. In the last three weeks there has been 10-inches of rain, just enough to last one year.
June 9.
This is Sunday night and I have just gotten back from a walk. I went to Sunday School this morning, then came down to Store and did some fixing, then went to dinner. After dinner I fixed a string of cherries for Miss A. B. Taylor. Then I went downtown and I struck with Sam Grady. He wanted me to go riding with him, so I did. We went to �Downs� and got me �Old Step� and we had a ride up to Discharge and around in the hills. We left at half-past 2 o�clock and got back at 20 minutes of 4 o�clock. Then I sat down and wrote an 8-page letter to Daisy Duggins, in answer to hers of the 28th of May. Then, after supper, I strung a bunch of cherries and took them around to the boss�s house. Then came downtown and took another walk with Bill Haynie and went down to the Christian Church afterwards.
June 10.
Tonight, after supper, Wib Burns came over and said that Belle said for me to come over and go serenading with them. After Band practice, we started out at about 10 o�clock and got down as far as Mrs. Jno. P. Scott�s when we met them coming our way. Mr. Watkins, who came over from Marshall after Miss Katy Beck, who was visiting Mrs. Burns, was with Miss Belle, so Kate and Ethel were alone. Wib (Burns) grabbed Kate and left me for Miss Ethel. I told her..."if you will explain this risk of my life to Jobe Hanna, I will go with you." She said, �yes!� (and that she wouldn�t let Jobe hurt me!!) So we started out up to Miss Clara Kile�s and I never had so much fun in all my life. We got a nice card there. And, O! My! Kate Beck came mighty near killing me! I never did laugh so in all my life. Then we went to Allis Smith�s. There we had played one piece (she on the guitar and I on the harp), and away went the string! So we had to waste a box of matches fixing that. But we got a card on a sheet of wrapping paper!! Then we went to Mrs. Shelton�s to give them a serenade, as Wib Burns� best girl was there. And we played and danced there until I don�t know when. Then we went on over home and gave Miss Jessie and Bertha (Burns) a serenade, and adjourned after that as it was then 15-minutes of 12 o�clock. By the time I got back to the Store and to bed, it was half-past midnight. (Hubert Wood and myself called to see Miss Beck on the night of the 6th -Thursday night- at Mrs. Burns� and the Fun....don�t mention it!!!)
June 11.
I received a letter from Lina this morning. G. T. Taylor left yesterday evening for Carrollton to attend the Sunday School convention. Tonight there was a little gathering at Mrs. Burns, as Miss Katy Beck is going home tomorrow. Those present were Misses Jessie and Bertha Burns, Will Haynie, Wib Burns, Bettie Haynie, Miss Katy, Wib Myers, Belle and Ethel Burns, and we had a nice time. All left at 11 o�clock, except Will and myself, and we stayed until 12 o�clock, then took our departure, as we thought if we stayed any longer the old man would come around! We bid Miss Katy and Belle �farewell,� hoping to have the pleasure of calling again.
June 12.
Miss Katy Beck left this evening for her home in Marshall, with Mr. Watkins, at Half-past 1 o�clock. �Good-bye, Miss Kate!�
June 13.
G. T. Taylor (by boss) bought out the Dry Goods Store of J. F. Carr, from J. D. Snelling this evening. He is going to run two Stores here.
June 14.
This morning G. T. Taylor and myself, with J. D. Snelling, commenced to mark down the goods bought from J. F. Carr. We are going to slaughter prices and will commence our sale on Tuesday (the 18th). This evening, while I was sitting down in the Store, in walked Wib Burns with a box. Of course I was much surprised when I opened it. Lo and behold, there were two beautiful bouquets! Language fails me to express in words my appreciation of it. And it was from...O! Such a �nice, cute girl.� It contained such a fine nice...cute...little...letter!
June 15.
This is Sunday night and I have just gotten back from Church. This morning I got up at 15 minutes of 7 o�clock and went to breakfast. Then, after breakfast, I went and got ready for S. School. Then, after S.S. was over, I came back and went upstairs with Wib Burns, in the Store, and there we sat and watched Belle Burns with a spyglass over home combing her hair and fixing her bangs. We waved, but she didn�t see us, I don�t think. So this morning I wrote her a nice card thanking her for such a beautiful bouquet that she sent me Friday evening. O! It was the prettiest one I have seen for such a long time, and words can�t express how I appreciated it. It was about as big a bouquet as I ever have gotten. Then, after we got through watching Belle, we went down to the post office and got the mail. Then I went to dinner. Then, after dinner, which was half-past one, I went down to the Store to get ready for my Missionary Meeting. Then, after that (4 o�clock) I had arrangements to call on Miss Floy Flourney, a cousin of Peyton Jeter�s, and spent a very enjoyable evening. I was there 1-hour and 3/4. Then I came downtown again to the Store, to read, when I looked over and saw Belle out on their back-porch. So I got the spyglass and I waved my hdkfs and..... Ha! Ha! Ha! That was the time I caught her. I waved back and forth at her for about 15-20-minutes, and the fun I did have! Then Will Taylor and I started for a walk. When we came back I got Will Haynie and we took a walk over on S. E. corner of Grand Ave. Coming back we caught Wib Burns on the way and we all went down to the Methodist Church for preaching. After preaching we took a walk over on �Burns� hill� and came back, then parted for the night. It is now 10 o�clock and I am going to bed. I got a letter from my brother Bob, today.
June 18.
This was the Grand Opening Day of G. T. Taylor�s new Store (John Carr�s old stock of dry goods). We are �slaughtering� prices too. We sold $347 today. Lem commenced cutting prices, too, at Scott & Millers�s and then Miss Eva Snelling put her millenary stock at cost. So there is a regular �war� in town. We ran 7 clerks today and were rushed all day. When 5 o�clock came we had to drive �em out, so as to get straightened up by morning. We locked the doors this evening and won�t open before 8 o�clock tomorrow morning.
June 19.
This is Belle Burns� birthday. She is �of age� today....18 yrs. old. I fixed up two hdkfs. for her and wrote in one end, �B. B., Sweet 18,� and mailed them to her. We had another big day today....sold $297. Had a big rush and used 6 clerks and a floor-walker.
June 20.
We sold $250 today, and would have sold more, but we were sold out of a good many things. The Band went down to Mrs. Nettie Lewis� last Tuesday night to play for the Supper, and, I tell you, I was so tired I could hardly get along. But I went and had a very nice time!
June 23.
Sunday. This morning I got up at 7 o�clock and went to breakfast, then hitched up the buggy, came downtown, and took Bill Haynie a-riding. We left at 8 o�clock and got back at half-past 10 o�clock. We had a fine time, too! Then I went upstairs at the Store and read the rest of the morning. At noon, I went and got the mail and went up home to dinner. Then, after dinner, I came down to the Store and read the rest of the evening (when I wasn�t looking with the spyglass and flirting with B. Burns). Then I went to supper and came back and read some more, then I took a walk with Bill Haynie up to Bell�s and over to Mertens, then came back up to the Store, where I am now, and it is 25-minutes of 10 o�clock. Now I must go to bed because I have lots of hard work to do this week. Yours forever.......Wib!
June 24.
It is now three-minutes of 10 o�clock and I have just gotten through work at the new Store. We gave it a general clean-up today. And, O! How tired I am! After we got through cleaning, Peyton Jeter and I went up to Zea�s and got some oysters and ate them. I didn�t get to supper because we were so busy. I got a letter from Daisy Duggins this morning. Will answer soon. Ha! Ha! Ha! No telling!
June 25.
This morning we were having a good trade, when a fellow, by the name of D. P. Moore, from California, Mo., came in at our new Store and bought out the stock! So we closed the doors and commenced invoicing. My boss bought it as �bankrupt stock� and got it @ 50-cents on the dollar. He has sold about $1700 worth and has only been open one-week to the day. He sells (Mr. Moore) the stock at the same price and has the House and fixtures reserved.
June 27.
I went to the Methodist Prayer Meeting last night, first time for a long while.
June 28.
We just finished up tonight packing up Mr. Moore�s Goods that our boss sold him. I tell you, I feel tired, and we have done lots of work for the past three weeks. First week, we cleaned and marked. Second week, we sold and straightened. Third week, we invoiced and packed. And I am now glad to say that we are done and have gotten back to our old home again. G. T. Taylor made about $400 in a three-weeks deal, beside the fixtures he has left. The stock invoiced = $4,800.26.
June 29.
Well, Mr. Moore gave the boss a check this morning for $2,400.13 for the stock (which the boss bought at 50-cents on the dollar.) Mr. Moore left by way of Marshall. We shipped one load to Marshall this morning to put on the Missouri Pacific. Will ship the rest next week. Mr. Moore was a mighty-good jolly and funny. He kept us in lemonade and cigars all the time. He offered me cigars, but I didn�t smoke any, so, instead, took oranges. Roll Smith was helping all the time and he and I had �fun,� I tell you. (Mr. Moore was a big, fat man).
June 30.
Sunday. This morning I got up at half-past six o�clock, got ready and went to breakfast. After breakfast I came down to the Store and got myself ready for Sunday School. After Sunday School I went down to the Store and wrote a 12-page letter to D. Duggins, in ans. to hers of the 22nd. Then went to dinner. Papa went down to Uncle John�s (Miller) today, so Lem, Rettie, and I were all that was there for dinner. After dinner I came back to the Store. Then Peyton Jeter came and we talked awhile. While we were talking, Lem rattled at the door and wanted me to carry a note for him to Miss Mary Lewis. So, of course, I did. I got Peyton to go with me. After we got through, we took a walk over to Mertens� corner and, coming back, we met Belle Burns. She took us in and made us a bouquet each. So, of course we felt proud. I was teasing her about �Bill Williams.� He came back last night. I told her that..... �Bill had come, Flowers were gone, Belle is happy, and In her glee, Just as near heaven, As she wanted to be!� She said, �No, indeed, Wib. I have lots of flowers for you!� She has been sending me bouquets often, so that was the reason I said what I did! O!...I have had lots of fun with that �old girl!!� After Peyton and I came back, I met Frank Taylor and he wanted me to go over to the River with him, so I did. We left here at 15-minutes of 5 o�clock, got back at half-past 9 o�clock. We had a very enjoyable evening. One-year-ago tonight, Flave Ingram and myself stayed all night there!! Flave and Lex McDaniel were also at the River when we got there. We had FUN too, I tell you!! �Sweet....Kitty......Rea�


(Editors Note....the following data was attached to the next page in the 1889 Diary. I think it was because his sister, Lina Hudson, lived in Boonville and he liked recording the routes taken)

NOTES......Towns on the River going to Boonville, Mo: Miami, DeWitt, Brunswick, Keytesville, New Frankfort, Cambridge, Glasgow, Little Rock, Lisbon, Arrow Rock, Mouth Lamine, Old Franklin, Boonville

Towns going by railroad to Boonville: Miami, DeWitt, Brunswick, Dalton, Keytesville, Salisbury, Clifton, Randolph Springs, Huntsville (change cars to Boonville), Moberly, Elliott, Higbee (you change here for Marshall), Russell, Burton, Fayette, Talbot, Estill, Franklin, Boonville


July 1.
This is the first of the month and I have been out collecting all day, so I am tired and sleepy! I have just gotten thru with my nightwork. The Band was going to practice tonight, but Mr. Gus Jessup (our tuba blower) is out in the country, so we won�t practice until Friday night.
July 5.
We had a grand-old-time yesterday! We intended to go to Marshall, but the team we spoke for was in Marshall that day (which was on the 3rd) and it stayed over until the 4th. So a crowd of us boys: W. B. Haynie, M. J. Clemens, Elbert Dunlap, Peyton Jeter, and myself, started out for the River. We crossed on the boat at 8:30 a.m., and had to foot-it to the Station, because the hack was full. Those in the hack were Miss Annie and Amie Clemens, Clara Kile, and her friend, Miss Shipp. We got to the Station and rested good before the train came at 9:55. Here came the train. In a little while we were off on our tour. The ladies got off at Brunswick, and the boys went on to Moberly. We got to Moberly at 12:05 p.m. and we struck out for some Hotel. We struck the �Florence,� and there we sat down and ate our dinner, and don�t you forget it! We enjoyed it too!.. Ha! Ha!.. Ahem! After dinner, we ran across Hubert Wood, who came down a day before we did to visit his sister. He took us around town and up through the printing office. Then we struck for the Fair Grounds to see the grand �baseball game.� The Moberly-nine vs. the St. Louis-nine. St. Louis won 19 to 3. Then they had foot-races and horse-races. Also �climbing of the greasy pole� for a silver cup, which was won by a little boy about 13-yrs. old, by the name of John Holland. I then met Miss Mamie Wood and talked with her. After I left her, I walked around on the grounds until it was time for us to go home. Then we started to town again to get some supper. We went to the Merchant�s Hotel for supper. After supper we went to the Park and walked awhile. Then we went to the Opera House to see the Merchant�s display, and O!... It was grand too, I tell you! About fifty ladies were dressed up in costumes to represent different Business Houses, carrying banners of the House they represented. The lady that represented the Bank had a dress made of bangles about the size of 50-cent-pieces. It was the prettiest thing I ever saw! After that was over, we went to an ice cream house and ate ice cream, then we went all over the city to see the electric lights, and it was grand....especially to one (me) who never had seen anything like it before! Then we went to the Hotel where we had supper and sat until 11 o�clock. We then left for the Depot to wait for the train at 1:55. We went all around and watched everything we could see, and, at last, our train came....and, O! We all struck for the chair-car. We had more fun than enough with Jack Clemens. He couldn�t fix his chair, so we laughed and laughed. At last �Miami� was called, so we got off. We had to wait at the River for the second boat as there were too many for the first one. W. B. Haynie, Elbert Dunlap, and I had to wait. At last when we got home... oh, how sleepy! But we had fun and I certainly did enjoy my trip. I would be glad to do it over most anytime! I went up to band practice tonight and stayed until after 10 o�clock, and I am sleepy...believe it!
July 7.
Sunday. I got up at 7:30 and went to breakfast. After breakfast I took pieces of my bouquets and pressed them, then I did some writing. I didn�t go to Sunday School or Church. I wrote up my 4th of July trip and wrote a letter to sister, Lina, and one to D. P. Moore, at California, Mo., about some goods I sold for him. Then I dressed and went to the Missionary Meeting and then back to the Store where I wrote �til supper. I went up home and ate a piece of cherry pie and raspberries and cream and some peaches. Then I took a walk to the graveyard. I had on a bouquet made from the one Belle Burns sent me and I put it on Mama�s grave. Then I returned to the Store where I am now. I don�t think I will go to Church tonight. I am tired and have lots of work to do next week. I have before me now...two beautiful bouquets. One from Tina Shelton, and a pretty large one (and beautiful one) of nothing but pansies, from the �Belle� of the city. Also I have a box of peaches and cherries before me now, but, don�t you forget, they won�t stay long after I finish this!!! Uncle Billy Pate died this eve at 3 o�clock. He has been very low for some time.
July 8.
They buried Mr. Pate at the Christian graveyard at 3:30 this p.m.
July 10.
Mr. Jeter and I commenced taking inventory of G. T. Taylor�s stock.
July 11.
Tonight Will Haynie, Elbert Dunlap, and I started over to Mertens� corner for a walk. On our way back we met Miss Bertha Burns and Belle. The other boys left me, so I had the fun. The girls turned around and walked up to Zea�s corner with me. Miss Bertha had on a bandana �mother hubbard� and Belle, one of those old-fashioned seersucker dresses. They both were as cute as could be. We walked to Miss Bertha�s house, and then Belle and I walked to her house, just across the street. We sat down at the front gate and talked until 10:30. And I never will forget this walk....we had O!...Such nice peaches to eat. And shall I ever forget the pretty bouquet she gave me?? No, never!! She is Bill Williams� "old girl," but when she and I meet....the �fun we do expect!� There was a gathering at Miss Sallie Taylor�s tonight for the young folks, but I didn't go.
July 12.
It is 10 p.m. and I have just gotten back from Band practice. Mr. Downing Saufley was taken very ill this eve. He went home and �some� thinks he is crazy. He is �out-of-his-head.� They have to hold him in bed and he tears up everything he gets his hands on. Sometimes it takes two to hold him and they can�t get him to take any medicine.
July 14.
Sunday. I went to breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Then Peyton Jeter and I took a walk to Mertens� corner and back, before it was time for Sunday School. After Sunday School I went to the Store and sat at the upstairs window to read. I looked across the hill and saw a head at a window at the Jno. Burns�. So I got my spyglass and there was Belle! I waved my hdkf. and she saw me so we flirted until after dinner time. She had on a �mother hubbard� and her bangs were rolled up (O! She looked so cute!). Then I went to dinner and came back and wrote a letter to Mr. D. P. Moore at Calif., Mo, and one to Miss Helen Crane (my 1st) at Pueblo, Colorado. Daisy Duggins gave me an introduction to her. Then I flirted with Belle until supper. Then I took a walk to the graveyard. Then I met W. B. Haynie and we took a walk as far as Dr. Dunlap�s, and Pet (Jeter) called us in and there we found Hubert Wood and Peyton Jeter, so we stayed awhile. Then we went to the Christian Church and I am now at home and sleepy.
July 16.
I received a letter from Miss Daisy Duggins this a.m. She is now at West Plains, Mo., visiting her cousin for two-weeks. Well! Mr. Jeter and I finished taking inventory this eve. The two of us did it in 6 days. Mr. Jeter and I have it going, I tell you!
July 18.
I answered Daisy Duggins� letter tonight. I also received a letter from Lina and little Hallie this a.m., so I answered it too.
July 19.
Poor Mr. Downing Saufley passed away tonight. He has been out of his head all the time and died that way, and never spoke a word since he got sick. He suffered awfully. They say his case was like that of Mr. George Burruss. We got the �long-looked-for� gas-fixtures this a.m., at last. They were expected six-weeks ago, but were shipped to Miami, Kansas. Irby Grady, who is going to run it, got all the fixtures up, but three. They were in our Store. He will put them up on Monday, a.m. He has put three upstairs and one in each window downstairs, in front. We will have eleven jets in all. Irby had to send to Marshall for a piece of pipe before he could finish ours. So Miami had its first gas-lights tonight, and they looked fine, too. Belle Burns and Miss Ida Haynie were in the Store this eve and Belle gave me O!...such a beautiful bouquet....large too! Ha!.. Ha!.. Ha..! Ta!.. Ta!.. Ta!
July 21.
Sunday. Lem was taken sick, so he went up home and I stayed by myself last night. This a.m. I got breakfast and then got Wib Burns and we took a walk over to Mertens� corner and back up to Jackson�s corner, where we watched the funeral of Mr. Downing Saufley go by. Mr. Anderson preached his service and the house and yard were filled. He was buried by the Mason�s. Papa didn�t get to go as Lem was home sick. Mr. Saufley was buried at Mt. Carmel graveyard. There were 35 or 40 buggies, carriages, and hacks that went out. O!.. It was a long string of them! The service was at 8 a.m., and they left at 9 for the graveyard. It was 11:30 when they got to Mt. Carmel (8 mile drive). It was a hot day. Newt and Mattie came to see him just before he died. I went to Sunday School, and, as there weren�t many there, I was put in the Bible Class. After Sunday School, I went to see Lem and he was getting along fine. I then went to the Store and read until dinner time. And, O!.. Lem was so much worse that Papa told me to get Dr. Grady. Dr. Grady came and told us to send for Dr. Dunlap. So when Dr. Dunlap got there, Dr. Edmonds also came. We moved Lem down to the front room and O! I thought he would choke to death! He suffered awfully. I will stay there tonight. Mrs. Pet Miller came up (one of Lem�s bosses) and she is O!.. Such a good nurse. She and Mr. Harry Wheeler are going to sit up tonight. I trust that poor Lem will get well.
July 22.
Lem is a little better. The doctors pronounced it �Scarlet Fever.� Mr. Harvey and Papa will sit up tonight. Also Mrs. Miller and Rettie.
July 23.
Lem is getting along very well today. I. L. Grady and Papa will sit up tonight and Rettie and Mrs. Miller, the last part.
July 24.
Lem is a great deal better. I received a letter from sister, Lina, and Daisy Duggins today.
July 25.
I received another letter from Lina. Lem rested well last night.
July 26.
I had my hair cut and took my first shave this eve. Amos Martin and Mr. Sohns did the work. Lem got up today.
July 27.
Lem dressed this a.m., and layed around most of the day. I brought him his Sunday clothes and he walked to dinner and supper.
July 28.
Sunday. I got up and took my bath by 7:30. Then I wrote in my diary until 8, went to breakfast, then I finished writing in my diary and wrote to Daisy Duggins. I didn�t go to Sunday School or Church. I went down and got the mail, took it to the boss, and then went to dinner. Then came to town, went upstairs in the Store and read. At 5:30 p.m., I went home and stayed until 8 o�clock, the came back to the Store and did some more writing. Lem took a ride in the buggy with Rettie. Mr. Harvey was up to see Lem and we walked downtown together. I retired at 9 p.m.
July 29.
Lem came downtown today for the first time.
July 30.
Lem stayed all night at the Store tonight.
July 31.
I went to the M. E. Prayer Meeting for the first time in a long while.


Aug. 1.
I have been out most of today, collecting. Boss went to Marshall, to go on �Harvey-bond� for Mr. Downing Saufley�s stock of dry goods.
Aug. 2.
I have just gotten back from band practice and have been posting up my book. Lem said he wasn�t feeling quite so well, so he is going up home to sleep tonight. G. T. Taylor sold one of our old show-cases in the Store today, to J. H. Noonan. So Mr. Jeter and I went down to the Carr house and brought up one that he bought a while back, so I have been cleaning it up and arranging things all day.
Aug. 4.
Sunday. I got up at 6:15 and went to breakfast. I stayed at home awhile and played on my harp. Then I got ready and went to S. S. After S. S. I went upstairs over the Store and made me a music-scale. I looked through my spyglass at Belle Burns, at her home. We flirted a long while. She had on a blouse-waist (red) with a newspaper on her head to hold her bangs up. She and I have had lots of fun together. She is a good-hearted girl, and a cute one too. At 12 o�clock, I bid her farewell and went to dinner. Rettie and Prof. Lacy went to Uncle John�s together, and Lem took dinner with Mrs. Scott, so I had to fix dinner for Papa and me, but when I got there, he had it ready! So I ate and came back to the Store. Will Haynie, Jim Burns and I went upstairs and we all flirted with Belle, and O! The fun we did have! Then we took a walk and went to the Missionary Meeting at the Christian Church. Then I came back to the Store and finished my scale. Then I went to the graveyard and came back home and ate supper. I met Bill Haynie and we took a walk and then went to the M. E. Church.
Aug. 6.
I went to M. E. Prayer Meeting. They are holding a week of prayer, so Mr. Anderson got me to read a piece about Japan, with Miss Mamie Wood. He asked the questions and Miss Mamie and I took turns in answering them. After it was over, I took Miss Ida Haynie home. She lives in Marshall and is visiting Belle Burns. We walked to Mertens� corner and back, and up to Mr. Elliott�s corner, and then on home. When we got to Burns�, Jobe and Ethel were in the parlor, so we sat on the steps and talked. Then Jobe and Ethel went out and sat in the buggy, so Miss Ida and I went into the parlor. I left at 11:15 p.m.
Aug. 7.
I went to Prayer Meeting tonight and walked home with Belle Burns and Mamie Wood. Belle and I stayed awhile at Mamie�s house. Belle told us about her trip to Moberly and some other place. We stayed there one-hour, then took our departure. I walked to the gate with Belle, but didn�t go in as it was after 10, so I bid her f-a-r-e-w-e-l-l, and went home.
Aug. 8.
Miss Ida Peterman left for home this a.m., with Mr. Peterman. She had been here three-weeks. Tonight the Baptists at Bethel gave a Supper. So a crowd of us boys got together and got the M. C. Band Wagon, and a team from John Lewis, and went down. Those that went were: Frank Taylor and Louise Miller, John Lewis and Prid Bell, Hubert Wood and Fannie Taylor, Peyton Jeter and Ethel McDaniel, Elbert Dunlap and Flora Mertens, W. S. Myers and Reid of Marshall. We left here at 8 p.m. and got there at 9:45. We left there at midnight and got home at 1:50. I don�t believe I ever did have such a nice time! O!.. It was just elegant....and O!.. Such a fine supper. It was a lovely night and so many were there. It was dusty as could be, but nevertheless we had fun. And when I got home, I was covered with flowers of all kinds. I think I must have had a dozen or more. O! Such nice bouquets!! Our new man came this eve. He is a shoemaker, and O! He can play! He plays C-flat. He is a �daisy-looking-fellow� and has a pretty wife, too. Aug. 9. Hallie Hudson (sister Lina�s little girl) came up from Boonville today and is going to be here two weeks. G. T. Taylor, my boss, sent me out to Jim Baker�s and Mr. Landon Carter�s this a.m. to see them about their accounts.
Aug. 10.
We had the first Circus here today for seven years. And it wasn�t much, either! Frank W. Coles is the name of this one. We had a big trade today. We sold $256 worth. We were so busy we had to call in two extra clerks, Miss Bettie Haynie, and Mr. Roller. It was 11:15 p.m. when we closed and oh, how sleepy I am. I have to take a bath yet, then I am thru! Good night!
Aug. 11.
Sunday. I got up at 7:45, went to breakfast, and stayed up there a while and gave Hallie a box of candy, and Papa some cigars. Rettie asked me to take Mrs. Scott�s parasol to her, so I did, then came back to the Store. Then I picked out a pair of Emerson shoes for myself...the first I ever wore of that make. Then I went over to Scott & Miller�s Store, where I sleep, and made up the beds and cleaned up the room. Then I got the mail and went to dinner. After dinner I stayed awhile, then came downtown and commenced fixing my �bouquet-book.� About 5 p.m., Frank Taylor and myself walked to Witts and ate two-saucers of ice cream, each. Then I came back and went up home. After supper, Hallie and I walked down to the graveyard, then back home where we sat in the hammock, talking and laughing until it was very near dark. Then I went downtown and got Bill Haynie and we started for a walk. We met Lem in the buggy. He had been out to spend the day with Dr. McDaniel (he and Mary Lewis), so Bill and I rode out to Calhoun�s and back with them. It is now 10 p.m., and I have to work hard all next week, so I am going to bed. I wrote an 8-page letter to Daisy Duggins, who is now in Carrollton for a visit.
Aug. 12.
A crowd of boys and girls were invited to Mr. Daniel Black�s tonight, to a party of Miss Lucy Jones, given in honor of Miss Nora Page and Miss Winnie Harrison of Marshall. It commenced to pour at about 5 or 6 this eve. We did intend to go in the �Band Wagon,� but, after it started raining, we decided to go in hacks. But there were only four couples that went. They were Prof. Lacy with Miss Eva Miller, Frank Taylor with Miss Vincentia Reid, Hubert Wood with Miss Louise Miller, W. S. Myers with Miss Flora Mertens. But O!.. I never did have so much fun! It was 9:30 before we got there and 12:30 when we took our departure. We had ice cream and lemon sherbet, all kinds of cakes, nice large peaches, apples, all kinds of nuts, candy and yucatan cinnamon Jimmy, and fruit in abundance. It was as dark as could be, but we had fun to make up. This night will always be remembered!!!
Aug. 13.
"G. T. T." (my boss) left for St. Louis and will be gone one-week, or 10 days, for he is going to Kentucky to see his folks also. Harrison (Wheeler) sent me a fine bouquet this eve by Miss Clara Greenabaum and had a fine card with it too.
Aug. 16.
A crowd of boys and girls went to DeWitt on the Excursion Boat this eve. I couldn�t go because the boss had gone East to buy goods. So Mr. Jeter and I are all that are left. So tonight Dr. Stabus and I took our horns and went over to the schoolhouse to practice a while. Then we saw the Ferry coming, so we went to the River to wait for the boat, and we had fun, O! Gosh, don�t talk of it!!!
Aug. 17.
This a.m. Nora Page and Winnie Harrison came into the Store to buy some goods, and just as they were going out, Miss Nora gave me, O! Gosh!, such a beautiful, beautiful bouquet. O!.. It is a �daisy� too. Ha!.. Ha!.. Ha! No Telling!!! Wib!
Aug. 18.
Sunday. I woke at 5:30 a.m. and got up at 7:30. After breakfast I got ready for Sunday School, but first I did some writing, then I went to S.S. They were in their classes when I got there. After S. S. I stood outside and talked to Belle Burns for a good long while. O! She is a cute one, I tell you. I wore a bouquet to S.S. given to me by Tina Shelton. I came to the Store and did some reading and writing. After dinner, at 2 o�clock, Will Taylor and I went to call on Misses Rosa Mertens and Vincentia Reid, and O!.. My!.. I just had a fine time! But the saddest part was we had to bid Miss Reid �goodbye.� She is going home tomorrow a.m. But I hope she will come back soon again. We left and came uptown where we met Frank Taylor, Bud Whitiker, Bill Haynie, and Winston Smith, and we went up and got a carriage from Mr. Joe Downs. Will and Winston went down in the buggy. We went down to Black�s to see Misses Page and Harrison. Miss Page was there, but Miss Lucy, Dr. Stabus, and Miss Harrison had gone over for a walk in the �woods.� We talked awhile, then Bud Whitiker and I started out to find them, which, at last, we did. So I walked back with Miss Harrison and joined the others. That made 7 boys and 3 girls. But Fun....O! My! We had grapes and peaches in abundance. We stayed until 7:15, then we gook our leave to come home. O!.. My! The fun! I cleaned up and rested awhile. Then Wib Burns and I took a walk and sat awhile, then I came to my room. I have lots of work to do tomorrow as we got in some of our new goods.
Aug. 18.
Rettie and Hallie went down to Uncle John Miller's to spend the day. There was a Missionary Meeting this eve, but I didn�t go as I went calling.
Aug. 19.
I have just gotten back from Band practice, and I am tired as I have been going all day long. Miss Vincentia Reid, who has been visiting Flora Mertens, returned to her home in Marshall this a.m. D. P. Moore, and wife, came here from Calif., Mo., yesterday, to look at the stock of goods of the late Mr. Downing Saufley. (Mr. Moore) is the man that bought Taylor out. He and his wife left this eve. The price was too high for them. Peyton Jeter and I took a walk over to Mertens� corner and received a bouquet from Miss Lizzie Wood, and Mrs. Jessup gave me a pretty one too. Goodnight to all......
Aug. 20.
I commenced taking music lessons from Mr. Freid, on my horn, on Aug. 13th. I also took one tonight and have just gotten back.
Aug. 21.
Daisy Duggins, an old playmate of mine, now of Colorado, came to Miami this a.m. I have been writing to her since last March. So tonight Elbert Dunlap and I went up to call on her. She is visiting Miss Eva Snelling. O!.. Gosh! She is so cute! And so nice and entertaining! She will leave for Marshall on Monday.
Aug. 22.
Elbert Dunlap had Daisy Duggins and Miss Molly to take supper with them tonight, so, after supper, he invited Peyton and me up to have a game of �Beans.� So I went and had a fine time. After it was over, I took a short walk with Daisy, and then we went back and went into the parlor and talked awhile. And O!.. I enjoyed myself so much. When shall we meet again?? I hope not so long as last time.
Aug. 23.
Miss Nora Page and Winnie Harrison, guest of Lucy Jones, at the Daniel Black�s, returned to their home this a.m., at Marshall. As they left, they drove by the Store and bid me �goodbye,� and Miss Nora gave me O!.. such a nice box of peaches and grapes. This shall never be forgotten. I wrote a note to Vincentia Reid, at Marshall, telling her I couldn�t be there as I expected, on the 25th. G. T. T. (boss) got home from his buying trip and his visit to Ky.
Aug. 24.
Elbert Dunlap went up to call on Miss Daisy this eve. He asked me to make arrangements for him last night.
Aug. 25.
Sunday. A day that will always be remembered by me! Today, one of my old playmates spent the day with me. And O!.. My dear friends, you have no idea how I enjoyed and appreciated this day, which has now come to a close. And this friend was Daisy Duggins, from Pueblo, Colorado, formerly of this city. I got up this a.m. earlier than usual. I wanted to help Rettie, and Lem wanted an early start for Malta Bend. After breakfast I cut some grapes for the table. Then I hitched up the buggy and drove downtown and got Peyton Jeter. We took a ride below Mr. Henry Carpenter�s place (farm). Then it was S. School time. I put the buggy away and I was a little late for S. S., but I was there in time to recite a part of my lesson. Then I went to the Christian Church for preaching, so as to meet Daisy and take her up to our house to spend the day. After preaching, I walked up home with Daisy and then, after we got there awhile, dinner was announced, so out we went. And there, sister (Rettie) had fixed a nice dinner for us. I can�t, or haven�t time, to mention all the things, but will mention the cream and all kinds of cakes, watermelon, mushmelon, grapes and peaches. After dinner, we went into the parlor and sat, and talked. Then Rettie came in and we went over to Mrs. Vanice�s and went through the house and yard to show Daisy her old home, where she and I played with Emma Boyer, and Lester and Juanita Coltrane. We would have shows, fairs, post-office, stores, and make believe Sunday-school and preaching....all kinds of such games and dolls. O!.. If I could just have those days over again! Then we came back home and Hubert Wood and Flora Mertens, and Elbert Dunlap and Louise Miller came, so we sat and talked until 4 o�clock. Then we took a walk over to the schoolhouse and went up into the belfry and let Daisy look around through the spyglass, so she could say she had been in the old schoolhouse where she went when she was a little girl. We then walked up to the Baptist Church, where we separated. I walked up to Snellings with Daisy, as she had an engagement with Peyton at 5 o�clock, and it was then fifteen minutes-past. So I left and was expected to call again that night. I went up home and had a cold lunch, and then came downtown and got ready for Church. In a few minutes the bells began to ring. So Hubert Wood and I took a walk up there. Peyton was just leaving, so he walked back with Woods and I went on in the house. After a few minutes she was ready and we started to Church...the first time I ever did take a girl to Church. When Church was over, I took her home, feeling happy of the honor of having taken a Colorado-girl to Church. When we got home, Daisy said, �Wib, what is the matter with the hammock? I said, �It�s all okay...� and we sat out there until 10:30. And O!.. Will I ever forget this day as �my old reunion?� No, never! O!.. Never shall I forget tonight! After we went into the house, Daisy asked me to write in her �Album,� which I did....�Remember me as your old playmate!� After that she gave me a picture of her with eight of her chums, which she had taken the day before she left Colorado, for Mo. We sat and talked awhile, and O!.. When it was time for me to tell her �goodbye,� it was all I could do. She came out to the gate with me and there we talked, and, at last, it was then my last time to say �goodbye.� I said, �Daisy, won�t you give your old playmate one �kiss� before I leave you?� And I said, �If I don�t meet you anymore on this earth, may I meet you in heaven.� Then she said, �Wib, I feel like I want to tell you �goodbye� and I will kiss you �goodbye.� So there, we parted with one of the sweetest kisses I ever had. And when her arms went around my neck it made me think of my dear Mother�s arms, whose arms had often gone around me. Shall I ever forget this night? No, never, so long as I live! Parting with Daisy was the same as with a sister, as she and I used to play together when we were little children, and we have been writing to each other, too. I promised Daisy tonight I would keep from using tobacco as long as I could, but not forever. I had quit some ten-weeks ago. So this night of gladness, and sadness, shall always be remembered.
Aug. 26.
Daisy left for Marshall today, to spend a few days with Mr. D. D. Duggins, and return to her home in Pueblo, Col. This a.m. at 11:30, I sent her a nice box of confectionary, and this evening I received a cute note of thanks.
Aug. 27.
We got in our new goods and we worked until 10 p.m. on them, and I am tired. Hallie left for Marshall today and will go home Thursday.
Aug. 28.
I was more than surprised this a.m. when I went to the P. O. and there, found waiting for me, a letter from Daisy, at Marshall. O!.. It was so cute and so very interesting. She will leave there tomorrow for home. Rettie and Edna (Saufley) left this a.m. for Marshall to see the great �Sells Bros. Show.� Rettie will be home tomorrow.
Aug. 29.
After band practice tonight, Peyton Jeter and I polished up our horns, getting them ready to go to Marshall on Saturday.
Aug. 31.
The band left Miami at 6 a.m. for Marshall, in a �four-horse Band Wagon.� We got to Marshall at 9:15. We drove up to �Robertson and Barnhill Livery Stable,� and unhitched. Then we went into the Courthouse yard and played off and on until dinner. Mr. Allen came around and took us to dinner at the Christian Church tent, and we had a good dinner. Everything was so nice. After dinner, Peyton and I struck with Dan Estice and we went over to the Fair (Big Dry-Goods House) and cleaned up. Then we walked to 419 East North Street, where Vincentia Reid lived, but we didn�t see her, so we came back and it was again time for the Band to play. We played two pieces in front of the Ming Hotel and then went to the Opera House and played for the Farmer�s Meeting. While playing at the Ming Hotel, Peyton and I had nice bouquets thrown to us, from some girls above in the Hotel. I got big one that I put on my music rack, and one small one that I put on my coat. While the speaking was going on...Wib Burns, Peyton, and I went up to the Courthouse and met the ladies who threw us the bouquets. O!.. We had fun...and lots of it. We came back and played some more at the Courthouse until it was time to go home. It looked like rain, so we had to hurry. But, just before we left, I received a bouquet from Miss Josie Elliott, and a little note. O!.. It was a dandy. I also got to see Miss Reid before I left. We left at 5:45 and got home at 8:50. We didn�t get wet. Don�t ask if it was dusty!!! Only 8 to 10-inches, that�s all!!! I hope it will rain before Thursday, as we are going back to play again.


Sept. 1.
Sunday. I got up at 7 a.m. and went to breakfast. Came back and cleaned my room, dressed the bed, took a bath and dressed myself. Then I took my writing paper, pen, and ink into the other room and started writing to Daisy Duggins. I wrote until dinner time. I wrote 18-pages, then went and got the mail and took it to boss before I went home to dinner. After dinner, I came back and finished my letter. I wrote her the longest letter I ever wrote in my life (only 30-pages). Then Wib Burns and Dr. Stabus came up and we sat and talked awhile. They left, and then Hubert Wood, Peyton Jeter and Elbert Dunlap came up and sat until supper time. I went home to supper, then came back and wrote to Newt, and did some other writing. Now I am going to bed because tomorrow is the 2nd and I will have to go out collecting most of the day.
Sept. 2.
I mailed Daisy�s and Newt�s letters this a.m., and I have just gotten back from the Band Room. We are getting ready to go to the Marshall Fair on Thursday.
Sept. 3.
Mr. Stitch, of Ohio, came today (photo man), also a band member. Mr. Jeter and I cleaned up both sides of the Store. He expects to go to the Marshall Fair tomorrow, and I will finish upstairs. I have just gotten back from the Band Room. Mr. Turner, of Carrollton, will help the Band out Thurs. Lem left today for Carrollton to attend �Sells Bros. Show,� then he will go on to St. Louis to buy his Fall stock of goods. He expects to meet Mr. Greenabaum at the Station and go with him. Mr. Greenabaum rented the Carr house from Mr. Taylor, and will open a �dry-goods-house.� I am tired, so Ta!.. Ta!
Sept. 4.
I have just returned from the Band Room. Mr. Turner was there practicing with us. But it is raining and we decided not to go. We had shined up our horns and Ed Seibert was going to beat the big drum, as Mr. Turner was going to blow Ed�s horn, and Peyton Jeter was going to take the snare drum, as Harrison Wheeler was going to take the horn. O! We would have had a fine time if we had gotten to go.
Sept. 5.
I got my first letter from Daisy since she has gotten home. This a.m. was pretty and the sun was shining bright. Mr. Taylor went today, but the Band didn�t.
Sept. 6.
This eve at 4 o�clock, Frank and I went over in our buggy to see the Opera. We got there at 6:30 (2 1/2 hr. drive). We went around to �Shirey�s,� where Churchill Guthrey stays and got stews. Then I went to see Newt. Then it was time for the Opera (8 o�clock). It was a fine Opera, �Destiny.� It lasted until 10 p.m. We were in our buggy and on the road at 10:45...on our way rejoicing, having had a good time and we enjoyed the Opera hugely. O!.. Such lovely music! We got home at 1:45 (3-hours-drive). It was such a lovely night, we just took our time.
Sept. 7.
As I came back from breakfast, Mr. Taylor and I had a few words in regard to my going to the Opera, and leaving Mr. Jeter alone to run the Store. I had asked Mr. Jeter if it would be all right if I left and he said, �Go ahead...there isn�t much to do. It is after 4, and very little trade.� He said that Mr. Roller would help him straighten-up. But Mr. Jeter told Mr. Taylor that I had left him to hold the house, and that he was as busy as he could be. I hadn�t been off much this summer. So, take it as you will, there will be an end, and I hope, soon! Mr. Jeter and no other clerk could ever get along and I believe that is the case with him and me.
Sept. 8.
This a.m. I got up at 7:20 and went to breakfast. On the way over I met Lem, who had just gotten back from St. Louis, where he was buying the Fall goods for Scott & Miller. So we walked over home together. Rettie asked me to freeze the ice-cream, so I did. Then I went to my room and did some writing. I went to the P. O. and then to dinner. Then I wrote a 10-page letter to Daisy Duggins. Frank and Peyton came in so we went downstairs and ate a mushmelon and talked. After they left, Dr. Stabus and Hubert Wood came up and we talked until supper time. After supper, I got ready and Frank Taylor and I went up to Bell�s to call on Prid and her friend, Edith Willes, of Kansas City. We had peaches, grapes, and cakes. O!.. We had one of those old-fashioned times, and fun, don�t mention it! Miss Edith gave me a nice big bouquet and a piece of her ribbon off of her hair. Ten o�clock soon rolled-around, so we took our departure. We were there two-hours and a-half. But it didn�t seem like more than an hour. Ha!.. Ha!.. Ha!
Sept. 9.
It is now 9:35 p.m. and I have just gotten back from the Band Room. It looks like rain and I hope it rains all night. I mailed Daisy�s letter this eve. Today is the first time I ever asked the boss for a raise. He said he would tell me when the Fall-trade commenced.
Sept. 10.
I wrote a letter to Newt today in regard to some business I wanted him to attend to, for me.
Sept. 11.
This a.m. I went upstairs and went through every hat box up there and brushed every hat, and cleaned things up. Also, I put out the overcoats and cloaks and fixed some other things, and, if you believe me, I am tired as I can be, so am going to bed right away. Goodnight.
Sept. 12.
I received an answer to my letter to Newt. The Band practiced tonight and, after it was over, Dr. Stabus and I practiced. Then Wib Burns and I took a walk over to Mertens� corner, and back. Today is the day for the big storm, and if you were to see the black clouds now, you would be scared to death. They are moving fast and are very heavy.
Sept. 13.
Tonight after Band practice, Wib Burns, Roll Smith, Dr. Stabus, and I went up over the printing office and I had my first game of �high-five.� Dr. Stabus and I beat 2 out of 3. Hurrah for us!
Sept. 14.
Today the Band played on the street....first time for a long while. We had eleven-members this time.
Sept. 15.
Sunday. I got up at 7:40 and went to breakfast. I came back and wrote in my diary and my account-book. I wrote a 10-page letter to Newt, and went for the mail. When I got to the Post Office, I was surprised by a letter from Daisy. Her letters are due on Wed., but it didn�t come until Sun. this time, and I had given-up. Better late than never! I went on up to dinner, after having read Daisy�s nice long letter. After dinner, Roll Smith, Mr. Freed, Wib Burns, Mr. Stitch, and I went down to Sulphur Springs in Judge Smith�s carriage. We left at 1:00 p.m. and got back at 4:15. O!.. The fun we had...and it was a lovely evening. Then Bill Haynie and I started out for a walk...over to see Judge Ish�s tombstone. He is an old man, and has had his tombstone put up, and a fence around the stone, and is having ____(can�t decipher this??), and his coffin made out of walnut. He is very old and has always said that he wanted to be buried on this Indian Mound, just in front of his house. He is perfectly well now, but he says he expects to die soon, and he wants to have everything plain, and, if he waited until after he was dead, they wouldn�t have it as he wants it!! He has just a tall, plain, sandstone, about one-foot thick, and about 8-feet out of the ground. He has white cedar posts around the stone with barbed-wire stretched on it. Then we came on back and I went to supper. After supper, Peyton Jeter, Hubert Wood, and I took a walk. Then Hubert and I went to the M. E. Church, the first time I was there since Daisy and I were there four-Sunday�s ago. So here I am now, back from Church, and am so sleepy now that I can�t hold my head up. Goodnight.
Sept. 16.
I have just gotten back from the Band Room. We have a new piece and I have been practicing on it. I made a display of our winter underwear in the Store windows, then threw on the gas-lights tonight. Hurrah for Miami! No telling....Ha!.. Ha!.. Ha!
Sept. 18.
I received a letter from Newt. Also wrote an 8-page letter to Daisy. Tonight Wib Burns, and I played Roll Smith and Mr. Freid a game of �High-Five.� We got 3 out of 4. They didn�t have a one on board, where we had 52.
Sept. 19.
I wrote to Newt, then went to the Band Room and practiced a long while.
Sept. 21.
I received my first letter from Newt�s wife, Mattie. As Newt was busy, she wrote for him. Miss Belle Burns, who has been visiting in Marshall, returned home today.
Sept. 22 and 23.
This a.m. I was awakened by a noise on the street at 5:15. I found that they had been trying all night to arrest Whit Powell (a Negro man), who has had a restaurant here for as long as I can remember. He wouldn�t give up, so they all went down with shotguns to bring him in, �dead or alive.� He shot back, but, at last, they got him. The story is too long. They sent him to Marshall. I went to breakfast and then got Hubert Wood and we left to spend the day in Marshall. We left at 9:25 and got there at 11:00. We walked around the square and met Ben Stricker, a telegrapher. He asked us about the fight in Miami as he said he wanted the story for the Kansas City Times. We gave it to him as near right as we knew how. We then came around to Hert�s Hotel and got our dinner. At 1:15, I went to see Newt and I couldn�t get away until 3 p.m., then I came to Mr. John Barnhill�s and had to go in there awhile, so it was 3:30 when I got ready to call on Miss Vincentia Reid. We sat awhile and then took a walk out to Presbyterian College, and went through it (three-stories), and O!.. How I enjoyed it. We left the College at 5:20 and got back at 6:00, where Hubert was waiting to call on Miss Vincentia. I left then and went down to the stable. On my way I met Will Latimer, and O!.. The fun we did have. We took a walk down toward Miss Ida Haynie�s, as I was anxious to see where she lived, so as I ....Ahem!....You know the rest!!!!! On our way back it began to rain, so we had to fly! But, luckily, it didn�t rain much. I went to the barn and waited for Hubert. At 7:15 p.m., we were on our way, and O! dark! After awhile, we got used to it. We got home at 10:00 and I was tired...... The 23rd: But, if you believe me, I never had a better time than I did this a.m.!! What do you think of a fellow having to work over a whole lot of heavy, greasy, boots? And my hands...just as dark as MUD! Lem and Will Taylor have gone down in the Bottom today, to call on Miss Maude Carpenter and her cousin, Miss Galbraith.
Sept. 25.
I commenced, this a.m., to make a display of hosiery, napkins, and hdkfs. But we have been so busy all day, until late tonight, that I didn�t get to finish it.
Sept. 26.
Miss Kate Beck, of Marshall, formerly of Miami, was married to a fellow from Slater. Misses Ethel and Belle Burns, and Jobe Hanna, went over to attend the wedding. Miss Ida Haynie and Belle Burns stood up with them.
Sept. 27. I finished my display tonight. It is the best one I have fixed yet....I think!
Sept. 29.
Sunday. A dark, gloomy, rainy day. I have done nothing but sit by a nice warm fire and read. I got a nice letter from Daisy Duggins yesterday. Will answer it soon. I am sleepy and cold, so I going to retire.
Sept. 30.
I got a nice letter from Juanita Coltrane, Concord, N. C. First time I have heard from her since last March. Mr. Tom Pate had his sale today. He is moving to Colorado. Old man Pate�s sale will come off tomorrow, as they didn�t have time today.


Oct. 1.
Will Lemon commenced working here, for G. T. Taylor today. He will be with us until Jan. 1, 1890. Mattie and Mr. Hahn came over from Marshall and Rettie, Edna, Mr. Hahn and Mr. Saufley went to Mr. Pate�s sale this a.m. Mrs. Saufley, Mr. Hahn and Mattie went back to Marshall this eve to attend the Conference there.
Oct. 2.
The people of Miami were shocked at the news today that Mr. J. A. Saufley was dead. He was in town to get the western mail at 11 a.m., and was talking and joking with Mr. Taylor. He went home, ate dinner, and took his seat on the front porch and began to read his paper. Edna, his daughter, said she saw his head go back as if he was going to take a nap. She didn�t think anything of it until she heard him breathing hard. He gasped twice and then he was dead. Dr. Dunlap and Mr. John Snelling were passing and she called them in. They took him in and laid him out. At 12:45, he passed from this world to one brighter above.
Oct. 3.
Today the funeral of Mr. J. A. Saufley was preached at 12:30 p.m. At 1:45, he was taken to the Mt. Carmel graveyard, where Mr. Downing (Saufley) was buried not long ago. A large crowd went out from here and many from Marshall. Mr. G. T. T. and Mr. Wood went to Marshall today to attend the Conference over there.
Oct. 4.
I finished my tie-rack and it is a �daisy.� It works on hinges, in a showcase, or on a counter. Today I got a nice big bouquet from Mrs. Gus Jessup. She knew I was a lover of flowers. Newt and Mattie went back home after being here for the funeral. Mrs. Hahn is staying here for awhile.
Oct. 6.
Sunday. This a.m. at 8 o�clock, I got a surrey from J. F. Downs and drove to Marshall. With me were J. W. Taylor, F. W. Taylor, and H. E. Woods. We got there at 9:47. It was a nice, cool drive. We drove out to the College so Frank and Willie could see the new building. On our way back, we met the Misses Mattie Burruss and Jennie Latimer, so Frank and Willie got out to go with them. We drove on down to the stable. We then got ready and went up to Church. The M. E. Church was having a Conference and we couldn�t get in, so we went to the Baptist Church. It was crowded also, so we then went to the Christian Church and we got a seat there. Mr. Briggs preached. After Church, I went to Newt�s and took dinner. I left at 2:30 and came back uptown and met the boys at 2:45. Elbert Dunlap and I called on Vincentia Reid and stayed 3/4-hour. Then we walked to the College and back. I met Frank and we went to Reid�s again to get Peyton and Churchill, who had been there awhile. Then Churchill and I went around to call on Miss Mamie and Josie Elliott and stayed until 5:30. Then we all went to the Hotel and got our supper. Then we went to Church. Churchill and I went to the M. E. Church. It was jammed, so we went to the Baptist. It was the same there, so we went to the Presbyterian and got seats there. And O!.. They had such good singing.....a splendid choir, and a good sermon, the 8th chapter of St. Matthew. I have forgotten the verse. After Church, we went down to Robertson�s and Barnhill�s and got ready to leave for home. Left at 9:30, got home at 11:00.
Oct. 7.
G. T. T. left for St. Louis to attend the Exposition and to buy some Fall goods. We have had a splendid trade so far this year. I have just been to Band practice tonight, and will practice tomorrow, also.
Oct. 8.
Mattie and the children came over this eve with Mr. Hahn, to stay awhile with her mother ( Mrs. J. A. Saufley).
Oct. 9.
Tonight we went to the Christian Church to practice for Miss Annie Shelton�s marriage, which takes place tomorrow at 8 o�clock, a.m. We had lots of fun and got along fine. Those �standing up� are R. L Prunty, Jobe Hanna, W. B. Haynie, and self. We are to act as ushers and then to march up in front of them and, you know....Ahem! I got my new suit stripe.
Oct. 10.
This a.m. at 7:20, we ushers went to the Church and took our places, ready to seat the people. We were dressed in black suits with white-lawn ties, white gloves, and also a nice bouquet. At 8:00 a.m. the Church was crowded with the people of Miami. Mary Zea played the Wedding March, and R. L. Prunty and Jobe Hanna walked to the front, followed by W. B. Haynie and W. S. Myers. We stood on each side of an arch. Then came the bride and groom, who stood in front of the arch, with the monograms �S� and �C� above them. The ceremony was performed and she was no longer �Miss Annie Shelton,� but now, �Mrs. Annie Crenshaw.� Then they marched out and took the carriage, went over to the Depot, and took the train for Kirksville, where she will make her future home. We ushers gave her a nice silver pitcher. She got many nice presents. Her mother works over the Store I now stay in, and I always thought a lot of her (Annie), and am sorry that we have to give her up.
Oct. 11.
Our boss got home from St. Louis. We took down my decorations, as they were getting dusty.
Oct. 12.
We got in a lot of new goods today, and we have had all the trade we could handle. The Band played this eve at 4:30, and I didn�t feel much like playing. Miss Belle Burns was in the Store this eve and gave me one of her pictures. I think they are very good, but she says they are �not good.�
Oct. 13.
A dark, cold, Sunday. I went to Sunday School, the first-time for a long while. I put on my new suit and got a new black hat. Frank Taylor, Peyton Jeter, Will Haynie, Hubert Wood, and self took a walk this eve. I went to Prayer Meeting at the Christian Church tonight. I wrote a 12-page letter to Daisy.
Oct. 15.
I wrote a 10-page letter to Juanita Coltrane.
Oct. 16.
I received a letter from Helen Crane, a friend of Daisy�s, of Pueblo, Colorado. First one from her. We got in a big lot of goods today.
Oct. 20.
Sunday. I arose at 7:45 and went to breakfast. Then to Sunday School, and on my way back I met Sam Grady. He asked me to go home with him and have dinner. I told him, �yes.� So I came to the Store and sat awhile, then got the mail and took it to the boss. Then at 12:15 we got started in Sam�s cart. O!.. I never ate so much in all my life! We just had more good things than enough! We walked around in the woods and orchard until 4:00, and then came home. Tonight I went to preaching at the Christian Church.
Oct. 27.
Sunday. This a.m. it was 8:00 when Lem and I got up, as it was 12:00 before we got to bed. We had a splendid day yesterday, and last night I was tired. We sold $335. Today, after breakfast, I went to Sunday Schol, and then went to preaching at the Christian Church, as they were holding a protracted meeting and have been, for two-weeks. After dinner, I came upstairs at the Store, to look with my spyglass. I glanced over to John Burns and there I saw Belle, watering the flowers in the window (the flowers that she had carried up for the winter). I waved to her, and she caught on, and answered back. As this is such a beautiful day, I went to the drug store of Edmonds & Grady, and got Bill Haynie. We took a walk over to Mertens� corner and back. Then we got Wib Burns and Dr. Stabus and we took a long tramp in the woods from 3:30 to 5:15. Then I went to the Store and brushed up for supper, feeling as tho I could eat plenty, which I did. But before supper, I went to see Mama�s and sister�s graves, as it had been some time since I was there. After supper, I met Woods and we went to Church. I took Miss Flora Mertens and stayed until 9:30. Ta!.. Ta!.. Ta!
Oct. 28.
I have just gotten back from Band practice and, don�t you forget, I have been practicing on some mighty hard pieces (new ones).
Oct 29.
Hubert Wood came to the Store tonight and asked me to go to Church with him. After Church, he said that if I would take Belle home, he would take Rosa home. I hadn�t gone with Belle for a long, long time. I said, �Woods, I can�t be backed-out, so go I will....that is, if I can!� We walked over to Mertens� corner and then returned, and at the door we parted. As it looked so much like rain, I wouldn�t go in. I wonder when we will try again??? It had been 3-months since he had gone with Rosa. He was 21-yrs.-old yesterday....born Oct. 28, 1868. It is storming out.


Nov. 1.
I have just returned from Band practice. As it is the 1st, I have been out collecting. I made Mr. Jeter a drawer at the Store, for his pen and ink and writing-paper, so this eve I put it up for him. He seems to be pleased with it. It has been raining since yesterday and I am going to fare-thee-well my friends. Goodnight.
Nov. 3.
Sunday. This a.m., at 7:57, I arose and left for breakfast. Then came downtown and got with Elbert Dunlap and Peyton Jeter. So we took a walk over to Mertens� corner. Then we went to Sunday School. After S. S. I walked around until �mail-time.� I got the mail and took it to the boss, and went to dinner. After dinner, as it was so pretty, I just couldn�t stay-in, though at the same time I knew I should be doing some reading and writing. But I came downtown and struck with Dr. Stabus, Peyton Jeter, Frank Taylor, Will Haynie, and Elbert Dunlap. Then, for a walk we went....until it was time for our Missionary Meeting at the Christian Church. After that, Hubert walked home with Clara Greenabaum, and I with Belle Burns. I went in and we sat and talked and had some �daisy-cider� to drink. I was there 3/4 of an hour and enjoyed myself hugely. Then I saw Peyton and Elbert go by. I was anxious to see them, as Woods and I had sent a card by them, to Misses Rosa and Flora Mertens. But, coming out, I met Miss Pearl Cooper, and walked with her to the gate at G. R. McDaniel�s, where she boards while attending school here. So I left, and on the way, I met Woods, who was grinning, so I knew then it was �all okay.� I went home and got supper and came back and got ready. So at 6:30, we were on our way....and O!.. My! We were only there 3 hrs., 25-minutes!! I made arrangements with Miss Flora for the Baptist Oyster Supper on Friday night, so, if nothing happens, Ah!.. On my way I will go...rejoicing!
Nov. 6.
This eve at 4:30, this little town was aroused by a very sudden and painful accident, which happened to one of my old schoolmates, �Bob Vaughan.� He was on a wagon of shingles, and coming downhill, at Mr. Bishop�s stable, on toward his father�s warehouse, the team ran down the hill with him. Some of the shingles slipped and he went with them. This threw him between the mules, and the wagon ran over his head. A crowd was soon around, and three doctors....Dr. Wheeler, Dr. Dunlap, and Dr. Grady. Bob was put on a bed in the road and they tried to save him, but the grim-hand of death took him, in 15-minutes. The doctors said that the main blood vessel had burst and he bled to death. I saw the stream of blood. The poor-boy never knew what struck him, but, when I saw him he was groaning as if to say, �O! My!, O! My!� I had to leave...... You have no idea how bad I felt to see that poor boy leave this world. He was a member of the Christian Church, and, not long ago, he told his father that he had given his heart to God, while they were holding a protracted meeting here a week ago. He was taken home and dressed. I went down to see him after supper. He looked white, but not a mark to be seen on him. He was 18 or 19-yrs.-old, and will be buried tomorrow.
Nov. 7.
It has been raining all day, so they won�t bury Bob until tomorrow.
Nov. 8.
They buried Bob at 11:30 a.m., at the Christian graveyard. It was raining hard, but a good many went out....two ladies, and the rest, men. O! It was muddy. So now, there lies one that I went to school with, in his silent grave. I hope I will meet him, my dear mother, sister (Addie), and brother (Emmett), in Heaven. This a.m., Mr. Will Lemon, and self, went through all of the old boots and shoes, on our side, and gave them a coat of polish and fixed them up in good shape. The Baptist�s were going to have their �Oyster Supper� tonight, but, as it is raining, it was postponed until Monday, p.m.
Nov. 10.
Sunday. A beautiful day! I spent all the day outdoors. I have to stay inside all week, so I can�t afford to stay indoors on Sundays. I wrote a 14-page letter to Lina. There is no preaching in town tonight, so I will retire, bidding you �farewell� and �goodnight.�
Nov. 12.
Last night I was highly entertained by Miss Flora Mertens at the Baptist Oyster Supper. O!.. I just had a fine time, and it was such a pretty night. Mr. Jeter took Peyton up to Malta Bend this a.m. to commence working in a dry-goods house, for �Palmer & Trent.� Newt came over today to attend the Saufley sale. He stopped in awhile this ever. I sent him his 4 bu. of pecans, by hack.
Nov. 14.
The boss went hunting. I went to a meeting at the M. E. Church and walked home with Rosa and Flora Mertens. I received a letter from Daisy this a.m., and answered it.
Nov. 15.
I wrote Daisy a letter last night, but tonight, I wrote it over again. I�ll mail it tomorrow.
Nov. 17.
Sunday. A beautiful day! I went to S. S., but not to Church this a.m. I went to the Missionary Meeting this eve, and �mass,� or �Love-Feast� meeting also. After it was over, Hubert Wood said, �Wib, if you take a girl to Church tonight, I will too.� So as I can�t be backed-out, I wrote a card to Miss Flora Mertens and he wrote one to Miss Fannie Taylor, and when the answers came was all okay! So to Church we had to go! When 6:30 rolled around, I took my departure to Miss Flora�s, but when we got to the M. E. Church it was crowded, as there was no other preaching in town. So to the �Amen Corner� we went. It was the 2nd time I ever took a girl to Church.
Nov. 19.
Las night I went to the M. E. Church and, after it was over, I went home with Belle Burns. She asked me to come in, so I did, and we had the parlor all to ourselves. This night shall always be remembered as one of the pleasantest nights I ever spent with her. She gave me a piece of all her ribbons, and I am going to keep them. I got eight-kinds, and O!.. Don�t speak of bouquets in November, please! I got a prerry bouquet and I have it before me now, and O!.. How sweet! I also got her to give me my bangle tomorrow night. I went to Church tonight, and, after it was over, I got my bangle, too! Belle also wrote a nice piece in my book. O! She is a �daisy,� I tell you. I have lots of work to do tomorrow. Ta!.. Ta!.. Ta!
Nov. 20.
This a.m., Newt called me on the telephone from Marshall and asked me to get a picture out of Mrs. Saufley�s house, of Mr. Saufley. I got it, and sent it to him, by hack. I finished paying I. L. Grady, tonight, for my watch. He said I could pay for it whenever I got ready, even if it took a year. But I paid for it in 8 mo., and 4-days ($43.25). It was a gold watch, bought March 16, 1889.
Nov. 22.
I received a nice letter from Juanita Coltrane this a.m.
Nov. 24. Sunday. I went to breakfast at 8:15 and met Hubert Wood. He asked me if I wanted to go to Malta Bend. It was a beautiful day so I told him �I�d go.� So he got the horse and I, the buggy. At 9:25, we were on our way. Neither he nor I had ever been to Malta Bend, but we thought we could find it. When 11:25 rolled around we were in the little city that goes under the name of �Malta Bend.� We went up to see Peyton Jeter, who had gone there two-weeks ago to clerk at �Palmer & Trent�s Dry Goods House.� When dinner time came, we went to �Brown & Johnson�s Restaurant,� and ordered oysters. So we ate them and then ordered more, as I do honestly believe they were the best I ever had eaten. After dinner, Peyton showed us over the city. At 3:00, we went to call on the Misses Gill�s. Miss Sue was there, but Miss Tonie had gone to Grand Pass with Mr. Gill, to Quarterly Meeting. We stayed until 5 p.m. Just before we left, they gave us cake, pie, and apples. It was a pleasant eve. We took our leave and were soon on our way home. COLD! Don�t mention it! I was about frozen when we got here, and, as I am cold yet, I shall retire early so as to be ready for next week.
Nov. 25.
There was a lecture at the Christian Church tonight. So I went down after it was over and walked home with Miss Flora Mertens, and, as I had promised Mr. Will Lemons (clerk at Store) to stay all night with him, I didn�t go in, but returned to the Store. And there I found him waiting. His wife has gone out in the country to stay all night. Mr. Lemon�s gave me a fine piece of cake tonight. O!.. Don�t mention it. It was too good for anything!
Nov. 27.
This a.m. I went to the Post Office and there, found waiting for me, a letter from my far away �Colorado-girl.� Tonight I went to Prayer Meeting and, before it began, Belle called me over and told me that Miss Ida Haynie was visiting her for one-day, and she would be glad to have me come to see her. After Prayer Meeting, I walked over home with Belle. Tonight I bet Belle a lb. of candy that she didn�t have a picture of me. So I think I�ll soon be enjoying a lb. of candy! At 10:00 o�clock I took my departure.
Nov. 28.
Tonight at the Store, Miss Ida Haynie and Miss Belle Burns called to see me awhile. I certainly enjoyed their visit. Then Frank Taylor came in, so we made arrangements to call on them as soon as we could get off. It was 8 p.m. when we got there, but it was 11:15 before they got rid of us! I had a very nice time, except for one thing....Belle won the bet! She showed me one of my pictures that I didn�t know she had, and now I owe to her a lb. of candy. This is �Thanksgiving Day,� and this a.m. we closed at 9 o�clock, and I went home and read a book-through. I read �The Forbidden Marriage,� - 212 pages. It is in three-volumes. The other two are �Miss Middleton�s Lover,� and �That Pretty Young Girl.� O!.. It is a dandy. I have already started on the second volume. Today, Rettie gave us an excellent dinner! First was �fresh oyster soup,� then turkey and cranberry sauce, good biscuits, apples (both fresh and baked), apple-butter, chow-chow, oatmeal with peaches and cream, and a nice big cake. Ah!.. Don�t mention how I ate and enjoyed this fine dinner. Last year, Rettie was away - in Boonville - and I took dinner at the Hotel. The Store opened again today, at 3 o�clock.
Nov. 29.
This a.m., I went up to Jackson�s and had a nice box of candy, raisins, figs, and yucatan fixed up and sent over to Belle. So that bet is paid!!! I also received a nice letter from sister, Lina. Tonight Hubert came in and said, �Wib, here is a card that I was told to give to you from a girl.� So I broke the seal and there I read, from Belle�s beautiful language expressed to me in her handwriting....�thanks� for the box and its contents.


Dec. 1.
Sunday. This a.m. at 8:00, I rose from my bed and got ready for breakfast. Then, up home, I sat and read until Sunday School-time, on �Miss Middleton�s Lover.� After S. S., I met Peyton Jeter and Mr. Bell, and I was with them until Church-time. Then I came to the Store and wrote a letter to Daisy. When 1 o�clock rolled around, I went to dinner. After dinner, I came to the Store and met the boys: Frank Taylor, Hubert Wood, Elbert Dunlap, Peyton Jeter, Mr. Bell, and self. Then Peyton asked Wood and Elbert to go over to Mertens and make arrangements for him and Mr. Bell, for 4 o�clock. So I sent a card with them, for me, for tonight. The rest of us walked down where they are getting rocks, for the dike that the gov�t. is going build in the Spring. We came back and met Woods, and the answers were �okay.� We walked around the schoolhouse and to the Store. Bell and Peyton left for their engagement, and Frank and I met Miss Ida Haynie and Miss Belle Burns, so we caught-on, and walked over to their house, and sat awhile. Then the Marshall crowd of boys came by (5 p.m.). One stopped in to see Miss Ida, so we then took our departure. We then took a walk with the Marshall crowd. And then I came to the Store and got ready to fill my engagement that Woods made for me. At 6:45, I was there, and I can say, I never spent an eve as pleasant as this eve! I was at --well, you know who --(Flora was the one, of course!) At 9:45 we were serenaded by the Marshall boys, and at 10:25, I took my departure, hoping to have the pleasure again, to call and spend the evening. Well....I�m going to bed. It is 11:35. Goodnight.
Dec. 2.
This a.m. the boss asked Mr. Lemon and myself to go up to Aunt Hanna�s and build a turkey-house. We built one in two-hours....7 x 14, with cottonwood fencing planks. It was windy, but we got her up, I tell you. When I got through with that, I had to go collecting, so I am tired and sleepy. I wrote a letter to Juanita tonight.
Dec. 4.
I made one of the prettiest displays I ever made in the front window....of toboggans, fascinations, hoods, silk hdkfs., mufflers, and bows. We got in some of our holiday-goods today. I got a nice long letter from Hallie, this a.m.
Dec. 5.
Wib Burns and I had intended going to call on Belle Burns and Ida Haynie, but I had to pack some turkeys until late, so we put it off. The boss went hunting today and, for a wonder, he got seven-birds out of 23-shots. Hurrah for him!! Ha!.. Ha! It is 8:20, so I�ll close, as I have some letters that I want to attend to.
Dec. 7.
This has been a gloomy day, but a big day at the Store. We sold more for cash than we ever have since I have been with G. T. T. ($218.50) I sold $81.94, and $57.16 was cash. There were four of us selling. I am tired and sleepy, for I have been going hard all day. Lem and I have just finished eating a can of oysters. Farewell.
Dec. 8.
Sunday. After breakfast I met Woods and we took a walk to John Guthrey�s, where we met Will Latimer, and Bruce, from Marshall. We walked to the College and then went to Sunday School. Then we met Frank Taylor, Elbert Dunlap, and Ed Calhoun, so we walked on over to Mertens� corner. Then we went to the Ferry Boat and up to the �gov�t. rock works.� At noon, we struck for town and I got the mail and went to the Store. Upstairs I got my spyglass and looked at Belle Burns, just across the hill. Ha!.. Ha! We flirted until 1 o�clock, and then I went to dinner. After dinner, I came back....and what did I see? A girl with a red dress and a newspaper on her head to hold her bangs down. Then Woods, Latimer, Bruce and Lex McDaniel came, and I let them in. Woods and Bruce asked me to go to Mertens and make arrangements for them to call. I did, and it was okay. Coming back, I met Ida and Belle, and walked to the M. E. Church with them. Then I met Churchill and Joe Guthrey, and Peyton Jeter. We saw Ida and Belle returning, so Latimer and I joined them and we went over to the College and sat for a long while. Returning, we went to Mertens� corner, down to Burns�, over to Mertens� again, down to Jacob Burns� corner, up to Greenabaum�s, crossed over on stepping stones, and on down home. It was then Church-time, and we took our departure. We met Bruce, and Fannie Taylor, going to Church. Goodnight.
Dec. 10.
We packed 4 boxes of goods to send to a fellow in Odessa, Mo. It amounted to $400.
Dec. 11.
I went to the wedding of Jessie and Tom Davis (at home). There was a large crowd and everything went off fine. There were lots of nice presents. Frank Taylor and I went to the Christian Prayer Meeting. Then we went down to the Negro Baptist Church to see William Lampkin married. The Church was crowded, with as many whites, as blacks. Everything went off nicely. Well, it is now 10:10, and, as I have attended two weddings and one prayer-meeting, I think I shall retire, wishing you all a goodnight. I remain.....U..know..who!
Dec. 12.
Our Missionary Society met at Greenabaum�s to pick out some songs. Rosa and Flora Mertens were there, so, after it was over, I walked home with Flora. I then came back and went home with Belle. We had a long walk, and a good-old-time! Never shall I forget my evening-walks with Belle.
Dec. 13.
Hubert Wood and I took a walk to Mertens� corner, and on the way back, we met Belle, coming out of the Greenabaum�s. So I caught-on, with her permission, and walked home with her. It was then 8 o�clock. I thought I would stay a little while, but time went so fast that it was 10:30 before I left. It is now 11:15. Goodnight.
Dec. 14.
This is Saturday, 9:35 p.m., and I have just come in from work. Today has been gloomy, but trade very good. There was a little Negro boy burned to death today, but I didn�t get his name.
Dec. 15.
Sunday. A gloomy day. After breakfast, Sunday School, and a walk with Elbert Dunlap, I returned to the Store and wrote a letter to Hallie, and one to Newt. After dinner, Wib Burns and I walked down to the quarry, and found them working. Then we went by the Mill, up to Mertens�, on to town, over to the M. E. Church, and then to the graveyard. On the way back, we met Belle, and Clara Greenabaum, so we walked to the rock-pile again. Belle and I had fun skipping-rocks on the River. We then walked home with the girls. Coming to town we met Frank Taylor and Hubert Wood, and I took cards for each, and both were �okay.� I then went to get ready for preaching, as I had the pleasure of taking Miss Flora to Church. I was soon on my way, rejoicing! We went to the Christian Church and heard their new preacher. I left Flora at 10:20.

Dec. 16.
John Burns is said to be dying. He has been sick for 8 or 9-months, with dropsy. I took a walk tonight with William Haynie. John Burns died this a.m. He had one convulsion, after another, and it was a painful death. The poor boy.....he was 15-yrs.-old. It is the first death in that family, and he was the youngest, too. Hubert Wood and Will Taylor will sit up the first part of tonight, and Will Haynie and self, the last part.
Dec. 18.
John Burns was buried at 11 a.m. at the Baptist graveyard. I went to the service at the house. The house and yard were full. This was the first time I sat up with a corpse. Jobe Hanna sat up the whole night with us. I couldn�t go to the graveyard.
Dec. 19.
I received a letter from Juanita Coltrane, who is at school in Concord, N.C. The School �exhibition� came off tonight at Mertens� Hall. As I was late getting through with work, I didn�t get to go.
Dec. 21.
Saturday. We have been going all day long. I didn�t get to eat dinner until supper-time! I had them both together! We had a splendid trade. Goodnight.
Dec. 22.
Sunday. After S. S., I went to the Post Office for the mail. Lo and behold! I found a letter for me from my �Colo. girl.� I read it as soon as I reached the Store. After dinner, I got Wib Burns and we took a walk to the Upper Landing, then on to Discharge, and returned by the �Gov�t. Rock-Quarry,� which had been finished, and down to the Mill. I went home to supper and came to my room, where I wrote a 22-page letter to Peyton.
Dec. 23.
Tonight I walked down to the Church where they were practicing, and, after it was over, I got Belle and took a walk to Robert Elliott�s corner, over to Mertens� and back up to Zea�s Store, and down to the house. So much Fun...Fun...Fun, we had! Ta!.. Ta!.. Ta!
Dec. 24.
Christmas Eve. It is 11:15 p.m. I have just come in from work! I have been going all day. I didn�t get dinner, but ate supper at 6:30. The Christian Church had an entertainment tonight, and I wanted to go so bad, but was too busy. I got a nice present from Daisy today....her picture and a hat-mark. Well, I must close. I am tired and sleepy.
Dec. 25 and 26.
Christmas. Last night I had fixed up....a box of oranges, bananas, figs, raisins, dates, nuts, two bunches of yucatan, fruit totu, and some fine candy, and sent it over to Miss Flora Mertens. It weighed over 8 lbs. I fixed it up nice, and O!.. It was elegant. (Ahem!) When I got up Christmas morning, I found a nice book from Lem. I gave him one by the same author. Then he and I went to breakfast together, and we gave Papa 24-sacks of �Boss Smoking Tobacco.� We gave Rettie a bottle of �White-rose,� and a manicure-set (we gave it together). After breakfast, we returned to the Store. The boss said we could close at 10 a.m., and open again at 3 p.m. So, at 10 o�clock we closed and Hubert Wood and I took a walk and then went to see �Uncle Tom�s Cabin,� that was playing here. They had a nice Band (of 16) and a drum-major. They marched up and down Main Street. Then I went home and Rettie had a fine dinner fixed...turkey, cranberry sauce, oysters, stewed apples, oatmeal, good biscuits, cherry preserves, peaches and cream, chow-chow, and four kinds of cake. Just as good a dinner as anyone could want! And, O! Such a pretty day....warm, and the sun shining so bright. I took a walk with some of the boys, and then went to the Store. Bud Whitaker sold me his tickets to a Show. I sold one to Dave Burruss. The Show was very good, but the crowd wasn�t. Very few white ladies there. The house was crowded, though. Dec. 26.Business was very good today. Rettie went to the country to stay until tomorrow. �Aunt Hanna� is cooking for us. Will Haynie and I took a walk tonight and I am tired. Goodnight.
Dec. 28.
This is Saturday night and I have just returned with Mr. Jeter and Mr. Lemons from �Caroline�s,� where we had good oysters...those large, saddle-back oysters. The wind is whistling and I think we are going to have some rain and cold weather. I received a note from Flora, thanking me for the Christmas box I sent to her.
Dec. 29.
Sunday. I went to S. S., and, just before it was over, Mr. Taylor asked me to go to the home of Mrs. Robert Parrish and get a bucket of candy, that was for the children. So I got it. It was in little red-sacks, with each name tied-on. They read off the names and, after while, they called my name! In my sack were two candy-hearts. On one heart was printed, �You are a honey,� and on the other was, �Yes, you may go to see Belle.� I showed them to Belle and she said, �okay.� We had lots of fun! After dinner, I came to the Store and wrote letters until 5 o�clock. I had a bad cold and decided to stay in. At 6 p.m., I took Flora to Church. I left her at 10, and retired at midnight.
Dec. 30.
There is a party out at Mr. Hanna�s tonight, but I have such a bad cold, I couldn�t go. Bill Haynie gave me his �album� to write-in, but I haven�t time tonight.
Dec. 31.
Last night of the year. John Lewis, Morrie Hughes, Elbert Dunlap, Ed Calhoun, Minor Lewis, and self, have been ringing the old year out, and the new one in. We had lots of fun, I tell you. I was invited to two parties tonight, but I have been working hard and have a bad cold, so I didn�t go. Mr. Will Lemons quits us tomorrow, at noon. He was hired until Jan. 1, 1890. I hated to see him go. He is the best fellow I ever worked with, so easy and nice. Tomorrow we should all turn over a new leaf, and try to do better. That is my desire, but whether I am going to hold out..........No telling!!!!

End 1889

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