1892 Diary of W. S. Myers of Miami, MO


The Diary of W. S. Myers

Miami, Saline, MO

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The Miami Hearse

At left... is a photo of Joe Hightower, atop the
Miami Hearse, which carried many a loved one
to his/her last resting place.


Fri., Jan. 1, 1892
34-degrees above.....7:10 o�clock. We had a big snow today....the biggest so far. I went through the silk and spool-cotton case today. Received a nice letter from Miss Lilly M. Conway, today. I called to see Miss Flora tonight. The Odd Fellows had an Oyster Supper tonight.
Sat., Jan. 2.
12-degrees above.....7 o�clock. We had just an elegant time tonight. The following were among the coasting party: Misses Eva and Louise Miller, H. E. Wood and Willie Andrews, Miss Rosa and Flora Mertens, and W. S. Myers. From 8:30 to 10 o�clock.......shall never forget Miss Flora�s tumble! Ha!.. Ha!.. Ha!.. Ha!
Sun., Jan 3.
32-degrees above....cloudy. Didn�t go to Sunday School. Wrote a letter to �L. M. C.� I went through all my letters and notes today. Elbert left for St. Louis tonight. I wrote a note to the �people� over the road tonight, and will send by mail tomorrow morning.
Mon., Jan. 4.
30-degrees above.....cloudy. The following were among the coasting party tonight: Mrs. Vaughan and Mrs. Miller; Misses Belle Burns, Eva and Louise Miller, Nannie Vaughan, and Rosa Mertens.....also Mrs. Buck Kelly; Messrs. Will Andrews, Hubert Wood, Herbert Kelly, and self. Miss Flora had the toothache, and couldn�t be there.
Tue., Jan 5.
28-degrees above.....cloudy. We cleaned house today. It has been snowing all day (but melting). They gave Bro. Cobb a �donation party� tonight. Played �razzle-dazzle� and �high-five� tonight, and beat all of them! Ha!.. Ha! .. Ha!.. Ha!
Wed., Jan. 6.
12-degrees above....clear. Cousin Joe Whitmore, who came Saturday, left today. I went to the Methodist Prayer Meeting tonight. Played �high-five� and �razzle-dazzle� tonight. This has been the coldest day!
Thurs., Jan. 7.
8-degrees above.....clear. I put out a �remnant counter� today, of 35-pieces. No River mail today. The boys and girls went coasting tonight, but I didn�t. BUT... I went to see Miss Flora and had a grand, old, time... Ahem! (�M.�....didn�t cut her)
Fri., Jan. 8.
28-degrees above.....cloudy. Fourteen sacks of mail came today at 12 o�clock. The boys went coasting tonight, but I didn�t go. Today has been very dull. I received a letter from Hallie today.
Sat., Jan. 9.
6-degrees above.....clear. Trade dull. Judge Smith put up 5-inches ice today. Cutting ice from a frozen Missouri River, Miami, MO

At right...is a photo of Miami residents cutting ice from the frozen Missouri River, sometime during the 1890's.

Sun., Jan. 10.
12-degrees above.....clear. Today has been a very snowy and disagreeable day. I didn�t go to S. S., or Church. Pickett took Rosa out sleigh-riding. I called to see Flora tonight and had a fine time. Got her �ring.�
Mon., Jan. 11.
I went sleighing this eve with Miss Flora. Ten-degrees above zero.....and snowing. Cap, Ridall, and Webb got stuck on the ice tonight. The Marshall mail was changed today. The River blocked today. I went coasting with Miss Flora tonight. Cook, Lem, and self, had oysters tonight, at 11:15 o�clock.
Tue., Jan. 12.
6-degrees below......clear. Papa made me a �dandy� slide today, and gave it to me. I took Miss Edna coasting tonight. W. B. Dick, P. M. Zea, and Judge Smith, filled ice-house with 5-inch ice on the 9th and 11th. Today ice is 8 to 9-inches.
Wed., Jan. 13.
4-degrees above.....cold and clear. They are putting up 10-inch ice today from off the River. Hubert had Rosa and Flora skating this eve. I wrote 10-pages to Miss Lilly Conway tonight, and mailed it tonight. I wrote a note to Flora also.....You Know It!!
Thurs., Jan. 14.
2-degrees below.......clear. Mr. Jeter and self commenced on review today at Noon (14 1/2 books). Clem, Pickett and self practiced a little tonight, for party tomorrow night. G. N. Jackson is putting up good, clear 9-inch ice today.
Fri., Jan. 15.
10-degrees above......clear. Went to party at Mrs. Jeter�s tonight and took Flora. Had a splendid time. There were about 25, or so, there. There was a crowd that went coasting tonight, too. I wrote a note to �L. M. C.� tonight at 1 a.m. Gave Flora back her �ring� tonight.
Sat., Jan. 16.
20-degrees......clear. Mr. Jeter went home sick tonight, so I closed-up. Wrote a note to Flora tonight to send over tomorrow morning with French-harp.
Sun., Jan. 17.
20-degrees.....clear. Pickett Holton and self started to Marshall this morning at 9:45, and arrived at 11:17. Met Miss Lillie at Church and walked home with her. Then went over and took dinner with Newt. Went around to call on Miss Lillie at 3 o�clock, and left at 5 o�clock. Then went back to take her to Church, but we didn�t go. I left Miss Lillie at 9:45, went to my brother Newt's to get a bit of fruit, then left for home and I thought we would freeze. Cold and snowing and blowing! Home at 12:25.
Mon., Jan. 18.
Zero-degrees.......snowing. �Alexander & Smith� came today. The Marshall mail changed back again today. Today has been very dull and cold. Retired tonight at 8:15 o�clock. Sleepy....sleepy!
Tue., Jan. 19.
16-degrees below.....clear and COLD. Got in the new Spring-style hats, and Emerson�s shoes. Also the spool-cotton , 600 dozen. This had been the coldest day so far this winter. Cold and dull.....You Know It!!
Wed., Jan. 20.
8-degrees above.......clear. Stenciled 41 boxes of hats today. Have had a good trade all day. Went down to Christian Prayer Meeting tonight and walked home with Flora. Spent a fine time....�short, but hard to beat!!�
Thurs., Jan. 21.
12-degrees......clear. Marked and put away the new stock of Spring clothing from Kuppenheimer today, that came in last evening. Walter Cook and self beat Woods and Dunlap, 2-out-of-three, in �high-five.� We then had a game of �razzle-dazzle.� Don�t mention it!!! Ha!.. Ha!
Fri., Jan. 22.
28-degrees.......clear. Oyster Supper at Beck�s for us young folks (in honor of Miss Fannie Taylor�s birthday), as follows: Miss Fannie Taylor and Hubert Wood., Miss Maude Carpenter and Frank Taylor, Miss Eva Miller and Frank Wilson, Miss Louise Miller and Walter Cook, Miss Rosa Mertens and Pickett Holton, and Miss Flora Mertens and Wib Myers.
at., Jan. 23.
28-degrees......fair. We have had a very good trade today, considering the way the roads are now. Lem, Andrews, and self, had oysters tonight at 11:30....while Cook, he took a can of tomatoes! Retired at 12:15. Ta!.. Ta!
Sun., Jan. 24.
34-degrees......clear. Went to Sunday School. Wrote to Hallie, my brother, Bob, and Miss �L. M. C.� Bro. Meggs, from Ohio, preached today at the Christian Church. I went tonight with Miss Flora. I found her a seat, but I went back and got the water bucket and sat on it. The house was crowded.
Mon., Jan. 25.
34-degrees.....bright. We, the �serenaders,�........Clem and Sam Watson, Pickett Holton, Frank Wilson, Will Cobb, and self, serenaded the following places tonight: Edmond�s, Taylor�s, Mertens�, Miller�s, Zea�s, and Cobb�s. Got a nice card from each one.....from 10:15 to 12:25.
Tue., Jan. 26.
26-degrees.....clear. Mr. Jeter went to Marshall. I finished reading �Huckleberry Finn� tonight. Put clock up by door, on new shelf, yesterday eve.
Wed., Jan. 27.
20-degrees.....clear. Went to Methodist Prayer Meeting. Frank Taylor, Walter Cook, and self, had oysters tonight. Walter learned me how to (spin?) with cards tonight, from one to King (or ace to King). You Know It!! [Written in red across above message: �We serenaders received a nice box of cake today from Miss Fannie Taylor.�]
Thurs., Jan. 28.
32-degrees.....beautiful. I, and others, witnessed a wedding tonight, in front of Store, in Spring wagons, by Gus Leftwich. The bride was Miss Barrett, the groom, Mr. O�Neil. I also went up to Jim Vaughan�s wedding, and saw that too. Didn�t stay for supper. Flora was there, and, don�t you forget it!! Was awfully sorry I couldn�t stay, but I had an engagement.
Fri., Jan. 29.
32-degrees.....clear and beautiful. Lem and Maude Carpenter went to Marshall yesterday, and got back today at 1 o�clock. I went over to see Flora tonight and just spent a fine time. Don�t ask how long I stayed!! It shall always be remembered.
Sat., Jan. 30.
32-degrees.....fair. Today has been a splendid day. We sold $107.28. How is that for a day in January?
Sun., Jan. 31.
I was taken sick last night with �cramp colic� again, about half-past one, and, don�t you forget, I have been sick today from the effects of it. I had an engagement with Miss Louise tonight, but just had to break it. Was awfully sorry, but I just couldn�t help it.


Mon., Feb. 1.
48-degrees.....fair and warm. I received a cute note from Flora today. Also a letter from �L. M. C.� this morning. The River broke up yesterday. I wrote a 6-page letter to Flora tonight. Peyton was down yesterday and gave me his photo.
Tue., Feb. 2.
32-degrees.....cloudy. Got in �Steven�s� shoes. Sent Flora a note this morning, but �Uncle Isaac.� Have been out collecting today. Mrs. S. M. Taylor, and family, left for Marshall today, where they go to make their home. J. A. Wood moved today, to the Hawkin�s place.
Wed., Feb. 3.
30-degrees....fair and frosty. The Methodist�s commenced a protracted meeting tonight. Dunlap, Woods, Cook, and self, had oysters last night, then a game of �high-five.� We beat them!! Went down to the Christian Prayer Meeting tonight, and walked home with Flora ( 8 to 11).
Thurs., Feb. 4.
38-degrees.....raining. It has been raining all day. I put up 8-old-curtains at Rev. Bolton�s this eve. I wrote 12-pages to Juanita tonight.
Fri., Feb. 5.
34-degrees.....cloudy. Got in �hamburgs� today, from New York. Cook and self called on the Misses Miller�s tonight, and enjoyed a game of �high-five.� �L.� and I got beat. Wasn�t that too bad!!!
Sat., Feb. 6.
34-degrees.....cloudy to rain. We had a good trade today, considering it was a rainy day. It has been raining all day long.....hard, too. The roads are in a fearful condition!
Sun., Feb. 7.
34-degrees.... cloudy. Went to Sunday School. Wrote to �L. M. C.� today. Pickett and self went down to Miller�s tonight, and I took Miss Louise to the Methodist Church.
Mon., Feb. 8.
24-degrees......fair. I received my photo from Elbert today.......which was soon in ashes!!! I commenced on a scrapbook tonight. Pasted all my weddings and deaths that I have on hand at present.
Tue., Feb. 9.
18-degrees.....fair. Today has certainly been a dull day. Hush.....the people over the road were uptown before breakfast yesterday a.m. I sold �her� some goods. You Know It!! I worked on my scrapbook tonight. It is going to be a dandy!
Wed., Feb. 10.
34-degrees....clear. I finished putting in the scrap-pieces, that I have on hand, in my scrapbook tonight. It is 10:10 o�clock. It is blowing and turning colder tonight.
Thurs., Feb. 11.
20-degrees......clear. The Taylor family got in today. I went down to the Methodist Meeting tonight, for the second time. Cook and self had oysters tonight. Wrote to Juanita Coltrane. Flora had an engagement.
Fri., Feb. 12.
24-degrees......clear. Woods went over to see the Misses Mertens tonight, on business (that poor boy ) !! I went down to preaching again tonight. Today has been pretty busy with us. I am tired and sleepy!
Sat., Feb. 13.
41-degrees.....fair. Sold $167 today......good sales for this time of year.
Sun., Feb. 14.
I fixed photos to send to Daisy and Peyton this morn. Did some writing in my scrapbook also. I called to see Flora this eve at 2:45. She went to the country this eve to stay awhile. It is 26-degrees out, and wet and cold. Cook was �all okay� at Carpenter�s this eve, but I got left! Pickett and self gave it to Hubert tonight in good fashion! He certainly is in a bad fix!
Mon., Feb. 15.
10-degrees.....bright. Went to Church tonight. Pickett, Hubert, Frank W., and self, met at Frank�s room and discussed Hubert�s case, the best we know how....and for what he must do, and that as soon as Miss Flora comes home from the country. Mr. Roe died tonight at 9:30....very sudden.
Tue., Feb. 16.
24-degrees.....fair. I helped to carry the coffin up this eve, and put the corpse in. I went to Church tonight. I made a curtain and wallpaper order today. Commenced a letter to Elbert tonight, but did not finish it.
Wed., Feb. 17.
34-degrees.....fair. Received photo from Juanita. Received a note and Valentine from �elle-bay.� I wrote to Elbert tonight. Mr. Roe was buried today at 12 o�clock. Went to Church tonight.
Thurs., Feb. 18.
34-degrees.....cloudy. Mr. Jeter and self finished the �review� today at 3:35 o�clock. It has been raining all day long. I went to Church tonight. They had a very good crowd considering the weather....about 40 to 50 there.
Fri., Feb. 19.
34-degrees.....cloudy. I went through the �Men�s and Boy�s� course-boots today. Went to Church tonight. There was a crowd of us boys that went up to Cook�s room tonight, to practice with our music.
Sat., Feb. 20.
33-degrees......cloudy and damp. Had a very good trade today. Roads pretty rough, though. Flora came in from the country this eve. Don�t mention our �dog.� Ahem!
Sun., Feb. 21.
38-degrees.....foggy and damp. Didn�t go to Sunday School, or Church, today. Wrote to Juanita and Miss Lilly today. Went up to call on Pickett and Miss Mary Zea, this eve. Miss Mary showed me a chord on the piano. We went to see Flora tonight, and Picket and self were very much shocked the way they treated us!
Mon., Feb. 22.
40-degrees.....foggy. Made jeans-pants and overall rack. Also changed boots from center. Went down to Church tonight. Put up three-curtains this eve at Mrs. Dr. Edmond�s. Pickett and self had a long talk tonight, in regard to last night�s affair (truble.....truble!)
Tue., Feb. 23.
44-degrees......foggy and damp. Have been working upstairs all day. Went to Church tonight and went home with Edna Saufley. Frank Wilson, Pickett Holton, Hubert, and self, had a talk tonight over the affair of Sunday night, and Pickett and self don�t know what to do.
Wed., Feb. 24.
44-degrees....raining. Finished upstairs tonight, and am glad, too....let me tell you! Went to Church tonight. The Meeting closed tonight. Received an order from Miss Katie Mertens this morning, at Glasgow, and filled same at once. Received a letter from �Pete.�(Elbert Dunlap)
Thurs., Feb. 25.
30-degrees.....fair. Worked on shoes, on the shelf, today, and rearranged other departments.. Today has been a lovely day. Frank Wilson and self played Hubert and Syd Taylor in �high-five� tonight, and we got beat three-out-of-three.
Fri., Feb. 26.
32-degrees......clear and frosty. I took a walk tonight, over on the hill and back. What a lonely walk I had! When.....will the clouds pass by?? O!.. Me! Mr. Jno. Burns is quite sick at home. Somebody looked real cute this eve (F. A. M.).
Sat., Feb. 27.
34-degrees......fair. Very good trade today. Thomas Mattingly bought the Shelton�s old-place today, for $285. Dr. Edmonds bought the place by the Livery Stable today....$460.50.Effie and Carrie Mattingly with Ida Royar

Pictured at right are the two Mattingly girls, Effie and Carrie, along with Ida Royar...1892

Sun., Feb. 28.
40-degrees......raining. Didn�t go to Sunday School, or Church. A-bad-gloomy-Sunday!! Waved at Miss Burns this a.m........had a big time. (Saw �F. A. M.� too). Went down to Methodist Church this eve and practiced from 2 to 4 o�clock. Took a walk over to the corner and back. Went up to see Pickett tonight, from 7:30 to 9.
Mon., Feb. 29.
26-degrees.....snowing. Will Andrews, Frank Wilson, Pickett Holton, Hubert Wood, and myself, met tonight at Jackson�s Store and talked in regard to Hubert�s case, and to Pickett�s and my falling-out with the Misses Mertens. We came to the conclusion that to �let it drop� was the best thing we could do. So, I hope it will drop.....�I do indeed!�


Tue., Mar. 1.
32-degrees.....cloudy. I went out collecting today. Received a note from Flora today, so I went over tonight, and, I am glad to say, everything has been straightened out at last. May we never have another falling out like this again, and it certainly ought to learn Hubert a lesson!!!
Wed., Mar. 2.
36-degrees.....cloudy. Commenced my 6th year with Mr. G. T. Taylor today. Mr. Taylor�s brother got here this eve, who is to go into business here. Today has been a very pretty day. I was called to see Miss Burns tonight.
Thurs., Mar. 3.
46-degrees......clear. Made a shoe-display in window today. Also printed signs and put them in background. I went to Baptist Meeting tonight with Walter Cook. We, afterwards, took a walk over to the corner and back. �Somebody� looked real cute this eve.
Fri., Mar. 4.
50-degrees....cloudy. Made up memorandum order, on my side today, for G. T. T., who goes East next Tuesday or Wednesday. Had Mr. Bishop order me two harp holders, and two-sets of harp �A - D - G,� one for Pickett and one for self. It has been raining all evening.....when will it stop????
Sat., Mar. 5.
38-degrees......misting. It has been raining all day long. Trade very dull. Bought 2# of Durham tobacco for Papa tonight.
Sun., Mar. 6.
34-degrees.....raining. Went to Sunday School. Wrote to �L. M. C.� Read some today. Called to see Flora this eve. O!.. What a good time I had! Got her ring to wear awhile. Called to see Louise tonight.
Mon., Mar. 7.
36-degrees......raining. Addressed fifty-five �Reed�s announcements� tonight for Spring clothing. Mr. Dave Burruss, Wib Burns, and self, went up to the Baptist Meeting tonight and heard the new preacher. Big crowd. This has been a bad day for business.
Tue., Mar. 8.
30-degrees.....fair. Packed away the cloaks and overcoats today, and cleaned upstairs. Pickett and self went to Church tonight, and, after Church, we walked home with the Misses Mertens. Talked to �E. W.� (Emma Wheeler) at gate a few minutes, too.
Wed., Mar. 9.
36-degrees.....clear. Windy, windy, WINDY!!! Today has been a regular March day! �Huett & Bros.� goods came today. Al Wheeler�s goods came also, and he is opening up. We got in 10-rolls of Kansas City wrapping paper today. Went to Church tonight, and, afterwards, wrote to Elbert.
Thurs., Mar. 10.
14-degrees......fair and cold. Mrs. Jeter is 44-yrs. old, today. Old Aunt Mary Walden died last night, and was buried this eve at 3:30 o�clock. The boss and his brother, A. B. Taylor, left this eve for St. Louis, Chicago, and Kansas City. I went to Church this eve.
Fri., Mar. 11.
18-degrees.....clear. Today has been very dull. Pickett and I went down to the Misses Miller�s tonight, and went to the Baptist protracted meeting. We then went to Beck�s, and, afterwards, had music until a late hour. �Somebody� looked real cute at Church tonight.
Sat., Mar. 12.
38-degrees.....clear. Today has been a beautiful day, and we had a very good trade, too. I had some cards printed today (500). Walter Cook joined the Baptist Church last night.
Sun., Mar. 13.
32-degrees......fair. Went to Sunday School. I practiced at Church today on the harp and organ. Peyton came down today. I took Flora to the Baptist Church tonight. The house was crowded and running-over.
Mon., Mar. 14.
22-degrees.....snowing. I put away �Smith & Stoughton�s� boots and shoes today. Trade somewhat slow. I have been very un-well all day.....sick headache and sore throat! Retired tonight at 7:15.
Tue., Mar. 15.
22-degrees.....cloudy. Today has been all sorts of weather. I got two nice letters today....one from Miss Lilly Conway, and one from Juanita. I have been �sick-as-a-dog� all day. Would have stayed at home, if boss was here.
Wed., Mar. 16.
20-degrees.....cloudy. I went down to see the new �Dry-Goods-House,� for the first time tonight. Today, business has been quite dull.
Thurs., Mar. 17.
19-degrees.....clear. I came up home this morning, to stay until my throat gets better. I read �Samantha Allen Among the Brethren,� all the way through today.....436 pages.....she is �a dandy!� I wrote 20-pages to Miss �L. M. C.� tonight.
Fri., Mar. 18.
Today I read, �The Council of Ten.� Wrote 12-pages to Flora tonight. 22-degrees.....and bright.
Sat., Mar. 19.
37-degrees......bright. Bro. Cobb called on me this a.m. I read �Lucille,� today. Wrote to Hallie tonight (8-pages).
Sun., Mar. 20.
34-degrees.....cloudy. Snowing hard all day. Lem left for St. Louis this morning. Cook came around to see me this a.m. Mr. Cresap came this eve. I wrote to Juanita Coltrane (8-pages).
Mon., Mar. 21.
29-degrees......cloudy. I commenced on �The Evil That Men Do� and �Asia and Africa,� today.
Tue., Mar. 22.
30-degrees.....cloudy. I finished reading �Asia and Africa� today. Pickett called this eve. John Holton spent the eve with me. Hubert called tonight. Mr. Jeter called this morning. Received a cute note from Flora today (8-pages). Wrote to her tonight (12-pages).
Wed., Mar. 23.
32-degrees.....beautiful. Commenced reading �The Duke�s Secret� today. Rev. Bolton called to see me this eve. Also Mr. Wheeler. Mrs. Lewis Smith died today. I finished reading, �The Evil That Men Do,� this morning.
Thurs., Mar. 24.
35-degrees......cloudy. I finished reading �The Duke�s Secret,� today. �Grandma Vanice� sent me my dinner today. Wrote to Newt. Mrs. Harry Wheeler called to see me. John Holton came this eve, too. Commenced on a book that Cook sent me this eve, �To Cuba and Back.�
Fri., Mar. 25.
Cloudy. Finished �To Cuba and Back,� this morning. Lem got back from St. Louis this a.m. Bro. Bolton brought me a book today, �Our Country,� by Dr. Josiah Strong, which I read today. Frank Wilson and Pickett came to see me tonight. Got a nice long letter from L. M. C. today.
Sat., Mar. 26.
Cloudy. Read �Charlotte Temple� through today, which is splendid. It has been raining all day. Got cold too.
Sun., Mar. 27.
Cloudy. Came downtown this morning to Barber Shop and Store....first time for 11-days, and it seems like a month, to me!!!
Mon., Mar. 28.
38-degrees.....beautiful. Went to work upstairs this morning, on carpets, wallpaper, and curtains. Saw Flora this morning, who was looking awfully cute. I put up two-curtains at Mrs. Mattingly�s. I cut some samples to send to Miss Katie Mertens.
Tue., Mar. 29.
40-degrees.....cloudy. I finished upstairs today. I have been so tired and sick, I could hardly hold my head up today. We heard from Bob today....and he is no better.
Wed., Mar. 30.
48-degrees.....cloudy. Mr. Jeter went home today. I worked on hosiery and ties today....also worked awhile tonight.
Thurs., Mar. 31.
44-degrees.....hazy. Mr. Jim and Sam Rogers� mother died this morning. Today turned into a beautiful day. Saw �somebody,� too. Mr. Jeter is home sick. Gave Belle a note tonight. She was at Store. I went to see Flora tonight.....you know it!!!
Mary Lewis, Maude Carpenter, W. Mack Lewis, Jo Rea, Mattie Burruss, Miss Latimer, Frank Taylor.

Please excuse the condition of this photo, but I found it "looseleaf" in a very old envelope. Pictured, left to right, back row: Mary Lewis, Maude Carpenter, Wm. "Mack" Lewis, Jo Rea. Front row: Mattie Burruss, Miss Latimer, Frank Taylor


Fri., Apr. 1.
48-degrees.....cloudy and windy. I went out collecting this morning. Today has been very windy all day long. Elbert Dunlap came home this eve. Mr. Jeter stayed at home this eve, but worked awhile tonight.
Sat., Apr. 2.
42-degrees.....clear. Today has been a beautiful day, and we have had a good trade, although the roads have been bad. Lem has been right-sick today.
Sun., Apr. 3.
Raining. Lem is sick today at Store, so I have been here all day, waiting on him. I wrote to Miss Lilly Conway, and my brother (Robert S. Myers) today. I went over to see Flora tonight, but, as Lem was sick, I didn�t stay long.
Mon., Apr. 4.
Lem went up home sick today. I finished upstairs today, at last. Received a nice letter from Miss Katie Mertens today....Glasgow, Mo. Today has been very windy, and trade has been dull.
Tue., Apr. 5.
�City Election today.� Hurrah for Isaac�s.....52 to 47. Trade has been very dull today, so we had time to straighten things out. The Election today was pretty close between Hisle and Isaac, but Burt Isaac got there!! Ha!.. Ha! [Written in red across above message: �Elbert, Cook, Woods, and self, took a walk tonight to corner...for first time this year. Met �somebody,� too... Ha!]
Wed., Apr. 6.
Beautiful. Made a �dress-goods� display in window this eve. Cook and I took a walk to end of walk, and then down to the Christian Church where we saw �somebody� practicing. This is just a beautiful night!!!
Thurs., Apr. 7.
Cloudy. They commenced painting the Store today. We sold three-carpets today. Elbert and I took a walk to end of walk tonight, then up to Bure�s Shop. Took an order for a suit today, for Clem Watson.
Fri., Apr. 8.
Cloudy and raining. Mr. Jeter is at home today with a crippled-hand, fighting Marion Clemings, yesterday. I received such a cute, sweet, note from Flora today. Elbert and self took a walk to end of walk tonight.
Sat., Apr. 9.
Cool and pretty. Today has been a very pretty day, but dull. Richards put the first coat of paint on Store today. Miss Flora went out in the country this eve.
Sun., Apr. 10.
Cloudy. Didn�t go to Sunday School. Picked out a new suit and shoes today. I didn�t go anywhere today. Peyton was down from Malta Bend today.
Mon., Apr. 11.
Raining. We heard from Bob today, and I am glad to say....he is much better. Have been working on the �shirt dept.� today. Elbert, Richards, Cook, and self, took a walk down on the hill and back. We met Belle and �Mc� coming from DeWitt.
Tue., Apr. 12.
Cloudy. We have been quite busy today, although it has been a bad, rainy day. I went over to see Flora tonight and took her a box of bananas and chewing gum. You Know It!! Miss Blanche Wood was married today.
Wed., Apr. 13.
Raining. It has been raining most all day. I sent Flora a note this morning. Mr. Jeter at home this eve. I went to the Methodist Prayer Meeting. Wrote to Frank Taylor tonight.
Thurs., Apr. 14.
Cold and cloudy. Mr. Jeter went home and went to bed......sick! I took down the display of dry-goods in window this eve. Pickett and self called to see the Misses Ruth and Emma Wheeler this eve. Had a fine time!! Ruth gave me her photo tonight. Ha!.. Ha!.. Ha!
Fri., Apr. 15.
Cloudy. I made a wallpaper and curtain display today. We have had a big trade today. John and Pickett went to Marshall this eve. I went down to the Christian Church where they practiced, and went home with Flora.....Ahem!
Sat., Apr. 16.
Cloudy. As Mr. Jeter was sick, we had John Holton help us today. We had a very good trade, too.
Sun., Apr. 17.
Easter Sunday. Papa left this eve for Carrollton, where he then goes to Brookfield, to attend a big �Railroad Meeting.� I went to Sunday School, and then took a walk with Elbert. Wrote to Miss �L.M.C.� Then I went to Missionary Meeting. Elbert and I went to Miller�s and took Miss Eva and Louise to Easter Services at the Christian Church, and then went for a walk. I went up to see Mr. Jeter this eve. Went over to see Flora tonight.
Mon., Apr. 18.
Cloudy. I wrote to Frank Taylor this morning about bookcase. We have been quite busy this a.m. As Papa was away, I slept up home tonight. Lem slept up home last night.
Tue., Apr. 19.
Cloudy. I sent Frank a check for bookcase and desk combined today. Mr. Jeter came downtown this morning, but he was too weak, so he went back. I slept up home again tonight. Wrote �J. C.� 10-pages.
Wed., Apr. 20.
Cloudy. Today has been a very bad cloudy, turned to rainy day. Papa got home today not feeling very well. No Marshall mail today, as they broke down at Fairville.
Thurs., Apr. 21.
Cloudy. Mr. Jeter came to work today. I got to walk home with Flora this morning. A telegram came this a.m. that Mrs. Cobb (the preacher�s wife) was dead. I took Flora to the �entertainment� tonight at Hall.
Fri., Apr. 22.
Cloudy. A crowd of boys and girls went to DeWitt this eve. Richards commenced painting on the Store again. Went to the Miami Schools �Boy�s Contest� tonight, and took Miss Eva Miller. Hurrah for Henry Bishop!
Sat., Apr. 23.
Bright. Hurrah for Pet Jeter. She got the medal at the contest tonight. I went up after it was over and walked home with Flora. I gave my tickets up to Dr. Wheeler, so didn�t get to go.
Sun., Apr. 24.
Hazy. Went to Sunday School. Went walking with Cook, and then went to the Baptist Church. Six of us boys went riding this eve to the Pinnacles. Pickett and self called to see the Misses Wheeler�s this eve. I went to see Flora tonight, but, being very unwell, I didn�t stay long. [Written in red across above: �Papa left for Springfield this morning.�]
Mon., Apr. 25.
Cloudy. Bookcase came today on the Marshall hack. I received a nice letter from Miss Lilly M. Conway today. Took down curtain and wallpaper display today. Have been pretty busy today. Measured S. B. Jeter�s parlor this a.m. I slept up home tonight.
Tue., Apr. 26.
Raining. I made a �gentleman�s shirt display� today. Opened up the bookcase today. Cook and self had the pleasure of calling to see Misses Mabel and Laura Carpenter tonight. On our way we met �somebody,� too. We were serenaded while there, too!!
Wed., Apr. 27.
Today is (my brother) Lyt�s anniversary (6-years). I took Louisa down to Mrs. Lewis� tonight to witness the marriage ceremony of (my brother) Lemuel A. Myers and Miss Mary Lewis. They were married at 8 o�clock tonight by Mr. Harl. There were very few there, but what was there enjoyed themselves and had a nice time.
Thurs., Apr. 28.
Hazy. The candidates spoke today. I made a wallpaper trimmer-box today. Peyton Jeter was down. A big crowd of girls and boys went down to "The Mason" tonight. I had the pleasure of taking Miss Mabel Carpenter down......you know it!!
Fri., Apr. 29.
Beautiful. I rode out to Mrs. Haynes� this eve to measure her room for a carpet. I called to see Flora tonight and spent a very pleasant evening. We got in our �straw hats� today.
Sat., Apr. 30.
Cloudy. I put on my light-suit today for the first time. It rained and hailed today. Mr. Owens, Taylor, Andrews, Cook, and self, all had oysters tonight, and retired at 12:30. A jolly-good-time-we-had!!!!


Sun., May 1.
Cloudy. Went to Sunday School. Elbert and I took a walk and met Misses Anna Burgess and Flora Mertens. We walked out to Burgess� with them. I went to the negro-baptizing at the River today. Went to the �memorial services� of Mrs. Cobb with Flora, tonight.
Mon., May 2.
Cloudy. Today has turned into somewhat of a pretty day. I went through the ribbon dept. today. �Somebody� looked awfully cute this morning.... Ahem! I retired earlier tonight than I have for some time.
Tue., May 3.
Bright. I put out the straw-hats today, and cleaned upstairs. Elbert, Cook, and myself, took a walk tonight over to the corner and back, where I stopped at Miller�s and walked home with Edna Saufley and Rettie. A beautiful night.
Wed., May 4.
Bright, turned to clouds and rain. Cleaned up the backyard at Store this a.m., before breakfast. It has been raining most all day. I went down to the Methodist Prayer Meeting tonight, and walked home with Edna. I cleaned things up in my room tonight.
Thurs., May 5.
Sun is shining. Today has been a very pretty day, considering the days before this! I had the pleasure of calling to see Miss Mabel Carpenter tonight, and can say I spent a very pleasant evening.
Fri., May 6.
Beautiful. I took a walk to Taylor�s corner with Elbert and Woods, and then took a walk to Mertens� corner with Pickett. Will and Louise went to Marshall this eve.
Sat., May 7.
Clear and cool. I put up a curtain at Rev. W. M. Bell�s today.
Sun., May 8.
Raining. Elbert and I went to Sunday School, but didn�t stay as there wasn�t anyone there. I went through all my books, pictures, papers, and letters, today. It has been raining all day long. I wanted to go to Marshall, but couldn�t. Didn�t go anywhere today, as I have such a cold. Elbert and I took a walk tonight to end of corner and back. Retired early.
Mon., May 9.
Cloudy. Got in my �blue-black-clay-worsted� coat and vest today. Today has been a very bad, disagreeable, day! Retired early tonight by taking 6 gr. of quinine for a terrible-bad-cold, that I have!
Tue., May 10.
Cloudy and dark. Mr. Isbell died this morning. I had three-teeth filled today. Syd Taylor, Cook, Elbert, and self, sat-up with the corpse of Mr. Isbell tonight. He was in his 90th year, and had been married three-times.
Wed., May 11.
Cloudy. Fixed a new shoe-board today. I slept from 1:50 to 5:25 this eve. Bro. Hill came tonight. Mr. Isbell was buried today at Mt. Carmel, by the Masons. I went to the Methodist Prayer Meeting.
Thurs., May 12.
Cloudy. It has been raining all day long. We received a letter from Lyt today, saying that Bob would start home this morning from Los Angeles, Calif. I called to see Miss Mabel this eve at 8:00. Had a splendid time....you know it!! Woods was there, too.
Fri., May 13.
Cloudy. It has been cloudy most all day long and raining some. I put up doorknobs and a cross-piece at Store-door today. Made some banners also, this morning. Went to see Flora tonight. Met Mabel, and others, walking. Sent �Hoyle�s� over to Mabel this eve.
Sat., May 14.
Cloudy. I cast my first vote this morning at 9 o�clock. It has been raining the best part of the day.
Sun., May 15.
Cloudy. I went to Sunday School, then wrote to �L.M.C.� I went to Missionary Meeting and got out of office.....Ha!.. Ha!.. Ha! Took a walk with Miss Laura Carpenter this eve, and others, to the Wood�s. We just had a fine time!! I took Flora to Church tonight.
Mon., May 16.
Bright. Took down clothing display and put up a fan-display. Lyt and Bob got in this eve, by way of Marshall. It rained again this eve, and is raining tonight.
Tue., May 17.
Hazy. Lyt went down to Uncle John�s (Miller) today. He also took supper with Lem tonight. I received such a sweet note from Flora today. It has been raining and blowing all day. Beverly Bales (col�d) died this morning. [Written in red around above: �Elbert and Cook went with the old-crowd to DeWitt today.�]
Wed., May 18.
Cool and raining. Lyt left this morning at half-past 10 o�clock for Los Angeles, Calif. It has been raining and blowing all day. I received a letter from Peyton today, and answered it. I also wrote to Lina this eve. I got a coal-oil lamp for Bob tonight. I didn�t get to go to Prayer Meeting.
Thurs., May 19.
Bright. Today has been very pretty, but cool. Bob was in bed most of the day. He is much weaker than he has ever been. I was up again tonight and helped put him to bed. I wrote to Newt. Cook took Misses Ella Parrish and Laura Carpenter to Marshall.
Fri., May 20.
Beautiful. Forwarded a letter to Lyt today, from Sunnie. I went down to see Miss Julia today, for Bob..I was up tonight and helped put him to bed. I think he is much better. Started to rain tonight.
Sat., May 21.
Cool and raining. Trade very dull today. Bob has not been feeling so well today. I came up home early tonight and stayed at home all night.
Sun., May 22.
Cloudy. Poor Bob called us all in this morning at 11 o�clock, and bid us �goodbye.� He said �he was going!� O! That poor boy......how he did suffer. Robert Simpson Myers He suffered until 7 o�clock this eve, and then God took him, and now he is with dear Mama, sister, and brother.

Mon., May 23.
Beautiful. Bob was buried today, or rather, this eve, at 5 o�clock. Funeral services at our house, at 4 o�clock, by Bro. W. M. Bell. We had the same songs sung that were sung at Mama�s funeral.....�I Will Sing You A Song,� and �Gospel Hymn.�

At left is a photo of Robert Simpson Myers, fourth child in the family, 1860-1892. He died of consumption.

Tue., May 24.
Beautiful. We went through Bob�s trunk this morning, and O!...the little treasures he did have! He gave Lem and I a ring, each, on his death-bed. Papa gave me Bob�s bible and looking-glass, also. I went down and had a talk with Miss Julia this morning and spent such a sweet morning. Elbert and I took a walk tonight.
Wed., May 25.
Bright. I wrote a note to Miss Julia this morning, and sent that, and her book and letter, to her this eve. I went to the Methodist Prayer Meeting tonight. Elbert, Cook and I, took a walk tonight. We received Bob�s mail today, by express.
Thurs., May 26.
Cloudy. Washed my windows and showcases this eve. I went out to Mrs. Ish�s this morning and took measurements for a carpet. Went back again this eve to put up three-curtains. The Christian Church gave an Ice-Cream Supper tonight, but I didn�t attend.
Fri., May 27.
Beautiful. Today has been a beautiful day. Mr. C. W. Pendleton and Clayton came down from Kansas City this morning. I took a walk by myself tonight, to both ends of the walk. I wrote a few lines to Flora tonight.
Sat., May 28.
Cloudy and sprinkling. Mailed copies of �the News� to Lina and Lyt.....also Newt, Philip Royar, and Mr. Scofield, this a.m.
Sun., May 29.
Cloudy. I went to Sunday School. I wrote to Miss L.M.C. Peyton came down today. I took a nap from 2 to 4. Took a walk to graveyard this eve. I went to the Baptist Church tonight. Wrote 26-pages to Lina tonight.
Mon., May 30.
Cloudy. I fixed the mirror at Store with mosquito-bar and put �4th of July� fringe on all my lamps. Took down my hdkf. racks. I made out my �service-account� with G. T. T., tonight, to hand-in (to Papa), at home, on the 3rd, with �note� attached that I also gave them.
Tue., May 31.
Cloudy. Cleaned upstairs this morning, and put away a lot of �Town Talk� shoes. Dusted off cornice this eve. I received such a sweet little note from �somebody� this eve... Ahem!!!


Wed., June 1.
Raining. Old Mr. Hisle died last night, at 1 o�clock. I put up two �Store-shades� at Mrs. Beck�s this eve, and fixed two for her upstairs. Went down to the Methodist Prayer Meeting. I received Daisy Duggin�s �graduating card� this morning. A letter from Irb, too.
Thurs., June 2.
Cloudy. I made and put up two-curtains for Mrs. Beck this a.m. I put up three-curtains for Mrs. J. D. Fristoe this morning. Also three for Dr. Wheeler. I went over to see Flora tonight and had such a nice time. I had a beautiful �hat-crown� put in my hat tonight, by Flora, and O!.. Don�t speak of the refreshments!!
Fri., June 3.
Cloudy. My birthday.......age 21. Height: 5-ft., 6 1/4-inches. Weight: 115-lbs. �Mame� (Mary) and Lem came up and took dinner with us. Lem gave me a ring (solid), Mame - a nice book, Mrs. Beck sent me some bananas and a jar of preserves, Mrs. Vanice - a bouquet and strawberries, and Rettie gave me such a nice dinner. And I certainly do appreciate all.
Sat., June 4.
Cloudy. Had my photo (tintype) taken yesterday eve. Today has been somewhat dull. Got the Marshall mail today, first time since Tuesday. Gave Papa my account-book and note, this morning.
Sun., June 5.
Cloudy. Went to Sunday School, and then went down to the Christian Church. I slept from 2 to 4:15 this eve. Had ice-cream and strawberries at Beck�s this eve, by Hubert. I took a walk up home, and also to graveyard. Went down to the Christian Church �entertainment� tonight, and walked home with Flora.
Mon., June 6.
Cloudy. I commenced rolling hamburgs today. I put up two-curtains at Capt. Ruxton�s this eve. We commenced closing this eve at 7:30 o�clock. I took a walk over on the corner tonight with Emma Wheeler, from town. Rettie took flowers to the graves this eve.
Tue., June 7.
Cloudy. Mr. Jeter is 51-yrs-old today. I gave him a traveling case, consisting of black brush and ?? (can�t decipher). I sent Flora over a nice jointed-fishing-pole. And I received a nice box of lemon pie, cake, chicken, and roll, from her this eve. As I was walking this eve, I met Mrs. Jno. Burns, who gave me such a nice bouquet.
Wed., June 8.
Beautiful. The boss went fishing at Duck Lake. Those that went to Malta Bend Lake today, fishing, are as follows: Misses Flora Mertens and Rosa Mertens, Emma Wheeler, Prid Bell, Maude, Mabel, and Laura Carpenter, Ella Parrish, Angie Taylor, Maggie Kile, Mrs. Prof. Barnett, and Mrs. Dr. Grady. The boys were: Elbert Dunlap, Walter Cook, George Taylor, Syd Taylor, Pickett Holton, Hubert Wood, and John Sibley.
Thurs., June 9.
Today has been very hot! I put two-curtains up at Mr. Jacob Burns� this eve. Saw, and talked with, Miss Rose Ellis at Store this eve. She is visiting the Misses Mertens. I went to the gallery with them after Miss Flora�s pictures. Elbert, Pickett, and self, took a walk tonight and saw �them� go to Sibley�s party. Ahem!
Fri., June 10.
Beautiful, but Hot! Trade somewhat dull. I blacked two-fans today for Mrs. Beck and Mrs. Burns. Syd Taylor and self took a walk tonight and, as we were sitting on corner, the Misses Rose Ellis, Rosa and Flora Mertens came out, so we walked up to Beck�s for bananas, and back over to the gate, and talked awhile.
Sat., June 11.
HOT!! Today has been dreadfully hot and dry! We have had a big trade today.
Sun., June 12.
I went down to the graveyard this morning and put flowers on the graves. Lem and I went down again this eve. I gave the rings that Bob and Lem gave to me, to Irb today, to engrave for me. Went to Sunday School, then wrote to �L.M.C.� Miss Diane Robertson was at Belle Burns�. I got a letter from Juanita. I took Miss Rose Ellis to Church tonight. Pickett took Miss Flora, and Syd took Miss Rosa. We had ice-cream and cake, too. And, let me tell you......O!.. How Good!!!!
Mon., June 13.
Sunshine. Mr. Jeter left for Virginia today. I posted-up the books this eve, for my first time. Today has been very hot. Got Mrs. Henry Bates� buggy for her, today, for Flora, Rose E., and her to ride home. Elbert and I took a walk tonight.
Tue., June 14.
Hazy. Received the rings, and bangle, from Irb. I returned the set of rings for engraving, and to be made a little larger. Memorial services at graveyard this eve, by the Odd Fellows. We closed and went down. I walked back with Miss Flora. There was a large crowd there. At Store tonight....Pickett and Syd came by with Misses Rosa and Flora and Rose Ellis, and we went to Beck�s, and then back home.
Wed., June 15.
Bright. Syd Taylor and self took the Misses Ruth and Emma Wheeler to Prayer Meeting tonight, and then we came up to Beck�s and got some ice-cream. Had just a fine time. I got Miss Emma�s rings....and she gave me a pretty bouquet, too. You Know It!!!
Thurs., June 16.
Beautiful. Miss Rose Ellis left for home today, accompanied by Miss Flora. Mr. Tucker, of Slater, was up today, so I took him and got dinner at the Hotel today. I took Miss Mabel Carpenter to the Baptist Prayer Meeting tonight, and then we went to Beck�s and had ice-cream, first time for 5-weeks with her.
Fri., June 17.
Beautiful. We have had a very good trade all day. I worked tonight on new goods and books, until half-past 10 o�clock. Then I took a walk over to the Baptist Supper and took Miss Emma Wheeler out to supper. Had a �big time� with her after supper. �She is a daisy!� Ahem!!!
Sat., June 18.
Cloudy. I was taken very sick this morning with �cramp-colic.� Dr. Grady worked with me all day. I was carried home on a cot this eve, as I was too sick to walk. I had an engagement with Miss Emma Wheeler�s company, home from the �entertainment� tonight, but I had to break it.
Sun., June 19.
Bright. At home all day. Pickett went to Marshall for me this morning. I had an engagement to bring Miss Flora home, but, as I was too sick to go, I got Pickett to go for me. Lots of the boys came to see me today.
Mon., June 20.
Beautiful. I felt much better today. Rettie took me riding this eve in buggy, and the brought me to the Store. I worked some on the books, but, as I got so weak, I had to stop. The Dr. told me tonight I must try smoking!
Tue., June 21.
Beautiful. Have been working hard all day. I started to take a walk tonight, but was too tired. Smoked on my first cigar tonight......first time for about three-years, that is. Got me a new �memo-book� this eve. Will Taylor got married today. (Written in red across above message: �June 21, 1892.....it was 7-yrs. today since Mama died.�)
Wed., June 22.
93-degrees in shade at 12 o�clock. How is that for hot??? Today has been somewhat dull. The farmers here commenced cutting wheat yesterday and today. I went to the Christian Prayer Meeting and walked home with Flora. I stayed until half-past 11 o�clock. Hush! Got one of Flora�s photos tonight that she gave me.
Thurs., June 23.
Beautiful. I went through the pearl buttons today. Syd Taylor and self �got-left� at Wheeler�s tonight on account of a crowd from Church, who were going to practice there tonight. Elbert, Wood, Syd, and self, took a walk and then came back and Elbert �set-up� the ice-cream.
Fri., June 24.
Beautiful. I got up this morning at half-past 4 o�clock and cleaned upstairs......cleaned out my bins on both sides, dusted down, and swept out below, before breakfast. I went over to see Flora tonight at 8:45. Was so busy today, I didn�t get off �til late.
Sun., June 26.
Cloudy. Elbert and I went to Marshall this morning. We left at 5:45 and got there at 8:25. Roads dusty. Went to Hotel Hurt, got shave, boot-black and wash, and went over to Newt�s, and went to Sunday School with him. After Sunday School, I went around to see Miss Lillie Conway, and we went to Church. After Church, I joined the Church (Presbyterian). Got dinner at Hurt�s. At 12 o�clock I called to see Miss Lillie again. Then at 5, I went back to Newt�s, and at 6, I went to see Miss Fannie Taylor. At 6:45, I went for Miss Lillie, to go to Christian Endeavor Society. After that, we went to �Sanderson�s� for ice-cream, and then to Church. I left Miss Lillie at 11 o�clock and went around and stayed all night with Frank Taylor.
Mon., June 27.
Elbert and I left at 4:25 a.m., and got home at 7:15. It �rained like forty� most all day yesterday and last night. Roads heavy.
Tue., June 28.
Bright. I joined the Epworth League last night at the Methodist Church. Elbert and self took a walk to end of corner and back. Walked over with the groom and met the bride.
Wed., June 29.
Cloudy. Sent Miss Lillie the bible-notes today. I weighed 110-lbs. today. Clara and John Haynie were married tonight, at home, by Bro. Cobb. Clem, Pickett, and self, serenaded them and got �a note and cake.� Also serenaded at Mertens�, Wheeler�s and Carpenter�s. I took Miss Mabel Carpenter to Prayer Meeting, Beck�s, and then went walking.
Thurs., June 30.
Cloudy. Have been invoicing all day long. Washed windows this eve. Went over to see Flora tonight and just had a fine time. She looked awfully cute, but she is always that way!


Fri., July 1.
Bright. Have been out collecting most all day. I walked over home with Flora this a.m. And, on my way back, I met Miss Belle, so walked uptown with her. I called to see Miss Emma tonight and just had a fine time......�lemon pies!!�
Sat., July 2.
Big rain this eve. Miss Hill, whose funeral took place at the Methodist Church this eve, was held over tonight at Church, on account of the rain. We have had a very good trade today. Mr. Owens stayed with me tonight.
Sun., July 3.
Cloudy. Mr. Owens and self took breakfast at Beck�s this morning. Went to Sunday School, then wrote to �L.M.C.� I took a nap from 2 to 4. Went up to Bell�s with Elbert this eve. I got Prid Bell�s and Mabel Carpenter�s photos. Flora went to Marshall this eve to spend the 4th, so I went to Church with Rosa.
Mon., July 4.
Beautiful. I worked on invoice all day. Our crowd, as follows, at Beck�s tonight: Elbert and Ethel McDaniel and Prid Bell; Hubert and Angie Taylor and Maude Carpenter; Wib Myers and Mabel and Laura Carpenter; George Taylor and Rosa Mertens; Pickett Holton and Emma Wheeler. First we went to the Epworth League, then to Beck�s.......�ice-cream and raspberries!�
Tue., July 5.,BR> Bright. Syd Taylor and self took a walk to end of corner and stayed a good while. We then returned and went up to the Christian Church, where the Christian Endeavor Society meets. Syd went home with Miss Rosa, and I, with Miss Emma. The good time we had!!! Ahem!
Wed.,. July 6.
Beautiful. Syd Taylor and self took a walk tonight to end of corner and back. I went to the Methodist Church to hear Bro. Pete Cobb (quarterly meeting.) Mrs. Nettie Lewis died tonight at 10:30 o�clock.
Thurs., July 7.
Bright. I cut a piece out of my forefinger this morning, by the window falling on it. Mrs. Nettie Lewis was buried this eve at the Baptist graveyard, at 4:30. I took a walk tonight with Syd, to corner, then returned to Church and went home with Flora.
Fri., July 8.
Cloudy. Mr. Jeter went to Slater today. Today has been somewhat cloudy and rainy. Emma Wheeler, Nora Robertson, and Will Wood went to DeWitt this eve. I have been invoicing all day long. The Zea�s new clerk came this eve.
Sat., July 9.
Cloudy. We have had a very good trade today. Invoiced all evening! Retired tonight at 10:30 o�clock.
Sun., July 10.
Cloudy. I went to Sunday School, then watched Cook ride Elbert�s pony this morning. Went to Church with Syd Taylor. Syd and self took a walk tonight, then we went to Wheeler�s and spent the evening. I went to the graveyard today.
Mon., July 11.
Bright. We finished invoicing this eve at 5:30 o�clock. Miss Mary Zea sent me a nice dish of cream and cake tonight. Elbert and I went to the League tonight, and then went over to the Wheeler�s, to a gathering, where we spent a very pleasant evening.
Tue., July 12.
Clear. There was a crowd of young people went down to DeWitt this eve, on boat. Today has been one of the hottest! Syd, Elbert, and self, took a walk over to corner and back tonight. Such lovely nights we are having.
Wed., July 13.
Beautiful. Miss Ruth Wheeler sent me her watch this morning to take to Marshall with me tomorrow to have fixed. I washed windows this eve. We had a nice, big, rain. Elbert and I went to Prayer Meeting tonight at the Methodist Church.
Thurs., July 14.
Cloudy. I intended going to Marshall today, for Hallie, who is coming, but it rained so hard, I didn�t get to do so. Mr. Richards painted the windows for us today. I went to see Flora tonight. We didn�t attend Social at Bro. Nickerson�s.
Fri., July 15.
Cloudy and raining. I went over after Hallie this morning. Got dinner at Hurt�s. Called to see Miss Lillie Conway at 4:15 o�clock. Went to Mt. Leonard with Frank Taylor, Fannie Taylor, Ella Parrish, Nellie Taylor, and Anna Bell Hawkins, to see Willie (Taylor) and his bride. Returned at 10 o�clock and stayed all night with Frank. [Written in red across above message: �With Laura Carpenter, walked to Wood�s. Found leaf and four-leaf clover.�]
Sat., July 16.
Cloudy. I arose this morning at 5 o�clock, went up to Hurt�s Hotel, and wrote a few lines to Miss Lilly, and mailed them. I then went over to Newt�s, got breakfast, and started home. Went over to see Flora this morning, and also to take Ruth�s watch home.
Sun., July 17.
Cloudy. Was sick this morning, so I did not go to S. School. Wrote to �L.M.C.� I took a nap from 11 to 12:30 this a.m. I called to see Shelton and Reid this eve, with Pickett. We also went up to see Mabel. Went to Church with Flora.....ahem!
Mon., July 18.
Dark and cloudy. G. T. has a new baby boy...12#. I put out a remnant counter today. �Somebody� was looking awfully cute this eve. As I asked Rosa this eve, for Pickett.....she gave him the �goodbye!� Poor Pickett!!! I went to the Epworth League tonight.
Tue., July 19.
Hot and bright! Syd Taylor left for Kentucky. There is a party at Mr. Smith�s tonight. Hubert and Pickett went, but �I� got left, along with Miss Mabel......O!.. Me! I took a walk over on corner and back tonight, then retired early. Hottest day yet!!
Wed., July 20.
Hot and bright. I washed the front today....took out arch, also, and washed. Received ....O!.. Such a lovely bouquet from Miss Emma Wheeler today. She is a cute one!! I called to see Flora tonight...8:45 to 11.
Thurs., July 21.
Beautiful. I wrote Miss Emma a note this morning and mailed it. Lem is boarding with us while Mary is gone. Today only. Rosa and Flora left this eve, by way of Marshall, to Rich Hill, Mo., for a three-week visit. I went down to the River with the boys tonight. Went to Baptist Prayer Meeting today.
Fri., July 22.
Cloudy. Lem and Mack Lewis went to Marshall. Today has been a very, very dull day. Mrs. G. T. Taylor has been quite sick today, so boss hasn�t been down. Emma Wheeler and Susie Hawkins I went over to see Miss Emma tonight. Had a very, very nice time. Harry Wheeler was there, tho.
Sat., July 23.
Clear. Today has been the dullest Saturday I have ever seen! No one in town at all! It has also been very hot. I wrote some �visiting cards� for Miss Norah Robertson this eve.
Sun., July 24.
Hot and bright. Got breakfast at Beck�s, with Owens. Went to Sunday School, and also to hear our Presbyterian preacher. I looked at �Miss Emma� this eve, through spyglass! Went to graveyard, down to River to see Boat, and to Church, at night.
Mon., July 25.
Beautiful. I didn�t work any this morning at all. Have been sick with a dreadful-bad-cold. I have been at Store most all evening, tho. I was invited up to Bro. Bolton�s, but didn�t go. Went to my Epworth League and made my first talk.
Tue., July 26.
Clear and hot. Worked on clothing all day. Got in our Fall stock, also our Fall stock of hats. Elbert and self took a walk to end of corner and met the Misses Edmond�s, so we walked back up home with them. Harrison, Jim, and Clayton Wheeler, Pickett Holton, and the two �Wib�s� were out serenading tonight. We just had a fine time......You Know It!!!!
Wed., July 27.
Beautiful. Worked on the �hat dept.� today. Mailed Flora a letter this morning. Posted bills this eve on road at River, and also over on other hill, and at the Ruxton Iron-Bridge. I walked home with Emma from Prayer Meeting.
Thurs., July 28.
Beautiful. I worked on rubber-goods. Cleaned upstairs today. It rained pretty hard this eve. I was going up to see Mabel tonight, but got a card from Maude saying she was out in the country.
Fri., July 29.
Cloudy. We cleaned house today, and I have done more work cleaning house than I have ever done before in one day. Clem Watson, Pickett Holton, Elbert Dunlap, Walter Cook and self, went up to Dr. Edmond�s tonight and we just had a fine time! Miss Katie Brown is �cute,� let me tell you!!
Sat., July 30.
Cloudy. I joined the �Democrat Club� today. Today has been somewhat dull. Miss Ruth Wheeler got home from Waukenda this morning. Frank Taylor came over from Marshall this eve, and stayed all night with me. I fixed curtains over at Dr. Wheeler�s this morning.
Sun., July 31.
Bright. Went to Sunday School. Took a walk with Elbert and George, to corner, and walked back with Miss Emma, to Church. Then went down to Lem�s, with Cook and Frank Taylor, and ate red-plums until mail time. After dinner, Pickett and self called at the Wheeler�s, from 3:30 to 4:45. At 5:30, Clem Watson and Alice Foster, Fred Sibley and Gussie Edmonds, Hubert Wood and Hattie Edmonds, and Wib Myers and Miss Katie Brown, all went to the Pinnacles, where we just had a fine time. She is cute, too!!!


Mon., Aug. 1.
Beautiful. Have been out collecting all morning. Those that went to DeWitt this eve are as follows: Fred Sibley, Clem Watson, Gussie, Hattie and Ida Edmonds, Alice Foster, Katie Brown, Pickett Holton, Ruth and Emma Wheeler, Hubert Wood, Fannie Taylor, Ella Parrish, Maude Wheeler, Landora Dick, Wib Myers, and Mabel and Laura Carpenter.
Tue., Aug. 2.
Bright. Got in �R. L. Stevens� shoes. Miss Katie Brown, and myself, started out posting signs this eve at 3 o�clock. Went on Bethel road, out beyond the Eubanks, and back by Fairville. We had just an elegant time, and got back at half-past 8 o�clock. �Such a cute girl!!!�
Wed., Aug. 3.
Bright. Got in 60# ball-yarn today. I wrote to �F. A. M.� today. Marked all the �Steven�s shoes� this eve....305 pair. Wrote to Geo. Duggins. Geo. Taylor, Elbert D., Hubert Wood, Walter Cook, and self, all went up to Carpenter�s tonight and had a nice call. We also went to Prayer Meeting.
Thurs., Aug. 4.
Pretty. Mr. Wheeler�s wallpaper came today. I called to see Miss Katie Brown tonight, and just had a splendid time. I�ll tell you.....�she� is just as cute as �she� can be.......!!
Fri., Aug. 5.
Bright. The Misses Edmonds left this morning. I washed windows and put mosquito-bar on this evening. We got in our sample line of campaign-goods today. Finished the �Steven�s shoes� this morning.
Sat., Aug. 6.
Beautiful. Today has been very dull. Miss Katie Brown spent the day with Miss Edna Saufley today.
Sun., Aug. 7.
Beautiful. I had the pleasure of taking Miss Katie Brown home this morning. I had...O!.. Such a nice time!! I then went on to Marshall, and got to walk home with Miss Lillie Conway, from Church. I took dinner at Hurt�s. Went over to see Newt, then called to see Lillie at 3:30. We went calling at 5:30, at Mary Craddock�s and Vinnie Conway�s. Went to the Young People�s Meeting at 6:45, and to Church at 8. Ice-cream parlor after Church!!!
Mon., Aug. 8.
Bright. I stayed all night with Newt last night. We went out to see his new house this morning. At 9:45, I called to see Nora and Diane Robertson. Also, at 10:15, I went around to see Miss Lillie, and stayed until 11:35. I got dinner at bro.�s. Left them, and went up in town and listened to my first phonograph. I left Marshall at 3 p.m., with Floy Myers, and got home at 6:30. I led the League tonight....a very good crowd out. I went out Miss Maggie Kile�s party tonight, in hack, with crowd. Had a big time!!!! Got home at 1 o�clock.
Tue., Aug. 9.
Clear. We have had a very good trade this a.m. Today has been very hot. Wrote a letter to �F. A. M.� tonight. Retired tonight at 8 o�clock....so tired and sleepy!
Wed., Aug. 10.
Cloudy. I worked upstairs all day today....tagging odd-pants. Newt and Mattie came over today. I measured Mrs. Harry Wheeler�s rooms and hall upstairs, today. I wrote a piece about Miss Maggie Kile�s party, today, and gave to Leftwich (Miami News.)
Thurs., Aug. 11.
Cloudy. Got a real cute letter from �Miss Katie� today, with the piece of ribbon enclosed. Answered it this eve. Papa left yesterday for Springfield �railroad meeting.� Went up, with Elbert, to hear �the Reformers� speak, tonight.
Fri., Aug. 12.
Beautiful. Mr. S. B. Jeter went to Marshall today. I got a letter from Papa today. Misses Rosa and Flora returned today from a three-week visit to Rich Hill. Went up home early tonight and played on harp for Rettie and Hallie. Papa is away, so I am sleeping up home.
Sat., Aug. 13.
Beautiful. Papa got home from Springfield this a.m. I mailed Miss Katie B. a �Miami News� this morning. Today�s trade has been somewhat light, until late this eve.
Sun., Aug. 14.
Beautiful. Russ Owens and self took breakfast at Beck�s this a.m. I went to Sunday School. Wrote a letter to �L. M. C.� Read some this eve. I went over to see Miss Flora tonight and had a very pleasant eve.
Mon., Aug. 15.
Beautiful. I took Hallie to Marshall this a.m. I put her and Floy on train, at 11:45. Saw Miss Lillie at 10 to 11. Took dinner at Newt�s. Met Juanita Coltrane on train, at 2:10 p.m. Also met Miss Mary Linn, and went out home with her, and Juanita. Juanita and I started home this eve at 6 o�clock.
Tue., Aug. 16.
Pretty. Mr. G. T.T. �s little baby died this morning at 3 o�clock. The Store closed today. I took dinner at Mrs. Vanice�s, with Juanita, today. The funeral-services took place at graveyard, at 5 o�clock. Had a long talk with Juanita, in the hammock, tonight.
Wed., Aug. 17.
Pretty. Gave my sign-boards the 2nd-coat this eve. I took Juanita to Methodist Prayer Meeting tonight, and then we went walking to other end of walk and back.
Thurs., Aug. 18.
Bright. Called to see Flora tonight and spent a very pleasant evening.
Fri., Aug. 19.
Beautiful. Printed 24 of my sign-boards today. Went up to Wheeler�s (Harry�s) this morning and cut carpet around parlor. Mailed a letter to �L.M.C.� this a.m., at Liberty. Elbert and I took the surrey and went out to Hawkins� party. He, with Mabel and Laura Carpenter, and myself, with Miss Maude Wheeler.
Sat., Aug. 20.
Lovely. I went up to Harry Wheeler�s this morning and put down brussel-carpet in hall. Trade has been somewhat dull today. Retired tonight at 10:15 o�clock.
Sun., Aug. 21.
Pretty. Went to Sunday School. Took a nap from 11 to 12. Got mail and dinner. Took a nap from 1:45 to 4 o�clock. Peyton Jeter and Elbert D. went around and called on Juanita this eve. I took her to Church tonight.
Mon., Aug. 22.
Bright. Mr. Taylor left this morning for St. Louis, to buy our Fall stock. I have been working on my signs all day. Went to League and walked home with Miss Louise Miller tonight.
Tue., Aug. 23.
Beautiful. Finished my sign-boards today...55 of them. Mr. Jeter and I ate a mushmelon this eve. Misses Rosa and Flora called on Juanita tonight. Hubert and self called to see Juanita tonight (later).
Wed., Aug. 24.
Cloudy. Today has been nice and cool. Ed�s mother (col�d) died last night and was buried today. Mrs. James Thorp�s father died last night. Juanita and I had a nice talk in hammock tonight. I went home with Flora after Prayer Meeting tonight.
Thurs., Aug. 25.
Pretty. I had the pleasure of Juanita�s company out to Judge Smith�s party tonight. �Pie and Pound Party.� I ate pie with Juanita and candy with Miss Susie Hawkins. Always remember �break-down!!�
Fri., Aug. 26.
Cloudy. Mr. Taylor got home this eve from St. Louis. Trade somewhat dull today. Mr. Jeter and I ate a cantaloupe this eve. Took a walk to corner and back. Retired at 8:30 tonight....sleepy....sleepy!
Sat., Aug. 27.
Cloudy. Today has been somewhat hot. The negroes had a picnic today. Had a pretty good band, too!! Mrs. Matt Fisher got hurt today...by horse running away.
Sun., Aug. 28.,BR> Pretty. Went to Sunday School and Church. At 1 o�clock, I started out to call on Miss Katie Brown. I spent an hour with her, then we started to Marshall. She took the 4:46 train to Sedalia. We stopped at Sanderson�s before going to Depot. I gave her a nice box of fruit. I went to see brother and ate supper with them. Left Marshall at 6:30....got home at 9:00 o�clock.
Mon., Aug. 29.
Beautiful. I cleaned off center-table today, washed windows, and fixed �chimney�s.� I went to our League Meeting tonight and talked on the 37th verse of the 7th chapter of St. John. Mr. Zea�s Store was robbed last night.
Tue., Aug. 30.
Pretty. Millions of grasshoppers passed over this city this eve. We got in a portion of our Fall goods today. I washed and cleaned showcases today. Took a walk tonight. Retired early tonight (tired and sleepy).
Wed., Aug. 31.
Bright. We have been working on new goods all day. Gus Leftwich and J. A. Wood had a �fuss� this eve. I went to the Methodist Prayer Meeting tonight. Elbert, Cook, and Bishop went to Harry�s (Wheeler) tonight.


Thurs., Sept. 1.
Pretty. Worked on new goods today....all day. Also done my collecting this eve.
Fri., Sept. 2.
Pretty. McDougall and myself started out this morning at 8:45, to post signs....going to DeWitt ferry, Brunswick ferry, Rich Chapel, Shiloh Harmony Church, and Sharon. Coming along by Mr. Jno. Lewis�, we broke an axle on our buggy, so we had to walk from there, dragging the buggy. Got home at 7 o�clock. I had the pleasure of taking Miss Juanita Coltrane to the Epworth League Supper tonight at Mr. J. A. Woods. The Supper cleared $54.40. Hurrah for out League!!! Big Crowd!!
Sun., Sept. 4.
Raining. I joined the �Building and Loan Association� last night.....took 10-shares in it, amounting to $1000. I did not go to Sunday School, or Church today. Stayed in room all day. Lem and Mary went to St. Louis this morning. I ate fresh oysters with Syd Taylor tonight.
Mon., Sept. 5.
Pretty and cool. The Miami School�s commenced today. Clem Watson, Harrison Wheeler, Jim, and myself, serenaded Juanita, Carpenter�s, Taylor�s, Hawkins� and Edmonds� tonight. Went to League tonight....big meeting!
Tue., Sept. 6.
Pretty. Cook went to Marshall. Pin-ticketed glove dept. (ladies and misses), cotton hose, and ladies� wool hose today. Went over and talked to Elbert awhile tonight, then retired. Tired and �broke-down.�
Wed., Sept. 7.
Bright. Juanita went to Marshall today, on hack, to stay until 2nd of October. I worked tonight until half-past 10 o�clock, on my side of the house, putting away new goods. There was a gathering at Miller�s, but I didn�t go. Ta!.. Ta!
Thurs., Sept. 8.
Pretty. A �social� at Mertens� tonight. I had a special invite from preacher, but didn�t attend. Put out caps, cloaks, overcoats, and heavy boots today....also blankets and comforters. I put away straw goods and made an overcoat counter.
Fri., Sept. 9.
Pretty. Put away yarns, zephyrs, and saxony, and cleaned upstairs this morning. Elbert, Cook, and self, took a walk tonight to end of corner. Retired early tonight....tired and sleepy.
Sat., Sept. 10.
Cloudy. Lem and Mary got back from St. Louis this morning. We had a nice shower tonight....first we have had for a long time. Walter Cook quit �Scott & Miller� tonight.
Sun., Sept. 11.
Went to Sunday School. Wrote to Lilly Conway, and Juanita Coltrane. Elbert and I took a ride out to see John Robertson this eve, and then down to Sulpher Springs, and back. Went up to Baptist Church tonight, by myself.
Mon., Sept. 12.
Pretty. Worked on hdkf. racks today. Took a ride down to Carpenter�s farm this eve to see Henry Steverson (or Stevenson), for an account of $10, and got it, too. Miss Mary Webster, who is now living in Va., died tonight.* I went to League tonight....was on duty.....and was appointed �Librarian.� [*Editor's note: I wonder if he meant �she took ill�....because later, on Oct. 6, 1892, he again says �she died.�]
Tue., Sept. 13.
Bright. Fixed bookcase for �commentary,� and marked all the books today for League library. I went serenading tonight with a crowd. We went to Wheeler�s, Parrish�s, Mertens�, Wheeler�s, Wood�s, and Miller�s. Grady, Ireland, Casebolt, and Sohns, went on a fishing excursion this morning. Mr. Webster went to Virginia last night.
Wed., Sept. 14.
Pretty. Papa went to Marshall today, with Mr. John Robertson. Syd Taylor and self went down to the Christian Prayer Meeting and he and I walked home with Misses Ruth and Emma Wheeler.
Thurs., Sept. 15.
Bright. �G. T.� went over to the rally today at Marshall. I have been sick all day. Had cramp-colic last night, and called Dr. Edmonds. I made my first payment on the St. Louis Loan, and a $15 investment, too, this eve.
Fri., Sept. 16.
Pretty. Syd Taylor and self took a walk tonight to end of corner, and then back to Church, where we then walked home with Ruth and Emma Wheeler, who were coming from their Christian Endeavor Society. Emma gave me a photo of her and Gussie Edmonds.
Sat., Sept. 17.
Bright. I commenced this a.m., taking a ride every morning and evening. I went up a far as Mrs. Haynie�s this morning.
Sun., Sept. 18.
After breakfast, I took a ride out to the end of the road that goes to Kile�s, then out across, and came in by Haynie�s and Snell�s. Also at graveyard at 9 o�clock. Went to Sunday School. Took a walk to end of corner this a.m., with Hubert and Elbert. I went to hear Bro. Cobb�s last farewell sermon. Went to Missionary Meeting. Sam Grady, Prof. Barnett, Wib Burns, Elbert, and self, went up to Ireland�s after peaches. I took a walk over to corner with Syd Taylor tonight. Went to Church tonight, by myself.
Mon., Sept. 19.
Pretty. Took a ride out by Mr. Dick�s this a.m., and put up a sign, then came in by Bluff schoolhouse. I went through �S. & S.�, and �Thos. C.� shoes today. Made a cash �ticket-pocket� this eve. Walked home with Ruth from League. Cook went with Emma.... Ahem!
Tue., Sept. 20.
Bright. Cook and self went to Marshall today. On my way, I put up 23 signs between here and Fairville. We got dinner at �Ming�s.� I went around to see Miss Lilly at 5 to 6. Got a nice, long, letter from Miss Katie Brown today. Also got a note from Flora.
Wed., Sept. 21.,BR> Beautiful. I went through the children�s shoe dept. today. I paid my first taxes today, which were $1.10 (poll and personal). Received a note from Flora yesterday saying she would like to see me, so I went over tonight. What (?) must I do...........???
Thurs., Sept. 22.
Pretty. Went through my plow-shoe dept. today. Wrote Flora a 16-page letter tonight. Took a nice ride this a.m., down to Black�s and back.
Fri., Sept. 23.
Beautiful. Mr. Jeter went to Marshall. I sent Flora the 16-page letter today. Rettie has been sick all day, so I got dinner and supper at Mr. Beck�s. Harrison Wheeler is 21-yrs. old, today.
Sat., Sept. 24.
Bright. The Miami Cornet Band reorganized this morning. And we practiced awhile tonight. Miss Mary Dunlap sent me two fine peaches today....the largest I have seen.
Sun., Sept. 25.
Beautiful. Wrote 8-pages to Miss Lilly Conway. Also wrote 8-pages to Miss Katie Brown. I went through all my letters and notes today. Elbert, Geo. Taylor, Wib Burns, Bufe Casebolt, and self, all went up to the Pinnacles this eve. Got a letter from J. P. H., this morning.
Mon., Sept. 26.
Pretty. Got a letter from Flora this morning. I rearranged things upstairs today for our �Cloak Sale.� I went out serenading with a crowd of girls tonight.......had a grand-old-time!!!
Tue., Sept. 27.
Pretty. Put up signs all day today.....�cloak signs.� I went to Band practice tonight. Cook, Mack Lewis, McDougall, and Weir A., sat-up with Mr. Cochran tonight. Fixed �F.�s� notes tonight, too.
Wed., Sept. 28.
Raining. We had a big rain last night, and also raining today some. Got in ladies and misses cloaks today, from �D. B. Fisk & Co.� I went to Band practice tonight. [Written in red across above message: �Elbert Dunlap left for Kansas City, this a.m., to work for a few months.]
Thurs., Sept. 29.
Beautiful. Washed windows today, and made a display of cloaks, and lace-curtains. McDougall printed us a nice cloak-sign, so I put it up this a.m. Dressed hdkf. racks also, today. Sent �Flora� her letters today.
Fri., Sept. 30.
Beautiful. Decorated the upstairs today, with lace-curtains, �4th of July� fringe, and flags....for �Cloak Sale.� We had a photo of the Store taken this a.m. I passed around �cloak-handbills� this eve to each house. Went to Band practice.
inside the G. T. Taylor Dry Goods Store, Miami, MO, c.1892


Sat., Oct. 1.
Pretty. Got a note from Flora today. The Band played on the street today, for the first time in over a year. Done my collection this a.m. Times hard.....money scarce!
Sun., Oct. 2.
Pretty. Harrison Wheeler and self took a ride out to Sibley�s this a.m. I wrote a note to Flora and mailed it this morning. Also wrote a letter to Pickett. I took Miss Laura Carpenter to the Christian Church tonight. Sent Misses Ruth and Emma Wheeler a box of bananas and grapes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
At right is a photo of the inside of G. T. Taylor's Dry Goods Store, Miami, MO, c.1892. At the back you can see the stairs leading to the second floor.
* * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Mon., Oct 3.
Beautiful. Today is our first �Cloak Sale� day. I sold 20 today. I sold Misses Mattie Burgess and Emma Wheeler a fine one, each. I went to League and took Miss Emma Wheeler home. Got thanks returned this morning, for box sent to Misses Wheeler�s yesterday.
Tue., Oct. 4.
Beautiful. Got a �cute� note from Miss Emma this morning, with book she returned (commentary). I wrote to Lina tonight (El Dorado Springs). Worked awhile tonight on cloaks....
Wed., Oct. 5.
Pretty. Mr. Scott, of California, was in Miami today. Mr. Ginn, new Methodist preacher, came today. I went down to the Methodist Prayer Meeting tonight. Wrote to Elbert tonight.
Thurs., Oct. 6.
Beautiful. Cloak trade has been somewhat dull today. I had the pleasure of calling to see Miss Ruth Wheeler tonight. Miss Mary Webster, of Virginia, formerly of this place, died yesterday eve, at 5 o�clock.
Fri., Oct. 7.
Bright. Packed away cloaks today and sent them off. I cleaned and straightened things upstairs today, after cloak sale. Made cover for cloak rack today. Went down to Christian Endeavor tonight and got Miss Emma Wheeler to come to Beck�s, where we had �oysters and bananas.�
Sat., Oct. 8.
Pretty. Had our first frost last night. I wrote Miss Lillie a few lines today. Syd Taylor got back from Kentucky.
Sun., Oct. 9.
Beautiful. I went to Marshall this a.m., in one-hour, fifty-five-minutes! Drove �old Buck.� I took Miss Lilly Conway, at Marshall, to Church this morning. I commenced today at Presbyterian Church for first time. Called, with Juanita Coltrane, on Miss Edna VanAngle. Juanita came home with me from Marshall tonight.
Mon., Oct. 10.
Lovely. Received �Flora�s� notes, and a note this morning that was sent to me on Friday eve. (Mr. Jeter forgot to give them to me). I went to League tonight and started home with Ruth and Emma, but Jim W. took Ruth to gate, and Emma and I went on in to parlor.
Tue., Oct. 11.
Bright. Took down my window displays today. Got a nice, long, letter from Elbert today. I gave Mrs. Shelton, and Ruth Wheeler, a �quince� today. Went to Band practice tonight. Syd Taylor commenced on 2nd-tenor. Warm, dry, and dusty.
Wed., Oct. 12.
Beautiful. Today has been very dusty, and wind blowing so. Got a nice letter from Elbert and Cook, today. I went to Band practice. Syd Taylor and I went down to the Christian Prayer Meeting tonight. John Robertson went home with Emma, so �I� took Ruth........poor Syd!!!!
Thurs., Oct. 13.
Cloudy. Put �clothing sign-bills� up this morning, in Stores and over to schoolhouse. Received my �Hoyle� from Mabel Carpenter, and a note this eve. Gave Mrs. Shelton, Tina Shelton, and Ruth, each, a lapboard this eve. Called to see Miss Emma tonight. Had a sweet, old time! (K = T�s 1st)
Fri., Oct. 14.
Raining. We had a nice shower today at noon. Got in two-gross of Whittemore�s �gilt-edge dressing� today. Juanita Coltrane answered Elbert�s letter for me today. I made a clothing-exhibit this eve, in window. Went to Band practice, then Syd T. and I took a walk tonight to end of corner.
Sat., Oct. 15.
Cloudy. Put out �clothing-signs� this a.m. All houses cutting on clothing today. Band played this eve at 5 o�clock, after �Yeater� spoke. Had cake, by Miss Emma Wheeler, at Shelton�s room this eve. Ahem!!!
Sun., Oct. 16.
Hazy. I went to Sunday School, and Church, this a.m. Went to Missionary Meeting. Saw, and waved at Miss Emma from Store, at home, this eve. Went to Schoolhouse, with Prof. Barnett and wife, and Miss Lou Huyett. I had the honor of taking Miss Emma to Church tonight....first time! Frank Taylor was over today....Guy Bell, also.
Mon., Oct 17.
Rain. Cleaned upstairs today. Walked from Baptist Church to Store today with Miss Emma, this a.m. Put up a new gas-fixture this eve, bought from �Scott & Miller.� I led the League tonight, and, afterwards, walked home with Miss Emma. (F = L = to = K)
Tue., Oct. 18.
Pretty. Commenced cleaning my side today, but got so busy I had to stop. I didn�t get dinner until two-o�clock. The boss went hunting today. I went to Band practice tonight, and, afterwards, wrote a letter to �L.M.C.�, in answer to 2nd.
Wed., Oct. 19.
Pretty. We have been quite busy all day long. I walked down as far as the Christian Church with Miss Emma this eve. (I was going to Fristoe�s) I went to Band practice tonight. Wrote to Cook this eve. Went down to Christian Prayer Meeting and went home with Miss Emma. Didn�t go in, tho.
Thurs., Oct. 20.
Raining. Marked, and put away, new stock of hats today. Also rearranged things in the wallpaper and rubber dept.�s today. Was up to �Shelton�s Shop� this eve and had a big-time with Ruth and Emma. Emma gave me an essay on myself. I fixed her umbrella. The Band didn�t practice.
Fri., Oct. 21.
Cloudy. �Columbus Anniversary� I finished cleaning my side of house today. �Columbus� exercises at the M. E. Church this a.m., but I didn�t go. I received a letter from Pickett. Was up to Mrs. Shelton�s Shop this eve. Had a big-time with Miss Emma and Ruth, and others. Called to see Juanita tonight for the last time.
Sat., Oct. 22.
Cloudy. The Band was going to play this eve, but we were all so busy, we couldn�t get off!
Sun., Oct. 23.
Clear. I went up home and saw Juanita off this morning. She went to Marshall, and leaves in the morning for home. I went to Sunday School (in Bible Class). Put paper on all my photos this a.m. (74). Took a walk this eve and came back by Hawkins�, where Syd and I went in and got to talk to Miss Susie, Miss Emma Wheeler, and a whole lot of other girls. I walked home with Emma. Syd and I went to Wheeler�s tonight. I went to Church with Miss Emma. We had grapes, bananas, and candy, after Church... Ahem!... You Know It!!
Mon., Oct. 24.
Beautiful. I took down the clothing display in window this morning. The boss went hunting this eve. The Band ordered the horns today, costing $275. I went to the League tonight and made my first �one-sentence-prayer.� So did Miss Emma. I walked home with Miss Emma after the League. Ahem!!
Tue., Oct. 25.
Pretty.....but first-frost last night....BIG!! I was up to Mrs. Shelton�s Shop this eve and walked as far as Store with Miss Emma, as she went home. Also went back at 5 o�clock, and walked with Miss Ruth to �Roe�s,� and then back to Store. I commenced passing �clothing-bills� around this eve, but we got busy, so I was called-in. Went to Band practice and we had a business meeting.
Wed., Oct. 26.
Went over to Mrs. Hays� and Vaughan�s this morning. Walked back with Miss Emma, and gave her two bunches of grapes, this a.m. We have been real busy all day. Got in showcase, and jewelry, today. Went to Band practice tonight. Wrote a note to Miss Lilly today.
Thurs., Oct. 27.
Clear. Cleaned-up and rearranged things upstairs today.....for clothing sale. I was up to Mrs. Shelton�s this eve, sewing-up a red-white-and-blue drapery. Had a fine time with Misses Tina and Ruth. Went to Band practice. Boss went hunting. Wrote names on my photos tonight.
Fri., Oct. 28.
Clear. Ruth and Emma went to Marshall today at 2 o�clock, coming back Sunday eve. I got me a nice overcoat today. Our �clothing sale� commenced this morning. Today has been very dusty. Went to Band practice tonight.
Sat., Oct. 29.
Cloudy. Have been sick most all day long. I worked until 4 o�clock this eve, and then had to quit, as I could go no longer. Played in the Band, at 2:30, though!
Sun., Oct. 30.
Hazy. Had the Dr. with me this a.m., at 3 o�clock. Had a hard-spell. I went up home at 8 a.m., and spent the day, and night. Messrs. Sam Grady, Hubert Wood, Harrison Wheeler, Harry Wheeler, James Cresap, G. T. Taylor, and S. B. Jeter, came to see me. Also, Miss Edna Saufley. Cousin Maude sent me �flowers.�
Mon., Oct. 31.
Cloudy. Wrote to �L.M.C.� today. Also wrote a note to Miss Emma. Got one from her today, too. I went to Store today at 2 o�clock. We got our new horns today. I went to Band practice tonight, and didn�t go to League. The horns are �daisy�s.�


Tue., Nov. 1.
Cloudy. I went to Band practice tonight, and, afterwards, went down to Church to help decorate for Maude Carpenter�s wedding, tomorrow night. Afterwards I wrote a 15-page letter to Emma.
Wed., Nov. 2.
Cloudy. Mr. Jeter at home sick. And we have been real busy! Hubert Wood, and self, were �ushers� tonight at Church for Maude�s wedding. Went to her house and had a big-time! Ate one-supper with Mamie Wood and Lucy Gilliam, and second-supper with Miss Laura Carpenter. Walked home with Maggie Kile.
Thurs., Nov. 3.,BR> Cloudy. The Band left here this a.m., for Carrollton�s �Grand-Democrat Rally.� I just had a big time!! Got home at 11:30 o�clock, p.m. Always remember the �Rucker� crowd of girls at the Florence Hotel!!
Fri., Nov. 4.,BR> Misty. Our second �cloak-sale� today and tomorrow. Have been busy all day. I was going to Hanna�s �pie and pound� party, but we got too busy. I went to Christian Endeavor tonight and walked home with Miss Emma. Had the grandest time tonight of all. Ahem! [written in red: S and B --�E� - T]
Sat., Nov. 5.
Cloudy. We have sold over $400-worth-of-goods today. Part being from �special sale� last Saturday. The Band didn�t play this eve, as we are all �broke-down,� and I have dreadfully-sore lips, too. Got a nice box from Miss Emma this a.m........lemon pies, bananas, and raisins.
Sun., Nov. 6.
Raining. Have not been inside of Church today. I put on my new overcoat (tan), and my blue double-breasted square-cut, this eve, for first time. I called to see Miss Emma tonight, and �she� looked awful cute in her new black dress. We didn�t go to Church.
Mon., Nov. 7.
Pretty. Went to League tonight, as was on-duty. We had a real good meeting, too. After League, I walked home with Miss Emma, but didn�t go in. Such a beautiful night.....cool, tho!
Tue., Nov. 8.
Beautiful. Hurrah for �Cleveland and Stevenson.� My first-vote today for President of the United States! I was the 121st voter. I wrote a short little note to Emma, tonight, and sent over, by George. She plays the �Wedding March� for Sterley Casebolt�s wedding tomorrow eve at 2:30, at DeWitt. I did not sit-up tonight. Retired at 10 o�clock.
Wed., Nov. 9.
Clear. Mailed sister, Daisy, and Juanita a �Miami News� this morning. The boss went hunting today. I wrote a 30-page letter to Elbert today. Went to Methodist Prayer Meeting. Miss Emma Wheeler played �Wedding March� today, for Sterley Casebolt.
Thurs., Nov. 10.
Pretty. Decorated Store today for the �Grand Democrat Rally� tomorrow night. Wrote a note to Emma tonight. Hurrah for Cleveland and Stevenson!!!
Fri., Nov. 11.
Pretty. Big Democrat Rally tonight!! Big crowds from Slater, Marshall and Sharon. Everything went off nice! Syd went over and got Ruth and Emma, and they came by Store and we went to schoolhouse, and then back home.
Sat., Nov. 12.
Cloudy. Today has been somewhat dull. Mr. Jeter went home tonight at supper....sick. So, as I had all to do, I was late getting through. �Grand Rallies� at DeWitt and Marshall tonight!!
Sun., Nov. 13.
Hazy. Went to Sunday School. Syd and I took a walk this a.m., and met Misses Ruth and Emma, so we went to Church with them. I walked home this eve with Miss Emma, as I was out walking with Syd, from �persimmon-hunting.� I took Miss Emma to the Baptist Church tonight, and wrote to Miss Lilly today.
Mon., Nov. 14.
Clear. I wrote a note to Belle Burns today. Got answer, and sent to Emma this eve, by Jim Wheeler, to prove something..... Went to League tonight, and, after League, I walked home with Miss Emma. I wrote a letter to Cook tonight, in answer to his, of the 4th. The Christian Church commenced a Meeting last night.
Tue., Nov. 15.
Clear. Mary and Rettie took dinner at Mr. Ross� today. Mr. Jeter went to Marshall today, and took my watch and had a spring put in lid. I wrote to Juanita tonight...16-pages. Syd brought me a note from Emma tonight. Today has been very dusty, but we were busy all day!!!
Wed., Nov. 16.
Cloudy. Lem�s birthday - 27 yrs. old. We all took dinner with him. I wrote to sister (Lina), and also to Frank Taylor, tonight. Went to Methodist Prayer Meeting and made my first prayer in public. Wrote 10-pages to Pickett tonight. It is just pouring down raining.
Thurs., Nov. 17.
Raining and snowing. First snow this morning. I went through curtain dept., also saxony, zephyrs, and yarns, today. Went to Band practice tonight. Wrote to Miss Emma tonight and also 12-pages to Miss Katie Brown.
Fri., Nov. 18.
Beautiful. Made rack for window today, out of old umbrella rack and curtain pole. The boss went hunting. I got a nice, long, letter from Elbert this morning. Went down to Christian Church �big meeting� and walked home with Miss Emma (Syd Taylor, too.)
Sat., Nov. 19.
Beautiful. We have been very busy this eve. Today has been a beautiful day.
Sun., Nov. 20.
Clear. Went to Sunday School. Went to Missionary Meeting. Sent Miss Emma and Ruth a box of persimmons this eve. Walked down to Christian Church, where they were practicing, and walked home with Miss Emma.....and stayed an hour ( 4 to 5). I called to see Jim Burns this eve, and spent half-an-hour. I had the pleasure of taking Miss Mabel Carpenter to the Baptist Church tonight. Bro. Bell preached the �Anniversary of the Church....43 yrs.�
Mon., Nov. 21.
Cloudy. The boss went hunting. We have been real busy most of the day. I went down to Epworth League tonight, and, after it was over, walked home with Miss Emma.....went in, too, and stayed until a little after 10 o�clock.
Tue., Nov. 22.
Beautiful. Mr. Jeter and I went through the clothing dept. today. I received a nice letter from Miss Lilly this a.m. �Slater Rally� tonight. The Band, and lots of others, went down. We had a good time, too! Got back at 12:30.
Wed., Nov. 23.
Clear. Commenced working on some price cards today. Went through shoe dept. Rettie and Edna went to Marshall today. I went to Methodist Prayer Meeting tonight. (Prayed) Wrote to Miss Mamie Winship, Kansas City, and Mrs. Eastwood, Oak Grove, Mo., tonight.
Thurs., Nov. 24.
Rainy... �Thanksgiving Day�... I made 854 price cards today. Papa and I took dinner with Lem and Mary today. And I dried the dishes for her. Rettie and Edna came home. We closed from 10:30 to 2:30. Syd and I went over to Dr. Wheeler�s tonight.....�slick-as-glass, too!�
Fri., Nov. 25.
Clear to cloudy. The boss went hunting. It rained a little this a.m. I received a letter from Cook and also Fred Sibley today. Received a letter from Miss Katie, too....a nice one! Made drawer for my price tickets. I made 1,164 tickets. Went down to Christian Church preaching tonight.
Sat., Nov. 26.
Pretty. Today has been somewhat dull.
Sun., Nov. 27.
Cloudy. Went to Sunday School. Wrote an 8-page letter, each, to Miss Lilly Conway, and Miss Katie Brown. Today has turned into a dark, cool, gloomy day. I called to see Miss Laura Carpenter this eve at 4 to 6:30. Had such a pleasant time. Miss Mabel brought in berries and cake. O!.. How kind!! She is that �kind� tho! Called to see Miss Emma and we went to Christian Church. Miss Ruth had company, so I didn�t stay. Syd left, too....but before I did! Ahem!
Mon., Nov. 28.
Pretty. Geo. and Ed Siebert, and Al Parker, got back from the Show today, for this winter. I went to League tonight and was on-duty. I read 6-pages in �history of the English Bible.� Walked home with Miss Emma tonight, from the League.
Tue., Nov. 29.
Pretty. Boss left this morning for St. Louis. Fixed me a few more �fancy price-tickets� today. Went down to Christian Church tonight for preaching. The Meeting closed. Wrote 12-pages to Elbert tonight.
Wed., Nov. 30.
Beautiful. Today has been just a lovely day.....somewhat like a May day! So pretty and warm! I received letters from Fred Sibley, Hallie Hudson, and Juanita Coltrane, today. Answered all but the last. Didn�t go to Prayer Meeting tonight, but worked on my books.


Thurs., Dec. 1.
Cloudy. The boss got back this a.m., from St. Louis. We have been quite busy most all day. Was out collecting this eve.....had pretty good luck. Walked over home with Miss Emma this eve. Went to Baptist Prayer Meeting tonight.
Fri., Dec. 2.
The boss went hunting. I cleaned off the center-counter. Took down hdkf. racks and suspender-rack. Washed windows and changed things generally. Went to Band practice and, after Endeavor, walked home with Miss Emma.......didn�t go in, as Syd did!! Lovely night!!
Sat., Dec. 3.
Beautiful. �Election Day for Postmaster.� Hurrah for Fristoe.....100 votes. 45-votes for Prunty. The Band serenaded him tonight. He passed cigars. The Band also gave a long concert on the Street this eve. We have been busy all day long.
Sun., Dec. 4.
Cloudy. Went to Sunday School, then talked to Peyton Jeter until 11:30. Got mail and went to dinner. Talked to Newt awhile. Went to Fairville this eve, and had the pleasure of seeing Miss Katie from 2:30 to 5 p.m. Got back home at 6:10 p.m. I took Miss Laura Carpenter to Church tonight. Miss Emma was up there to spend the night.
Mon., Dec. 5.
Cloudy. Today has been somewhat dull. I took invoice of spool-cotton today. Our League met tonight at 6:30 o�clock. Then, after League, Bro. Walker, of China Baptist, lectured for 2-hours! Walked home with Emma from Lecture.
Tue., Dec. 6.
Hazy. Mrs. Walker lectured at the Baptist Church this a.m. I put up two-curtains at Mrs. David Vaughan�s this eve. Got to walk over, as far as Mrs. Vaughan�s, with Miss Emma, too! Just pouring down rain, too. Made a �holiday sign� at Mrs. Shelton�s this eve. Went down to the Methodist Meeting tonight.
Wed., Dec. 7.
Rain all day. We invoiced one-book this morning. Got in a big lot of goods.....also toys and holiday goods. I fixed up some rugs tonight in Store. It has been raining and sleeting all day long. Went to Band practice. Wrote to Miss Katie Brown tonight. (13-pages)
Thurs., Dec. 8.
Cloudy. Have been working all day on holiday goods. I put out what had come in. Worked awhile tonight.....didn�t go to Church tonight. I didn�t mail Miss Katie�s letter today, will tomorrow. Got a nice, long, letter from �Pete� today.
Fri., Dec. 9.
Cloudy. The boss went hunting. We have been real busy all day. I put up a �valise and satchel pole� in Store. I went down to Mary�s and took a pair of slippers for Lem. Mack Lewis invited me to his wedding of the 14th, at home. I went to Band practice. Went home with Miss Emma from Endeavor tonight.
Sat., Dec. 10.
Bright. Today has been somewhat of a dull day! It has been cold, too, let me tell you! I wrote a letter to Miss Lilly tonight. The Band didn�t get to play this eve, as Leftwich was at �Casebolt�s and Sparks� trial,� that came up today.
Sun., Dec. 11.
Pretty. Charlie (Miller) and I went down to Uncle John�s today, from 9:30 to 5:10. I met Miss McMurry there. We spent a very pleasant day. First time I have been there for seven-years, and 10-years to the old home place. I took Miss Emma to Church tonight.
Mon., Dec. 12.
Cloudy. Cleaned-up and dusted things upstairs. Brought up some wood. Fixed showcase today with silk hdkfs. and mufflers. I went to League tonight. Didn�t stay for preaching, but came down to Band practice. I was elected as �Librarian� for the Band.
Tue., Dec. 13.
Snowing and raining all day. I made an �arch� today for the Band library. Worked up there tonight for two-hours-and-half, fixing curtain, papering library, and putting it up with labels on boxes. It is a little �daisy,�.. now.....you know it!!!
Wed., Dec. 14.
Hazy. Miss Edith Willis and Mr. Storm, of Kansas City, were married tonight. "Pete" Dunlap was one of the ushers. Also Mack Lewis and Angie Taylor were married tonight. I attended the wedding and had a real pleasant time. Went over to supper with Miss Laura Carpenter. Also walked home with her. They received a nice lot of nice presents.
Thurs., Dec. 15.
Bright. Made a window display of celluloid photo-frames for holiday-goods, today. Went down to the Methodist Meeting tonight, and, afterwards, walked home with Miss Emma.
Fri., Dec. 16.
Snowing fast. I went down to Mertens� Drug Store this morning and saw a doctor from St. Louis, and had my eyes examined. Ordered me a pair of glasses, too! It has been snowing most all day. I put out the balance of Xmas goods this eve. Went down to Christian Endeavor tonight and went home with Miss Emma.
Sat., Dec. 17.
Bright. We have been quite busy all day long. Had Harrison Wheeler to help us this eve. It has been a real pretty, bright, day, too. I have a dreadful-bad cold. Will retire early. Ta!.. Ta!
Sun., Dec. 18.
Bright. I went to Sunday School and Missionary Meeting. I called to see Miss Emma at 3:45 p.m., and stayed until 6 o�clock. Had a very pleasant time, indeed! I had the pleasure of taking Miss Laura Carpenter to Church tonight. Woods was with Miss Mabel Carpenter.... O!.. Me!
Mon., Dec. 19.
Bright. I put up four-curtains this eve for Mrs. Tom Smith. We have been quite busy all day long. I went to League tonight, and, afterwards, went to Band practice, as we had a business meeting on hand.
Tue., Dec. 20.
Pretty. I put up five more curtains for Mrs. Smith this a.m. Today has been somewhat busy. I went to the Teacher�s Meeting tonight, at Bro. Ginn�s, to meet the Christmas committee. I fixed three-cards tonight for my Christmas presents.....with ribbon and printing.
Wed., Dec. 21.
Pretty. We got in 35-turkeys today. Have been real busy all day, today. I went to Band practice tonight. The Band �fired� Jim Wheeler tonight.....!
Thurs., Dec. 22.
Bright. Mr. Jeter and Boss had a big fuss this morning! The boss came very near turning Mr. J, off. Giles Hawkins came home today, with a wife!! Ha!.. Ha!.. Ha!.. Ha! I wrote Miss Emma a note this eve. Got a cute letter from Miss Katie B., today. Wrote to her tonight. Fixed cards tonight, for school-girls.
Fri., Dec. 23.
Cloudy. Got up at 6 o�clock this a.m., and swept out, feeling somewhat like I was going to have cramp-colic. Came to breakfast and it got worse, so I didn�t go back to Store at all. Had Dr. Grady to call at 9 o�clock tonight. Harrison Wheeler was up to see me this eve.
Sat., Dec. 24.
Cloudy. At home, sick. Harrison Wheeler and Mr. Tom Smith at Store, in my place. Sam Grady was up to see me tonight, and Hubert Wood was up this morning.
Sun., Dec. 25.
Snowing. Lem gave me a nice book, and Rettie, a slipper-case. I got a nice blotter from Miss Lilly, and a celluloid blotter from Miss Emma. Mr. Taylor, Mr. Jeter, Harrison, Clem, and Morrison Hughes, were up to see me this morning. It was snowing and sleeting all morning. Wind blowing and turning cold.
Mon., Dec. 26.
Pretty....but 10-degrees below zero....coldest yet!!!! I returned thanks to Miss Emma this morning for the blotter received yesterday. Received a real nice note from Miss Laura C., this a.m., in return for box of candy sent on Christmas morning. The Epworth League gave a �Social� tonight at Bro. Ginn�s, but, being sick, I couldn�t attend. I went to Store this morning and have been working most all day. I wrote a nice, long, 12-page letter to Miss Katie B., tonight.
Tue., Dec. 27.
Cloudy. Party out at Mr. Josh Reynold�s tonight, but couldn�t attend. The A. F. and A. M., No. 85 Lodge, had their �Oyster Supper� tonight at Hotel. Miss Katie Brown got in this eve. Got a real nice little note from her. Miss Maggie Kite was in Store tonight. I was going down to the Lodge Oyster Supper, but couldn�t, so she and I went to Beck�s for oysters. Then we went up to Mrs. Carpenter�s to sit awhile.
Wed., Dec. 28.
Cloudy. There was a party out at Sibley�s, but I didn�t get to go, on account of being �unwell.� I went up to Jeter�s tonight for awhile....to a gathering. I went with Miss Emma. The boss and Erskine went-a-hunting this a.m. I returned the dishes to Miss Ella Parrish, and the waiter to Miss Mamie Wood, this a.m. Today has been a �mercury day.�
Thurs., Dec. 29.
Cloudy. Elbert came from Kansas City this a.m. I worked up an �oyster supper� for tonight, for our �young-people.� Those present were as follows: Mabel and Laura Carpenter, Maude Wheeler, Landora Dick, Pet Jeter, Ruth and Emma Wheeler, Gussie Edmonds, and Katie Brown....and boys, Elbert, Hubert, Clem Watson, Morrison Hughes, Syd Taylor, Harrison Wheeler, and Wib Myers. (Names come as they went together).
Fri., Dec. 30.
Cloudy. The boss went hunting again today. I got to wave at Miss Katie this eve, at Hall. Ha!.. Ha!.. Ha! She is �awful cute.� I had the pleasure of taking Miss Katie to the �entertainment� tonight. We had a big time, and went to Beck�s afterwards and had oysters....�cold oysters� too!.. Ah! .. Me!
Sat., Dec. 31.
Cloudy. Mr. Jeter at home, sick. Not very busy, tho. The Band played this eve, at 2:30. Misses Gussie Edmonds, Katie Brown, and Mabel Carpenter, spent tonight at Mertens. The rest of our crowd was at Dr. Wheeler�s tonight. Miss Emma and myself, along with Miss Maggie Kite and Clem Watson, went over and serenaded the Mertens tonight, then went back to Dr. Wheeler�s. I walked home with Miss Laura and Mabel Carpenter. As we went by for Miss Mabel....the �bell� rang tonight!! Elbert and Hubert were at Miller�s tonight.

END 1892


Addenda: Addresses and Memoranda

Mrs. H. T. Hudson (sister, Lina)
Boonville, MO

Mr. Walter M. Cook
(Fred) Ind. Territory

Mr. Newton McK. Myers (brother, Newt)
Marshall, MO

Miss Mollie Whitmore (cousin)
Parnassus, VA

Mr. Levi Myers (uncle)
Laurel Hill, Augusta County, VA

Mr. L. E. Myers (brother, Lyt)
1732 Santee St.
Los Angeles, Cal.

John E. Whitmore (uncle)
Staunton, Augusta Co., VA

Elbert Dunlap
2009 Olive St.
St. Louis, MO
Mo. Pacific Hospital
R. R. Co.
Kansas City, MO

Fred L. Scofield
308 Pearl St.
Los Angeles, Cal.

Geo. H. Duggins
543 West 10th Street
Pueblo, Colorado

Mr. Philip Royar
(with Stoel and Thayer Co.)
139 So. Spring St.
Los Angeles, Cal.

Pickett Holton
Boise City, Idaho

Miss Lillie May Conway
Marshall, MO

Miss Katie Brown
Sedalia, MO
"Democrat News"

Walter Cook, Esq.
Gladstone, Bolivia Co., Miss.

Miss Juanita Coltrane
G. F. College
Greensboro, N. C.
Concord, N. C.

Miss Daisy Duggins
Pueblo, Colorado


Pictures Given....1891-92

Daisy Duggins
Robert S. Myers (brother)
Hallie M. Hudson (niece)
Lillie May Conway
Flora A. Mertens
Juanita Coltrane
Belle Burns
Mamie and Lizzie Wood
Walter Cook
Hubert Wood
Elbert Dunlap
S. B. Jeter
Peyton Jeter
Rettie V. Myers (sister)
Mrs. Vanice


Books read while at home sick.....March, 1892
Miss Samantha Allen - �Among the Brethren�
�The Council of Ten�
�The Life of George Washington� (part of)
�Rip Van Winkle�s Travels in Asia and Africa�
�The Evil That Men Do�
�The Duke�s Secret�
�To Cuba and Back�
�Our Country� by Josiah Strong
�Charlotte Temple�


These songs were sung at Mama�s burying....also Bob�s
Gospel Hymn No. 1, 2, and 3
�I�ll Sing You A Song Of That Beautiful Land�
�Shall We Meet Beyond The River�


�How could I tell I should love thee today
Whom that day - I held not dear.
How could I know I would love thee away
When I did not love thee a-near.�


Note in Diary:

Henry Boyer, Miami merchant, 18-- to 1882.
- Newton McK. Myers worked with him
- L. E. Myers was also with him
-Then W. S. Myers went in same Store...1887, with G. T. Taylor...
(So all three of us boys started in the Dry Goods Business in this same bldg., that Henry Boyer owned for years)