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Miami, Saline, MO


Fri., Jan. 1, 1904
A regular winter day.....a blizzard all day....wind, rain, sleet! Dave Reynolds and his wife dined with us today. I made "Ring" (Robert's dog) a box. Kate was 18 years old today. We gave her a broach and hair ribbons. Kate was out to John Haynie's tonight.
Sat., Jan. 2.
Today has been a real pretty day, but awful cold...2.70" of snow fell last night. Very few in town today. I finished mounting Rettie's pictures this eve, and also fixed one of Robert. Emma, Robert and I were down to Dr. Wheeler's tonight.
Sun., Jan. 3.
I was up at 7:15 o'clock. Cold! It was 9-degrees below zero. Emma attended Sunday School , while Robert and I were home all day. I helped Emma with her work this a.m.. Mary Haynie was here this morning. She and Cyrena were here this afternoon ....and Angie, too. The River blocked for the second time last night.
Mon., Jan. 4.
Today was pretty and trade was nice. I cleaned up around the Store and was at desk all day. Got home early. Emma and Robert were at the Drs. this eve, so when I came over they made us all stay for supper. We had good oyster soup. Then we played Flinch until 9:30 p.m. Robert got a cute toy from George and Blanche Wheeler today.
The Grant House, Excelsior Springs, MO Tue., Jan. 5.
Today was very pretty and pleasant. Trade only fair. I cleaned off files at the Store today. Cyrena went up to Excelsior Springs this eve. Emma made Cyrena a little white shetland floss cap. I will mail it to her tomorrow. We played Flinch tonight (Emma and I).
At right is a photo card of The Grant, in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, A. M. Grant, Proprietor. There is no date on the card, but I found it in the 1904 Diary. This was the home where Emma and W. S. Myers stayed in the 1902 diary.
Wed., Jan. 6.
Another pretty day....warmer! Trade was very nice. I made off a list this eve for our mailing list for Spring. I took Robert uptown on his sled this eve. Emma came up and stayed, then came home with me at 6 p.m.
Thurs., Jan. 7.
Mrs. F. M. Burruss entertained the "Fancy Work Club" this eve, from 2:30 to 5 p.m. Emma and Robert were at Miss Lou's tonight, so when I got home I went on down also and we took supper, then sat and talked until 9 p.m. Dr. Wheeler went up to Excelsior Springs this eve.
Fri., Jan. 8.
Today has been a real pretty day, but trade was only fair. I have worked on the books all day, for Lem. Lem was out to the coal bank all day. Jobe Hanna is working on the remnants. We all attended the school play tonight.....Kate was in the play.
Sat., Jan. 9.
Today was partly pretty, but this eve it turned real ugly. Very few in town today. Trade was awful quiet. Emma and I decided today to take our trip to New Orleans, leaving on the 20th (nothing preventing). Jess and I went over to Miss Lou's tonight at 8:30 p.m. Jess, Leila and little Pauline spent the night. Remember Kate's good chocolate cake!
Sun., Jan. 10.
Gloomy....rain....snow. Emma and I attended Sunday School and Robert stayed at Miss Lou's. I went over from Sunday School and talked awhile to Papa, Lewis, Lem and Mary. Emma and I spent the afternoon at home. Gloomy and snowing.
Mon., Jan. 11.
(no entry)
Tue., Jan. 12.
(no entry)
Wed., Jan. 13.
Syd Wheeler, who has been down to the Indian Territory for the last 6-months, got home today at noon. It was a lovely day.....warm! Trade was awful quiet. Lem was out to the coal bank all eve. Lem brought a 400-lb. lump of coal in today for a sign at the Store.
Little Robert's new dress, 1904 Thurs., Jan. 14.
Today has been real pretty, but trade was awful quiet. Lem and I made up a memorandum of shoes, for me to buy next week in St. Louis as I pass through enroute to New Orleans. I also got up a list of notions this eve. We took supper at Miss Lou's tonight and played Flinch until 10 o'clock. Miss Lou is making Robert a little red snowflake suit.....blouse, belt, and collar. Charles Hisle is putting up 8-inch ice from the River.
I believe this is the "red snowflake dress", made by Louisa Huyett Wheeler ("Miss Lou"), for Robert W. Myers, January 1904
Fri., Jan. 15.
Rettie, Margaret, and little George Jackson were here and spent the day with us. Cyrena came home today from Excelsior Springs all broken out with something. Mary Haynie and Richard were here awhile tonight and played Flinch. Today was real pretty all day, but we had a trace of snow last night. George Haynie loaned me his grip and overcoat, for our trip.
Sat., Jan. 16.
Today was real pretty all day. It was warm and pleasant. But the roads are very rough and muddy in places. Very few in town. Trade was somewhat quiet. Lem was out to the coal bank all morning. I posted all the tickets to date on the ticket-book tonight. I got home at 8 p.m. I played Flinch with Emma and Mary Haynie until 10 p.m.
Sun., Jan. 17.
I was up at 7 a.m. It was a lovely day, all day. We all attended Sunday School, also Church this a.m. We heard Bro. W. B. Cobb for the first time this year. Mary, Lem and Lewis were here for awhile this eve, also Kate. Emma attended Young Peoples Social Christian Endeavor tonight, but not Church. Emma and I carried her trunk home from Miss Lou's last night (empty).
Mon., Jan. 18.
Trade very quiet today. Miss Annie Cravens was buried here this eve (she died in Kansas City). Papa took dinner with us. I called on Mrs. Scott and Henry Bure this eve. Emma and I packed our trunk and grip tonight, for our trip to New Orleans. We start in the morning, if nothing prevents. I paid Mrs. Greenabaum my Feb. rent tonight.
Tue., Jan. 19.
We were up early and off for our big trip. We left for St. Louis......Emma, Robert and I. Remember our time on the ice, crossing the Missouri River! We got there, though, all okay! We got in St. Louis at 6 p.m., and went to the Wellington Hotel.

[I decided to include the "vacation diary" in the text of this 1904 Diary, even though it was a separate book.....MLD]

NOTES OF EVENTS ON OUR TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS, LA........from Jan. 19 - Mar. 7, 1904

Tue., Jan. 19.
Emma, Robert and myself left Miami this morning at 9 o'clock. We crossed the Mo River and remember the 1 -1/2 inches of water all over the ice. Robert's feet got good and wet. I bought a pair of hose from A. S. Taylor, Jr., at Miami Station, for him. We left on time and got into Moberly on time....11:45 a.m. We left Miami Station at 10:15 a.m. We enjoyed our lunch very much at Moberly. We left Moberly at 2:10 p.m. for St. Louis, on the fast mail train, and got into St. Louis at 6 p.m. We took the 18th Street Car-line for the Wellington Hotel (between 7&8 and Pine). We got a nice front room on the second-floor (#201) at $2.00 night. We cleaned up and walked down to the Moser Hotel and we got a nice supper. Then we took in the city until 9 p.m. before we turned into our room for the night. Geo. Burruss was up to see us at our room tonight, for awhile.
Wed., Jan. 20......St. Louis, Mo.
Up at 7:20 a.m. Breakfast at Moser Hotel. Then to Brown Shoe Co. and then to R. J. & R. Shoe Co's. We had lunch at Meridia, back of Ely and Walker. Had Robert's hair cut, then back to R. J. & R. Shoe house and finished our shoe bill. The up to Ornstein Rice W. W. Co., and bought a little line of ties and ladies stock. Emma got her a real pretty one. Then we walked down to Walker Square and got a horn for Robert. We also bought some new fresh home-made candy and a doz. bananas and then returned to our room. It was drizzling rain. We had lunch in our room tonight. Geo. Burruss was up again tonight, but only stayed a few minutes.
Thurs., Jan. 21.......St. Louis, Mo.
Up and had breakfast by 8:30 a.m. It was drizzling rain and dark all day. We spent the morning at H. McK. Dry Goods Co. We got lunch at the same place as we did yesterday. We spent several hours at Rice Stix Dry Goods Co. this eve. We spent the balance of the eve at H. McK. Dry Goods Co. on white goods. Mr. Stix gave Robert his first knife this eve. Geo. Burruss was up awhile this eve, late. We got lunch at the Moser tonight. It was raining hard, so we returned to our room for the night.
Fri., Jan. 22.......St. Louis, Mo.
There was a big snow last night.....about 3". We were up at 6:45 a.m. Got breakfast and went to Rice Stix and bought hamburgs and laces....and a few other things. Then over to Hargadine McKittrick's Dry Goods Co. and finished up. Then up to Mark and Hass and bought a few pants. Mr. Lobe gave Robert a nice pair of 4-year-old pants. Then we went on down to S. A. Rider Jewelry Co. and then on to lunch at the Meridia again. Emma and Robert then went on up to the Hotel, while I finished up a few other buys. The weather was gloomy.....cold and snowy. Then I went around to the Rawlings Sporting Goods Co. for Lem. Then on to J. Kennard's Carpet Co. Then back up to the Merchants Exchange Building. then down to L & N Ticket Office and bought my ticket for Emma....from St. Louis to New Orleans for $28 round trip....good until May 31st (1904). I already had mine that I got from R. S. Edmonds. Then I got a shave and went up to the room after Emma. We then spent an hour at Barr's and the 10-cent Store. Then we went back to the room and then to Union Depot to take the train for Nashvile, Tenn. at 8:45 p.m. We took in the Union Depot before leaving. It was cold and snowing outside. We met Bob Dunlap at the Union Depot tonight.
Sat., Jan. 23......Nashville, Tenn.
We traveled all night. Spent a pleasant night on the train. We got to Nashville at 9 a.m......45-minutes late. Willie Eastern met us at the Station. We came on out to Mrs. DeTemple's and there we had breakfast at 9:45 a.m. Willie Eastern took me over the main part of the city and down on the River, then back home. We had dinner at 3 p.m. Then Willie and I went up to Watkins Library and saw the mummy.....3300 years old. Then we went out the State Capitol where we met Emma and Mrs. Temple. Then we went on out to the Centennial Park. Then home to lunch at 7 p.m. Then Mr. and Mrs. Remy came in who also live in the house with Mrs. Temple. Scenes we saw at Nashville's Custom House: 1) gun, at the high school, captured from the Spanish by Dewey at Manilla Bay, May 1 1898.......2)the largest wholesale and retail store...dry goods....the Manix......3)the Arcade...a fine walkway clear through......4)Watkin's Library with the Egyptian Mummy, over 3300 years old (found near Cairo by Cal. J. Geo. Harris, U. S. Navy, 1860).....5) the State Capitol........6)Centennial Park down on the levee........7) the view from the Bridge over to East Tennessee.......7)Cumberland Church......8)Christian Church.......9)Baptist Church.........10) State Prison. Tonight we played "Stock Exchange" and "Flinch." Mrs. Temple certainly sets a fine table....good, too! We retired at 11 p.m.
Sun., Jan. 24.......Nashville, Tenn.
Up and had breakfast at 8:45 a.m. I took a nice walk up in part of the city after breakfast. It was a lovely day all day, but somewhat cool. Miss Lil took us to the Cumberland Church for preaching and then we walked around to the Church of Christ, one of the finest in Nashville. Then we went to the Christian Church which was also a very pretty Church. We also saw the Baptist church. We had dinner at 2:30 p.m. I wrote a letter to Lem today. This eve....Willie Easten, Miss Lil, Emma, Robert, and I visited the State Prison, seven-miles out of the city......very large, fine structure, and we got to go through a part of it. We got home at 6:30. Did not attend Church tonight. We talked until 11:30 p.m. and then we retired. Sleepy!
Mon., Jan. 25......on R. R. from Nashville to Montgomery, Ala.
We left Nashville, Tenn., forty-five minutes late. It was a lovely day. We left at 9:20 a.m. and traveled all day. There were certainly a tremendous lot of rocks between Nashville and Montgomery. We saw small mountain after small mountain of nothing but rocks. We saw yard after yard of nothing but rocks and some very large ones at that. Between Nashville and Montgomery were piles of rock, for fences. The houses we saw were all mostly Negro cabins. There were thousands and thousands of them between Nashville and Montgomery. The train was 55-minutes late getting in. We then went up to the New Mabson Hotel when we got in, but it was full, so they sent us over to the Glenmore Hotel, where we stayed the night. But it had very poor accommodations so we gave it up this a.m., giving them $2 for the night. Then we went up to the New Windsor Hotel, opposite Union Depot, where we now are. It is on the "European Plan." It has a nice restaurant. I wrote a letter to Papa this a.m., after breakfast.
Tue., Jan. 26.......Montgomery, Alabama
I forgot to mention in yesterday's notes.....that on our way from Nashville to Montgomery we saw fields and fields of cotton, which had all been gathered. At Buford, Ala., we saw one place where 25-bales of cotton were on the Depot platform, said to be worth some $2,500. Today we went to the Capitol Building and saw Jefferson Davis' bier, 1889; also Jeff. Davis' room, 1861....his hat, sword, arm chair, desk, rugs, table, candlesticks, etc. The view from the Capitol was grand....all over the city: St. Margaret's Hospital, the water tank with its winding stairway in view, the city cemetery, the Alabama River, and a lovely look at Montgomery. Spring will be in full view here about March 1st. I wrote my name on the wall by the stairway leading to the dome. We were taken through by Tom Taylor of Montgomery, Ala. He was a nice, pleasant gentleman. We went to the Senate Room and saw a photo of where Davis stood and delivered his "Inauguration" on Feb. 18, 1861.....the starting point of the War between the states. We saw an old time hand-cannon shot from hoses. We also saw the bibles of Jefferson Davis, which his oath was taken on. We saw an immense monument to Jefferson Davis. The sculpture work was fine....everything perfect. We read memories of Confederate Soldiers, of the war 1861-65. This was the place where the war was opened. I also placed my hand on the bullet holes on the Hobson Flag Pole. We had dinner today at Bastiani and Cassinius Cafe, 19 Dexter Ave. Next we went to the Carnegie Library. A very pleasant lady showed us through. When complete it would have near 75,000 books in it. The lady gave us a booklet on Montgomery so we then took in the principal parts of the city. We saw the residence of Jefferson Davis. It is a very old structure now. Also we stopped at a big cotton warehouse and got information on cotton: a bale weighs from 450 to 650 lbs. Then I got my laundry, a shave, and some fruit for supper. We then turned in for the night, again at the Windsor Hotel, opposite the Union Depot.
Wed., Jan. 27........on RR to Mobile, Ala.
Up and had breakfast at 8:45 a.m. Lovely, but cool. I wrote a letter to Rettie. Our train to Mobile ran 60-minutes late. It was 12:15 before we left. We got into Mobile at 5 p.m. and stopped at "The Battle House." It was $3 night, room #416 (4th floor). We ate lunch at Chas. Schemph's (sp?) Ladies Cafe, #102 Dauphin St. We then took a short stroll before pulling into our room at 6:30 p.m. Our train ride down from Montgomery was very pleasant, though it was cloudy most of the day. We saw our first ships as we pulled in this eve, on the docks.
Thurs., Jan. 28......Mobile, Ala.
It rained hard all night. We had a nice room at Battle House on the 4th floor. We were up this a.m. at 7 o'clock and went around and got breakfast. Then we spent from 9 to 1 o'clock looking for a boarding place. Couldn't find a thing......visited about 50 homes....all full! At last we got a room at the "Bienville Hotel", #407, on 4th floor. I wrote a long letter to Lem today. It was dark, gloomy and damp out today. We spent much of the day at our room, as Robert had such a bad cough. We took a stroll at 5 p.m. and got some cakes for Robert and also a bottle of cough medicine. Then we walked through the park in front of this Hotel. Then we came into the Hotel and ate supper here. Came to our talked until 9 p.m., and then retired.
Fri., Jan. 29........Mobile, Ala. to Pass Christian, Miss.
It was a lovely day. We spent the morning walking, taking in the city and also seeing the wharf. We saw the "Cuba Gun Boat." Also many other small ships and little boats. We decided, at 12:30, to go to "Pass Christian." So we packed and got ready in 30-minutes. I rushed around to have our mail address changed and to have Emma's laundry sent to us by mail. We left Mobile at 1:20 p.m., and had a nice short ride to Pass Christian. On the way we went over a trestle of 2-1/2 miles, over water. We got to Pass Christian at 4 o'clock. We looked 2-1/2 hours for a boarding place. All wanted $25, $26.50, and $28.00 per week. We could not find a room at all. So, for the night, we stopped at the "Mexican Gulf Hotel" at $4 night, or, for the three of us, $28 week (room 238). We had a fine supper and this is a lovely Hotel, I want to tell you. We had fine string music all the time and hundred of people. We enjoyed the parlor until 9 p.m., and then we retired.
Sat., Jan. 30......Pass Christian, Miss.
This was certainly a lovely morning, so warm and nice. We arose at 7 a.m. and had an elegant breakfast by 9 o'clock. I then went out on a search of a private boarding house....and, at last, found a nice pretty place: Miss Sarah Titus, on the other side of the Magnolia Hotel, at $21 week. It was the best we could do. So, I had my trunk sent up there and will be there for one week from today. We took dinner at the Mexican Gulf Hotel, which certainly has been a lovely place. As I am writing it is so warm out. I wrote a letter to Mary Myers and Emma wrote a letter to her father at Kingston, Indian Territory. We had a fine lunch at 1 o'clock and settled up with the Mexican Gulf for the day. We found that if we stayed the week at Mex. Gulf we had to pay $7 per with the price of Mrs. Titus being the same for the week with this $7.00 added.....we decided to stay the week out at the Mexican Gulf. We then gave Mrs. Titus one-dollar to let us off. Then I ordered things back and we will stay here for a week and then go to New Orleans. Emma and Robert just went out for a little stroll. It is lovely out. Later......we all took a little stroll on the beach. We got a much better room this eve than we had before.....2nd floor, #112, at the same rate. We got our trunk this eve. We had dinner at 6:30 P.M. and we enjoyed a fine string band of music. They had a big dance here tonight, but we retired at 9 p.m.
Sun., Jan. 31.....Pass Christian, Miss.
We had a hard rain last night, though the sun came out this morning. Lovely....pleasant. I got my first letter from home this a.m., from Lem, written on the 26th. Emma got her shirtwaist, that we left at Mobile for laundering, this a.m. Emma, Robert and I took a long walk this a.m., from 10:30 to 12.:30. It was lovely, warm and pleasant. We first took a stroll out on the Mexican Gulf Walk over the gulf, 1/2 mile.....way out in the gulf. We saw them break oyster shells, for our first time, and take the oysters out. Then we saw the "oyster rakes" they grab them from the water. We then went up the Gulf on a long stroll and saw some fine residences. Also...Robert saw some pretty white rabbits. Emma gathered violets on the way back. After lunch, at 3 p.m., we had a nice two-hour drive on the Shell Road.....a lovely ride and beautiful scenery. The driveways were grand! We had a nice new rubber-tire carriage and we cut quite a swell! Robert wore his new red blouse suit tonight for dinner, the first time he ever wore it. They are having fine string music as I write this. We retired at 9 p.m., feeling tired and sleepy.
Mon., Feb. 1.......Pass Christian, Miss.
Up at 7:30 and had breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Emma got her first letter from Miss Lou this a.m., telling us of the sad news of Maude Owens' death on Tues., Jan. 26th. Emma, Robert and I are now sitting down on the beach (Gulf of Mexico) this a.m. and Robert is digging in the sand. It is so pretty and warm out this a.m. Emma is writing a letter to Miss Lou this a.m., out here on a big log by the side of the Gulf. Robert is now happy digging in the sand. On our way back to the Hotel we bought a view of the Gulf.....25-cents. We also bought Robert a bucket for his sand. We had lunch at 1:30 p.m., then went to our room and rested for awhile. Then we went down on the beach again this eve, with dig more sand. Then we walked down to the Depot and back, then up to our room and played Flinch for awhile. Then we got ready for dinner at 6:30 p.m. We enjoyed the music tonight a long while after dinner. Robert mailed Angie a letter today with violets in it.
Tue., Feb. 2......Pass Christian, Miss.
Up at 7:45 a.m., and breakfast at 8:40. This is "groundhog day." It is lovely out this a.m.....warm and pleasant. We are now sitting down on the beach in front of the "oyster canning establishment." Robert is playing in the sand and Emma is writing a letter to Blanche. We had lunch at 1:15 p.m., then went into our rooms for awhile. Then Emma, Robert and I went down in front of the hotel pier, on the beach, and I walked over to the cannery for awhile.....then Emma and Robert joined me. We got to see how the oysters were handled from the bay clear to the box and ready for shipping. Then we returned to the hotel for dinner. As my back was hurting, I laid down awhile, then retired at 7:30 p.m. Emma and Robert retired later.
Wed., Feb. 3...........Pass Christian, Miss.
I got a letter from Lem with a money-order for $29 this morning. Emma, Robert and I spent the morning and part of the eve down on the beach enjoying the sun...and Robert, the sand. It was a lovely day....real warm. I laid down from 4 to 6 p.m. and rested my back. We played Flinch awhile tonight after supper and retired at 10 p.m.
Thurs., Feb. 4........Pass Christian, Miss.
It was a nice warm morning. We were down on the beach again this morning. Emma and I went to see Miss Titus again this a.m. We made things all okay to go there on tomorrow eve. I wrote a seven-page letter to Lem today. Down on the beach again this eve. A crowd of 20 from the Hotel sailed for "Cat Island" today. They will get back home sometime this eve. As my back was still bothering me, I just ate hot soup and drank a cup of hot tea, then retired at 7 p.m. Emma and Robert remained downstairs, though, until 9 o'clock enjoying the music.
Fri., Feb. 5.......Pass Christian, Miss.
We packed up our things in our room this morning so as to be ready to move up to Miss Sarah Titus' this evening. Then we took a walk up to the library for Emma to exchange books. It was lovely out and very warm. I got a nice letter from Mary Myers this morning. Sad!...sad!...Henry Bure has at last passed away. He was taken down about the same time I was. Also, Sherman Brown (col'd) was brought home dead (a neighbor of ours). I wrote a long letter to Newt this eve. As it was a little damp this eve and drizzling rain, we spent the eve at the Hotel until 4 p.m. Then we moved up to Miss Titus', where we spent the balance of our days here at Pass Christian. We had a nice supper and talked until 9 p.m. and then retired.
Sat., Feb. 6.
It rained again last night and we had heavy fog this a.m. We had a nice breakfast this a.m. The sun came out pretty and warm about 10 o'clock. I heard the "fog horns" out on the Gulf this a.m. Emma, Robert and I took a walk up above this place this a.m. And we found quite a lot of pretty oyster shells, by raking them out of the Gulf. Emma washed her hair this eve and stayed up home all eve. I was uptown for awhile. Then Emma and I played Flinch awhile this eve. It was gloomy most all day. Mr. and Mrs. Titus, Emma and I played Flinch awhile tonight. Robert acted up tonight at the supper table so Emma had to take him to our room and attend to him.
Sun., Feb. 7.......Pass Christian, at Mrs. Sarah Titus
Another heavy fog in the a.m. We got up at 8 a.m. and ate breakfast at 8:30, and then I had a shave. We had to put on lighter weight underwear (all of us). Our winter underwear is too heavy for us here. Mr. Titus and myself attended church this morning, at the Episcopal Church, a lovely little church. The large trees around the Church are certainly beautiful, as they have such an immense lot of pretty long moss clinging to their branches. We took a stroll out on the beach this eve, up to "Lynne Castle." I put Robert on a large see-saw board today and gave him a nice ride. Afterwards he busted his finger with a brick, so we had to come home to give it attention. Tonight it clouded up and got real cool. We had a severe lightning and thunder storm. Retired at 8:45 p.m.
Mon., Feb. 8.......Pass Christian
It was a lovely morning after such a hard rain and storm last night. Emma and I sat out on the porch all a.m. in the warm sun.....with our summer underwear on, and my coat and hat off! It was really very warm! Mr. Titus brought us a letter from Lem and one from Rettie. There were also two copies of the Miami News. Robert enjoyed a nice bath in the bathtub this morning. Emma and I played Flinch most all a.m. Also a few games after dinner. Then we went uptown shopping for fancy work, cakes, perfume, court plaster, and to mail a postal card. Then we came back home at 4 p.m. and had some callers here this eve, for board. We enjoyed the sunset on the beach and saw lights out on the lighthouse way across by Cat Island. Mr. and Mrs. Titus played Flinch with us tonight.
Tue., Feb. 9.....Pass Christian, at Mrs. Titus
It rained some last night and we had a heavy fog this morning. Cool. Emma wrote a postal to Dr. A. A. Wheeler this a.m., at Kingston, Ind. Territory, to inquire as to Mabel Carpenter. She also wrote a letter to Cyrena. I wrote to New Orleans this a.m., for a "Guide Book" and sent 30-cents for same, in stamps. I went downtown to mail these and took my laundry with me. I got a book at the library for Emma and paid for another week. Miss Titus had a brother and sister boarder to come in this a.m. Emma had read the book I got for her, so she had to take it back and get another one. I wrote a long six-page letter to Lem this afternoon. We were down on the beach for awhile this eve, then sat on the porch for a long while. We talked until 8:30 p.m. and then retired.
Wed., Feb. 10.....Pass Christian, at Mrs. Titus
Dark....gloomy....fog....hard rain. It was gloomy all day....damp and cold. Miss Drue, who has been with us here, left this a.m., for New Orleans. I took the book back to the library for Emma this a.m., as our week was out and she wanted to quit. Emma has begun to make herself a fancy collar and cuffs. I wrote a six-page letter to Rettie this eve. We had a little fire most all day, in the grate. It has been very pleasant, too. Emma and I played Flinch a long while this eve. After supper I played with Robert. Miss Titus' brother, from Chicago, came tonight.
Thurs., Feb. 11.....Pass Christian, at Mrs. Titus
It certainly is cold this morning......a big change from what we have been having here. We spent all morning in our room with a nice fire. I got my New Orleans Guide Book today, also a letter from Papa and Newt. After dinner Emma, Robert and I took a walk up to the post office and got a money order cashed, for $29. I bought some new kind of homemade candy, but it was not very good. The sun was out in spells today, but most all day was cold, gloomy and damp. After eating supper I came into our room and played "Store" with Robert, and then took a bath and retired at 8 p.m.
Fri., Feb. 12.....Pass Christian, at Mrs. Titus
Up at 7:30 o'clock. It was a beautiful morning, but cool. I paid Mrs. Titus for one-weeks board today.....$21. We have been here two weeks today, at Pass week at the Gulf Hotel, and one week at Mrs. Titus'. And we are going to spend one more week here yet, as we like it so well. We walked out to the end of the Magnolia Hotel pier this a.m., the longest pier here.....1,350 feet out into the gulf. Then we sat down on the beach and let Robert make sand cakes and play until noon. After dinner we took a stroll around to the Episcopal graveyard, then on around down to the Depot and saw the 4:05 eve train come in. Then on home around through town, buying Robert some pecans as we came along. We got a nice letter from Cyrena, mailed to us to New Orleans, but sent back to us here, written on the night of Feb. 4th. We played Flinch tonight while with Miss Titus, Miss McClain, and Mr. Titus. Retired at 9:30 p.m.
Sat., Feb. 13.......Pass Christian, at Mrs. Titus
It was a lovely morning. Mrs. Titus' brother left this morning early, for New Orleans. After eating our breakfast we took a walk up in town and beyond town. We tried everywhere to rent a bicycle to ride for a short while this lovely morning, but failed. Remember the shock Mrs. McClain got today, after dinner, by the armoire wardrobe coming over on her. The armoire broke all in pieces, as did the clothes rack inside, but she was all okay. We spent most of the eve at home, on the porch, enjoying the warm sunshine. Then we were down on the beach until 4 p.m. Then came home and took a nap until 6 o'clock. We talked quite a while until bedtime, after supper. Remember Mrs. McC. funny!!
Sun., Feb. 14......Pass Christian at Mrs. Titus
Today has been a real pretty day. The sun was out....pretty and warm most all day. We took a walk over to the cannery this morning and saw a man pull out quite a lot of nice fish. It was lovely out, but very, very warm. We enjoyed the morning on the porch....quite a while before dinner. After having enjoyed a fine dinner we all took a walk out on the Magnolia Hotel pier this eve and enjoyed its scenery and the warm sun until 4 o'clock. Then we came in and, as the sun had passed under a cloud, it turned cool. I got very cold and my back ached, so I retired with a hot water bottle, until 6 o'clock. Then I got up and ate supper. Mrs. Titus got eight more people for supper tonight.....for tonight only as they leave in the a.m. for New Orleans. It was quite a jolly crowd. We retired at 8:30 p.m.
Mon., Feb. 15.....Pass Christian, at Mrs. Titus
I had a shave this morning, but still felt quite bad. I walked up to see Dr. Washington and gave him a dollar to find out the trouble. I got some medicine and also some fishing tackle for Robert....then my laundry and then home for dinner. I spent about two hours hunting for some minnows for Robert to catch fish with. We then walked out to the end of the Magnolia pier and tried it for awhile, but the wind was too luck! The we came in for the eve and to supper. I received a nice letter from Lem, with a postal money order for $40. Also Emma got a nice letter from Katherine, and a copy of the Miami News. Miss Titus had a Miss Pine, from Chicago, come in this eve to join our crowd.....(another old maid).
Tue., Feb. 16......Pass Christian, at Mrs. Titus
This was to be the morning we had intended to go to New Orleans, to see the Mardi Gras, but I was not at all well, so we decided to remain here. This morning was foggy, damp and somewhat cloudy and cool, so we decided not to travel. It has been cool and windy all day. I stayed in this morning as my back was so sore. We took a stroll out on the Magnolia pier this eve and saw a big sail-boat and all kinds of pretty shells. Then we had a "Mardi Gras serenade" at noon. Also quite a long parade at 2:30 p.m., for Mardi Gras, made up of some 60 to 75 people.....very good indeed. After eating supper tonight I came into the room and roasted my back good, then I retired at 8:15 o'clock.
Wed., Feb. 17......Pass Christian, at Mrs. Titus
I had a shave this a.m. Mr. and Mrs. McClain left us this a.m. I had our photo struck of this place this a.m., just before noon. Also one down on the beach at 12:30. I mailed Lem a "New Orleans newspaper" this eve, with a letter. Emma got a letter from her Papa this eve, held at the Mexican Gulf Hotel since Feb. 7th. It was written from Kingston, I. T., on the 5th. We went out on the pier this eve and tried fishing again for Robert, but the wind was too high again. Miss Pine, Emma and I played Flinch awhile this eve. Mrs. Titus had a lady and gentleman, a nurse, and three children to come in this eve. Emma wrote to her Papa this eve.
Thurs., Feb. 18.....Pass Christian, at Mrs. Titus
We decided to remain here until Monday, Feb. 22nd. I wrote two Mrs. Stockmeyer and to Mrs. Byrne, at New Orleans, for rates on a room there. It is somewhat cloudy overhead , but now and then the sun pops out. I was uptown this a.m., and had my money order cashed. Emma got a nice letter from Blanche this morning. We walked down to the Depot and saw the train come in with 12 coaches and two big engines. We got home for dinner at 2:30 p.m. We spent the eve at home, had supper and talked awhile afterwards. I took a bath and retired at 9 p.m. Robert went to sleep in a chair tonight, in the hall. My weight today, no overcoat, was 123-lbs.
Fri., Feb. 19......Pass Christian, at Mrs. Titus
Foggy, damp and cool. I remained in the house all morning. I had a shave this a.m. Robert was not feeling very well today. Emma got two letters this a.m., from Miss Lil Brown and Mrs. Mary Weir. We got our photos today at noon that we had taken the day before yesterday. They are good. Robert did not go to the dinner table today. We enjoyed ourselves together in our room this eve. I paid Miss Titus $30 board today, one-week and up until Monday at dinner for us three. We all had a good time playing Flinch tonight.
Sat., Feb. 20.......Pass Christian, Miss. I was uptown this a.m. and got some alum for Emma. I got two letters from New Orleans this a.m., from Mrs. Stockmeyer and Mrs. Byrne. I answered both and accepted Mrs. Byrne's offer. We spent the rest of the morning and the eve in house, playing Flinch with Emma and Charlie Gould. I got all the games played except two. Miss Titus had three more to come in tonight on the 6:30 train. I learned to play Solitaire tonight, from Chas. Gould. I retired early tonight. I weighed 126 lbs. this a.m., with my overcoat on.
Sun., Feb. 21......Pass Christian, Miss.
Another gloomy, foggy, drizzling, rainy day. The sun was only out a few minutes and that was late this evening. Miss Pine and I walked up to the Catholic Church for services this morning, but we got left. Emma and I took a short walk just before noon. We also took a stroll with Robert out to the end of the pier, perhaps for our last time. And then we went down to the Lymie Castle and gave Robert another ride on the "see-saw board." We sat in the hall tonight and talked quite awhile before retiring. I took a hot water bath and laid my weary head to rest at 9 o'clock p.m.
Mon., Feb. 22......from Pass Christian to New Orleans
It was a lovely, lovely morning. We got up and had breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Miss Pine, Emma, Robert and I went out behind this place and got a lot of moss off the trees, to take home with us. We then packed our things. We enjoyed the lovely morning in the hot sun with a stroll out on the pier again before leaving. We had dinner at 1:45 p.m. then enjoyed the sun on the front porch until 3 o'clock, when we then took our leave for the depot to take the 3:50 p.m. train for New Orleans. We spent 3-weeks and 3-days here in Pass Christian. Miss Pine and Mrs. Reid went with us to the post office, then Mrs. Reid went back and Miss Pine went on down to the depot with us. We left Pass Christian at 4 p.m. for New Orleans and got there at 6 p.m. We took the streetcar for Mrs. J. F. Byrne's, 1507 St. Charles Ave., and reached the place all okay. We found a very nice little place. Then we went down to Sala La Rosa, 1601-1603 St. Charles Ave. The supper there, though, was very poor. We took a short stroll and then came to our room and retired at 9 o'clock.
Tue., Feb. Mrs. Byrne's, New Orleans
We got up at 8:15 a.m. We spent a fine night at rest in an easy bed. We started out to find some breakfast and at last found it on St. Charles Street. O! My! The bread was a tough as whit leather and the coffee was black and could not swallow it! The steak and the toasted bread were all okay. We then started in on Canal Street, attending to my ticket and getting it all okay. Then we got Robert a cheap "go-cart" ($1.95) and made arrangements with the second-hand store to sell it for $1 after using it for a week. Then I attended to my trunk transfer at #734 Union St. Then we walked down to the Custom House where we found the post office and we picked up a little letter for Master Robert from "Mamie" Haynie. Then we spent the morning taking in Canal Street from one end to the other. We got lunch at the "Poodle Dog Lunch House," at #122 Barrone Street. It was very nice indeed. Everything nice and good, considering it is New Orleans. Then we took the Canal Belt Car out to "Auburn Park." It was very pretty trees, fig trees, and palm trees. Also one banana tree. The Horticultural Building was very interesting, too. We then took an esplanade car back to Canal St. Next we caught a Canal Belt and went out to view the "City Park." Now...speak of parks!!! This is one for sure! Lovely, lovely!!! There were large oak trees, large flower beds and winding lagoons, and the driveways and walkways are immense. There were all kinds of animals...also race tracks, golf grounds, nice boats and curious bridges for crossing over. And so on and so on. We also saw a "low Dutch funeral." The cemetery out there is certainly grand.....some of the finest and largest monuments I have ever seen, and vault after vault that cost up in the thousands. The fountains, flowers, driveways....and the way they are kept up is beautiful and immense. We could have spent a day and then not nearly have seen it all. We then went through the Masonic area. There were many fine vaults and walkways and it is said to be the only Masonic graveyard in the United States. We then took a Canal Belt Car back to the Street, getting off at Barrone Street, and again eating supper (dinner) at the "Poodle Dog Lunch House." Then, coming on back up on Canal Street, we went into "Furst and Kraemer's" candy factory and had as fine a dish of ice cream as I have ever eaten. Remember how nice they fixed up Robert, as a little table and chair. Then we came on home, resting awhile and watching people and the streetcars.
Wed., Feb. 24........New Orleans, La.
We were up and ready to leave our boarding house at 8:10 a.m. It was a lovely day....very, very warm. We got breakfast at "Janssey's", 718 Canal Street. It was very nice but a little high priced. We then took Royal Street seeing the French side of town. The French streets were narrow and dirty. The stores were of all kinds.....first the French Market.....everything to be found that is eatable. I have never seen the like before! Then Dago Landing.....this was a sight! All kinds of things and colors at this wharf. We saw all kinds of big from Liverpool with nothing but coffee on board. We saw car after car of bananas. We saw a ship with 5000 "Dago's" going home from New Orleans, also a ship loaded with green bananas. We then came on back, resting at the Park (St. Louis Park). Then we went on up to Canal St. where we got lunch. After dinner we took in a matinee "Florida." It was at the Tulane Opera House and it was fine, too....from 1 to 4 p.m. There were about 35-pretty girls with lovely costumes. We then took the Levee and Banks car out to the stockyards. Then back to Jackson's Barracks and saw them salute the flag at sunset as the flag was lowered. Then back home to Canal Street where we got oysters at the "Poodle Dog Restaurant." Then we went on home to rest. Don't forget seeing the wedding on our way home. We had a letter from Mary Myers tonight. We retired at 10 p.m.
Thurs., Feb. 25.........New Orleans
Up at 7:30 a.m. We walked down to Royal Street, to "Fabacher's Restaurant" and ate our breakfast at 10 a.m. Then we took in Royal Street. We saw the "haunted house," the oldest building in New Orleans. We also saw the drum that beat "roll call" that Jackson beat in 1814. Robert, Emma and I all took turns beating on it. And we saw many other relics there also. We saw the handwriting of all the presidents, from Washington to the present Theodore Roosevelt. Then we went down to the United States Mint. This is a sight! We saw money made to a box that held over $1200 in dollars. We also saw a vault that had over 14,000,000 in dollars. Wonderful....wonderful! We then came on back to the Royal and had to go up Canal two-blocks and had ice-cream at the same place we have been stopping all the time. Then we took cars to go back out to the cemeteries. We went into several, but the prettiest of all was the "Metairie Cemetery" This one I don't think has the equal in all the United States. We saw all that I think can be seen in the "Park of the Dead." So we went out to the west end. This was a lovely drive, or ride, along the bay by the shell road of miles and miles. This scenery was quite fine and interesting. We then took a car back to Royal, and on Canal Street we got supper at the same place we ate breakfast. I got a shave a French barber (please excuse me after this!!!). We then started home after having gone about 3-blocks on St. Charles. We met a "Salvation Army Band," and, as Emma had never seen one, we followed it back to Canal Street and saw it perform. Then we took the St. Charles belt-line and came 8:45 p.m. At home we found a letter from Lem with a money order for $50. We talked awhile then retired at 10 p.m.
Fri., Feb. 26.......New Orleans
Up, as usual, at 8 a.m. We took a ride on the Canal belt. It was a lovely morning and a delightful ride. We had breakfast at "Fabacher's" at 10 a.m. We met Mr. and Miss McClain, again, there. We then spent from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. getting a few remembrances for the home folks. At 2:30 p.m., after getting lunch, we took a fine boat ride on the steamer "J. S."....40-miles on the Mississippi River. We saw lots and lots of big ships, loading and unloading.....also other scenes that we can't mention here. We got back at 5 p.m. We then finished our buying and got lunch. I took Robert's "go-car" down to the Second-Hand-Store and got a dollar for it. We then had lunch and pulled for our boarding place as we expect to leave in the a.m. for Pensacola (having had all the sun in New Orleans that we cared to). We bought us a telescope today and will let our trunk go on to St. Louis, Mo.
Sat., Feb. 27...........New Orleans
We got up this a.m. at 6:30 o'clock. Got our baggage off to the Union Depot and then we took Canal belt and had a nice ride downtown. Then we went up to "Fabacher's" on Royal and got breakfast. Then we went down to the Union Depot and took the train at 9:25 a.m. for "Flomation" to go to Pensacola. Remember me on the fence calling to the little girl for grapes when the train pulled off. Emma called and I came in a hurry (didn't get any grapes!). We got into Flomation just as the 2:40 train, that was 45-minutes late, was pulling out. So the conductor stopped the train for us and three others. So we got to get on and not have to wait until 6:30 p.m., as we would have had to if the 2:30 train had not been late. So when we got to the next station, "Century" I telegraphed back for my baggage. We got into Pensacola at 4:30 p.m., being 1/2 hour late. We came up to the "Southern Hotel" where we got a nice room. This is a new Hotel, out and out. It has only been running for 3-months. They set a nice table and everything was so nice and clean. We retired early tonight.
Sun., Feb. 28.....Pensacola, Florida....Southern Hotel
We got up at 7:30 a.m. I took a good bath and we were all ready for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Emma, Robert and I took a walk down to the Depot this a.m., to see about our baggage, but it had not come. But the Supt. said he would see that we got it by the morning. We then strolled back up to the Hotel and got ready for Church. We went around to the Presbyterian Church but got fooled, as to services. The pastor spent the morning in presenting his resignation to the Church and then there was a Board Meeting. After eating our dinner we walked 6-blocks up to the "Dummy Line" and rode out 13-miles to see the U. S. Navy yard where we saw Fort Barrancas. Next we took in Palmento Beach. The ride was delightful and the scenery was very interesting. The trip was well worth its time and price (25-cents each). The ground all the way was as white as snow with its fine, white sand. We did not see any gardens, and very few fruit trees. We thought, though, that this sand-scenery was great. We got back to the Hotel a 7 p.m. Got supper at 7:30 p.m. We then came up to our room. No. 17 on the 2nd floor. We had the #15 room last night, but today they gave a better one to us. Emma wrote to Cyrena and I wrote to Lem tonight. Emma also wrote to Mary, a few lines. We retired at 9 p.m. Today has been a very pretty day.
Mon., Feb. 29......Southern Hotel Pensacola, Fla.
It was gloomy for awhile this a.m. But the sun came out pretty and warm about 9:30 a.m. I went uptown and got a shave, had my grip fixed and then came back and wrote letters to Rettie, Mrs. C. G. Vaughan, and to Miss Lou. I had both my hair cut and Robert's this a.m. I went down to the Depot to see about our telescope, but no telescope yet! After eating our dinner we took a stroll down to the graveyard at the end of the street, then we went on around and saw a portion of the residential area and the main part of the city stores. There were some nice stores, but very mixed up in quality. I stopped in several of the best and bought at one, "The Journal of Pensacola," giving views of the city. I also bought Robert a dozen nice bananas. Then we came on home and spent the balance of the eve in our room. After supper we took a little stroll up to see the city lights. It was a lovely moonlight night and they have a good electric lighting here also. Awful warm out tonight.
Tue., Mar. 1.....Pensacola, Fla....Southern Hotel
Lovely morning......very, very, very warm!! We were up at 8 o'clock and got breakfast at 8:45 a.m. We took a walk up through the city and then on down to see the wharf. We saw 3000 red-snapper fish being unloaded. It brought the seven men who caught them, about 500-miles off the coast, something over $600. It certainly was a sight! So many red fish all about the same size. Remember our ice-cream and ice-cream sodas we got on the way home! Also the chocolate candy! We got the "Miami News" this a.m. and also a nice letter from Retta. After eating our dinner we decided to rest this evening, so we spent the eve in our room playing cards and with Robert. Robert went to sleep so did not get down to supper. After supper we came to our room and spent the balance of the eve there, talking and writing. It has gotten foggy this eve and is turning cooler. Emma wrote to Mrs. Reed, at Pass Christian, and also to Mary Weir. And I wrote to Papa.
Wed., Mar. 2........Pensacola, Fla.....Southern Hotel
Lovely morning. After eating our breakfast we started for a stroll. We walked down Parafox Street to the waiting station and took a car to see Pensacola. Remember our sight...and the time we had! We got off at the post office and then walked awhile seeing the city and its sights and then came back to our room and played Flinch until dinner time. I got 6 games out of 8. After dinner we played again and Emma won and then we laid around until 4 p.m. Then we went out for a walk again, going down to the depot and seeing the agent about our ticket and sleeper and we also the evening train come in, which was 40-minutes late. Then we came back, seeing a different part of the city. We stopped at Christ Church for awhile, then on down to the Courthouse where we stopped and I talked with a man about Pensacola. Then we went on back to the Hotel for supper. After supper we played Flinch and read awhile, retiring at 9 o'clock. It is so awfully warm tonight here in our room.
Thurs., Mar. 3.....Pensacola Fla.....Southern Hotel
Lovely morning. Very warm. I paid the Hotel man $20 this a.m. for our board and room for the last 5-days board. We went up in town and got us a lunch fixed for our trip on the train. Came back and packed up, and we had lunch at 11:30 a.m. We walked down to the Depot and took the 12:15 train for Flomation, Ala. There we got a train at 3:15 p.m. to start homeward, to St. Louis, Mo. There was a heavy wind and rain storm that struck us at Flomation, just after we got in our car for St. Louis. The car was loaded down. I sat with a real nice lady until we got to Montgomery, Ala. There we had to walk out of this car into another one (but we did not have to get off the train). We took a sleeper at Montgomery, good until we got to Evansville, Ill. I had a good night's rest and feel fine this morning.
Fri., Mar. 4.......On the train from Evansville, Ill. to St. Louis, Mo.
We had a pleasant ride all morning. We had lunch on the train at noon. We got to St. Louis at 2 p.m. Mrs. Shaw met us at Iron Gates. I had my trunk and telescope moved up to Mrs. Shaw's, and we went on out to her home at 3:20 p.m. We spent the balance of the eve in her house. It was cold and gloomy out. We talked awhile after supper, then retired at 9:30 p.m......tired and sleepy.
Sat., Mar. Mrs. Shaw's in St. Louis, Mo.
Up at 7 a.m. We had breakfast at 8, then started to town to spend the day. I went out to see Dr. Close, but, as he wanted $25 to just tell me what was the matter I did not let him do anything for me. And, as I left Emma and Robert at Barr's, I went on back for them. We then spent the day looking and shopping around for Lewis, Mr. Long, Nora and Elizabeth....and candy for Angie. We came home at 5 p.m., tired and worn out. We spent the balance of the eve at home.....talked and retired at 9:30 p.m.
Sun., Mar. 6......St. Louis, Mrs. Shaw's
Gloomy and foggy, but warm and rainy. We were up and ready for breakfast at 8 a.m. At 10 a.m., Emma and I took a walk to see the Churches, although it was raining. We saw Dr. Nichol's Church, our Presbyterian Church, and it certainly is a fine Church. We then walked on further and saw "St. John's Church," the M. E. Church. This, too, was a lovely structure and an immense building. We then went on further and saw and attended Church at Emma's Church, hearing Rev. Frank G. Tyrrel. It certainly was a fine sermon. He is a good speaker and his delivery was grand. Their communion, also, is nice....something new to see the individual glasses for each. We came home in the rain, but enjoyed the morning's walk. We certainly had a fine dinner. After eating, Emma, Robert, Miss Hitt, and I took cars out to the World's Fair Grounds, although it was dark and gloomy...and raining. We went into the grounds, but the weather was so awfully bad that we did not tarry very long. We returned home at 4:30 p.m. Mrs. Shaw kept Robert for us this morning....also this eve. We talked a long while after supper, then we packed up and were ready to start home in the a.m. This certainly has been one gloomy day!
Mon., Mar. 7......Mrs. Shaw's in St. Louis, Mo......and home from St. Louis
We were up and had breakfast at 7:15 a.m. It was a lovely morning after such a day as yesterday. We left Mrs. Shaw's at 8 o'clock this morning, taking cars for Union Depot. We got there all okay and took the train for our home at 9 a.m. We had a nice pleasant day for our trip and got into Moberly at 12:50 p.m. We got dinner up in town and please remember it!! It was a dandy! Poor Emma! Though we filled up with bananas afterwards! We left Moberly at 2:15 p.m. for home, reaching Miami Station at 3:40 p.m. Then we took a nice ride in the hack over the lovely roads at 4:45 p.m. We had a nice ride in the skiff across the River and then walked up the hill and got to Dr. Wheeler's at 5:10 p.m. Cyrena, Angie, and Rosa Belle Hanna met us at the River. We certainly have had a nice trip and have certainly enjoyed ourselves. But still.....there is "No Place Like Home." The above cost of the trip, for 7-weeks out, was $278.41. ($13.45 of this amount was given away as little gifts brought back home.)
Cities visited and population:
St. Louis, Mo.........5,752.38
Nashville, Tenn......80.865
Montgomery, Ala......30.316
Mobile, Ala........38.469
Pass Christian, Miss.......2.028
New Orleans, La.........287.104
Pensacola, Fla........17.747

Few gifts we brought back home:
Dr. A. A. Wheeler.......shave paper
Sid J. Wheeler.......traveling glasses
Miss Lou.........Mexican art work
Cyrena and Kate......stock collars.
Angie........lamp and fan
Isaac Myers......tobacco
L. A. Myers and Mary Myers.....Mexican art work
Lewis Myers......a punch ball
Jobe Hanna.......25-cigars
James Long.......shaving paper
Retta........Mexican art work
Margaret and beads
Geo. Jackson.......a white kitten
Mary Haynie.....a stamp case
Nora.......white waist
Geo. and Lutie......candy
Jess and book
Mrs. wiper
Robert's dog "Ring"......collar lock
Candy (wash woman)......pitcher
Candy (baby) .......iron
Margaret Long......Easter Rabbit
While this trip was at a cost of $278.41, Emma paid $35 of this amount out of her savings funds. Then, take out our living here for 7-weeks (which we count at about $90) leaving our trip costing us about $153.41 actual for three of us, out 7-weeks, traveling over 2,600-miles......I think=cheap....for as much rest as we got, the sights we saw and the delightful time we had. We were 50-days out exactly.....$5.57 per day for three of us.....for railroad fare, Hotel bills, sight seeing, and gifts brought back with us. When I landed in Miami, Mar. 7th, I had $14.50 left from the amount I took and had sent to me all together. So I am not yet broke!! W.

MARCH (regular diary)

Mon., Mar. 7.
We left for St. Louis this a.m., at 9:20, for home. Remember "our dinner" at Moberly. We got home at 5 p.m. Cyrena, Angie, Rosa Bell, Hanna....met us at the River. We took supper at Dr. A. A. Wheeler's.....glad to get home (50-days out).
Tue., Mar. 8.
Loafed and visited today. Helped Emma some at home.
Wed., Mar. 9.
Started in working at Store today. Feel real lazy!
Thurs., Mar. 10.
My back has given me fits today!
Fri., Mar. 11.
I felt a good deal better today. I put on my first rubber heels today. They are fine!
Sat., Mar. 12.
Feel good today. It is lovely out, but not many in town. Trade quiet. I did not go back to Store after supper.
Sun., Mar. 13.
One of those winter days......sleet awhile, then snow the balance of the day. Emma went to Sunday School and Church.....also to Church tonight. Robert and I were home all day. Mary Haynie was here tonight and took supper with us. Cold....cold out!
Mon., Mar. 14.
I worked on statements today. Papa dined with us. Mary Haynie was here tonight and we played Flinch.
Tue., Mar. 15.
I worked on statements all day. Cyrena, Kate and Mary Haynie were here tonight and we played Flinch until 10 p.m.
Wed., Mar. 16.
Today was partly cloudy. I finished up and mailed all of our statements today. We got in our new carpet samples today. We also got in our black-cat hose. I worked on the wallpaper book this eve. I attended Emma's Church with her tonight. Robert was at Miss Lou's.
Thurs., Mar. 17.
We had a nice rain last night. Today was gloomy and cool all day. Trade very quiet. I finished the wallpaper book. Then I invoiced and packed away all of our cloaks, overcoats, blankets, and comforts. I also changed things around upstairs today. Robert was not at all well today. Emma went to a lecture tonight. Angie and I stayed with Robert.
Fri., Mar. 18.
It was lovely out all day. It has turned very, very warm. Little Robert was in bed all day, sick with fever and, we think, measles (as he has broken out on his body and face.). I finished cleaning upstairs this a.m., and helped Lem on his St. Louis "memorandum" this eve. Home early tonight.
Sat., Mar. 19.
Robert broke out good this a.m., with the measles. He commenced to break out yesterday at noon. Lem went to St. Louis this morning. Today has been real pretty, but the roads are so awful that hardly anyone could get to town. Trade was very, very dull. I got home tonight at 8 p.m. Mary Haynie stayed with Emma tonight until I got home.
Sun., Mar. 20.
Old Uncle John Beck died this a.m., at 6 o'clock. Poor man, he certainly has suffered. It was gloomy this a.m. I attended Sunday School and spent the balance of the day at home with Robert and Emma. I helped Emma with dinner. Cyrena was here awhile this eve. I was around to Mrs. Beck's for awhile this eve. Mary Haynie was here and took supper. Geo. Royar's house burnt tonight.
Mon., Mar. 21.
This was certainly one pretty day up until 4:30 p.m........very, very warm. It was 80-degrees at 2 p.m. I attended Uncle John Beck's funeral this afternoon. We closed the Store during funeral. At 4:30 p.m. it began to cloud up and at 5:15 we had a severe hail and windstorm within a half-hour of each other. I got home between hails and showers, at 6:20 p.m.
Tue., Mar. 22.
I put on my summer suit today. We commenced to clean the Store downstairs this a.m. Trade was fair today. It has been a lovely day after last eve's storm......(.43" of rain). Robert was about the same today. Mary Myers came over to see him and brought him some oranges, and she gave us a duck. Mr. Peterman was also here to see Robert.
Wed., Mar. 23.
Today was cloudy for awhile and then the sun came out for a long while. We are getting along very nicely with our cleaning at the Store. We want to finish up tomorrow if we can. Mr. Webster left this a.m., to see Frank, at Bloomington, Iowa, who is very, very low. I got home at 6:30 p.m......tired and worn out.
Thurs., Mar. 24.
We had a little rain again last night, then we had a hard wind and rain storm this eve at 4 o'clock. Jobe and I finished cleaning house this eve. We will wash up the cases and scour them up tomorrow. Word came today that Frank B. Webster is dead. I didn't get home tonight until 7 p.m......tired!...tired!
Fri., Mar. 25.
Today has been a real pretty day, but very, very cool. Lem came back from St. Louis this morning. Puss Hawkins was with us all day, scouring things....also, yet tonight. I got my new thaspia plaster this eve. Trade was only fair today. I cleaned the upstairs good this a.m. and trimmed our chandeliers up. Today was Emma's 28th birthday.
Sat., Mar. 26.
This has been a lovely day, but very cold. The roads are awfully bad. Very few in town, although we had a $50 day. We got in quite a lot of new goods this a.m. and we got most of them marked up tonight. I got home at 7:30. I put on my new plaster this a.m., but I will have to take it off tonight. It has burnt me good all day.
Sun., Mar. 27.
Today has been one real pretty day. I attended Sunday School and also Church. Rev. Abbott, of Marshall, preached for us today. I attended John Saufley's funeral service this eve, at 3 p.m. (Woody Saufley's boy who died at the asylum) On account of my back and not having anyone to stay with Emma, I did not attend Service tonight. Robert was up and dressed today, the first time in eleven days.
Mon., Mar. 28.
Today was very pretty most of the day, but trade only fair. I worked on stock most all day long and got home at 6:30 p.m.
Tue., Mar. 29.
Trade was very, very quiet today. I got the wallpaper book done this a.m. Jobe worked upstairs all day on the wallpaper. We have the Store in good shape now, for our new goods in the a.m. I measured Miss Lou's parlor today, for a Brussell's carpet.
Wed., Mar. 30.
Today has been a very pretty day and trade was nice all day. Emma came uptown this a.m., for the first time in over two weeks. I gave her a silk "shirtwaist suit" today. I stayed with Robert tonight and she went to Church to practice.
Thurs., Mar. 31.
Today has been all kinds of a day. Trade, though, was somewhat quiet. I measured Mrs. Utley's room this eve and also the hall, for carpet. After dinner I carried Robert down to Miss Lou's.....first time he has been out for over two weeks. We had hail and rain this eve again. The doctor carried Robert home tonight. Emma and I colored some eggs tonight, for Easter.


Fri., Apr. 1.
Today has been a real pretty day and trade was nice all day. I got some little decorating done today, but not very much. I got home tonight at 7:45 p.m. I went down to Miss Lou's, after Emma and Robert, so Miss Lou made me eat and then play Flinch for awhile. We sent little Margaret Long her rabbit and eggs out today.
Sat., Apr. 2.
It was lovely all day. The roads were not so bad that quite a good many country people could come in. I sold Miss Lou a nice brussell carpet this a.m. Lem sold one to Mrs. W. B. Mullens and Jobe sold one to Mrs. Dr. Sullivan. I got supper at the new restaurant tonight and home at 9:30 p.m.
Sun., Apr. 3.
Another lovely day. I attended Sunday School, Emma also, and Miss Lou kept Robert. Emma then attended Church and I came home and kept Robert. Emma at Church, for practice, this eve, for Easter Service tonight. Robert was up to the Store with me in his little wagon this eve. It was the first time he had been uptown for about 3-weeks.
Mon., Apr. 4.
(no entry)
Tue., Apr. 5.
(no entry)
Wed., Apr. 6.
Today was real pretty. Trade fair. Mary Haynie and Cyrena were here tonight and we had some fine Flinch games. "Nee" and I did not get a game! No....not one!!!
Thurs., Apr. 7.
Lem has been working today on getting out two letters that we want to mail to our customers. Emma and I addressed #1 and #2 F.D.R. Routes tonight, some 200 envelopes. It is gloomy tonight. I have been working on decorating our Store today.
Fri., Apr. 8.
This has sure been a day! The wind blew our shutters so hard I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. and fasten them. It snowed and rained all night, then it blew and snowed all day! There are 4" of snow on the ground tonight. We brought down a lot of old-style hats today and put them on a table to run at 98-cents each. I finished the Store this eve and now have it nicely decorated and everything priced. Emma made us "snow cream" for dinner. We addressed the envelopes for #3 R. F. D. tonight.
Sat., Apr. 9.
Today has been one real gloomy day. Trade, though, was fair considering the roads and the weather. I worked on a few of our letters tonight and got Route #1 done and ready to be mailed. I got a shave and I got home at 9:30 p.m. Emma got a check for $76.51 from her Grandpa Vaughan's estate this a.m. She made it to $80 and I gave her credit at Store for same. Scott & Miller commenced this a.m. to close out their entire stock. They are going to retire from business.
Sun., Apr. 10.
Cloudy this a.m., but the balance of the day was lovely....warmer. I attended Sunday School. Robert went up with me, but ended up staying with Grandpa Myers. At the Store to today I made a report of Emma's credit at the Store. Remember what was said as to money spent on our trip south.
Mon., Apr. 11.
(no entry)
Tue., Apr. 12
(no entry)
Wed., Apr. 13.
Lem and Jobe put down Dr. A. A. Wheeler's brussell-carpet this eve. Emma and Robert were up to Store this eve.
Thurs., Apr. 14.
I have been suffering with a sore knee today. We played Flinch at Dr. Wheeler's tonight....I also put up a curtain there. Lem and Jobe put down Mrs. Bates' brussell-carpet this eve. Emma and Robert were at the Store this eve.
Fri., Apr. 15.
Today has been one real pretty day, but trade was very quiet. I printed five signs this a.m., for the each for the door and the windows, and one each for a big and small signboard. I also did some changing around at the Store. Little Robert had his first tooth filled this a.m., by Dr. Switzer. Emma had one also. Remember little Robert's accident this eve at the Store. I fixed Robert a wagon this a.m.
Sat., Apr. 16.
The Great Election Day today! Winning and Hanna both got left today, for Sheriff and Treasurer. Am indeed sorry. Lots and lots of people were in town today, especially men. I sold Mrs. Harden a $44 bill today. We had a nice day all day. Home tonight at 10 p.m.
Sun., Apr. 17.
It was a lovely day, but cool. Papa dined with us today. We all attended Sunday School this a.m. Emma and I also attended the 1904 Graduating Class sermon by Rev. W. B. Cobb at the Church (Methodist). We went over to the graveyard this eve to see it, since all of the trees have been cut down the last few weeks. It looks so much better.
Mon., Apr. 18.
Today has been one real pretty day. Trade, though, was very, very quiet. I measured Mrs. W. H. Wheeler's room this a.m., for a matting. This eve Jim Beason and I put my garden in. Emma cleaned the kitchen this a.m. and took all the tacks out of the carpet in the living room and hall. She went to practice tonight, at Dr. Sullivan's, for the closing of School. Mary Myers brought us a fine jar of cream from Rettie's this eve.
Tue., Apr. 19.
(no entry)
Wed., Apr. 20.
(no entry)
Thurs., Apr. 21.
I woke up last night at 12:30 a big fire uptown. It was the livery barn, the restaurant, the harness shop, and Grady's two rooms. We came very near going! But, by good work....we were saved. This is the largest fire he have ever had here at Miami, at any one time. Today was a very pretty day, but trade was somewhat dull. I got home tonight early. Emma and Robert were uptown this morning.
[See the Miami News account of this fire at the end of this diary]
Fri., Apr. 22.
Today was partly cloudy and partly pretty. Trade was nice all day long. Graduation Exercises were held tonight at the Christian Church. Robert gave his Aunt Kate a nice broach and Emma and I gave her a white fan. They had a full house and nice exercises. There was real pretty moonlight tonight.
Sat., Apr. 23.
The balance of the day was cloudy and a hard rain fell from 3:30 on, and into the night, and it is still raining. I got home for the night at 6:30 p.m. I got a load of corn today from Mr. L. G. Haynie.
Sun., Apr. 24.
This a.m. it was still raining and after a small break it is yet coming down tonight. Mary Haynie was here awhile this eve. We all attended Sunday School this a.m. and then went down to Miss Lou's. No preaching in town today.
Mon., Apr. 25.
Rain.....rain.....rain all day! It measured 3.90" of rain since Saturday eve. Trade very quiet. I worked over all of our shirt dept. today. I got home early tonight, but it is still raining. We commenced taking the St. Louis Republic this eve, at 10-cents per week, delivered.
Tue., Apr. 26.
I worked on the shirt dept. today, overhauling it. It was a real pretty day, all day.
Wed., Apr. 27.
It was a lovely day and lovely night. The "School Banquet" was tonight, at Dunlap's Hall. Emma went, but I stayed at home with Robert. We got 17.000-feet of lumber today, from Bondurant. Lem got a summons from the Kansas City court today, for jury service, for May 10, 1904. Frank Greenabaum married Miss Hulda Cochran, at Clifton Hill, Missouri, tonight.
Thurs., Apr. 28
(no entry)
Fri., Apr. 29.
(no entry)
Sat., Apr. 30.
Today was certainly a lovely day, though not very many in town. Still...we sold $216. I got home tonight at 10 p.m. Dr. Wheeler had me come over and eat "fish" with him for supper....also Emma and Robert. He and George caught 8-fish up at the Lakes today. They were fine, too!


Sun., May 1.
A lovely, lovely day! Attended Sunday School, then at Lem's for awhile this morning. This eve, Emma, Robert and I walked down to the River for awhile. We then went to the Store. Then called on Mary Haynie. Geo. Wheeler was here awhile this eve. We went down to Miss Lou's tonight and sat and talked awhile.
Mon., May 2.
Partly cloudy....dusty and windy. We had our buggy cleaned up this eve. Jobe was home today, sick. Emma and Robert were at the Store this eve and came home with me. I got up at 5:30 a.m. and cleaned up the woodhouse, for Robert to play in.
Tue., May 3.
(no entry)
Wed., May 4.
(no entry)
Thurs., May 5.
It rained all day. Trade was very, very dull.
Fri., May 6.
This is little Robert's 4th birthday. Auntee gave him a dollar, and I gave him a dollar. From Angie he received a slate, from Auntie Hays, soap and washrags, and from Mother, 1/2-dozen oranges and a fine dinner. Auntie Hays, Lewis and Angie took dinner with us. We were down to Miss Lou's tonight and played Flinch until 9:45 p.m.
Sat., May 7.
Gloomy and rainy most all day. Trade, though, was fair.....$133. I got home tonight at 10 p.m. Hallie and Elbert got in tonight, coming over from Marshall. We put the stove down in the cellar at Store this a.m.
Sun., May 8.
Rain! I did not attend Sunday School. Emma, Robert and I all dined with Miss Lou today as it was George's last day. We had a fine dinner. We walked up to see Hallie and Elbert this eve, at the Dr.'s. I had to go up to Bell's after them though. Mary Haynie, George, Angie and Laura Lee Vaughan were here tonight.
Mon., May 9.
Lem went to Kansas City today, as a juryman. Geo. Wheeler left us this eve. Syd Wheeler went to St. Louis this a.m. Jobe put down a brussell's carpet at the Sullivan's this eve. Anna Wilson entertained the "Fancy Work Club" this afternoon. I had #2 cleaned out today.
Tue., May 10.
This has been a very pretty day. Trade very fair....$44. I was up to Mrs. Hamner's for awhile this a.m. Newt sent us some tomato plants today.
Wed., May 11.
A lovely day, but windy. Jobe was at the Audsley's today, putting down carpet. I took dinner at the restaurant. Emma and Robert ate down at Miss Lou's. Mary entertained the "Fancy Work Club" this eve. They sent Robert and I some of the ice cream. Dr. Wheeler and Mary Haynie were here tonight and we played Flinch. Joe Frank Burruss and Miss Georgeana Robinson were married at Carrollton, Ill., tonight.
Thurs., May 12.
Windy....partly cloudy. I was up at 5:15 a.m. I worked the garden over in part and put in beans, peas, and set out the tomato plants. Jobe went down to the McCoy's this eve, to put down a carpet. Mary Burruss had the "Fancy Work Club" this eve. It turned cold this eve.
Fri., May 13.
Today has been partly cloudy. Trade fair. Cold all day. I was up and finished my garden this a.m. I fixed my peas this afternoon, at dinner. Emma cleaned the parlor bedroom this eve. Dr. Wheeler brought us some fine milk tonight. There was a party at Noonan's tonight.
Sat., May 14.
Dr. Wheeler and Miss Lou left for the World's Fair this a.m. The girls are going to stay with us. Lem got home from Kansas City last night. Trade today was very fair.....$216....though not very many in town. Syd was with us also today. I got home tonight at 10:15 p.m.
Sun., May 15.Mon., May 16.
Rain.....rain....all night and all day (.84 "). Trade very, very quiet. Kate stayed at Lelia's last night and today. Cyrena was at Hornbeck's. Syd was at Mrs. W. S. Myers. Tonight....all were with us except Cyrena. She is now living with the Hornbeck's. I got home tonight early. Though still it rains and is very, very cold! A. L. Latimer died in Slater this eve.
Tue., May 17.
It rained all day yesterday and some last night. Cloudy all day today. Very, very cool. I posted the books today. Pete, Lelia, Pauline, Kate, Syd and Cyrena were here today. We had ice cream today. Lelia Wheeler (Jess' wife) was here for supper and to stay all night. We played Flinch tonight.
Wed., May 18. Thurs., May 19.
Today has been a very pretty day. Trade only fair. I went up and got the buggy in shape this a.m., for Mary to go to Marshall today. Papa is with us now....also Syd and Kate. I cut the grass in the yard tonight with a lawn mower. I done some more changing around at the Store today.
Fri., May 20.
Today has been a lovely day. Trade only fair. I put new oil cloth on the shelves at Store this a.m. Emma, Robert, Bertha L., Mrs. Haynie, Mrs. Hays, John Haynie, Robert and I, all went fishing at discharge this eve from 2:30 to 6:30. No fish! The girls gave a "Leap Year Party" tonight. Caddie Greenabaum Shelton took me. The party was down at Dr. A. A. Wheeler's, as they are at the World's Fair.
Sat., May 21.
It was a lovely day. Trade fair.....$104. Lem got home from Kansas City last night. Mary and Lewis came home this eve from Marshall. Papa went out to Rettie's this eve. Kate, Robert and I used our bathtub for the first time tonight.
Sun., May 22. Mon., May 23.
It was very, very We put up screens at the Store today. Lem was at the coal bank this eve, then Lem and Mary went fishing . Cyrena was at Hornbeck's tonight. Myn and Frank Burruss were over awhile tonight.
Tue., May 24.
Mrs. Hays, Lewis, Emma, Robert, and I, spent today at the We all together caught 82 fish. We had a nice day and a nice time. We got home at 9 p.m. Dr. Wheeler and Miss Lou came home from St. Louis this eve.
Wed., May 25.
It rained most all day long, though at intervals. Lem, Mary and Lewis were at the lake all day, fishing. They caught 42. I cleaned out our catalogue bins today. Trade was very nice.
Thurs., May 26.
Very pretty, but cool. Trade was very nice all day. Dr. Wheeler, Mary Haynie, and us, played Flinch tonight until 10:15 p.m. Lovely, lovely out. I set out some tomato plants today at noon. I worked the lettuce bed this eve.
Fri., May 27.
Today was very pretty, but trade was dull. Emma and I took Robert uptown tonight to hear the Band Concert.
Sat., May 28.
Today was very pretty until late this eve. Then it clouded up and commenced raining at about 6 p.m., and it has rained hard since and up to now (9:30 p.m.). I got home early. We went down to Dr. A. A. Wheeler's tonight and played Flinch until 9 o'clock.
Sun., May 29. Mon., May 30.
It was a very pretty day. Lem went out to the coal bank all day. Trade very nice. I labeled all the cabinets today and varnished them. I packed Cyrena's and Kate's furs tonight, in camphor. Dr. W. and Miss Lou and us played Flinch tonight until 9:30 p.m.
Tue., May 31.
Lem was at the coal bank all day. Trade was very nice today. I worked on the books for half the day. We got out quite a lot of old style shoes today, for a table sale.


Wed., Jun. 1.
Today was partly cloudy, but trade was nice all day. Lem and Jobe are putting down the Baptist Church carpet today. Emma helped us this eve at the Store. We were down to Miss Lou's tonight and played Flinch until 9:45 p.m.
Thurs., Jun. 2.
Lem and Jobe were at the Baptist Church all day putting down carpet. I had all I could handle all morning. Emma helped us this eve. We had strawberries yesterday for our first time this season, also again tonight. Mrs. Jno. Burns was here awhile tonight. Remember our run home from Miss Lou's tonight, in the rain!
Fri., Jun. 3.
I am 33-years-old today. This a.m. was pretty for awhile, but at noon we had a rain. Emma and Robert gave me a lovely, lovely chair today. I hilled my potatoes up this eve. Susie Vaughan and Laura Lee were here tonight.
Sat., Jun. 4.
There was a big rain again last night, but today was very pretty. Trade was very quiet. The roads are so that very few got in town. Emma got her silk dress finished, at last, today. We were down home tonight and played Flinch awhile. I got a half-gallon of berries from Mrs. Kieffer today.
Sun., Jun. 5.
Lovely day. Emma, Robert and I spent today down to Charlie Miller's. W. O. Rogers and wife and the Peterman family were there and we had a fine dinner and lots of berries. The roads are very, very rough! We also attended the Children's Exercises this eve, at the M. E. Church. We commenced, last night, sleeping in the parlor bedroom.
Mon., Jun. 6.
It was very pretty all day. I commenced taking down our decorations today, at Store. Trade was very nice all day. Emma cut the grass on the side next to Myn's this eve and I cut the other side. The excursion boat "St. Joseph" got here tonight. We went down for awhile.
Tue., Jun. 7.
This has been another real pretty day....the warmest so far, 86-degrees. Emma had Russell work the garden over and clean the cellar out this a.m. We were over to the graveyard all eve, fixing up all of our graves. I put four posts up on our lot this eve.
Wed., Jun. 8.
Lovely day. I put two curtains up at the new restaurant. Emma, Robert and I went out to Mrs. Geo. Hawkins and put up nine new shades. Then we went on to Rettie's. Willie Cresap was there. We had some fine cream and strawberries. Home at 7 p.m. Emma, Robert and I went on the boat excursion tonight.
Thurs., Jun. 9.
Lovely day for fishing! Mary Myers, Lewis, Angie Lewis, and her three children, Mrs. Hays, Emma, Robert, and I...also Geo. Wilson and wife, the Dr. and also Lem, all spent today up to the lakes, fishing. Big times! Lots of fish! Good dinner and supper. Mrs. Woodford died this a.m. at 10 o'clock.
Fri., Jun. 10.
A lovely day.....very, very warm. Lem went to Mt. Leonard today with Taylor Casebolt. Mrs. Woodford died yesterday and her burial was this eve, at 3:30 p.m. Trade was very, very nice all day.
Sat., Jun. 11.
Lovely day. Trade, though, very, very slow. The farmers are all busy. I printed some inventory signs for the Store this a.m. I came home with Emma, Robert and Cyrena from the Store tonight at 7:30 p.m., and remained home for the night. Rettie brought us in some pretty flowers for our graves this eve.
Sun., Jun. 12.
Lovely....warm. We all attended Sunday School. I visited the graveyard and decorated the home graves after Sunday School. We attended the "I.O.O.F Memorial Services" this eve. I froze a freezer of cream this a.m. I sent Myn and Aunt Courtney some also, with berries.
Mon., Jun. 13.
It was 88-degrees, the warmest day yet. We commenced "Inventory" today at the Store. Today was very, very pretty, but it has been awful warm. Trade very quiet. I cut the grass in the yard this eve. Russell cut the grass in the pathways in the garden this eve.
Tue., Jun. 14.
Very pretty all day. Jobe and I sold the Bondurant's and Woldridge's $127 worth of dry goods this a.m. I got to dinner at 2 p.m. The Christian Church gives a "strawberries and ice cream supper" tonight, at Mrs. Bates. We got a crate of strawberries this eve from Booker's.
Wed., Jun. 15.
Today was pretty all morning, but at noon and this eve we had two hard rains.....2.08". Kate left this eve to visit Ruth. Emma and I attended her Prayer Meeting tonight. We played Flinch at Dr. Wheeler's afterwards. Emma put up a crate of strawberries today.
Thurs., Jun. 16.
Dr. Wheeler came up tonight and Mary Haynie came over and we played Flinch. Mary and I won three of six. Myn Burruss sent us some fine cream and berries over tonight. Emma found 8-little-peeps at the barn today.
Fri., Jun. 17.
Lovely day. Lem and Lewis finished our 40 x 20 lumber shed today. We now have over 30,000-feet on hand. Jim Long brought Willie Cresap in this eve, who has been out there the last 3-weeks. Emma and I put out 28 cabbage plants tonight.
Sat., Jun. 18.
There was a hard wind and rain most all last night and a heavy rain this a.m. In all.....4.05". It is the largest yet on my record of any one time. Trade was very, very dull today. We played Flinch tonight at Miss Lou's. We saw Cyrena's new dress. She leaves Monday for St. Louis.
Sun., Jun. 19.
Lovely day, but very, very warm. I was up at 6 a.m., froze cream and helped Emma with her work. Bro. Corwin took dinner with us and spent the afternoon. I attended Church this morning and tonight. Mrs. Hays and Cyrena took supper with us.
Mon., Jun. 20.
Cyrena left for the World's Fair today. Trade was only fair today. We had another hard, heavy rain this eve. Emma, Robert, Mary Haynie, and went to Miss Lou's tonight, to play Flinch.
The Miami, MO, cemetery, 1997 Tue., Jun. 21.
Mama died 19-years ago today. Today is the longest day of the year. Papa took dinner with us. Mary (Myers) went to the World's Fair this a.m. Jobe, Ethel, Emma and I were at Miss Lou's tonight, playing Flinch.
The photo, at right, is Miami Cemetery in 1997. Pictured are my oldest son, Michael J. Devin; Robert Hisle, long time resident of Miami and currently (2005) treasurer of "Friends of Miami, Inc."; and my husband; Joseph B. Devin, MD.

Wed., Jun. 22.
Lovely, lovely day. Emma helped us all day, invoicing. We put out 17-celery plants tonight. We got Robert a little two-wheel red wagon this eve. Myn and Frank Burruss put in a new pump this eve.
The Myers graves in Miami Cemetery, Miami, MO Thurs., Jun. 23.
(no entry)
Fri., Jun. 24.
Very, very warm. Trade fair. "Scott & Miller" sold out to a Kansas City man today. We took supper at Miss Lou's and played Flinch.
Sat., Jun. 25.
Trade quiet. Partly cloudy. Lem and Lewis went to Brunswick. I invoiced awhile this a.m. Mrs. Mary Weir got here last night, from Tampico, Old Mexico. I got home tonight at 10:30 p.m.
At left is a photo of the Myers' gravestones in Miami Cemetery. Top left is Robert Simpson Myers (1860-1892); top right is Addie Bell Myers (1861-1877); and bottom is Margaret Ann (Whitmore) Myers (1829-1885). Margaret was "the dear mother" of W. S. Myers, and Robert and Addie were an older brother and sister. It should be noted that Isaac Myers, father of this family, died in 1909 and is buried in Whittier, CA.

Sun., Jun. 26.
Gloomy and rain all day. Cooler. We all attended Sunday School. Then Emma, Robert and I, also Miss Willie Cresap, went out to Rettie's, in Lem's trap. We spent the day and Rettie had a fine, good dinner. We got home early and attended Church.
Mon., Jun. 27.
Gloomy, cool, damp.....drizzling rain all day. Trade quiet. We finished our invoice downstairs this eve. Emma, Robert, and I were at Miss Lou's tonight and played Flinch until 10 p.m.
Tue., Jun. 28.
Jobe and I have tried to invoice all day, but with Lem being out all day, and with the trade, we got very, very little done. Emma helped us on the hamburgs today, all day, and she helped with the trade. Scott & Millers goods were shipped today. I cut the grass in the yard this eve. T. J. Uzell died at his home in Marshall this eve. Miss Lou and the Dr. were up tonight and we played Flinch until 10:30 p.m. Mr. Richard H. Keith, Jr., of Kansas City, and Miss Elizabeth A. Hudson, of Boonville,[Lina's daughter] were married at Sedalia tonight.
Wed., Jun. 29.
Very pretty day. Emma helped us on the hamburg invoice this eve. Robert was not well this a.m. Achilles Eastin died today. I finished my yard and raked it all off this a.m., having gotten up at 5:15 a.m.
Thurs., Jun. 30.
Lovely day. Achilles Eastin was buried here this eve, at 5 p.m. We finished our invoice this eve. Little Robert caught six little fish down in the Old Mill Lot this eve, with Emma and Mrs. Hays.


Fri., Jul. 1.
Lovely day. Emma was at the Store all day, writing up our invoice papers. They commenced building Mr. Hightower's new livery barn this a.m. Emma and I went up to hear the Band play tonight, with Robert. Mrs. Hays had Robert fishing again this eve.
Sat., Jul. 2.
Very pretty day. Trade very quiet. There were not very many in town today. Lem invoiced the lumber today. Emma worked on the books at the Store this eve. I separated the charge tickets today. I got home at 10:30 p.m. tonight.
Sun., Jul. 3.
Lovely day......warm in a.m., cool in p.m. We all attended Sunday School. Papa, Lem, and Lewis ate dinner with us. Miss Lou and us made "partnership cream" today. Mary Haynie was here awhile tonight.
Mon., Jul 4.
Lem was at the coal bank all day. I was at the Store all morning, but this eve, I was with Emma down to the Mill Lot with a crowd giving little Robert a picnic. We all had a nice time and a good supper. We went to Miss Lou's tonight and we had fireworks.
Tue., Jul. 5.
It was gloomy most all day. Trade was very, very quiet. I got up a "shoe memorandum" today. Jobe went to DeWitt this eve. Emma worked on the books this eve. We went to the Wood's for fireworks tonight. Robert had some here at home, also, tonight. Miss Lou and the Dr. were up awhile.
Wed., Jul. 6.
Emma went to Prayer Meeting and I went down to Dr. Wheeler's tonight and played Flinch.
Wedding photo of Bess Hudson Thurs., Jul. 7.
"Brown's" shoe man was here today. We put out over 200-remnants this eve, at Store. We had a hard rain this evening. Trade was fair today. Papa dined with us today. The Missouri River is on a big rise again....she rose a lot today.
Fri., Jul. 8.
We put out over 200-remnants today. Cyrena got hurt at St. Louis today. The Dr. went there this eve. We are staying with Miss Lou.
Sat., Jul. 9.
Emma finished our invoice books this a.m. Myn Burruss had the misfortune to lose "a little girl baby" again this morning. Anna Mary Lewis got her arm broken this eve. Mrs. Margaret Woodford, Mrs. Greenabaum's mother, died this morning at 11 o'clock.
At right is the wedding photo of Miss Elizabeth A. Hudson, daughter of Selina and Hiram T. Hudson, of Boonville, MO. She was married to Richard H. Keith, Jr., of Kansas City, on June 28, 1904. The marriage took place at Sedalia, MO.
Sun., Jul. 10.
We all attended Sunday School and church this a.m. Miss Lou gave us fried chicken and ice cream for dinner. It is awfully warm this eve.
Mon., Jul. 11.
They have the sides and the ends on the Mr. Hightower's new livery barn today. I was upstairs at the Store all day, checking up on the books.
Tue., Jul. 12.
Miss Lou, Robert, and Emma spent today out to Aunt Ruth's. I commenced taking a list from the ledger this eve. I have been checking the books yesterday and today against tickets.
Wed., Jul. 13.
(no entry)
Thurs., Jul. 14.
I am still working on the list from the ledger. It is very, very warm out. Emma was at the Church today, helping clean it. Jobe was at home today, sick. We had a hard rain last night.
Fri., Jul. 15.
Dr. Wheeler got back from St. Louis this eve, but Cyrena couldn't come. Mary Haynie, Emma, Robert, and Angie went to DeWitt to meet them. Today was very, very nice. I finished taking my list from the ledger this eve.
Sat., Jul. 16.
Today has sure been one hot day. Trade somewhat slow. Very few in town. Most of the farmers are all at work. We had a $298 lumber sale today.
Sun., Jul. 17.
Warm....yes, awful.....91-degrees in the shade. I attended Sunday School and that was all! We called to see Wilse Hays awhile this a.m. Then spent the balance of the day at home. Papa dined with us.
Mon., Jul. 18.
This was the warmest day yet.....92-degrees. I was up at 5 a.m. and worked in the garden. I cut the yard this eve. Jobe and I put down a matting this a.m., up to J. A. Hawkins.
Tue., Jul. 19.
Lew was at the coal bank all day. I cut the grass in front of the fence and side of house this a.m. I finished the balance sheet today. "Jerry" came home from Jim Long's this evening, so we took a drive. He has been out there for 7-months, 8-days, and his knee is still somewhat swollen.
Wed., Jul. 20.
Lem worked out at the coal bank until 12 o'clock last night. Cyrena got back from St. Louis this eve. I got up at 4:30 this a.m. and worked my garden. I had our harness fixed this a.m. At Store I commenced on statements, to mail August 1st.
Thurs., Jul. 21.
Up at 4:30 a.m. and worked in the garden. I got four chickens from the butcher shop this a.m. I finished the statements today. I fixed the walk in the garden at noon, and finished working the garden this evening. Lem was at the coal bank all eve, and also all a.m.
Fri., Jul. 22.
Today has been a very pretty day. Trade, though, was quiet. I finished getting the statements off today and made a mailing list this eve. The "Band Boys" gave an "Ice-cream Supper" tonight at Mrs. Bates, and we attended.
Sat., July 23.
Very, very pretty. Trade very quiet. We got in a big lot of dry goods this a.m. We had a good darkey trade tonight. I got home at 11 p.m. Jobe goes out tonight for a week's vacation.
Sun., Jul. 24.
Lovely day. Cool.....dusty. We all attended Sunday School and Emma went to Church. Cyrena spent the day with us. We talked about "the World's Fair." We stayed at Miss Lou's tonight while they attended Church. Robert cut Miss Lou's dresser-scarf.
Mon., Jul. 25.
Jobe is off this week on a vacation. Trade today was nice....busy all day...$48. I had a horse doctor take a look at Jerry today and prescribe for him ($1.50) Rettie is in town this eve.
Tue., Jul. 26.
I framed "Alice's photo" this a.m., for Emma. The "R. J. & Rand" shoe man was here today. Dr. A. A. Wheeler and Isaac Myers dined with us today.
Wed., Jul. 27.
We had a slight little shower this eve, late. I have been rolling ginghams on my side today. Trade was fine all day, $220. "Jackson and Hightower's" lumber bill was $190 of it. Cyrena brought us "3-of-a-kind" for dinner.
Thurs., Jul. 28.
Worked on stock all day. Had the cellar cleaned at Store today.
Fri., Jul. 29.
Today was hot, dry and dusty. Trade fair. I finished getting the Store in nice shape today. We were uptown tonight, to hear the Band. Emma and Robert were at the Store this eve and came home with me. Papa dined with us today.
Sat., Jul. 30.
Today has been one real warm day....our warmest yet, 93-degrees at 2 p.m., in the shade. We had all we could do at Store this eve. Lem and I sold $114 today. Home at 10:30 p.m.
Sun., Jul. 31.
It rained most of the morning. It was fine, too, for the crops and to lay the dust. I did not attend my Sunday School or Church. I helped Emma and rested. Emma, Robert and I had a little drive this eve. Cyrena was up awhile late this eve.


Mon., Aug. 1.
Jobe Hanna got back from his trip last eve. I had the horse doctor look at Jerry this a.m. I have stopped feeding him corn and have commenced on oats. I gave Robert a little red wheelbarrow this eve. I bought a fine catfish today.
Tue., Aug. 2.
(no entry)
Wed., Aug. 3.
(no entry)
Thurs., Aug. 4.
Dr. Wheeler is 62-years of age today. Robert gave him 6-cigars, a pipe, and one sack of tobacco. We were invited, but, as Rettie spent today with us, we did not go down. Harry Myers also took dinner with us. We took a drive tonight. Lem was at the coal bank all day. Trade was quiet. It was a hot day, dry and dusty.
Fri., Aug. 5.
Emma and I took a little drive this eve and then went up to hear the Band. Robert took his horn up and played along.
Sat., Aug. 6.
We got in a big lot of shoes this morning. I sold 15-pair myself. We sold 19-pair in all today. It was very pretty and warm, but awful, awful dusty! We need rain badly. We had a $99 day.
Sun., Aug. 7.
I was up early and helped Emma. We all attended Sunday School, but did not go to preaching. Emma made "3-of-a-kind" today, and it was good!
Mon., Aug. 8.
(no entry)
Tue., Aug. 9.
We had intended to have Aunt Ruth's family in today for dinner, and Emma had Sunnie here and got dinner for all of them.....but they failed to come! So, we had Cyrena, Syd, and Mrs. C. to dinner. Emma made a fine dinner, too. We walked around to Mrs. Haynie's awhile this eve, after supper.
Wed., Aug. 10.
Today was a very, very pretty day. Trade was very nice. Jobe worked upstairs all lday. Kate got home this a.m., from a two months visit to Ruth's. I got Emma a pretty black washable waist today. Sunnie Taylor commenced work yesterday for us.
Thurs., Aug. 11.
(no entry)
Fri., Aug. 12.
Today has sure been one warm day! Trade slow. Mrs. J. B. C., Cyrena, Kate, Angie, Emma, and Robert went out to Aunt Ruth's today, for dinner. I dined down at Miss Lou's.
Sat., Aug. 13.
This was the warmest day so far this summer, 94-degrees. There was severe lightning this eve and it killed Lee Campbell and his three horses down in the bottoms. Very little rain fell. Trade was very fair. We got in a big lot of nice, new belts, collars and combs this a.m. Lem was at the coal bank most of the day.
Sun., Aug. 14. Mon., Aug. 15.
Awful, awful warm! Trade was fine all day. I bought a 35-lb. watermelon from James Chilcott this a.m. (50-cents). I measured the Jackson's house this eve, for mattings. I went down to Dr. Wheeler's this eve and we ate our watermelon. There was severe lightning and a rain storm tonight. It burnt the school building.
Tue., Aug. 16.
We had 1.3" of rain last night. Trade was fine all day. We commenced house cleaning this a.m., but very little done. Emma and Robert were up and came home with me tonight. I bought a nice catfish this eve. I had my hair cut today.
Wed., Aug., 17.
We were busy cleaning the Store today, all day. Emma was up this a.m. and got two white waists and a tea-jacket.
Thurs., Aug. 18.
Rain, rain, rain!! We finished cleaning the Store this eve. Will wash the cases and windows tomorrow, and then we are ready for our new fall goods. Mrs. J. B. Cunningham and Cyrena took supper with us and spent the night.
Fri., Aug. 19.
It rained most all night and some today. I worked on the books all day. Trade was slow. We got the Store in fine shape for our new goods. Miss Lou and Angie were here awhile tonight. Robert was up to the Store all morning with me.
Sat., Aug. 20.
We got in lots and lots of new goods this a.m. We were busy all day. Trade was very nice. I got home at 10:30 p.m. Emma helped us out this eve at the Store.
Sun., Aug. 21.
It was very pretty most of the day, but awful, awful warm. We all attended Sunday School. Emma went to her preaching. Lem, Lewis and Angie came back form the World's Fair this a.m. I went up there awhile after Sunday School. Mattie R., Myn and Frank Burruss were over awhile this a.m. Myn sent us some fine cream tonight. We had rain and some wind tonight.
Mon., Aug. 22.
Today was very pretty and trade was nice all day. We got a good many of our goods marked and put away today.
Tue., Aug. 23.
(no entry)
Wed., Aug. 24.
Today has been an awful warm day. Taylor Casebolt commenced work for us this a.m. We got in a lot of new goods this morning. Emma and Robert went up to Excelsior Springs this eve, for a 10-day visit. I am awful, awful lonesome here at home!
Thurs., Aug. 25.
I'm taking my meals at Mrs. Jno. Burns now, with Emma away. I commenced last night, for supper. Today trade has been very light. I got a letter from Emma and Robert at Excelsior Springs, also one from Rettie this eve. I wrote to all three of them tonight. I had the grass cut in the backyard this eve.
Fri., Aug. 26.
Done some decorating at the Store today. I took dinner down at Miss Lou's. I got a nice letter from Emma and Robert and wrote them again this eve. I took Katherine to the "Ice-cream Supper" tonight at the M. E. Church.
Sat., Aug. 27.
It was a lovely day. Trade very fair. I got a note from Willie Cresap today, out at Rettie's. I am going out there tomorrow and stay until Monday, if no rain. I talked to Emma and Robert tonight over the Mo Valley phone at Excelsior....very, very plain! I got home at 10 p.m.
Sun., Aug. 28.
I got up this a.m. at 6 o'clock and got myself ready for breakfast at 7. Then I washed things up and cleaned out the ice box and got ready and drove out to Jim Long's. Willie Cresap and I attended Church. Then I spent the balance of the day and night with Retta and Jim. Retta and Willie had a fine dinner. I retired at 10:30 p.m. Mattie Myers brought me a letter from Emma out to Jim's this eve.
Mon., Aug. 29.
There was rain, but it was right small early this a.m. So I stayed with Rettie and Willie until after dinner. I brought Willie Cresap home with me at 5 p.m. I bought a watermelon on the road, for Willie. I retired at 10:30 p.m. It is very, very cool out.
Tue., Aug. 30.
It was gloomy most of the day. It sprinkled a little this eve. Trade was quiet. I took Mary a big lot of tomatoes this a.m. I got a letter from Emma at Excelsior this a.m., also one this eve. I swept the house all over today, at noon and tonight, and then dusted everything. Chris Wright finished our #2 this eve. Robert sent me a photo of he and Jesse Stier (Cunningham) on a postal card this a.m. It was real good.
Wed., Aug. 31.
I have fixed up, in part, #2 at the Store today. Trade was very, very dull. I went down to Mr. Mall's tonight and got a peck of peaches. I did a little work tonight at home, then took a bath and retired. It has been very warm today.


Thurs., Sept. 1. Fri., Sept. 2.
We had lots of wind and 3/4-inch of rainfall last night. But the sun came out pretty and bright most all today. The Sunday Schools all had a big picnic out at Lemmon's Grove. Emma, Robert and I went out and took our dinner. We had a nice day, a fine time and a good dinner. I came back at 3 p.m. and let Lem go out for the ballgame.
Sat., Sept. 3.
Today was very, very pretty all day. Trade, though, was very, very quiet. Very few in town. I went back to the Store tonight, but got home at 9:30 p.m.
Sun., Sept. 4.
Today was very pretty, but cool. We all attended our Sunday Schools. Robert went with me to Sunday School. We took a drive afterwards and up to see the ruins of the schoolhouse. Papa dined with us. Cyrena, Kate, and Mrs. Hays were here this eve and we ate a nice watermelon. Jesse and Lelia were here later. Emma went to Church tonight.
Mon., Sept. 5.
The "Miami Public School" opened this a.m., in Scott & Miller's Store. Also in Mrs. Dr. Edmond's cottage and at Dr. Wheeler's and in the city hall rooms. Today was real pretty and cool. Trade was fair. Emma put up a bushel of fine peaches today. We went down to Mall's tonight.
Tue., Sept. 6.
Today has been a very pretty day. Trade very fair. Emma and Robert started out to Rettie's this a.m., but met her at Mary's. I gave Retta a box of peaches. We took a little drive this eve. I fixed Robert "a camera" out of a cigar box yesterday.
Wed., Sept. 7.
Today has been a very pretty day. As I went to feed Jerry tonight a bumble-bee struck me in the back of the head and for awhile I felt awfully funny and sick.
Thurs., Sept. 8.
This has been a real pretty day, but cool. Lelia and Kate started to the World's Fair today. Emma and I went through our fruit today, at noon, in the cellar, and we re-sacked them all.
Fri., Sept. 9.
Today was real pretty, but trade was very, very quiet. Russell took away our "slop bucket" from the side of the house today and broke up a bumble-bee nest for us. I wrote Mary Woodson a letter today and sent her a white belt. Emma and I drove out to Retta's this eve and then I went on over to Uncle John's, at Joe's....he is doing very poorly. Retta had such a good supper tonight.
Sat., Sept. 10.
Today has been a real pretty day. Trade very fair, though not very many in town. Lem was not feeling well tonight, so he did not come back to the Store. Emma was up to the Store with me tonight. Home at 10 p.m.
Sun., Sept. 11. Mon., Sept. 12.
It was a lovely day. Lem was feeling somewhat better. Trade was fair. Mary Haynie was here tonight and we played Flinch. Wilse Hays brought "Ring" (Robert's dog) home this eve, from Jim Long's. We heard from Mrs. Shaw today.
Tue., Sept. 13.
It rained most all day. Trade quiet. I cut off R. H. Lemmon's carpet this a.m. and got his bill ready....a $58 bill. I also wrote up Jackson's wallpaper bill, $30. Miss Lou had Emma, Robert, Mary H., and I down tonight to play Flinch with the Misses Brewer and Gilliam.
Wed., Sept. 14.
Emma and I have been married 6-years tonight. Kate and Lelia got back from the World's Fair this eve. I mailed our second list of statements this eve. Lem was at the coal bank all day. Everything is all okay there. Cyrena and Kate were here tonight. I cleaned the wood house at noon.
Thurs., Sept. 15.
Today has been a very pretty day, though very cool. Trade was fair. I changed things a good deal at the Store today and took out the center table and put it upstairs. Emma and Robert were up to the Store and came home with me this eve. I covered up by celery tonight, to bleach it.
Fri., Sept. 16.
Today has been a beautiful day. Lem was at the coal bank all a.m. and he and Mary went out to Joe Miller's this eve, to see Uncle John. Rettie was in this a.m. I washed and cleaned up around the desk and the water bucket this a.m. Emma was at Church all eve, sewing on Lemmon's carpet. Lem and Mary used our buggy this eve to go to the country.
Sat., Sept. 17.
Today was real pretty, but very dusty and warm. The new seats for the school came today. Trade was very quiet. Mary H. and Kate stayed with Emma and Robert tonight. I got home, though, at 8:30 p.m.
Sun., Sept. 18.
There was heavy thunder this a.m. while the sun was out bright! Still no rain! We all attended Sunday School and Church. Emma, Robert and I went over the River today and spent the day with Mary Weir. As we were getting ready to cross back home Mr. Neve came by with his gasoline launch and brought us over. It was fine! It is cloudy, windy and stormy tonight.
Mon., Sept. 19.
We had a very, very hard wind storm last night and a heavy 2.90" rain. I framed four pictures for Retta today and sent them out by Jim this eve. Mary Haynie was here tonight and played Flinch awhile.
Tue., Sept. 20.
Today has been one gloomy, cool, damp day. It rained again last night. Trade was dull today....very few in town. I recovered our "Supper Ticket Box" today and the "Rebecca's" used it tonight at Dr. Wheeler's. Though it rained some....still they took in $26.10. Lem had two men to work all of last night on his engine boiler.
Wed., Sept. 21.
Today has been a very pretty day. But it was very, very cool. Trade quiet. Mr. Thos. S. Sibley died this a.m., near Slater. Mrs. Jno. A. Wood is very, very low. I made up a little memorandum for my St. Louis trip today, as Emma and I expect to be gone for a week....leaving in the a.m. Robert is going to stay with Mary and Kate, together.
Thurs., Sept. 22.
Emma and I left this a.m., for the great World's Fair trip, for one week. Little Robert is to stay with Mary and Kate. Newell and Russell commenced on my wood pile yesterday.
Fri., Sept. 23, to Thurs., Sept. 29.
World's Fair and buying goods.
Fri., Sept. 30.
World's Fair trip.....8-days....cost us $57. We traveled all night, coming home from the St. Louis World's Fair. I gave Mary a cut-glass cream and sugar this eve. Today has been a lovely day, but warm. Trade quiet.


Sat., Oct. 1.
We had 1.8" in rainfall last night. Today trade was very, very quiet. We got in some of the goods that I bought last Friday while in St. Louis. Robert got his drum and horn. Emma and Robert were up this eve, also tonight, and came home with me. Frank and Myn Burruss got home from their camping trip this eve.
Sun., Oct. 2.
I was up at 6:45 a.m. Robert and I attended our Sunday Schools. We also went to hear Bro. Peter Cobb, the new Methodist preacher (brother of W. B. Cobb who was here last year). Rettie and Mary were here this eve. We had a good, nice watermelon. Dr. Wheeler, Miss Lou, Cyrena and Angie got home from the World's Fair this eve. We attended Church again tonight.
Mon., Oct. 3.
Today was lovely, but cool. Jobe and I are carpeting Mr. G. N. Jackson's new house today. Mrs. Jno. A. Wood died this a.m., age 56-years old [Hubert's mother]. Emma sat up the last half of tonight, with Myn Burruss (with Mrs. Wood's corpse).
Tue., Oct. 4.
Mrs. Wood's funeral was this home, at 2:30 p.m. She was buried at 4 p.m. and there was a large crowd. It was a lovely, lovely grave....banked with beautiful flowers. We worked all morning on the Jackson house, but not this eve. Rettie and little Margaret were in this evening.
Wed., Oct. 5.
Partly cloudy and very cool. Emma and Robert spent today out to Aunt Ruth's. We finished the Jackson's new house today. Russell came very near getting all my wood in the wood house today. Emma and "Nee" at Prayer Meeting tonight. Charles Sohns, formerly of this place, died tonight in San Antonio, Texas.
Thurs., Oct. 6.
Very, very cool. We had a fire in our room tonight for the first time. I moved little Robert's bed in and he commenced sleeping in here for the winter. Mary Haynie was here tonight and we played Flinch and ate watermelon until 9 p.m.
Fri., Oct. 7.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Haynie got back from the World's Fair this a.m. Jobe and I put down Huston Lemmons carpets and his shades up this a.m. Lem and Jobe finished the M. S. Bank's linoleum job tonight. I fixed a box for Cyrena today, to send to Lizzie. Mrs. Joe Wilson finished bringing my wood today. Russell finished putting it away this eve.
Sat., Oct. 8.
Today has been a very pretty day. Trade fair.....$221. Slater played Carrollton a game of football here today. It was Slater=6 to Carrollton=0. Myn B. stayed with Emma and Robert tonight while I was at the Store.
Sun., Oct. 9.
I was up at 6:30 a.m. We all attended our Sunday Schools. We spent the balance of the day out at Jim and Retta's. It was windy and dusty most all day with a slight sprinkle last this eve. We got home at 6:30 p.m. There was no preaching in town at all today.
Mon., Oct. 10.
It rained .40" last night. We put down Huston Lemmons' hall carpet this a.m. We put down G. N. Jackson's stair carpet this eve and sold them $4.75 worth of stand covers. Mary H. and us were down to Dr. Wheeler's tonight and played Flinch with them and Mrs. Vanmeter.
Tue., Oct. 11.
Emma and Robert are spending today across the River. Papa went over to Rettie's again this eve. Jim Long went to the World's Fair today. I rode across the River this eve, on the ferryboat.
Wed., Oct. 12.
Today has been a real pretty day. Trade only fair. We got our rubbers, shirts, and underwear all straight today and brought down our blankets and comforts from upstairs. Emma and Mary were out calling this eve. Emma went to Prayer Meeting tonight. Mary Myers had a "Burruss dinner" today.
Thurs., Oct. 13.
Mrs. Mary Weir and Miss Mary Haynie took supper with us and spent the night with us. We had a big time playing Flinch. Dr. Wheeler went to the Indian Territory this eve. I put out all of our cloaks and overcoats on the rack today.
Fri., Oct. 14.
It was gloomy and cool all day. It sprinkled a little at noon. Emma took Mary Weir out to Joe Frank Burruss' this a.m. and went back after her this eve. She spent tonight with us and we all went to the "Christian Supper" tonight, for the children. We gave a gallon of ice-cream.
Sat., Oct. 15.
Today has been a real pretty day. Trade was fair although there were not very many in town. Emma and Robert went down to Miss Lou's tonight. I got home at 8:45 p.m. Russell dug my potatoes today. Wheeler Cunningham gave Robert 1/2 bu. of walnuts today.
Sun., Oct. 16.
Today has been one ideal day.....lovely and pleasant!! We attended Sunday School and Church. Then we took a long drive up to Mr. Chase's and got six watermelons. We left two at Uncle Joshua's [Reynolds], one at Lewis', and brought three home. Aunt Ruth (Hornbeck) was taken sick at the M. E. Church this a.m. Emma kept Mrs. Vanmeter's baby for her tonight as she and Miss Lou went to Church.
Mon., Oct. 17.
Today has been a lovely day.....clear, but cool. Emma and Cyrena went out to Aunt Ruth's (Reynolds) this a.m., to stay until tomorrow eve, the wedding time. Robert is with me. Kate Woodson came today. Robert and I played "band" tonight. These nights are lovely. Hallie and Elbert Dunlap had twin boys today, Dallas, Texas.
Tue., Oct. 18.
Today was lovely all day. Robert ate dinner with Mary Haynie. We went out to the marriage of Bettie (Reynolds) and Huston (Lemmons) this eve. Robert and I went out in the trap and brought Emma, Cyrena, and Mag Woodson home. The wedding went off nicely. Big supper and a nice large crowd. We got home at 11:30 p.m.
Wed., Oct. 19.
There was a big change in the weather today. It is now cold, windy and disagreeable. Cyrena, Emma and Robert went back out to Aunt Ruth's this a.m. and stayed until noon, helping to clean up. Emma and I wrote up Bettie and Huston's wedding for the paper tonight. It is cold. The fire feels good tonight.
Thurs., Oct. 20.
Today has been a very cool day.....gloomy, dusty, windy, disagreeable. Mary took our buggy out to Rettie's today. Emma and Robert were up to the Store today and came home with me tonight. We retired at 7:45 p.m. tonight. I posted books at the Store, all day long.
Fri., Oct. 21.
Another windy, disagreeable day. I finished posting books today. I had the stove put up at the Store yesterday eve. Emma had the "Wheeler Family" and their guest, Mrs. Vanmeter, up tonight for supper. There were ten of us in all. The wind blew down our screen in the garden today, at noon.
Sat., Oct. 22.
Today has been a very pretty day, but very cold. We have had a fire all day. Trade was nice....$131. I got home tonight at 10:30 p.m. Our furs and cloaks came today. Lem didn't get home today from St. Louis. Emma helped us this eve at the Store.
Sun., Oct. 23.
Very pretty out, but it has been the coldest morning yet.....29-degrees. Clear, cold and dusty. I drove down to the River this a.m. and met Lem from St. Louis. We all attended Sunday School. I talked with Lem at the Store today. Emma, Robert and I spent today out to Aunt Ruth's. We had a fine dinner. Wheeler Cunningham and Angie were here tonight.
Mon., Oct. 24.
I worked and fixed a place for the cloaks today. I marked them all and then arranged them upstairs. Emma helped me make a list of them. Emma cleaned the parlor today. Lem commenced on a big ad today.
Tue., Oct. 25.
Emma cleaned the back bedroom today. Trade was very, very nice today. Lem finished our ad sheet today and mailed it this eve. I fixed Emma her woodbox tonight after supper. Emma was up and sewed on a lot of buttons on the cloaks this eve.
Wed., Oct. 26.
Emma cleaned our room today. I helped her put down the carpet today, at noon. Trade was nice today. Lem and I printed a 45-foot sign tonight, from 7:30 to 11 p.m. Cyrena and Kate went out to a big party at Martin Hudson's. Miss Pet Bates married a Mr. Arnold tonight at Marshall. Emma and Robert were down to Miss Lou's tonight.
Thurs., Oct. 27.
Lovely day, but cool. Jobe was at Marshall all day. Emma cleaned the dining room today. Trade was fine all day.....$114. Lem and I printed another big sign tonight. Emma and Robert went to Miss Lou's tonight. These are lovely moonlight nights.
Fri., Oct. 28.
I fixed our underwear at Store all in separate bins today....also our dress shirts. I worked tonight until 9:30 p.m. Today was very pretty and trade was nice all day. Emma brought my supper up to the Store tonight. She and Robert were at Miss Lou's tonight. Emma cleaned the hall today.
Sat., Oct. 29.
A lovely day, but dusty. Trade was slow this a.m., but we were rushed all eve. Sold $122. I also worked on our underwear dept. I sold three cloaks this eve. I got home at 10 p.m.
Sun., Oct. 30.
A lovely, lovely day. We all attended Sunday School. Emma attended her Church. We took a drive out to Mrs. Jerry Robertson's after a basket of persimmons. We got them and they were fine, too. We drove on out to Rettie's, but they did not see us as they were not at home. We left them our card and some persimmons.
Mon., Oct. 31.
Lovely day. Trade nice....$117. I worked on changing stock and I printed nine signs for buggy tops tonight. Emma, Robert, Miss Lou, Cyrena, Kate, and so on, went up to see Bettie and "Huse" tonight, for Robert to serenade them (being it was Halloween night). Geo. Wilson left this eve.


Tue., Nov. 1.
Lovely day. Trade was slow. I done lots of work on changing stock. I printed eight signs tonight, for horse covers. I got home at 9:30 p.m. Emma and Robert made some fine candy tonight.
Wed., Nov. 2.
Lovely day. Trade was quiet. We got our batch of advertising matter this a.m. Emma cleaned the kitchen today. Rettie was in this eve. Emma and I put strings in 335 tags tonight. Retta Greenabaum was over awhile tonight. I had the shoes pulled off of "Jerry" yesterday a.m.
Thurs., Nov. 3.
Partly cloudy. Emma baked two nice cakes for tomorrow. She and Mary Haynie went across the River this eve. Taylor Casebolt and I covered three sugar-barrels today. Emma and I strung 200 more tags tonight. I printed two signs tonight, for the Baptist "Flower and Oyster Supper Election Day."
Fri., Nov. 4.
Today was partly cloudy. Lem went to DeWitt this a.m., after our goods that have been there for two weeks or more. We got two big loads in this eve. Aunt Ruth and Nettie took dinner with us today. "Huse" and Bettie didn't come. Miss Lou spent tonight in the country. Cyrena, Kate, and Angie, and Wheeler were here awhile. Lem gave Robert a "loop-the-loop" this eve.
Sat., Nov. 5.
Today was real pretty, but dusty. Trade was quiet this morning, but very brisk most of the eve. Lem and I printed quite a number of fence-signs for our "Closing Sale" tonight. I came home with a fearful sick-headache, stopping at Mrs. Greenabaum's for "Nee" and Kate.
Sun., Nov. 6.
Another lovely day. Still dusty. We all attended Sunday School. I resigned as Sec'y.-Treas. this a.m., of our Sunday School. Geo. W. Wilson succeeded me. Emma, Robert, and I took a long drive down to Sulphur Springs this eve, and around to see Mr. R. M. Huyett's new house. I went up to the Store and got a few things and then on home, where we remained for the night.
Mon., Nov. 7.
Today was lovely. Trade was nice. Taylor and I were down in the cellar all day, folding "handbills." We went out tonight and "billed the town" for our "Closing Out Sale." Then we came back and put up a 45-foot sign across the street. Retired at 12:30 a.m.
Tue., Nov. 8.
Lovely day. Trade was $113.06. "Election Day." There was a big crowd in town. Our sign shows up fine. We decorated four buggies this eve with sleigh bells, and sent them out on the street, advertising our Sale. We moved all of our showcases into the cellar tonight. Rettie and Jim took dinner with us today.
[From the Miami News: In the City Election, Tuesday, 117 votes were cast. The vote last year was 51. There were two tickets in the field, both bearing the names of John A. Dunlap for Mayor, and Richard W. Haynie for Marshal. There were no candidates for the office of City Attorney, the place being blank on both tickets. The vote was as follows:]

For Mayor:
John A. Dunlap.........115
J. D. Snelling........1
L. W. Haynie.........1

For City Attorney:
R. S. Edmonds........79
S. J. Wheeler........6

For Marshal:
R. W. Haynie........114

For Councilman, 1st Ward (1 year):
J. D. Snelling.......57
L. A. Myers........56
W. S. J. Bure.........1

For Councilman, 1st Ward (2 years):
J. M. Hisle........62
C. V. Davis........52

For Councilman, 2nd Ward (2 years):
J. F. Webster........59
W. L. Ayers........56

For Councilman, 3rd Ward (2 years):
J. F. Vaughan........61
A. A. Wheeler........53
L. W. Haynie..........1

Wed., Nov. 9.
Today was partly cloudy. Trade was very quiet. Lem made double-deckers for our counters today. We closed our Store tonight until Saturday a.m., at 8 o'clock. Emma was up and helped us today. I worked tonight until 10:30 p.m. Mary Haynie stayed with Emma and Robert.
Thurs., Nov. 10.
The Store was closed today. It was gloomy all day. It rained last night and all morning. We got lots and lots of work done today by being closed. Emma helped us this eve on the books. There was a "Methodist Flower Shower" today at Dunlap's Hall. Cyrena, Kate, Mary H. and Emma were at the Store tonight.
Fri., Nov. 11.
The Store was closed today. We had Mrs. Hays, Mrs. Pickett, the Misses Mary Haynie, Ethel Casebolt, Kate Wheeler, and Geo. Haynie helping us arrange things for the big Sale. We worked tonight until 10 p.m. Things are in fine shape.
Sat., Nov. 12.
Lovely day. We had 14-clerks in the Store today. We opened at 8 o'clock, and we were rushed from the start to 6 o'clock tonight when we had to close for good and pull down the shades. I had to keep the doors locked at 2 p.m., front and back, and even then we couldn't handle the trade. I worked until midnight getting things back in shape.
Sun., Nov. 13.
Lovely day. I was at home all day. Emma went to Church, both morning and night. Myn Burruss was over this a.m. Cyrena, Angie, Wheeler, and Ella Greenabaum were here this eve a long while. I certainly have sore fingers from yesterday. I didn't get up until 7:45 this morning.
Mon., Nov. 14.
Lovely day.....a busy one, too. Emma helped us all day.....$632. She and Robert went back tonight with me. Home at 11 p.m., tired and worn out.
Tues., Nov. 15.
Lovely day. Trade was fine all day.....busy as busy could be. Emma was up and played most of the eve for us. She and Robert were up to the Store again tonight and she also helped us get things in shape, and she fixed our hamburgs and laces.
Wed., Nov. 16.
Lovely day. Trade nice all day. I got home early for the first time in weeks. Judge Cooney died this morning, at Marshall.
Thurs., Nov. 17.
Today was real pretty......very, very warm. Trade nice. Emma worked on the books today for us. I got home to stay at 6:30 p.m. Mary and Lewis were over awhile tonight.
Fri., Nov. 18.
Today has been a very busy day. Trade was fine all day. Emma helped us to fix a lot of shoes tonight. She also attended her first "teachers meeting" tonight at Prof. C. H. Hitchborn's. I got home tonight at 10:30 o'clock. I took a bath and retired at 11:15 p.m., tired and worn out.
Sat., Nov. 19.
Lovely day, but the dust and wind were awful. We were as busy as we could be all day. Emma brought me my dinner and helped us out all eve. Lem tried one balloon this eve, but it burnt up. I tried two tonight, one burnt and the other one was all was fine and flew to Slater, we think! We sold over $300 today and $3100 this week. How is that for Myers Bros.!!? To bed at 12:15 a.m.
Sun., Nov. 20.
A lovely Sunday.....warm. I attended our Sunday School. I read my Sunday School report this a.m., then remained home the balance of the morning. We all three have awful bad colds. Emma and Robert did not attend Sunday School. We spent the eve at home. Wheeler Cunningham was up awhile tonight, also the Dr. and Miss Lou and Angie, and Mary Haynie.
Mon., Nov. 21.
A lovely Trade nice. Mary Haynie went to work again today. Elbert Dunlap and "little Hallie" were here today. I put out 16-pair more of shoes today. I worked awhile tonight. Mary H. stayed with Emma.
Tue., Nov. 22.
Today was very, very pretty. I stayed home all morning. Elbert, with Dr. Wheeler, cut a lump from Emma's neck this morning. Aunt Courtney commenced work for us today, at noon, while Emma is sick. I was at the Store all eve. Cyrena stayed with Emma all eve. I got home early tonight.
Wed., Nov. 23.
It was a lovely day, but a little windy. Emma is getting along nicely today. We had our "full-force" of clerks today, but, though trade was nice....nothing rushing. Rettie was in this eve. She was over to see Emma awhile. We sent up four balloons this eve. All of them went fine. Mary was over tonight. Cyrena and Kate were also here. Cyrena got herself a new raincoat tonight.
Thurs., Nov. 24.
"Thanksgiving Day" It was lovely out. Robert and I went out to Rettie's today, to spend the day. We took Mary with us, then Lem and Lewis came afterwards. Papa was already out there. Rettie had a fine dinner. Willie Cresap was also there. Emma was down home and spent the day, as she was not able to travel. We got home at 5:30 p.m. Jim got back from Kansas City just as we arrived. He brought Rettie a pretty coat, and coats for Margaret and Geo. Jack also.
Fri., Nov. 25.
A very pretty day. Trade was nice. I worked on stock quite a good deal. I got a big lot of remnants out. I worked tonight until 9:30 p.m. Today Papa and Dick Woodson took dinner with us. Mrs. Greenabaum and Lottie were over tonight, also Mary Haynie. It was a lovely night. There was a party at Jim Wheeler's tonight. I printed two signs for B. I. Patrick (?) this morning.
Sat., Nov. 26.
This was "Myers Bros. Wagon Load Day." Jim Chilcott came in with a big load of 52 people, not counting himself. It was a lovely day. Trade was $742. Emma sent me my dinner. I got home for a hot supper, then home for good at 10 p.m. Cyrena and Dick Woodson stayed with Emma and Robert tonight.
Sun., Nov. 27.
Partly cloudy. I did not attend Sunday School or Church. I was at home all day. I have an awful deep cold. I worked all a.m. for Emma. Cyrena and Angie were here all eve. Kate and Dick Woodson came for lunch and tonight.
Mon., Nov. 28.
Partly cloudy... windy and dusty. Trade was very nice. I worked on the remnants all day, for Wednesday. "Split Foot" entertains tonight. I brought oysters home tonight and had Aunt Courtney to fry them for us. Robert and I have awful colds.
Tue., Nov. 29.
Today has been a lovely day overhead, but awful dusty. I worked on remnants. I made three signs tonight (remnant signs). I got a letter from Hallie. Emma and Robert stayed by themselves tonight. I got home at 9:30 p.m.
Wed., Nov. 30.
I put out 365 remnants this a.m., and later I put out 125 more. We went over the $5,000 mark today. How is that for sales!! Trade was nice today. Emma and Robert were down home tonight. I made a big sign tonight.


Thurs., Dec. 1.
Today trade was quiet. Mary Haynie and I worked upstairs most all day, marking curtains, cloaks, rugs, and carpet samples. It was very windy out, though the sun was out awhile. Rettie was at Mary's today. Our sales to last night were $5,100. Clara Kile was married today, to Mr. John Guthrey. They will live in Tampico, Old Mexico.
Fri., Dec. 2.
Cold, dark and windy. Trade very, very quiet. Our big cut and ad tomorrow will say "Last Call." I changed the Store some today, with new red banners. I worked awhile tonight. Wheeler and Angie were over awhile tonight.
Sat., Dec. 3.
Today has been a very pretty day, though very cold. Trade was just fine all day. Emma sent me my dinner. I didn't get home until 10 p.m. Mary Haynie, Cyrena, and Kate were with Emma tonight.
Sun., Dec. 4.
Cold, gloomy and dark. I attended Sunday School, then talked with Papa awhile. Then I was at home for the balance of the day. Wheeler, Angie and Miss Mary Sweeney were here awhile this eve....also Myn Burruss.
Mon., Dec. 5.
Today was partly cloudy. A half-inch of snow fell last night. We were busy all day long. Big trade. We put in two show cases from the cellar today. Mary Haynie was over tonight and we played Flinch. Myn B. was over for awhile also.
Tue., Dec. 6.
Lovely day. The snow is all gone. Trade was nice today. We put two more show cases in our Store today from the cellar. I worked tonight until 9:30 p.m. Emma and Robert were down home. We brought all of our clothing downstairs today. Mrs. Ella Greenabeaum and Mr. Jno. Miller were married this a.m., at the parsonage.
Wed., Dec. 7.
Today was very, very pretty. Trade was fine all day, $94. Lem and Mary went to Marshall. Joe Frank Burruss' horse ran away this eve and tore it up and threw Nannie Vaughan out, but she was not very much hurt. We sold our buggy last eve, for $ Mrs. C. G. Vaughan.
Thurs., Dec. 8.
Lovely day. Trade nice, $92. I worked upstairs all day, getting things in shape. I got out the Christmas goods today. I worked tonight until 9:30 p.m. Miss Lou and Emma and Robert spent today out at Rettie's. I took dinner with Cyrena and Kate. Cyrena was here tonight.
Fri., Dec. 9.
Partly cloudy. Trade fine, $152. I put our Christmas goods out tonight, and worked tonight until 10 p.m. I sold my harness to Mrs. C. G. Vaughan last eve (buggy and harness = $50). Emma and Robert were uptown this eve and brought me my supper. I printed three signs tonight. Little Robert got a pair of mittens this eve at G. T. Taylor's Store.
Sat., Dec. 10.
Today ends our "Great Closing Out Sale." We have had another big day, $307. We have sold, in the 23-day sale, $6,176. We cleaned off the front of all signs tonight. We commence invoicing on Monday morning. Cyrena sick, so I went down after Katherine to stay with Emma while I was at the Store tonight.
Sun., Dec. 11.
I was up at 7:10 a.m. Gloomy, cold, and raining. We didn't attend Sunday School this a.m. Jobe was here a few minutes this morning. It rained a little this a.m., and then it turned into snow and, up to 5 p.m., it had amounted to 3". I made a big snowman for Robert this eve. We had "snow cream" for dinner. Mary Haynie and Angie were here this eve.
Mon., Dec. 12.
Today has been a real pretty day, but cold! We commenced invoicing today. Trade, though, was real good. Mary Haynie, Cyrena and Kate were here tonight. Emma made us some fine candy tonight. We sold our folding bed this eve, to Aunt Dora for $40.
Tue., Dec. 13.
I spent most of the morning waiting on trade. Invoiced part of the underwear today. I picked out souvenirs for the wagon load this eve. Mary Haynie was over tonight.
Wed., Dec. 14.
Today was partly cloudy. Trade was nice. We invoiced quite a good deal today. I mailed our wagon souvenirs today (52). Cyrena was here tonight. I got a pair of shoes today from Newt, for Elbert.
Thurs., Dec. 15.
Cloudy all day. We invoiced all day. Miss Bishop got her dress pattern this eve and Miss Haynie picked out the cloth for her tailor-made suit. I worked on the Christian Bazaar Booth tonight. Cyrena and Kate were here tonight again. It is lovely out tonight.
Fri., Dec. 16.
Cloudy and snowing the best part of the day. I printed a big sign for the Bazaar today and put it up. Emma and I took lunch at the Bazaar today. Emma was there all day. Cyrena kept Robert for us. We had a big mail arrive here today. The River blocked here last night for the first time this season. Retta was in this eve.
Sat., Dec. 17.
It was gloomy all day. Trade quiet. It spit snow for awhile. Emma was up at the Bazaar all day. I got home tonight at 9 p.m. Little Robert had a fine time, casting, this a.m. His Aunt Mame (Mary) gave him some candy from the Bazaar tonight.
Sun., Dec. 18.
I was up at 7 a.m. I attended Sunday School. Then I went to the Store and wrote a letter to Elbert and Hallie. Emma attended Sunday School and Church. Wheeler Cunningham, Lottie Greenabaum, and Kate Wheeler were here this eve. It rained awhile and snowed awhile today. Robert stayed with Ella Greenabaum tonight when Emma and I went to Church.
Mon., Dec. 19.
Today has been a very dark, gloomy, dull day. I got Elbert's shoes off to him today. We invoiced all day. Cyrena and Kate were over tonight.
Tue., Dec. 20.
Gloomy! Trade was fair. I mailed a package to Mary Weir. We invoiced some today. Emma, Robert and I were around to Geo. and Lutie's tonight, helping to pick out nuts for their Christmas candy. A lovely, lovely night.
Wed., Dec. 21.
Still invoicing. Trade was very nice today. Emma and Cyrena made 17-lbs of candy this eve. Cyrena was with us for supper. Cyrena, Kate, and Emma were to Prayer Meeting tonight.
Thurs., Dec. 22.
Gloomy....and trade was quiet. The ice in the Mo River went out this eve at 5 p.m. No mail tonight. I covered a trunk for little Margaret this eve. I went home this eve with a severe sick headache. I brought Robert some fire-crackers tonight.
Fri., Dec. 23.
Today has been gloomy. Trade, though, was very good. Emma had a crowd over tonight, filling sacks with candy, for Christmas. I worked at the Store for awhile tonight.
Sat., Dec. 24.
Another gloomy day.....drizzling rain most all day. Trade, though, was nice. I took Papa's and Mary's things up tonight, also my own over home and Miss Lou's down home tonight. I sent Miss Ada Switzer a box of fruit, oysters, and raisins tonight. I got home at 10:30 p.m.
Sun., Dec. 25.
"Christmas Day" It was gloomy all day long. Neither one of us attended Sunday School or Church this a.m. This was the biggest Christmas in our lives! Presents upon presents! Robert, Emma and I gave 39 gifts and we were certainly remembered by lots in return. So many, many nice presents! We spent the day down at the Dr.'s. It was the best dinner I ever sat down to. Lewis came over tonight as we went to Church.
Mon., Dec. 26.
This has certainly been one dark, gloomy, bad, dull day! It rained all day (.89"). I got home early tonight. We went down to Dr. Wheeler's and played Flinch tonight. As it was raining and sleeting, Mary Haynie stayed all night with us. Cyrena took supper with us. We invoiced all the shoes and rubbers today. The Methodists had a candy-pull tonight.
Tue., Dec. 27.
Snowing, blowing and cold! Dark and gloomy all day. Trade was very, very quiet. We finished our invoice today. We had more than 6-inches of snow last night and today. Cyrena and Kate and their crowd had a party at Mr. and Mrs. B.'s tonight. No mail today.
Wed., Dec. 28.
This was the coldest morning yet....1-degree below. The River almost blocked again. No mails today. I took down the underwear racks, then I boxed and relabeled all of it. Today was pretty. "Nee" and Kate gave us some fine nut-cream for dinner. Cyrena and Kate had a "chafing dish party." We went down to it and Robert had his fireworks.
Thurs., Dec. 29.
It was a real pretty day. The River blocked here again last night, for the second time. We got a big mail today. Emma gave Miss Lou her begonia today. The "Fancy Work Club" entertained tonight at Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Hawkins. Emma attended and I kept Robert. Cyrena was here and took supper.
Fri., Dec. 30.
We are busy now cleaning house and overhauling stock...from one end to the other. I cleaned the upstairs from one end to the other today and now have it in good shape. Remember little Robert's fire.....rug, carpet, and couch! Emma and Robert went up to Mary's this eve. I am tired and worn out tonight.
Sat., Dec. 31.
Miss Mamie Grady and Cyrena entertained eight-couples here tonight. I fixed the dining room table with ribbons for them. Emma baked them a cake. I fixed the word "Leap Year," then cut the letters in half....then everyone drew a half and matched up the whole letter for their dinner-partner. I was at the Store tonight until 9:30 p.m. It was a very pretty day, but the roads are bad. Trade was dull.

End of 1904


Article from the Miami News re: the fire of April 21, 1904....

Another Destructive Fire
Fire, which was discovered at an early hour yesterday morning, destroyed the two story frame harness shop occupied by C. H. Nichols and the photograph gallery of Mrs. Nichols in the second story, the two-story frame restaurant and lodging house of Z. T. Casebolt and his stock of groceries, the one-story iron covered building owned by Dr. Grady and occupied by Layson Carr as a barber shop, and Dr. H. D. Grady and Dr. A. R. Edmonds as an office, and the two-story brick livery barn of Joe Hightower. It was the largest fire that has ever occurred in Miami.
The photograph gallery building was owned by Mrs. A. R. Edmonds and was a total loss; insurance $200. Insurance on the harness stock, tools, and photographic stock was $500; Mr. Nichols saved nothing.
The restaurant building was owned by W. T. Utley; insurance on building $500; Mr. Casebolt had $1000 on contents. Both were total losses.
Dr. Grady's building was insured for $500. The contents were saved. Mr. Carr lost a few barber's tools, but saved nearly everything.
Joe Hightower had $1500 insurance on his building, which was a total loss. He had $1500 on contents. The horses and vehicles were saved. A quantity of feed was lost.
The origin of the fire is unknown. Carl Parrish, who sleeps in Scott & Miller's Store, was awakened by the light at 12:30 and was one of the first on the scene. He says that the gallery building was enveloped in flames and the restaurant had ignited when he arrived. He awakened Z. T. Casebolt who had to lead out a guest, a piano man representing a Kansas City firm, by the hand.
Joe Hightower says he will put his horses on pasture for the present, and has made no plans for the future. His barn was one of the best in the county and his loss is heavy.
Charley Nichols is trying to make arrangements to resume business. His loss comes right at the busy season. He estimates his loss at several hundred dollars.
Z. T. Casebolt says he don't know what he will do. He estimates his loss at $800 to $1000 above insurance.
Layson Carr has opened his barber shop in the post office building.
Drs. Edmonds and Grady have temporary quarters at the News office.
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