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The Diary of Wilbert S. Myers

Miami, Saline, MO


Sun., Jan. 1, 1905
Very pretty and warm. I went to bed at 1 a.m. and got up at 7. Attended Sunday School and Church. We spent the day at J. W. Wheeler's, and we also called to see Miss Ada Switzer. Emma was at Church tonight and Robert and I were home. This diary was given to me, compliments of J. W. Wheeler.
Postcard of The Christian Church, Miami, MO Mon., Jan. 2.
It spit snow all day. We were busy cleaning house all day. Cyrena, Kate and Mary Haynie were here tonight and we played Flinch until 10 p.m.
Tue., Jan. 3.
It was very pretty all day. I worked on stock today. By tomorrow eve we expect to have the Store complete and in fine shape. Angie Wheeler and Wheeler Cunningham were here this eve, or tonight, rather. Also Miss Lou and Cyrena stopped by after Church.
Wed., Jan. 4.
A bright, pretty day. We finished cleaning house this eve and had Aunt Pass to scour the Store out for us tonight. Robert went to see Wilbur Hitchborn this afternoon. Emma and I attended Church tonight and Robert stayed with Etta Greenabaum.
Above is a postcard photo of the Miami Christian Church, and at left is a photo from the scrapbook of W. S. Myers. The postcard is not dated, but I believe it is the same church. Anyway, this is Emma's church, and, in particular the church of her grandfather, David Vaughan.
Thurs., Jan. 5.
Today it has spit snow most all day. We now have the Store in fine shape, upstairs and down. I got home early tonight. We did not attend Church. Myn Burruss had a "blow out" tonight.
Fri., Jan. 6.
Partly cloudy and spitting snow. Trade dull. I cleaned off all the files today, of bills, letters, and receipts. I also worked some on the books. Miss Lou and the girls were at Sam Grady's today for dinner. Dr. Wheeler has gone to Grand Pass. Emma and I went to Church tonight. Robert was at Miss Long's tonight. Old Uncle Isaac Carter died this eve. He was 79-years old.
Sat., Jan. 7.
It was spitting snow most all day. Cloudy, cold, and no mail. Trade was very, very dull. I sold "Old Jerry's" saddle and bridle today for $36.50, to William Chilcott. Emma went down home tonight. I got off the amount on ledger this Jan. 1, 1905 ($5,300). I got home at 9:30 p.m.
Sun., Jan. 8.
Up at 7 a.m. It was cold and gloomy. Emma attended Sunday School and Church this a.m. I stayed at the house with Robert. I attended Uncle Isaac Carter's funeral service this eve, both at the Church and the grave. Emma, Robert and I were at Mary's awhile this eve. Emma and Mrs. B. attended Church tonight. I stayed home with Robert. Uncle Jim Vaughan was here this eve awhile. Also Mrs. B., twice.
Mon., Jan. 9.
Today has been a very cold one. We were busy all day making out statements of accounts from the ledger. John went to Marshall this a.m., for a two-weeks jury. It spit snow most of the day. I went through a lot of letters tonight.
Tue., Jan. 10.
It was sure enough cold all day! Snowed all day. I finished the statements this eve. I swept out and dusted and was home by 5:45 p.m. No mail this eve. The "Fancy Work Club" met with Emma this eve. I washed the dinner dishes for Emma.
Wed., Jan. 11.
Today has been one real disagreeable day. Snow, sleet and rain most all day. I posted the books this a.m. Lem and I invoiced the fixtures at the Store this eve. Taylor Casebolt went to Shackelford this eve. We ate supper tonight at Dr. A. A. Wheeler's and we played Flinch until 9:15 p.m. John got back from Marshall this eve, late.
Thurs., Jan. 12.
It was a very, very cold day, though very pretty. Trade fair. Taylor is at Shackelford today. We got some freight across the River this eve. Dr. Wheeler and Mary H. were here tonight and we played Flinch until 9:45 p.m.
Fri., Jan. 13.
Pretty and clear, but real this a.m. They are getting 6-inch ice from the River. I printed a Banner today for our Sunday School....."The Apostle's Creed." The Rebecca Lodge gave a big banquet tonight. Emma was invited, and attended. Wib was left at home. No invitation. Robert and I had a good time together tonight. Retired at 10:30 p.m.
Sat., Jan. 14.
Last night was our coldest night this winter.....five-degrees below. Trade very quiet. Mrs. J. B. C. took dinner with us. I got home at 8 p.m. for good. Dr. Wheeler was here and we all played Flinch until 9 p.m.
Sun., Jan. 15.
COLD.....but very, very pretty out. I attended Sunday School, then went over to see Papa for awhile. I spent the balance of the day at home. Miss Lou and Cyrena were here this eve. Emma went to Church this a.m., but not tonight. Robert had on his first skates this morning. They were the skates of Angie Wheeler and his grandpa Wheeler.
Mon., Jan. 16.
A lovely day, but cold! I took Robert over on the River today at noon, on his little sled to see them cut ice. They were getting out 10 to 12-inch thick ice. Twenty two wagons were running today. I have been printing "The 10 Commandments" off today for our Sunday School.....also the Apostles Creed, for Mrs. C. V. Davis. Emma and her sister (Mrs. J. B. C.) were out calling this eve.
Tue., Jan. 17.
Emma and I attended Church tonight. I done some work for Sunday School today. I finished the "Ten Commandments".......printing a banner. They were putting up 12-inch ice from the River today.
Wed., Jan. 18.
Gloomy.....drizzling rain. Trade, though, was good. I wrote up the Christian Church Record today. Cyrena and Kate went up to Excelsior Springs this eve. Syd left for Sioux City, Iowa, this eve. Mary Haynie was over tonight and we played Flinch until 10 p.m.
Thurs., Jan. 19.
Very pretty all day. I worked on the wallpaper dept. all day. Trade very nice. Emma was up awhile this eve. I got four pretty rugs in today, for Mrs. G. W. Jackson. Mrs. B. has Lem and Mary and others over tonight for dinner.
Fri., Jan. 20.
Today pretty. I finished the wallpaper and border dept. today, also the book. I changed the windows and put up some "Royal Tailor's Pictures." I put out all three of our new sample books today. Lem was down to Mrs. C. G. Vaughan's this eve. Emma and Robert were up this eve and came home with me.
Sat., Jan. 21.
Today was real pretty, but COLD. Lem was out to the "coal bank" all day. John was at home, sick, all eve. We had a nice trade all eve. Mary Haynie helped us out this eve. Lem and Mary were at George Haynie's tonight, for supper. I got home at 9 p.m. Lovely, lovely night.
Sun., Jan. 22.
Lovely, lovely day.....cold! At home all day, but Emma went to Sunday School and Church, and back to Church tonight. Lem and Mary were over this eve. Also R. H. Lemmon's and wife were here. We were down to Miss Lou's awhile tonight and ate "cream." Emma went to Church tonight with Dr. and Miss Lou. Wheeler Cunningham stayed with Robert and I. Mrs. Sam Robertson was buried here today.
Mon., Jan. 23.
Today was very cold. Trade quiet. Emma and Robert were uptown this eve. Emma got Robert a little pair of skates this eve, with double runners. We attended Church. The Meeting closed tonight. Robert stayed with Ella Greenabaum tonight.
Tue., Jan. 24.
Today was cold....6-degrees above at 7 a.m. It was 4-degrees above at 2 p.m. and 1-degree below at 6 p.m. Dr. Switzer worked on my teeth this eve. I made out a "weather report" for the News this a.m. Robert spent the morning at the Store and the afternoon at Grandma's. Emma went to "fancy-work" this eve. She came home with me at 6 p.m. It was good and cold tonight.
Wed., Jan. 25.
This was the coldest morning yet.....10-degrees below. We all dined at Mrs. William Bates' today. She had a fine dinner, too! Robert was up to the Store awhile today. I got home at 5:30 p.m. I ordered me a new suit yesterday.
Thurs., Jan. 26.
Partly cloudy. Trade was nice today. I worked on my "Book of Dates" today. Dr. Switzer worked on my teeth today, again. Mary Haynie was over tonight and we played thirteen games of Flinch. I won six of them. It was a good deal warmer tonight. Dr. Wheeler and Jim Vaughan were putting up ice today.
Fri., Jan. 27.
Today was real pretty. Trade was fair. It was not so cold today. I printed two signs today for the Barber Shop. Robert was up to the Store this eve. Emma called on Mrs. Webster this eve. Emma and I played Flinch. I got three out of five tonight. I got all bathed and retired at 9:30 p.m.
Sat., Jan. 28.
Today was very pretty. Trade was nice all day. I came home at 7 p.m. tonight, for good! Dunlap Davis brought me a load of wood last eve. They are putting up 13-inch ice from the River today.A postcard photo of the Presbyterian Church, Miami, Mo., about 1898
At right is the Presbyterian Church of Miami, Mo. This was where W. S. Myers attended Church.
Sun., Jan. 29.
A very pretty day. I was up at 7:15 a.m. I helped Emma and we all went to our Sunday Schools. Robert game Grandpa Myers a 1905 Worlds Almanac for his 77th birthday today. We spent the balance of the day at home. Mary Haynie was over awhile tonight and we tried a "magic lantern" of Lewis, for Robert.....but it was not much good. Wheeler Cunningham, Angie Wheeler, and Otis G. were here today.
Mon., Jan. 30.
It was gloomy all day, though trade was nice. It spit snow all day. I worked on the books some. Got home at 6:30 p.m. Mrs. S. O. Grady is spending today at Miss Lou's.
Tue., Jan. 31.
Today was partly cloudy. Trade nice. We sold $530 this month. I worked on statements all day. Emma had $9.00 worth of dentist work done today. Little Robert had his second little filling put in today.


Wed., Feb. 1.
About .25" snow fell last night. It was pretty, but very, very cold. It was 9-degrees above at 7 a.m., only 5-degrees above at 2 p.m. Lem left us this eve for a trip West. He stopped at Carrollton for tonight. I mailed our second lot of statements for this year today.
Thurs.., Feb. 2.
It was 14-degrees below this a.m. I got a letter from Lem at Carrollton. Dr. Switzer worked on my teeth this a.m. I was up to see Mary a few minutes this a.m. Russell sawed me some wood today. I wrote to Mr. Kirk, East St. Louis, this eve. Lem was in Kansas City tonight.
Fri., Feb. 3.
It was 7-degrees below this a.m. A very pretty day. I was up at Mary's this a.m. I mailed the letter to Mr. Kirk at East St. Louis, Ill. I talked with Lem at noon, at Kansas City. He left at 1 p.m. for Colorado. I have an awful cold. I hurt my wrist today. I fixed a Sunday School record book today for George Wilson. We had 1.96" snow last eve.
Sat., Feb. 4.
This has been another real cold day, but very pretty. Trade was very nice, considering things. I have an awful bad cold and have felt bad all day. Jim Long is in bed with grip. I got home tonight at 8:30 p.m. Mary and Cyrena stayed with Emma and Robert tonight.
Sun., Feb. 5.
A big 10" of snow fell last night. I haven't had my head out the door today. Have a fearful cold. I had Wheeler Cunningham to clean my walks off today. All of us stayed indoors today. The sun was out awhile. Angie was here this eve. Wheeler ate dinner with us. It was snowing again this eve, late. Myn and Frank Burruss are at "Sugartree."
Mon., Feb. 6.
Lovely day. I went up to the Store at 10 a.m. and stayed until 1:30 p.m. I was not well so spent the balance of the day at home. We got in the dry goods that Lem bought in Kansas City. Rettie was in this eve and came over to see me (her and Mary). Emma was over to see Lottie Greenabaum, who is sick, awhile this eve. I worked up Lewis' "coal books" this eve. "Auntie" took little Robert on his first sleigh-ride this eve.
Tue., Feb. 7.
Gloomy and cold most of day. Trade fair. I as at the Store all day. I made out a "coal report" this eve, so as to keep the record correct for Lem while he is away. Mary Haynie and "Nee" [Robert's name for his Aunt Cyrena Wheeler] were here tonight and we played Flinch to a finish. Emma had some good candy for us tonight. Robert has had his first toothache the last few days.
Wed., Feb. 8.
We had another 5 1/2" of snow to fall last night. We were both awake all last night with little Robert, who had a toothache. He has been unwell all day. I got Aunt Courtney to do Emma's work. Trade was fair today. I had the snow cleaned off of the Store roof this eve. There is 15 1/2" of snow now on the ground. Miss Lou and Rettie were here this eve. Mary Haynie was here awhile tonight.
Thurs., Feb. 9.
Very pretty day. Trade fair. I spent most of the day going through a lot of my old letters. I got home at 5:30 p.m. Robert is still quite sick. I sold Aunt Dora our dining room matting and three window shades....the matting for $1.25 and the shades for 15-cents each.
Fri., Feb. 10.
Lovely day. Trade, though, was quiet. I spent most of the day going through a lot of my old letters upstairs. There is a big snow on the ground and it is cold. Mary Myers is entertaining her Sunday School class at her house tonight. Robert is still real bad off with his jaw.
Sat., Feb. 11.
It snowed all day long. There is 18 1/2" snow on the ground now and it is still coming down tonight. I wrote Lem a long letter today and mailed it to Lyt. Trade was quiet today. Robert still about the same. Mary Haynie is with Emma and Robert tonight. I got home at 9 p.m.
Sun., Feb. 12.
Very, very pretty.....but very, very cold! It was below zero all day. I cleaned the paths of snow this a.m. and spent the balance of the day in the house. Emma attended her Sunday School. Cyrena took dinner with us and spent the eve. "Mrs. B." was over awhile this eve. Dr. Wheeler was here awhile tonight and brought Robert a fine bowl of snow-cream. At 6 o'clock tonight it was 10-degrees below zero. Robert was a good deal better today.
Mon., Feb. 13.
Last night was our coldest.......26-degrees below zero. And it was cold all day. Trade was very, very quiet. We ate breakfast at 9 a.m., but I had no dinner. I came home at 4 p.m. for good and ate supper at 5 p.m. I printed a 15-foot sign for "Roe and Casebolt's Closing Out Sale." Miss Lou and Mrs. Hays stayed with Emma this eve. Robert was a great deal better.
Tue., Feb. 14.
"Valentines Day." Robert got a cute Valentine today from Kate, at Excelsior Springs. He also got one from his Sunday School teacher, Miss Sweeney. Also some "comic Valentines" that I fixed up for him. Cyrena and Mary Haynie were here tonight and we had a fine time playing Flinch. Today has been a cold, windy, snowy, disagreeable day!!!
Wed., Feb. 15.
Today was pretty and clear. Very cold. It was 9-degrees below again this a.m. Trade, though, was very nice. I worked on "stencilling outfits" today. Robert was over to see "Dottie" this eve, the first time he has been out for ten days, or more. Aunt Courtney quit us today.
Thurs., Feb. 16.
Today was all kinds of a day.....the sun was out awhile, it was cloudy awhile, and it snowed awhile. Trade was fair. Emma has a deep cold. I gave Robert a nickel today for catching a mouse. Emma also gave him one. Cyrena was here tonight and made some fine candy for us. Dr. and Miss Lou, Angie, and Wheeler Cunningham were also here tonight. We played Flinch good...........!
Fri., Feb. 17.
Today has been another real pretty day. Trade, though, was slow. I finished burning the balance of my old letters today after saving what few I want to keep. Wheeler and Angie were here tonight. Russell cleaned the snow off the top of our back porch today.
Sat., Feb. 18.
A very pretty day, though trade was quiet. Too many snow drifts for many to come into town. Rettie was in and took dinner with us. Robert and I took a sleigh-ride up to Willie Cresaps and back, for Rettie. Mary Myers was in bed with a sick headache all day. I wrote a letter to Lem this eve and gave him a report of our weeks work. Kate came home from Excelsior Springs today.
Sun., Feb. 19.
A very pretty day. It snowed good at noon, but melted as it came down. It is so warm. I attended Sunday School. Then I went over to Mary's for awhile. Emma and I attended Mr. Godman's baby's funeral at 3 p.m. Kate spent part of the eve with us. Cyrena was here also. Wheeler Cunningham brought us up some fine cream tonight.
Mon., Feb. 20.
Today was cloudy most all day. Trade was very good. Myn and Frank Burruss left us today. They moved up to the Hooper house. Cyrena went out to Uncle Joshua's [Reynold's] today. Emma and I went down to Miss Lou's tonight to platy Flinch, the first time in a long time. Little Robert had his first tooth pulled this eve, by Dr. Switzer.
Tue., Feb. 21.
A lovely day. Warm. The melting snow is leaving us rapidly. The water was about to flood us at the Store, but, at last, we got it fixed. Trade was very nice. John is helping Myn Burruss this eve, again. I printed a few signs today for "Dr. F. W. Switzer." Emma rubbed-up all of our chairs this eve and also our kitchen cabinet which looks like new. Myn Burruss is 30-years-old today.
Wed., Feb. 22.
This is Mary Myers' birthday. Little Robert gave here a little dish. Emma had a nice dinner today and I froze a freezer of cream for here this a.m. We had Mary, Papa, Lewis, Retta, and Master George Jackson Long to dine with us. Emma and I attended the Fancy-work club's "party" tonight, at George Haynie's. I wore my new suit and shoes for the first time.
Thurs., Feb. 23.
Today was very, very warm! The snow left us in large quantity today. Trade was real nice....mostly cash. The roads, though, are so bad that very few made it to town. Robert was up to the Store most all eve, so Emma came up later and we all came home together, early. I wrote to Lem today, also to Mr. Buckner at Marshall.
Fri., Feb. 24.
Today was mostly cloudy. It rained a little last night. Trade was fair today. I got home at 6 p.m. Mary Haynie was over tonight and we played Flinch. Wheeler C. was here with Robert tonight. Miss Lou, Cyrena, Katheryn, and Angie came later. Katheryn gave us one of her pictures this eve.
Sat., Feb. 25.
Very pretty all day. Trade was nice.....$67. The roads are awful. I got a telegram from Lem this eve, in Whittier, California. Emma and Robert were down to Miss Lou's tonight. I got home at 10 p.m.
Sun., Feb. 26.
Very, very pretty most all day. We all attended our Sunday Schools. Emma and Robert were at the Store awhile with me this a.m. I fixed up our "Farewell Closing Sale" ad. I went through my trunk of diaries and old relics this afternoon. I went over to see Mr. Wilse Hays awhile this eve. Miss Clark, Miss Ella Parrish, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Davis, Cyrena, Mary, Lewis, Wheeler, Angie, and Mary Haynie were here this eve.
Mon., Feb. 27.
The River broke up for the third time this a.m., at 1:30 o'clock. Today has been very pretty and trade very nice. I got up a page ad today. I painted two signs this eve for our removal sale. Emma was up and addressed a lot of envelopes for us this eve. Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Mary Haynie, "Nee", Kate, and "Lulee" Wheeler were here tonight and played Flinch.
Tue., Feb. 28.
Today has been very, very pretty and warm......61-degrees at 2 p.m. Trade was very, very nice. I got a letter from Lem. I put up our "Removal Sale" sign this eve. I had our sign bills posted up over town and put in the homes. At the Store at 7 o'clock this a.m. and got out other bills for all are up and mailed. Papa dined with us. I was at the Store tonight until 10 p.m., working on the books.


Wed., Mar. 1.
Our "removal sale" opens today, from the 1st to the 16th (a 14-day sale). We had a nice sale today, $66. Not rushing, but a steady sale. Emma and Robert were up this eve and came home with me. Mary Haynie, Cyrena, Kate and Wheeler were here tonight. We played Flinch.
Thurs., Mar. 2.
Today was real pretty.....warm. Trade was nice all day. Emma, Robert and I all took dinner with Mary today. Rettie and the children were there. Rettie and the children are spending the night with us. Mary, Willie Cresap, and Mary Haynie were here tonight and we all played Flinch.
Fri., Mar. 3.
Retta was with us last night, today and tonight. Mary Haynie was over tonight and we played Flinch. Trade was nice all day. Papa dined with us today.
Sat., Mar. 4.
Today has been real pretty. Trade fine, $94. I have been busy all day. I left the Store at 9:30 p.m., my first time home since morning. Emma sent me my dinner. She was up this a.m. and also this eve and helped us out. Retta went home today.
Sun., Mar. 5.
Up at 7 a.m. I helped Mrs. Myers, then we went to Sunday School. We came home for dinner, then Mary Haynie, Emma, Robert and I all took a walk down to the River. Cyrena joined us at the Store and we went over to the graveyard. I stopped at Mary's a few minutes. I have an awful cold. Emma and I went to Church tonight. Robert was down at Angie's.
Mon., Mar. 6.
Lem got home today from California, having been gone very near 5-weeks. Today was dark, gloomy, damp and chilly. Trade only fair. I haven't been at all well today. I came home early. I got off the balance sheet on our ledger today. I was real sick tonight. Emma sold her piano to Mrs. J. D. Robertson for $50.
Tue., Mar. 7.
I stayed at home today with a backache. It was gloomy and damp. Mary Haynie and Papa here this a.m. Mary Haynie was here all eve. Mary H., Cyrena, also Wheeler Cunningham, were here tonight. Dr. Grady called to see Kate this eve and he then stopped to see me awhile also.
Wed., Mar. 8.
I went up to the Store this morning, feeling a great deal better. I worked all day....real busy. This has been a lovely day. Mrs. J. D. Robertson moved her piano from us today. Emma and "Nee" went to Prayer Meeting tonight. I went down and sat and talked to Kate and Miss Lou.
Thurs., Mar. 9.
Another real pretty day. Trade fair. Got out 98-statements and mailed them this eve. Retta was in and took Papa out with her this eve, to stay until we leave. Emma and Robert were uptown this eve. We were down to Miss Lou's awhile tonight. I bought some fine cat-fish this eve. Mary Haynie was here tonight.
Fri., Mar. 10.
A real pretty day, but it was a little cool. Trade was very, very quiet. I worked on the books some today. Mary Haynie was over again tonight, to play Flinch.
Sat., Mar. 11.
Today was real pretty. Trade was nice....$85. This was our last Saturday for Myers Bros. business in Miami. The school gave an entertainment tonight at the S. & M. Building. I got home tonight at 9:30. Emma and Robert went down home. I ordered Emma a new skirt today.
Sun., Mar. 12.
It was lovely for awhile and then it clouded up. We all attended Sunday School. Then we went down to Charlie and Matt Miller's to spend the day, using Dr. Wheeler's buggy and Lewis' horse. Lem, Lewis, and Mary were there also. We had a fine dinner and spent the day pleasantly. We got home at 6 p.m. Emma and I attended Church tonight and Robert stayed down at Miss Lou's.
Mon., Mar. 13.
Today has been pretty cloudy. Trade was fine all day. Miss Maggie Chilcott got two of our chairs today. I carried the ice-cream freezer down for "Nee" today, at noon. They had a little Flinch Party down there tonight. "Nee" and all, I guess were mad that we did not attend. I'm sorry, but I think it was for the best that I stayed home.
Tue., Mar. 14.
A lovely, lovely day. Trade was fair all day. "Mrs. B." entertained the "Fancy Work Club" this eve. I had Robert's hair cut this eve. Mrs. Miller and Rettie, also Mary Haynie, were here tonight....also Miss Lou. Mrs. Fisher was here this eve. We played Flinch tonight until 10:30 p.m.
Wed., Mar. 15.
Another real pretty day. Trade was nice and brisk all day. Newt was over today. He, Lem and Papa all took dinner with us today. Mrs. Matt Fisher bought our "hall-tree" today...$5. Mrs. Martin Hudson bought our gas stove....$10. Emma and Nee went to Prayer Meeting tonight. Robert and I were at home. I got me a "bbl." to pack our dishes in today.
Thurs., Mar. 16.
Today closes Myers Bros. last sale for Miami, Mo. We commenced packing today. Packed one telescope tonight, of towels, napkins, and tablecloths. We had an $82 day, making $852 for the 14-day sale. Today was partly cloudy. "Rosa Belle" drew one card out of the box for us tonight. J. S. Cravens won 57-cents. Second prize went to Mrs. Jas. H. Wheeler, a picture from Art Gallery. Mary Haynie, Emma, Cyrena, and Lem and I separated the tickets. Lem has been in the Dry Goods business 24-years today.
Fri., Mar. 17.
Today was cloudy most all day. We have been busy packing all day. We got all the dry goods packed today. I printed a big sign for Taylor tonight. Mary Haynie was here tonight for supper, also Miss Lou and we all played Flinch. Cyrean and Mary Haynie spent the night with us. It rained hard tonight. Kate was here also tonight, for awhile.
Sat., Mar. 18.
Cloudy most all day. Trade was so good that we did not get much packed. I moved most of our pictures up to the Store this a.m., to pack. Emma, Robert and I took supper tonight at Dr. Wheeler's. Dr. Wheeler got home today from the Indian Territory. Emma and Mary H. finished invoicing our hamburgs this eve. I got home tonight at 10:30 p.m.
Sun., Mar. 19.
Cloudy....drizzling rain. We all met at Rettie's today for a "Myers Reunion." All were there but Lyt. We had a nice day. Lem went to St. Louis tonight. Dr. Wheeler, Miss Lou, and Angie, and Wheeler Cunningham were up tonight and sat awhile. This is our last night at Greenabaum cottage.
Mon., Mar. 20.
[Ed: note...This entry and all those up until Apr. 22nd were written in pencil. He must have packed his fountain pen and ink.] Gloomy all day....damp and cold. Lem went to St. Louis last night with Taylor Casebolt. John and I packed the notions today. We worked until 9:30 p.m. Papa took dinner with us today, our last meal at home. Emma, Robert and I ate supper at Miss Lou's tonight and spent the night. We broke up housekeeping today at noon. Dora got Mama's bed and safe this eve.
Tue., Mar. 21.
Gloomy. We ate dinner at Mary's. Rettie and the children were in today. We were busy packing goods all day, though there was some little trade. I worked tonight until 10 p.m. I gave Retta a pair of nice slippers and hose today, also a "Brown Shoe Company" picture.
Wed., Mar. 22.
Partly cloudy most all day long. Only one ticket of sales made today. We were busy packing goods all day and we got along nicely. Emma and I took supper this eve at Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Davis'. We had a fine supper. We played Flinch with Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Snelling, also Lem and Mary. Home at 10:30 p.m., tired and worn out.
Thurs., Mar. 23.
We had a nice rain last night and this morning. The sun was out for awhile. We cleaned up, packing everything upstairs and down this eve except the shoe dept. We will work at our homes tomorrow. Emma and myself were up to Miss Ella Parrish's tonight. We had a fine time and some lovely candy.
Fri., Mar. 24.
A lovely, lovely day. We were busy all day at home, packing. Emma and I had several callers today. We took supper and played Flinch with Miss Mary Haynie. I feel awful tired and worn out. Emma got a letter from Mary Weir today, who also sent little Robert a drinking cup.
Sat., Mar. 25.
Up early and went up home to get my things ready to move up to the Store. We were busy all morning moving and fixing things at the Store for the "public sale" this eve. Our things went very well, but Papa's and Lem's things were sold awfully cheap. It rained this eve and stopped the sale for awhile. Myers Bros. ate supper with Miss Lou tonight.
Sun., Mar. 26.
A lovely, lovely day. I attended our Sunday School this a.m., also little Robert, for our last time. We took dinner with Mrs. F. M. Burruss. Had a fine dinner. We crossed the River on the new gasoline boat, "Lloyd." Spent the balance of the eve at home ( that is, at Dr. A. A. Wheeler's, with company S. W. B. and C. T.)
Mon., Mar. 27.
Today has been one real pretty warm day....82-degrees at noon. We finished packing everything at the Store this eve. Lem and I worked on my dishes this night until 10 p.m. It looks as though it may rain. I sent Rettie out her things this eve, in their wagon that she sent in.
Tue., Mar. 28.
It rained most all day. I was up to the house by 6:30 this a.m. I worked at home all morning. We took dinner today with "Uncle Harrison" and "Aunt Jane" [Wheeler]. We had a fine dinner. I was at the Store all eve. I gathered up all my little things at the Store. Lem finished my dishes this eve. It rained again tonight. We played Flinch tonight.
Wed., Mar. 29.
Lovely day. I was at home all a.m., crating our cabinet and Robert's bed, also cleaning up in general. I was at the Store this eve, helping Taylor Casebolt with his new goods. I was up at Lewis' tonight helping Lem. Home at 10:30 p.m.
Thurs., Mar. 30.
Up at 5:30 a.m. I went up home and finished bringing things down here at Miss Lou's that we gave them. Then I went to the Store and helped Taylor all a.m. This eve I collected for Myers Bros. and done other work. I came home with Mrs. Myers at 6:30 p.m. This has been a lovely day. Lem, Lewis and Mary were out to Rettie's tonight, to stay all night.
Fri., Mar. 31.
A real pretty day. I laid linoleum for Mrs. Greenabaum this a.m. I attended to moving my things from the house to the boat. Lewis, Robert and I went to DeWitt this eve to see our freight off. Emma took dinner at Mr. Jno. A. Hawkins' today. We didn't get back tonight from DeWitt until 9:30 p.m. Rebecca's entertainment was tonight.


Sat., Apr. 1.
Today was pretty and warm. I was out collecting some this a.m. Lem, Mary and Lewis left this eve for California. I have been busy all a.m., also all eve. I worked tonight at the Store until 9:45 p.m. I gave Richard a list of our accounts tonight. I saw and talked with several other parties.
Sun., Apr. 2.
Drizzling rain all day. Emma, Robert and I spent today with Aunt Ruth Reynolds, also Dr. Wheeler and Miss Lou. We then drove out to Retta's to stay until Thurs. a.m. We got there at 5:45 p.m. The roads are heavy and we had some rain, but not much.
George Jackson Long and his playmate in their Mon., Apr. 3.
Today was partly gloomy. We had breakfast at 7 a.m. I wrote a letter to Mrs. W. H. W., also one to Elbert and Hallie. I sat around the house and talked all a.m. with Retta, Papa and Emma, and then we all played Flinch this eve. It was gloomy, windy, and cool all day. We retired at 8:30 p.m.
At right, are George Jackson Long and his little playmate in their "goat-drawn wagon," Fairfield, MO - c.1905.
Tue., Apr. 4.
Lovely I figured our "auction sale" this a.m. Retta, Emma and I went over to Ed and Ona Haynie's this a.m., to take dinner. We had a fine dinner and a good time. We played Flinch all eve. Got home at 5:30 p.m. "Ring" killed a chicken for Ona and Ed today.
Wed., Apr. 5.
Lovely morning. Papa, Rettie and I put up a buggy-cover for Rettie's buggy. I got a letter from Lem this a.m., on his way to California, on the R. F. D. route. Emma and I went over to Marshall this eve. We took supper with Mr. and Mrs. Reid. We had a nice time and saw them all. Dark and cold. Home at 8 p.m.
Thurs., Apr. 6.
Lovely day. Rettie brought us in from her home this a.m. She took dinner with us at Dr. Wheeler's today. I spent the eve at the Store, busy on the books. I wrote a letter to Lem, at Retta's, this morning. We played Flinch at Dr. A. A. W.'s tonight, with Mary H. and all.
Fri., Apr. 7.
Lovely day. I was busy all day, collecting. We took dinner at Jesse's today. I collected several large accounts today. We took supper at Geo. and Lottie's, also played Flinch. We came home at 9:30 p.m.
Sat., Apr. 8.
Lovely, lovely day. Busy all day long with the books. I done some collecting today. I turned over all accounts of ours to R. W. Haynie tonight, also Lem's coal bills. Home at 10:15 p.m. Tired and worn out.
The new owners of Myers' Bros., Miami, MO, 2005 Sun., Apr. 9.
Another lovely day. I called to see Thos. Minor, Dr. J.N. Dunlap, Mrs. Hamner, and Mrs. Scott & Miller this a.m. Aunt Ruth and Lelia and Jess all took dinner with us at the Dr.'s. We went to the graveyard. Mrs. Cresap, W. H., and A. L. Wheeler came by this eve.....Aunt Sue and Aunt Mandy tonight. I froze some cream for "Nee" this a.m.
Mon., Apr. 10.
Gloomy day....wind and rain this eve. I made a few calls this a.m., bidding my friends goodbye. We left Miami, Mo., at 2 p.m. for our new home at Whittier, Cal. Aunt Ruth went up as far as Carrollton with us, and Mag Woodson also. Mr. and Mrs. B. and Maude, spent an hour with us at Kansas City. We left K. C. at 8:40 p.m. Had a nice supper. Spent a good night.

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