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W. S. Myers train notes from Whittier, California to Miami, Missouri - July 4, 1907 to July 7, 1907. Also, record of time spent while at Miami and surrounding country....AND....also record of return trip from Miami, MO to Whittier, Cal., Emma & Robert with me....up to Aug. 27, 1907.....a fifty-six day trip.

The first triple car leaving Whittier, June 26, 1907

The photo, at right, was taken before W. S. Myers left Whittier for a trip back to Miami, Mo, his former home, but when he speaks of going to the S. P. Depot and leaving for Los Angeles to take the Golden State Limited, this is the type of car he rode on. He wrote in his diary of June 26, 1907, "The M. E. Church Sunday School had a big picnic at East Lake Park today. They had the first 3-car train ever in Whittier. I took a snap shot of it."
NOTE: His wife, Emma, and son, Robert, had gone to Miami, on June 8th. Now he was going to join them.

Thursday, July 4, 1907 (Whittier, Cal., leaving for Mo.)

A sure warm morning, but certainly grand. Lem drove me down to the S. P. Depot this a.m., at 8:15, and I left Whittier at 8:25 a.m., for Los Angeles. I took the Golden State Limited for Kansas City, pulling out at 9:45 a.m., on time. While the day was grand, it was very, very warm on the train.

After getting settled in my sleeping berth I met the man who was to be my berth partner from Los Angeles to Kansas City: Mr. Lawrence Lippert, 334 E. Jefferson, Los Angeles, a real nice older man, 63 years of age. We certainly spent one awful warm day and night. The whole scene was a desert one. We passed through one of the warmest places on earth (Indio). It was 128-degrees in the shade at 3 o'clock this afternoon, and it is 22-feet below sea level. All of the houses are built with double roofs and the people sleep under mosquito-bar. Next we passed by the "Salt Sea" which is 70-miles long, and we passed over a portion of it....quite a sight. Then we ran into Yuma, at 6:30 p.m. This is where the "Red Men" (Indians) live.....hundreds of them here. I tried to get a picture of two of the little Indian girls with their flowing garbs on, but they ran from me and I lost out on them. But I did get a "postal" of this place. Tonight was fearfully hot. I didn't get to sleep any at all. Hottest night I have ever spent.

Fri., July 5. (Second day on train)

Well....not much rest last night, but it's not quite as close this morning as it was yesterday. Still, it is warm enough! Mary certainly fixed me up a nice lunch, and I have been enjoying it, too! But have eaten too much of it, so have felt real bad all day. A good lady who was in our car with us gave me a dose of salts, and by evening I felt much better. He name is Mrs. Sarah Bernod (Bernard?), from Manessa, Colo. She certainly was nice to me. This afternoon was not quite so warm, especially after we passed El Paso, Tex., at 2 p.m. I got off there and went in the new depot which was certainly fine. I got Robert two postals. Later I met a Mr. William Lawrence, formerly of Long Lake, Minn., who was quite nice to me. Tonight, late, it was fine and cool...got a fine rest tonight and slept all night. I took my first meal on the dining car at dinner today. And I took my last meal out of my lunch box tonight for supper. I gave the porter the contents that were left in my box, which I assure you there was but little, but he enjoyed it very much and seemed to appreciate it.

Sat., July 6. (third day out on train)

Another grand day on the train....just fine, so pleasant and nice. The breeze was fine and there was not much dust. Coming through Oklahoma and Kansas, the country is so much different from that which we have been passing that it is good for the eyes. While the wheat looks bad, short and thin....still the corn looks good. The whole country all along looks as if someone is living there, but coming through portions of New Mexico and part of Texas, it did not look like many people lived very near by. Then, after getting into Kansas, we saw some very nice country and all the crops looked nice. We were due in Kansas City tonight at 9:50 p.m., but it was 1:15 a.m. when we pulled into the Union Depot. Just before getting off of train, entering Kansas City, I had the pleasure of meeting with a Miss Spitts, of Los Angeles, who asked me if I would help her get a room at K. C., as she was a stranger to this city. I got her a nice room at Blossom House, but....I got left! So I had to look further for a room for me. But I got one further up the street, so got to bed at 2 o'clock, a.m. I had a nice front room, for $1.50.

Sun., July 7. (Kansas City)

Up at 7 o'clock. I went to the barber shop and got a shave, bath, and a masseuse (cost me 75-cents). Then I went back to my room and dressed in my new flannel suit, packed my grip, and went over across the street to the Union Depot and took my Wabash car to Miami, at 10 a.m. A lovely morning and pretty warm. The old farms, cattle and hogs in the fields, with the brooks running here and there as I came down from Kansas City to Miami, looked real good and it was an entirely different scene from that we have grown used to. I got to Miami Station at 12:27 p.m. and found, as usual, Matt Raider there. He hitched up the old hack and brought Carl Parrish, who was there, and me to the bank of the river. When we reached the waters of "Old Muddy," we jumped into a skiff and Matt soon roared us across the mighty deep. Syd and "little Robert" were there in a buggy, also Angie and Alice (George Wheeler's baby), to meet me. So after coming up the old familiar road, then by the old brick hotel, then crossing over by Utley's in front of the Christian Church, we went on over to the Doctor's. Who should I first meet but Henry Mertens. Then, after getting out and coming in the yard, my dear old girl Emma met me there. When I came onto the porch Dr. Wheeler welcomed me with hearty welcome and Walker Bure was also there. Then came Cyrena, Miss Lou, and even Ruth was there (to my great surprise). And yet came more. Angie and Miss Lou had Ella Parrish with her company, Miss Mable Carpenter, to greet me, then Blanche and little Alice. So you don't know how good I felt! Miss Lou certainly had a fine, good dinner for me and you can't imagine how good it did taste. Retta and the children came in a little while afterwards and spent the afternoon with us all. Mrs. Stapleton and Mrs. Dr. Frank Sullivan came over to see us too. We all spent the day at home and enjoyed being together.

Mon., July 8. (Miami)

I spent all day today at home here, laying around and talking. Sue Vaughan was here awhile this morning. Mr. G. T. Taylor called me up this a.m., over the phone. I also talked to Dr. A. R. Edmonds awhile. I surprised them all today at noon, as I had not told even Emma that I had brought a trunk of fruit with me. So when they brought the trunk over they could not hardly believe me. Everything came through all okay....even the four bottles of wine. We only lost two oranges and three lemons. Everyone certainly enjoyed the fruit and I have felt repaid several times over. Mary Haynie came over this morning and also this afternoon. Mrs. Charles Davis and Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Taylor were here tonight. I also talked with Jno. Sibley and Mr. W. H. Cunningham at the front gate this eve.

Tue., July 9. (Miami)

Emma and I went over to the graveyard this morning, my first place to visit, and took my shells I brought in the trunk. The graveyard looked as good as ever, through the weeds were a little high. Then I came back and got a shave at Bob Coleman's shop and talked with a few of the people there. Taylor Casebolt then came over. Next I stopped at the Post Office, then on up to Edmonds & Bure's. Then up to Guy Webster's and then, after trying to call Retta, and couldn't, I came on home. After dinner I drove up in the buggy to "Nee's" (Cyrena), and stayed awhile. I let her take the buggy back home and I remained uptown, visiting around, seeing all of my old friends and getting as far down as G. T. Taylor's. Then I came back home for supper. All I met so far seem glad to meet with me.
Robert Myers, Geo.Jack Long & Margaret Long

Wed., July 10. (in the country)

A lovely morning. Emma, Robert and I drove out to Retta's (Fairville) this morning. Such a lovely morning, but very, very dusty. We got there at 10 a.m. Retta gave us such a good dinner, and, as a wind and rain storm came up, we stayed all night. Had such a nice time. I took a photo of "little George Jack" on the wheelbarrow, with Robert holding him up and Margaret looking on. We sat out late on the porch talking, then retired at 10 p.m.
At right is a photo of the children, at George & Retta Long's. Retta was the older sister of W. S. Myers. Pictured are Robert Myers, George Jack Long, and Margaret Long....at Fairville, Missouri...July 10 1907. (with apologies for the poor photo quality)

Thurs., July 11 (country & Miami)

We left Retta's this a.m., at 8 o'clock, though it looked like rain. We arrived home at 9:30, and it did not rain after all. We got ourselves ready and went around and spent the day with L. W. Haynie and family. We also stayed for supper and sat awhile after supper. Then, in the afternoon, I excused myself and called to see Mrs. Jonathan Burns and also Mrs. Miller and the Misses Greenabaum's.

Fri., July 12. (Miami)

Emma, Angie, Robert, and I tried fishing at Seibert's bridge this morning. We were there quite a while, but did not even get a nibble, though I took their picture sitting on the side of the creek (trying to fish). Emma and I went out calling this afternoon. First we called on the Mertens' , then George & Lutie (Taylor), but no one was at home. We then called on Scott & Miller's and did find them all at home. We spent most of the afternoon there, talking with them of older days gone by. Then we went up to call on "Nee" (that is Cyrena) and Mr. Bure. And while there I went over and took a picture of the M. E. Church. We spent the balance of the eve at home, enjoying the lawn and the home folks.

The ME Church of Miami, MO, July 12, 1907-------------------------------------
This is the photo that W. S. Myers took of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Miami, MO....July 12, 1907.

Sat., July 13. (Miami)

Syd and I tried to dig a few fishing worms this a.m. Then Emma, Robert, Angie, and I tried fishing again, but had no luck. We returned at 9:30 a.m. and I spent the balance of the morning uptown. After eating dinner I took a nap. Then the Presbyterian preacher came over and Mrs. Robert Huyett came soon after. Next Retta, Margaret, and Geo. Jack came by, so I did not get uptown today at all. But enjoyed the afternoon with all of them very much. Emma, Ruth, Angie, Robert, and I walked up to Cyrena's awhile. then I went downtown for a shave and a pair of white linen cuffs. And I got to talking with various people, so did not get back up to Cyrena's until after 9 o'clock. Then we came on home. We certainly miss the the electric lights! I got a nice letter from Pierce today, and answered it.

Sun., July 14. (Miami)

It certainly poured down rain early this morning, and it kept coming until about Sunday School time. But we, or rather Angie, Robert and I, attended Sunday School and I remained for our church services. The rain held off all day until about when church was out tonight. Cyrena and Walker were over with us for dinner and the day, so we enjoyed the afternoon singing, talking, and having a good time in general. Mr. J. D. Fristoe and son, "JD," came over also and sat awhile. We all went to the Presbyterian preaching tonight and heard a good sermon and got home before it rained.....though don't forget the good time we had in coming home! We met quite a number of our friends at church tonight.

Mon., July 15. (Miami)

We sure had a blow of lightning, thunder and rain last night. About 2 3/4-inches of water fell. Today has been cloudy and gloomy most all day. I was uptown most all morning and had a long talk with Frank "Mc," as to some notes and deeds we have there, and saw quite a number of other people there too. I got Robert three soap-bubble pipes. Blanche (Wheeler) and little Alice came back from Waverly today, at noon, so I took the buggy back uptown. I met a good many other people that I had not seen. I got to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Will Harden and had a talk with him. I also had a talk with Adolph Royar. And there are several others that I want to see yet. Cyrena and Walker were over tonight. We enjoyed all being together and having a good time again. I tried to get Retta over the phone, but couldn't. But I did get to talk with Newt awhile, over the phone, for my first time.

Tue., July 16. (Miami)

Still looks as thought it may rain. I'm sitting here at the upstairs window at Dr. Wheeler's, looking out over the old "Mo stream." She sure looks wild this morning, rising fast. I spent this morning uptown talking to various ones. I took up a few of Whittier's postal card scenes and showed them around. Everyone seemed to enjoy them very, very much. I got a shave, then went over to dinner. Miss Lou had Mable Carpenter over to spend the day and night with us. We all went over to see the new school house this afternoon, and I took a picture of it. The following were in the picture: Prof. G. W. Carpenter, Misses Lizzie and Cora Wood, Rosa Mertens, Gussie Edmonds, Mary Haynie, Mable Carpenter, Ella Parrish, and Mrs. & Mrs. W. S. Myers. Also Mrs. Cyrena Bure, Mrs. G. P. Wheeler (Blance Carpenter), and Mrs. Ruth Hornbeck. I took two views, one of the school house with them sitting in the front windows and another with them in front of the door. Retta sent us her buggy, but as Mable was to spend the night with us, we didn't go out there this eve. We all had a good time talking tonight and played "teddy bear." We also had music to a late hour. I put Retta's horse and buggy up at the barn this eve. I talked to Newt over the phone, for my first time, on Monday eve, late.

Wed., July 17. (at Retta's)

Lovely morning. Robert and I went uptown this a.m., before leaving for Mrs. Long's and I took a picture of Mr.Bure's home and also, one each, of both sides of our old streets (town proper). I also took a picture of the River bend and the old mill, from Dr. Wheeler's yard. We left Miami at 10:30 a.m., for Mrs. Long's, getting there at 12 o'clock. She had fried chicken, good old country hame, and various other good things for us to eat. Also peach ice cream and chocolate cake. O! How good it was! We enjoyed the lawn and hammock all afternoon...also late at night. Jim is at Kansas City. Bob Long and his son were here quite a little while this eve and chatted with us. Robert, Margaret, and I played croquet this afternoon out on the lawn. Robert certainly enjoys playing with the children.
The Myers Bros. Store in Miami, where Z. T. Casebolt's stands in 1907The town of Miami...July 17, 1907

These are the two photos that W. S. Myers took of Miami (town proper). Above is the location of Myers Bros., from 1897-1905, where Z. T. Casebolt's is now pictured, and, to the right, is the other side of the street...July 17, 1907.


Thurs., July 18. (Mrs. Jas Long's)

When we first got up this morning it was pretty, but before we got through eating breakfast it turned dark and gloomy and certainly poured down rain, to a finish. Emma is trying to do some sewing this morning. I did some writing this a.m., in my diary and this book. We sat around all day and sure got a good rest. Retta and I cut some on the lawn this afternoon. Retta made us a fine freezer of orange-ice tonight and it was sure good. Afterwards we enjoyed the lawn and porch. At 9:30 we all came in and retired.

Fri., July 19. (Mrs. James Long's)

Lovely, lovely morning....so nice and cool. Retta and I gathered a big lot of sweet peas and nasturtiums from the garden this morning. Emma is sewing on her new lawn dress this morning. She also wrote a few lines to Sunnie (Myers), and also to Mrs. Will Randall. Little George Jack was quite sick most all day yesterday, but is much better this a.m. He is out playing this morning with Robert and Margaret. Robert gave Geo Jack and Margaret, each, one of his new nickles this morning that I brought him. I wrote to Papa this a.m. and mailed him a postal with the Presbyterian Church on it. I also mailed Lyt a postal of a street scene of Miami. Retta had a Mr. Davis to come in and take dinner with her, and to feed his horse. He had a "piano-phone" that he played some for us. Emma and I went over to Marshall this eve. We left at 2 p.m. and got back at 8 p.m. We had an awful warm ride over, but fine on our return. We brought the children a sack of nice peaches. Don't forget how taken aback we were on the developing of our film. We took them to a Mr. E. J. Covey there at Marshall Photography and he blistered them all....just ruined them. Of course he "wouldn't have had it to have happened for anything." In Marshall we met with Newt & Harry (Myers), Mrs. Young, Dan O'Brien, Will & Frank Taylor, Mr. J. W. Barnhill, Claude Coleman, Jobe Hanna, Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Thompson, and others. We had a nice eve of it and got back to Retta's at 8 p.m. We had a fine ride back home. Jim got back from Kansas City this eve and brought the children, each, a nice box of candy. He also got Geo Jack and Margaret a little goat and wagon. We all enjoyed the lawn until 10 p.m.. It was just fine out.

Sat., July 20.

Lovely, lovely a.m. I had a nice shave, then Emma and I went into Miami this a.m., to stay until tomorrow at noon. I spent the afternoon uptown. Mr. Ruckle handed me $4.00, to my great surprise, this afternoon. I also saw Adolph Royar, who promised to settle our note, in full, next Saturday. I talked with quite a number of my old friends this afternoon. I went over to supper, with Syd, at 6 p.m. George and Lutie (Taylor), also their baby, came over and spent the eve with us. Also, the Misses Mary Haynie and Lizzie Hamner came over with them. So we all enjoyed the lawn until a late hour. These nights are perfectly grand.

Sun., July 21.

This ia a lovely morning. Robert went with Angie to her Sunday School. And Emma took me up in the buggy to my Sunday School. Then, after Sunday School, Emma and Robert met me and we drove out here to Retta's. Newt came from Marshall at 2 p.m. and took dinner with us, then spent the afternoon. Ona and Ed Haynie also came over at dinner time and enjoyed some ice cream with us at the table. I took a picture of the crowd, also one of the children with the goat and the wagon. Newt went home at 6 p.m., then Ed & Ona followed at 7 p.m. The rest of us enjoyed the lawn until a late hour. These nights are perfectly grand out.
The Group at Retta & Jim Long's, July 21, 1907

Mon., July 22.

A grand morning. I got up at 5:30 a.m. We have sat around all day long and done nothing but rest and talk. I wrote a few letters this morning, to Mrs. Conrad Siebert, James E. Hisle, Mrs. Myrtle Hallabaugh, M. L. Francis, Marvin Barton, and L. P. Wright, as to some accounts yet due us. I played with the children awhile this a.m., and their billy goat. I also played Flinch with Retta, Emma, and Robert. Jim, Retta, Emma and I, also the children, enjoyed the lawn most all eve, and drank some good old lemonade. We also played several games of croquet. We didn't eat supper tonight until 8:30 p.m. We enjoyed the moonlight night, out on the porch, until after 10 p.m. It is a pretty warm night. I talked to Newt this afternoon over the phone, also to Mattie.
At right is the group at Retta & Jim Long's, July 21, 1907. Left to right: Emma Wheeler Myers, Ed & Ona Haynie, Retta Myers Long, in front (with the billy goat), Newt Myers, Jim Long, and Geo Jack Long.

Tue., July 23. (Mrs. Jas Long's)

Lovely out again this a.m., though it is pretty warm. I had a nice shave and then hitched up "billy-goat" for Robert, Margaret and Geo. Jack. We go up this a.m. at 5:30 and had breakfast at 6 a.m. I gathered a lot of flowers for Retta and Emma fixed them in vases for her. I also helped Retta pick a few apples. Miss Lou, Angie, and Ruth came out this a.m., to spend the day and also the night with us here at Retta's. We just enjoyed the day fine, laying and sitting around on the lawn, talking, in the shade with a cool breeze blowing. I took a picture of the crowd out on the lawn this afternoon. Retta certainly had a good dinner and supper for us. The children certainly have had a good time all day.

Wed., July 24. (Mrs. Long's and Landora's)

Lovely out this a.m. Up as usual at 5:30 a.m. Miss Lou, Angie, and Ruth went back home this morning. We are all invited to spend today at Landora's (Landora Dick Casebolt) today. I wrote a letter to Papa this a.m. before leaving. I also took a good bath. Jim took Retta in his buggy and Emma, Robert and I went in Retta's buggy, out to Landora's, at Standhope, 5-miles from Retta's. We had a delightful ride and got there at 11:30 a.m. Landora has a nice home and she had a nice dinner for us. Remember my three nice ripe tomatoes.....what became of them??? I took a picture of her home. Jim came after Retta, at 6:15, with the children. After having spent a nice day, we left for Mrs. Long's at 6:30 p.m. We had a nice cool ride home and got to Retta's at 7:40. Then we had a nice hot supper. We spent an hour or so out on the lawn and feasted on the breezes and moonlight scenery. Grand! Retired at 10:30 p.m.

The photo, at right, is the group at Landora's house. Landora's first husband, Buford Casebolt, a close friend of W. S. Myers, died in 1900. She remarried in 1902, but W. S. neglected to record his name. I would guess that the man in the rocking chair, left, is her second husband. I believe the boys are Landora's sons, Buford & Lester Casebolt. Robert Myers is in the center, next to his mother, Emma Myers. Seated at right are Landora, and Retta Long.

Thurs., July 25. (Mrs. Long's and Marshall)

This morning was so grand and pretty. Mrs. Long and I decided to have a little drive over to Marshall, we we left with a two-horse team at 7:30 a.m., for the county seat. We had just a delightful ride over and got there at 9 o'clock. Together we did quite a good deal of shopping, but first we started by enjoying, each, a plate of "orange ice." After purchasing all that we thought we needed, we left for home at 11:30 a.m., and of all the dusty, dirty, miserable rides, we sure caught it on our way home. It was something fearful!! We reached home, though, at last at 2:10 p.m., and lived through it! Tired, dirty, hungry, and worn out! Then we had a good dinner and sure enjoyed the lawn the balance of the afternoon, laying around, talking and cuting-up. I took a picture for Jim, of Margaret alone with the goat and wagon. Although it turned cool and we had a little shower, nevertheless Retta made a freezer of cream, to enjoy with our fried chicken, and our ham & eggs. We left Retta's at 7:15 p.m., for Miss Lou's, reaching Miami at 8:30 p.m., having a nice ride and no rain. Upon arriving we found our pictures from Marshall, also some film I ordered. Also Emma had a letter from Tina Shelton, and two papers. There was also pair of hot-walk sandels for Robert that I had ordered. We retired at 10 p.m. Ruth and Angie went to the Medicine Show in town tonight, so they stayed all night with Cyrena.

Fri., July 26. (Miami)

Another nice morning. I hitched up this a.m. and Emma and I drove over to the cemetery, to the funeral of Miss Reva Haynie (Labe's oldest daughter). Then we came back to Cyrena's where we remained awhile. I went over to call on Mrs. M. J. Saufley a few minutes and also got to talk to Mrs. D. N. B. as I came out of gate. After dinner I drove up for Cyrena to use the buggy. I remained uptown and had Robert's hair cut. Then I met Retta & Jim and Retta and I went down to call on the Mr. and Mrs. Switzer's. Next we walked over to the cemetery and then went around to call on Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Cresap, and Willie. We also stopped at Mrs. Hooper's (our old home) and looked around some and then we stopped in at Mrs. W. H. Wheeler's and shook hands. Then we came on around to Cyrena's, got in the buggy, and we drove over to Miss Lou's a few minutes. Syd came in with a check for me, in a letter from Jas. E. Hisle, for $18. Then we drove back uptown and Retta & Jim left for their home. So I got Robert, at Cyrena's, and we came home also, for supper. As we all had been invited out to Mr. & Mrs. Joe Wilson's for Sunday dinner, Ruth and Emma took the buggy out there and told them it would suit us fine to come. Miss Edith Mertens came over and sat awhile tonight with us. Angie and I washed the supper dishes. We retired tonight at 9:30 p.m. It certainly is cool tonight. I think they must have had a hailstorm somewhere this afternoon.

Saturday, July 27. (Miami)

It is real down COLD this morning. I walked down by the River this a.m., as I went uptown, and stopped at the Burruss warehouse awhile. Then I went uptown and was at the Bank awhile, then a few other places before dinner. This eve I met Adolph Royar at the bank and made a settlement with him of his note, $154. He wrote a check, dated to be credited to our account at bank, on Sept. 2nd. I also saw Jno. Jennings again this afternoon and had a talk. He and Sam Lampkins promised to meet me on Wednesday afternoon. I saw Mr. Ed Stover tonight at Davis & McDaniels, and received a $40 check, dated Aug. 2, 1907, got his account in full of $53.20. Then I met Syd and he, Walker Bure, Cyrena, Ruth, Angie, Robert, Emma and I all had a good time at a "Medicine Show" here in town tonight. We got home at 10:30 p.m. We were invited this afternoon to spend next Wednesday eve with Z. T. Casebolt and wife.

Sunday, July 28. (Miami)

It sure did rain last night and this morning....kept it up until this afternoon. But I hitched up the buggy and Angie, Robert, and I attended our Sunday School. After Sunday School I came back in the buggy after Ruth and Emma and we all went to Church. Then Dr. Wheeler and Miss Lou, Ruth, Emma and I, went out to Mrs. Joe Wilson's for dinner, and to spend the afternoon. We sure had a good dinner and enjoyed the day ever so much. It cleared up about 3 p.m. and I took a picture of the crowd out there. We started for hom at 4:15, after having spent a very pleasant day indeed with the Wilson family. They are certainly a nice family and know how to treat you royally. Cyrena & Walker started over at supper time so they came on over and sat with us until preaching time, then we all went up to our Church for services tonight. Coming home we stopped by Cyrena's and sat long enough to eat some good cake. Cyrena hasn't forgotten how to make good cake! Then we started for home, reaching the Doctor's at 9:45 p.m. After talking and enjoying ourselves for about an hour, especially hearing from Ruth and Syd, we had a family prayer and retired at 11 p.m.

Monday, July 29. (Miami)

Another grand morning. I hitched up and drove around with our washing to Aunt Dora's, and then uptown. I stopped at Creasy Dandridge's as I came along and collected an account of $2.50. I got a nice letter from Papa this a.m., also a postal from Mary Myers who is now over at Catalina. R. H. Haynie and I had a nice drive out to Mr. S. W. Sullivan's, Sr., this a.m., where I accepted a note on his account for $47.52. Got back at 1 p.m. Emma and Mary Haynie were out calling this afternoon, in buggy. I was uptown all afternoon. I had a talk with Jim Vaughan, Mr. Harden, and Grov Kite. I wrote three letters, one each to Matt and Benj. Barnes, and also one to Lem. I also talked to Mr. Jim Reynolds. After supper, Mary Haynie came over and she, Ruth and I drove out to Jno. Elder's for tomatoes (for Cyrena), and to Wm. Clutterbuck's for eggs. Myn Burruss came over tonight. We all walked home with Mary Haynie tonight after having had such a nice time together.

Tuesday, July 30. (Miami)

Lovely this morning. I had a shave and wrote a letter to R. S. McDaniel and Mr. Pierce. Emma, Robert, Ruth and I are invited to dine with Cyrena today, also Syd. We certainly had a fine dinner, too. Mrs. Munson, of Slater, and her daughter were there. Also, Mrs. C. E. Baker and Medda. I took a picture of the crowd on the back porch. I excused myself at 3 p.m. and called on Mr. Thos. Minor. Mr. and Mrs. Jno. A. Hawkins, Mr. Hooper, and Giles Hawkins were at the Snelling's new home, then I went down to Mrs. Fristoe's a few minutes. Then I came over to Mrs. L. W. Haynie's where Emma and Ruth were, and we all took supper together. After supper I ran over to Mr. and Mrs. Peterman's a few minutes. We have certainly spent one nice day.....and enjoyed it.
The group at Cyrena & Walker Bure's, July 30, 1907.

Wednesday, July 31. (Miami and the country)

It certainly did rain some last night and looks as though we may have more this morning. I went uptown this a.m., before going to the country. I collected a note of $154.04 from Mr. Harden this a.m. Then at 10:30 a.m. we drove out to Mr. R.H. Huyett's, to take dinner. Emma, Robert, Ruth, Angie, Doctor Wheeler and Miss Lou and I, all went out. They had a good dinner for us and we enjoyed the day. Mr. and Mrs. Jno (Clara) Guthrey were there also. I took a photo of the crowd there today. We left at 3:30 p.m. for town, as we were invited out for supper at Mr. and Mrs. Z. T. Casebolt's. Myn & Frank, also Ethel and Dr. Frank were there with us, too. We certainly did have a nice supper and it was served so dainty. We enjoyed the eve and afterwards so, so much. Got home at 9:30 p.m. I wore my new grey suit and light vest for my first time.
The group, right, are pictured on Cyrena Wheeler Bure's back porch. Walker Bure is second left, in front row, and Emma Myers and sister, Ruth Hornbeck, are at right in front row. Cyrena Bure is the tall lady in back row, next to her brother, Syd Wheeler. I can't identify the others in photo, except we know, from the diary entry, that they are "Mrs. Munson and her daughter" and "Mrs. C. E. Baker and Medda." I would guess that the older gentleman was Mr. Bure, Sr.

Thursday, Aug. 1. (J. C. Reynolds & Jas. Long)

Lovely morning. Ruth & Syd, and Emma, Robert and I drove out to Uncle Joshua and Aunt Ruth's (Reynolds) this a.m., to spend the day, and we certainly had a nice day and a good dinner. I took a picture of their home and our crowd. We also gathered a few berries for Miss Lou. We left at 5:30, after having spent a lovely day. Ruth & Syd came on home, but Emma, Robert and I drove on out to Retta's, to spend the night and tomorrow. I took a picture of our two buggies on the road home, at Joe Chiswell's gate. Remember the little Presbyterian preacher who came to Retta's tonight and the three big wagon loads of new church pews. We enjoyed a nice long chat together again, on the front porch.

Friday, Aug. 2. (Mrs. James Long's)

Lovely, but cool. Retta and Margaret came in town this a.m., and Emma, Robert, Geo. Jack and I stayed at home. Emma wrote a letter to Mrs. Matt Miller and I wrote one to Mattie Myers. I also ordered a dozen more films from "Brown's" at Marshall. Then Emma and I walked down on the lawn and waited for the mail wagon so we could mail our letters. I got a letter from Papa today. Retta and Margaret got back at noon, with Willie Cresap. In the afternoon we sat around and talked, played Flinch, and had a good time. About supper time Retta decided to make a cake and Willie and I froze the cream for supper. So...while all this was going on, I took a picture of it. We all sat up until 10 o'clock listening to Jim Long spin his yarns. Cold tonight, a fine night for sleep.

Saturday, Aug. 3. (Miami)

A grand morning. Willie Cresap drove us into town this morning, in Retta's buggy. Retta sent Dr. Wheeler and Syd a jar of buttermilk. Emma wrote a letter to Lizzie this a.m., that we would be there Wed., August 14. I sat around all morning talking and seeing Ruth, Emma, and Miss Lou bake for tomorrow, as it will be the Doctor's birthday. I was up in town all the afternoon and saw and talked with many of my old friends. I collected $120 from James Vaughan this eve, also $89.49 from Jno. Jennings. I bought a box of fifty nice cigars for Robert to give to his Grandpa in the morning (for his birthday present). Mary Haynie walked home with me this eve at supper time and we saw a picture of Miss Gallion in her bathing suit and also one of her on the street that she had sent Mary. They were fine. Then we played croquet for awhile. After supper Cyrena and Walker came over and also the two Misses Munsons, of Slater, and Miss Baker of the country, and we sure had music and enjoyed the eve until a late hour. Our company left us and then we had the usual family prayer and retired. It certainly is a cool, cool night.

Sunday, Aug. 4. (Miami)

Dr. A. A. Wheeler's 65th birthday today. Robert gave him a nice box of cigars. It was a lovely morning, nice and cool. Robert and I attended Sunday School and I also attended Church this a.m., at the M. E. Church. I gave our Sunday School $1.25 this morning. The following were here for dinner, besides the family: Mrs. Cyrena Casebolt, Maude Shipp, Landora and Mr. Mauphin, Mary Haynie, Cyrena & Walker Bure. They sure had a good dinner for all of us. It rained most all the afternoon. Don't forget our "song service." Cyrena & Walker remained for supper. I wrote a letter to Papa this afternoon. I got a letter in this eve's mail as to the M. L. Francis account with us.

Monday, Aug. 5. (Miami & at Mrs. Long's)

Lovely morning. I was up in town most all morning. I took pictures of the Bure home, the side of our old home, and the sun dial. I also took a picture of our old barn, both sides, and the side of our old home with the meat house. Then I took a picture of our old street. I also got to take Robert through our old home and showed him our rooms and the old play place up in the back loft. I talked to quite a few people up on the street, also, before dinner. I got two postals (fancy) of Miami and mailed one each to Miss Gallion and Miss Rainbolt. After dinner I went uptown and met with Mr. Max Haynie and he paid me L. G. Haynie's account (a note of $59). Then I got a shave and drove out to Retta's at 4 p.m. We had a very warm drive out, but got there at 5:30 p.m. Retta had made engagements for us to take supper over at Joe Miller's, so we had to rush to get there. We arrived there at 6:30 p.m. They made us stay all night. We had a nice super and spent a pleasant eve and night. Retired at 10:15 p.m.

Street in Miami where W. S. Myers formerly lived-------------------
This is a photo of the street where the Myers Family had their Miami home. Robert Myers is in the photo, but I do not know the identity of the girl. Once again, apologies for the photo quality.

Tuesday, Aug. 6.

We got up at 7 a.m. Had a nice breakfast and I took some pictures for them...one of the home with crowd on porch and also one of the little pony hitched up to the carriage with the children in it, at the barn lot and with the chickens. We left Joe Miller's at 8:30 a.m. and got to Retta's at 9:15 a.m. We then got a little rest and got ready and drove over to Ed and Ona Haynie's to eat dinner and spend the day. We got over there at 11:20 a.m. Ona sure had a nice dinner for us and we spent such a nice afternoon. Retta, Willie, Emma and I were their guests today. I took a picture of their homes and we left at 4:30 to come back to Retta's. Emma and I drove over together, but Willie Cresap and I came back together. Today has sure been a warm one. We all enjoyed Ret's lawn tonight, until after 10 p.m.

Joe Miller's barn and chickens

At Left:
Joe Miller, his barn, his chickens, and the children having fun in the pony-drawn carriage.


Wed., Aug. 7. (Longs and at Newt's in Marshall)

Today has been the warmest day yet. Hot! We left Robert with the children at Ret's, and Emma and I drove over to Marshall this a.m., at 8:30, to spend today with Mattie and Newt. We got there at 10:30 a.m. Before starting for Marshall I took a photo of Ret's lawn and the crowd. Mattie had a fine dinner for us....it did taste good! We had lovely cream and cake for dessert. We enjoyed seeing through the house and how nice they have fixed it up. I also took a picture of their home and one of the family by itself. Then one of Newt's horse & surrey. Mattie drove us over around Marshall and showed us some of the new homes there, which were beautiful. We also drove around the college grounds and the colony grounds, and looked at the buildings. We went through their new "Wood & Huston Bank" which is not yet quite complete. We left Marshall for home at 6:30 p.m., after getting me a dozen more films and a photo book for Ret to send to Lewis. We also bought a basket of nice ripe peaches for the children. We got home at 8 p.m. It was so hot tonight that I sat out on the lawn with Jim, Willie, Retta and the children until after 10 p.m. Then, it was so hot I slept out on the front porch upstairs until the rain run me in at 2 a.m.
The Marshall, MO, home of Newton & Mattie Myers

Thurs., Aug. 8. (Jas. Long's)

It sure did rain last night and is yet, almost all morning. I phoned "Matt & Charlie Miller" that we could not get there today as we had intended on doing. We played some good fine games of Flinch with Retta, Willie, and Emma this a.m. And then I wrote this book up to present from Monday's record. We sat around all afternoon and talked and played Flinch. Then we weighed on Jim's cattle scales and I took a photo of the crowd on the barn yard fence. Afterwards we came to the house and had fun freezing a freezer of nice fine cream for supper. After enjoying supper, which was awfully good....I and Willie Cresap played Emma and Retta four games of Flinch and beat them all. We then talked until 10:15 p.m. and we all thought it best to retire. Retta gave me two nice fine hams tonight, to take home with me, one for Lem. She has certainly been nice to me.
At right is the home of Newt & Mattie Myers, Marshall, MO. Pictured on the porch are Emma Myers, with Newt & Mattie's children, Floy and Harry. At right of photo are Newt and Mattie Myers.

Fri., Aug. 9. (Long's and Miami)

It was certainly nice this a.m., but very warm this eve. Retta and Willie Cresap went over to the Fair this a.m. and we came on into Miss Lou's, to spend the balance of our time. We found a fine ham here that Mrs. C. G. Vaughan had left for us and she had also brought us a lb. of butter, a nice gallon of cream and a dozen tomatoes. Aren't she all-right!!!! We also found letters from Mrs. Butterfield, Mary Weir, Miss Rainbolt, and a R. R. letter....also my two papers. I spent part of the afternoon uptown. I wrote a letter to Miss Rainbolt and then had a talk with old Dr. A. H. W. Sulllivan, as to a note we had with his father. As Jesse's wife (Lelia) is very sick at Excelsior Springs, Ruth had to go up there while we were out in the country. I had a nice long talk with Mrs. C. G. Vaughan over the phone this afternoon. Emma, Robert, and I took supper at Mrs. Greenabaum-Miller's. We had such a nice supper and spent such a nice eve afterwards. Miss Lou has not been at all well today.

Sat., Aug. 10 (Miami)

This has sure been a warm, warm day. I spent the a.m. at home and wrote to the R. R. agent at Kansas City, to Mary, and also to Ruck McD. I also helped do the morning's work. I took a bath after dinner and rested. This afternoon I went up and called on Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bell and spent such a nice eve with them. I was also at Cyrena's for awhile. then we spent the eve and took supper with Mrs. and Mrs. J. D. Fristoe. We had such a nice supper and enjoyed the eve with them. It is certainly remarkable how she keeps so cheerful, as sick as she has been for years. Mr. and Mrs. Bell certainly look bad....it's wonderful how they hold on to life. Mary Haynie gave Emma such a nice strand of beads last eve....lovely.

Sun., Aug. 11. (Miami)

Got up at 6 a.m., and found it very, very warm. We all three attended Sunday School and after Sunday School I went up and called on Mrs. L. J. Hamner a few minutes. Then I walked back to our preaching with the Hamner twins and their guests, Misses Armentrout and Snoddy. Bro. Gamon came home with us for dinner. We sat around and talked all afternoon. Mary Haynie came over and spent the afternoon with us. At 4:30 p.m., I got ready and went over and sat a while with the Mertens. I had the pleasure of seeing and talking with Flora, also. After supper we went down to talk with Jim and Sue Vaughan awhile. Jim is in bed, sick, but feels better now. We did intend to go to Church tonight, but Cyrena and Walker came over with their company, the Misses Munson and Baker, so we stayed at home and enjoyed the last Sunday eve that we will have together. Retired at 10:30 p.m.

Mon., Aug. 12. (Miami)

I went down to the River this a.m., and took a picture of the old mill, with Capt. Ruxton on the corner, and also one of the River and the Goo Boat. Then I went over to the school house and took a snap of that. I called on Aunt Sarah and Mrs. A. P. Bishop this a.m., and also went up to Cyrena's. After dinner I sat around home until 3:30 p.m. Then I went down to Mr. and Mrs. A. Royar's and called on them and I took two views of photos of them. Then I went up to the Hamner's and took a photo of them, then downtown awhile before coming home. Mary Haynie was there when I got back to the Doctor's, so I took her down to George's with me and I took two pictures of the baby. Cyrena took supper with us. Emma was out calling all eve. Eva Miller came over tonight and sat awhile, also Mary Haynie and Walker Bure. Syd collected an account from L. P. Wright this eve over at the Station for us.
The Miami Mill in 1907, will Capt. Ruxton at corner

Tue., Aug. 13. (Miami)

Cloudy and cool all day. I went up to Bure's for awhile this a.m., and I fixed two boards for our ham and fruit trunk. Retta and the children came in and spent the day with us. Mrs. C. G. Vaughan was to have come over, but she didn't. I took the children down to the River this eve and took a picture. I also took a picture of our crowd back on Miss Lou's back porch. Mary Haynie was here and took supper and spent the night with us tonight. I packed the "ham & fruit trunk" this eve, before supper, and Syd helped me rope it. Lottie Greenabaum was here tonight, quite awhile. Emma and I packed our trunk tonight before we retired. Cyrena gave me a nice quart jar of jam, and Mary Haynie gave us one also. And then Miss Lou gave me a quart of cherries....so, you see, I'm fixed!
The photo, AT RIGHT, is the Miami Mill, as it looked in 1907. Capt. A. K. Ruxton is standing at the corner. Robert Myers is near by. The young man in back is not identified (nor is the dog!)

BELOW... is a photo of what W. S. Myers calls,
"a Goo Boat." It is on the Missouri River,
at Miami Landing.

Goo Boat on the Missouri River, at Miami.

Wed., Aug. 14. (Last day at Miami)

It rained some last night and some little this morning. I roped our second trunk this a.m. and sent it across the River. I was up in town this morning and collected cash from Dr. A. H. W. Sullivan on his father's note of $25. I also received a check from"Francis" this a.m. I deposited same in bank and got a draft for $25, and cash for $25. Then I came on over home. I wrote a note and check for $1.25 for R. W. Haynie and left it at his home for him. Then I went up to Mrs. (Greenabaum) Miller's, just before dinner, and took two pictures of them and also took two pictures of Emma's old home before leaving. Miss Lou had another good dinner for us today before we left. At 2 p.m., we left for Excelsior Springs, and don't forget our ride in the old hack, of 11-persons. I also took a picture of the Miami Station depot and the hack we rode in. We got to Excelsior Springs at 6 p.m.. Remember our ride to Dr. J. B. Cunningham's and our transfers, also the steep hills we had to climb to reach their home. After supper, we all took a stroll uptown and took in the scenes. We got back at 10:30 p.m. and retired at 11 p.m., tired and worn out.

Mr. & Mrs. A. Royar
The Hamner's
ABOVE LEFT is the photo W. S. took of "The Hamner's" on August 12, 1907. There was no identity on the photo, but W. S. often spoke of Mrs. Hamner, Susie Hamner, and the Hamner twins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RIGHT: Mr. & Mrs. A. Royar. I believe both were in their 80's when this photo was taken.

Thurs., Aug. 15. (Excelsior Springs)

It sure did rain last night and again this morning. Several showers this a.m. We enjoyed the porch a long while this a.m. Dr. J. B. Cunningham went up to Kansas City this morning. We all went down town at 10:45 a.m., and put in the day seeing the sights. I took the crowd of eight as follows, to lunch: Lizzie, Cyrena, Eula, Ruth, Jesse Stier, Emma, Robert and I. After lunch we walked up to see the Grant House and several other places. I also talked with Mr. M. L Burns over the phone, then we all strolled out to Regent springs and spent the afternoon in the shade with the crowd, talking and drinking the water. We spent such a nice eve. Then we came in and walked over to see Jesse (Wheeler) and family, and sat until after 6 p.m. Then we went up to Dr. C's and remained for the balance of the eve and night. After supper we enjoyed the porch awhile and then Emma went in and played for them all a long, long time. Ruth also recited a number of nice pieces for us. After having a nice time all day and eve, we retired at 10:45 p.m.
The J. B. Cunningham Family at Excelsior Springs, MO
At right: Photo of J. B. Cunningham, DDS, and family: Back row: Dr. C, Ruth Wheeler Hornbeck, then (I'm guessing) two Cunningham daughters, Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wheeler Cunningham, and Emma Wheeler Myers. Front: other Cunningham children & relatives (Robert Myers, second right)

Fri., Aug. 16. (Excelsior Springs and Kansas City)

I took a picture of Lizzie's home this a.m. and also one of the four sisters. We left Excelsior springs this a.m. at 9:50, for Kansas City. Cyrena, Ruth and Jesse Steir walked to the depot with us. We got in Kansas City at 11:05 a.m. I checked one suitcase at the Union Station and brought one up to Embry, Bird & Thayer, and checked it for the day. Then we went and saw about our tickets and sleepers and got them all shaped so as to leave here on the 6:10 train Sat. evening. I took in part of E. B. & Thayer and then went up to the 3rd floor Tea Room and got a nice lunch dinner. Little Robert had his first watermelon and he sure enjoyed it. We all had such a nice lunch. We took in part, only, of Kansas City and then took the "Independence Car" at 3:45 p.m., to spend the eve and night with Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Burns, getting out there about 5:30 p.m. We sure enjoyed the rest. They had such a nice supper for us and we had such a nice eve all together out on the lawn, until 10:30 p.m. We then had ice cream again, and, after another little chat, at 11:05, we were on the road to retiring.
The M. L. Burns Famiy at Independence, MO, 1907

Sat., Aug. 17. (Independence & Kansas City, for home)

Up at 6:45 a.m., after a fine night's rest. We had such a good breakfast and enjoyed all the morning just talking and sitting around. It has been raining most all a.m. Mr. Milt came home and was with us for awhile before we left. I took two pictures of them. We left Independence at 3:30 p.m. for Kansas City. We got some fruit and a little lunch and left K.C. at 6:20, for Colorado Springs
At left is a photo of Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Burns. Girl in middle is unidentified. Long time friends from Miami, the Burns' resided in Independence, MO, in 1907.

Sun., Aug. 18. (on the road to Colorado Springs)

We had a nice ride this a.m., after a good night's rest. This was the first Sunday that I have ever traveled on the railroad. We got to Colorado Springs at 2 p.m. Found a room, as it was blowing and pouring down rain. It sure did come. We took a street car ride out to Maniteau Springs, looked around, then took a carriage ride to "The Garden of the Gods." Then we took a car ride up to Pike's Peak, went up on it a little way, and heard several stories from the guide. Next we took in "Iron Springs" and the water, then took the car back to Colorado Springs where we got some fine cream and cake before going to our room.

Mon., Aug. 19.

We got up early and got breakfast, and a shave for me. Then we took the car out to "The Seven Falls." This was sure grand. We went up the steps, got a burro for Robert, and took the trail up the mountain to Helen Hunt's grave and Inspiration Rock." I took a photo of Robert on the burro, and also one of he and Emma at the Seven Falls. We then came back and got our baggage and took the train for Salt Lake. We got a sleeper on the upper berth. We enjoyed the afternoon, especially on the observation car seeing the Royal Gorge. This was immense....in fact, all eve a grand sight. This was our first time in an upper berth. It was a little unhandy, but we rested all okay.
Myers Family at Seven Falls, Colorado

Tue., Aug. 20. (Salt Lake)

He had a nice ride all morning, though it got very warm. We arrived in Salt Lake at 2 p.m. We found a nice room at the Lenox Hotel for $1.50. Then we got lunch and took a touring car to see Salt Lake proper and especially The Morman Temple Square and the Tabernacle. We heard the big pipe organ and that was certainly grand. We also saw the Brigham Young monuments, his lion and Bee houses. We saw where he lived and died and also his grave. After seeing other portions of Salt Lake, on foot, we got lunch then turned into our room for the night. We have such a lovely room, but the Salt Lake water is very, very hard. We mailed Mary Haynie her postals tonight, also one each to Miss Lou and Retta. We all had a good bath tonight and feel so much better.
At right is a photo of W. S. Myers, Robert, (the burro), and Emma on their hike up to Seven Falls, in Colorado, August 19, 1907.

Wed., Aug. 21. (Salt Lake)

Lovely a.m., and we had such a good night's rest. I got a shave and hair cut this a.m. and we had a good breakfast. Then we took a car out to the barracks at Ft. Douglas, and also over to the Salt Pavillion....nice scenery. We came back at 12:15 p.m., got lunch and our baggage from the Hotel and took a car to the Station, to take the 1 p.m. train. But when we got there we found that the train was an hour and thirty minutes late. At last it came and we enjoyed the afternoon and eve very much. Remember our 52-mile ride in the snow sheds and the lovely lake scene.

Thurs., Aug. 22.

Up at 6:30 a.m. We had a nice night's rest. We have enjoyed all day seeing the sights out the window. We are about 6-hours late. Remember our old lady with her baggage, asking not only all the train crew, but the passengers as well as to "when" the train would get in to Frisco. "Her baggage" was her husband's remains! We bought such nice fruit tonight, from the boys who meet the trains.....grapes & peaches. As we are so late, we won't get into Oakland on time, so we must remain on our sleeper all night at the Oakland Pier.

Fri., Aug. 23. (Oakland)

We got up at 5:30 a.m. and got ourselves ready and left the sleeper for the Oakland Pier depot. There, we took the car up into the city of Oakland. We took the 16th Street Car to Broadway. Then we got breakfast and took the Telegraph car out to 24th Street, walked down to #278, and found Mary & Jim (Weir) waiting for us "at anytime." Then we all sat and talked for quite a little while. Later Jim and I got ready and he took me out to Johnny D. Rockefeller's Oil Refinery. This was quite a sight, as well as "quite a smell." We came back at 1 p.m. and got lunch, and then we all took a car, then a boat, across the bay to San Francisco. From there we took a long, long ride over the city, in part, and out to the "Cliff House" and back. It was certainly a fine trip as well as lots of sight-seeing. Many ruins in the city are still left, sufficient to show how awful the Earthquake was. We got back to Oakland at 7:30 p.m., tired and worn out, but rewarded by the sights we had seen. Then Mary got us such a good supper....it did taste so good!

Sat., Aug. 24. (Oakland)

This morning was foggy and cold. I went up in the city this a.m. and got a vest, with sleeves in it, for Emma. Then, at 10:30 a.m., Mary, Emma, Robert & I took in the city of Oakland and a few of its big stores. It is a real nice large city of about 170,000 people. I got Papa a fine box of good cigars (25 for $2.25). Jim cashed a draft for me this a.m., for $25. He was with us all afternoon and eve. After lunch, we all took in the Berkeley College grounds and city. It was sure nice. Then we all had ice cream and ices. Also, I bought several more postals. We got home at 7 p.m., had a good supper and a long talk, and retired at 10 p.m.
Mary & Jim Weir's home in Oakland, CA

Sun., Aug. 25. (Oakland)

Up at 8 a.m. Mary had another nice breakfast for us. I attended Sunday School with Robert at the Christian Sunday School and then we came back to Jim's & Mary's and sat and talked with them until after lunch time. Jim's brother, Mr. Owens, was there also. After taking two pictures of our crowd and their home, we took a nice long car ride and saw some of the residential portion of Oakland. We returned at 6 p.m., ate supper, and then spent until 10 p.m., talking of the good old days.
At right is a photo of the Weir's home in Oakland, CA. Mary Weir was the former
Mary Burruss, a close friend of both W. S. and Emma, in Miami, MO


Mon., Aug. 26.

Mary had us up at 5 a.m. We had a good breakfast and were on our way, at 6:20, to catch a car over to the "Frisco Ferry." Mary fixed us such a nice lunch for today. She also went over with us, to Frisco, and saw us off all okay on our 9 o'clock car. We met, and talked to Arthur Greenabaum, at Frisco just as we were changing from one street car to another. We had a lovely day to travel, but warm, and, on account of a wreck ahead of us, we were over 5-hours late. We passed through lots of prune and grape country, and also other nice scenery. We took a sleeper tonight as the train was so late, and behind time, that by doing this we could remain on our car at Los Angeles until 6 a.m. I bought some fine peaches, from our car window, late this eve. We are nearing home and we all three will be glad to get home, safe and sound again. We enjoyed the Pullman sleeper tonight.
The train leaving San Francisco for Los Angeles

Tue., Aug. 27.

We woke up this a.m., laying under the roof of the Los Angeles Arcade Depot, having arrived at 2:35 a.m. We went up in town from the depot on a streetcar and got breakfast. Then we took a car home to Whittier, getting in there at 9 a.m. We went straight to work, moving in our new home. Emma and I got dinner at the "Cafe," and Robert got his at his Aunt Mayme's. We ate supper and slept in our new home tonight, at #153 E. Bailey. . . . Wib

This is the train, in San Francisco, that would take W. S. Myers, and family, to Los Angeles, after a 56-day journey (for Wib) and an 81-day trip (for Emma & Robert). . . Home Sweet Home!


Newt, Mattie, Floy & Harry Myers, Marshall, MO

Newton M. Myers, Mattie (Saufley) Myers, and their children, Floy and Harry, Marshall, MO, August 7, 1907.

Newt's Surrey

This is Newt's surrey, with Mattie at the reins. She often drove the surrey from Marshall to Miami, to visit her mother, Martha Saufley.

Walker Bure, Mr. Bure, Sr., Cyrena Wheeler Bure, and Robert Myers. . . Miami, MO. . . 1907

At the Walker Bure residence: Walker, Mr. Bure, Sr., Cyrena (Wheeler) Bure, and Robert W. Myers, age 7. . . Miami, MO. . . 1907

The Robert Huyett Family & friends, Miami, MO. . . July 31, 1907.

This is the Robert Huyett Family and friends. Robert Huyett was the older brother of "Miss Lou" who married Dr. A. A. Wheeler (his second wife). I can't identify, directly, all the people in this photo, but that is Dr. Wheeler at far left, in the chair. Guests for the occasion were "W.S.", Emma, and Robert Myers, Ruth Wheeler Hornbeck, Dr. & Mrs. Wheeler & dau., Angie( who would be about 12-years-old), and John & Clara Guthrey & baby. The Huyett's had six little girls, so these are the people on the porch. I just can't put name to face.

Willie Cresap, Emma Myers, Ed & Ona Haynie, and Retta Long . . .August 6, 1907

At Ed & Ona Haynie's home, August 6, 1907. Pictured are: Willie Cresap, Emma Myers, Ed & Ona, and Retta Long.

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