Wellington County Methodists 1825-1925


Rev. James Evans

Rev. James Evans

Ministers 1825-1925

In 1826 Thomas Demorest was appointed to the Dumfries circuit...
1827 George Sovereign, who was admitted on trial in 1824...
1829 William Griffis...
1830 Andrew Prindle...
1831-32 John S. Atwood...
1833 Conrad Vandusen and Thomas Mullen; in this year Eramosa appears as a circuit but no one assigned to it...
1834 Vandusen and John Law on Dumfries circuit; Guelph appears as a mission without a minister
1835 minister wanted at Guelph...
1836 Guelph to be supplied...
1837 still to be supplied at Guelph...
1838 Benjamin Nankeville at Guelph...
1839 George Poole at Guelph; in this year Rev. James Evans came in the fall to release Mr. Poole
The latter appears at Yonge Street in 1840 and Mr. Evans went in the spring to his famous work at the Hudson Bay posts.
In 1840 Benjamin Slight was appointed by the Conference at Belleville to Guelph

From these records it is seen that the Rev. Bejamin Nankeville was the first Methodist minister stationed in Guelph. In 1835 he had been received on trial in Upper Canada. His first charge was in Dumfries, as a missionary preacher, and he was not ordained until 1839, the year after he had been in Guelph. The Rev. George Poole was the first ordained minister of Norfolk Street Methodist Church. He entered the Conference in 1827 and was ordained in 1833. The same year Rev. James Evans was ordained. Rev. Benjamin Slight, who followed Mr. Evans in 1840, was ordained in 1838.

1836 Samuel Fear
1838 Benjamin Nankeville
1838-1839 William Raymond Queen's Bush/Peel
1838 Joseph Stinson Guelph 1839 James Evans
1839 George Poole Norfolk
1839 G. Kennedy Upper Woolwich
1839 John Shilton New Connection Erin
1839-1840 Bejamin Slight Woolwich
1840 Benjamin Slight Nichol/Eramosa
1840 Benjamin Slight Norfolk St.
1840 Peter Kerr Norfolk St.
1840 John Bredin Norfolk St.
1841 Edmund Stoney, Ezra C. Adams Norfolk St.
1841 C.B. Goodrich Eramosa
1842 John Lever Puslinch
1842 Stephen Brownell Norfolk/Woolwich
1842 Thomas Fawcett Norfolk St.
1842-1843 William Graham Puslinch
1842-1843 John Douse Puslinch
1843 Fidelia Coburn Queen's Bush/Peel 1st. woman missionary
1843 J. Briggs Arthur
1843 John Hutchinson Puslinch
1843-1844 Stephen Brownell Nichol
1844 John Lever Elora
1844 Thomas Fawcett Eramosa
1844 Stephen Brownell Elora & Fergus
1844 Henry Byers, Thomas Cosford Norfolk St.
1844 William Coleman Garafraxa
1844 Horace Dean Garafraxa/Eramosa
1844 James Spencer Woolwich
1845 George Duncan Puslinch
1845 Thomas Cosford Nichol
1845 Luther C. Rice Erin
1845 William Dignam Guelph
1845 F. Coleman Elora
1845 Stephen Brownell Woolwich
1845 William Tomblin Woolwich
1845 William Graham Woolwich/Peel
1845 Elias E. Kirkland Queen's Bush/Peel
1845 James Booth, John Goodfellow Norfolk St.
1846 William Graham Erin
1846 William Philp Eramosa
1846-1847 Thomas Cosford Eramosa/Nichol/Garafraxa/Woolwich
1846-1848 A. Campbell Wellesley
1846 Henry Byers Norfolk St.
1846 John S. Brooks Queen's Bush/Peel
1847 Melville Denslow Queen's Bush/Peel
1847 John Bredin Norfolk St.
1847-1848 John Bredin Upper Woolwich/Elora/Eramosa
1847 John Lever Erin
1847 John Hunt Norfolk St.
1847-1848 A. Hurlburt Erin/Peel
1848 William Dignam Peel
1848 John Lever Eramosa
1848 F. Coleman Erin/Woolwich
1848 J. Goodfellow Elora
1848 John Douse Puslinch/Woolwich
1848 Stephen Brownell Wellesley
1848 Ezra C. Adams Drayton
1849 James Spencer Norfolk St./Eramosa
1849 Charles Fish Norfolk St.
1849 William Philip Erin
1849 Robert Lockhead Peel
1849 Stephen Brownell Puslinch
1850 Stephen Brownell Erin
1850 James Whale Peel
1850 Thomas Vipond Nichol/Wellesley (Queen's Bush Settlement)
1850 George Copeland, David Rife, William Ellis lay ministers at Ellis Church
1850 John Lever Woolwich
1850 E. Sallows Garafraxa
1850-1852 William Steer Erin/Garafraxa
1850 John L. Kerr Erin
1851 George Goodson Norfolk St.
1851 Matthew Swann Nichol/Garafraxa (Queen's Bush Settlement)
1851 Samuel Brown African Methodist Peel
1852 A. Milliken Erin
1852 John Gilpin Maryborough
1852 Samuel Fear Goderich
1852-1862 A. Milliken Erin
Rev. Lewis Warner1853 F. Coleman Woolwich
1853 Samuel C. Philip Garafraxa
1853 Robert Lockhead Zion Maryborough
1853-1855 Lewis Warner Norfolk St.
1853 Richard Clarke Norfolk St.
1853 James Dyer Norfolk St.
1853 Andrew Edwards Norfolk St.
1853 James Armstrong Elora/Peel
1854 Stephen Brownell Woolwich
1854 William Savage Zion/Moorefield Maryborough
1854 William Digman Maryborough
1854 James Armstrong Fergus/Nichol/Pilkington
1854 G. Kennedy Maryborough
1854-1855 F. Coleman Maryborough
1854-1857 H. Reid Peel/Maryborough
1854-1855 James Armstrong Pilkington
1855 T. L. Kerr Garafraxa
1855 M. Ferguson Ellis Church Puslinch
1855 Thomas Whale Wellesley, Maryborough, Minto
1855 G. Kennedy Nichol
1855 Charles Fish Arthur Methodist
1855 Charles Silvester Elora/Woolwich
1855 John Goodfellow Arthur
1855 A. Campbell Maryborough
1855 Richard Clarke Nichol/Pilkington
1855 A. Hurlburt Mt. Forest
1856 J. Briggs Pilkington
1856 Isaac Barker Nichol
1856-1859 T. Culbert Arthur
1856 T. Gray Mt. Forest
1856 David Savage Ellis Church Puslinch
1856-1858 Joseph Hilts Carmel West Garafraxa
1856-1858 Charles Sylvester Pilkington/Nichol
1856-1857 F. Coleman Pilkington/Arthur
1856 Robert Cooney, M.A., D.D. Norfolk St./Pilkington
1856 Isaac Barber Norfolk St.
1856 John Jackson Norfolk St.
1856 Trask, Isaac, Hay, Hill, Graham, Bailey, Norris lay ministers Peel
1857 Luther C. Rice Ellis Church Puslinch
1857-1858 W. Sutton Garafraxa
1857-1858 John Douse Eramosa
1857 C.W.M. Gilbert Arthur
1857-1859 Horace Dean Nichol
1857 A. Campbell Arthur
1857 John Douse Arthur
1857 John Goodfellow Pilkington
1857-1858 James S. Dyer Peel
1857-1859 A. Miller Maryborough/Peel
1857 James Armstrong Nichol
1857-1858 John Bredin Arthur
1858 John Douse Norfolk St.
1858 John Howes Pilkington
1858 William Digman Arthur
1858-1859 R. Coleman Mt. Forest
1858 John Hough Minto
1858 James E Dyer Hillsburgh/Erin
1858 Thomas Demorest Peel
1858-1862 R. Milliken Eramosa
1858-1861 Matthew Swann Nichol/Garafraxa/Maryorough/Elora/Pilkington/Peel
1858-1860 Samuel C. Philp Ellis Church Puslinch
1859-1860 A. Milliken Garafraxa
1859 James Armstrong Nichol
1859 G. Smith Arthur
1859 James E. Dyer Eramosa
1859 William Graham Eramosa
1859 William Steer Nichol
1859 Richard L. Tucker Esquesing
1859-1860 P. Rose Mt. Forest
1860 William Cross Garafraxa
1860 James E. Dyer Luther/Garafraxa
1860 R.J. Forman Nichol
1860 W. Shannon Peel
1860 John Hutchinson Mt. Forest
1860 L. Taylor Peel
1861 William Cross Nichol
1861 F. Coleman Peel
1861 James Brock Norfolk St.
1861 Richard L. Tucker Woolwich
1861 R.J. Forman Eramosa
1860-1861 John Douse Eramosa
1861 John Lever Garafraxa
1861-1862 Samuel C. Philp Garafraxa
1861 James E. Dyer Garafraxa
1861 Isaac Barker Garafraxa
1861-1863 Richard L. Tucker Ellis Church Puslinch
1861-1864 R.J. Forman Elora/Pilkington/Peel
1861-1862 S. Bond Erin
1862 K. Creighton Garafraxa
1862-1864 Samuel Wilson Hillsburgh/Garafraxa
1862 Isaac Crane Puslinch/Eramosa
1862-1863 Richard L. Tucker Pilkington/Woolwich
1862 Hugh Jones Pilkington
1862 John Douse Erin
1862 D. McMullen Marysborough
1862 Rev. Hughes Hillsburgh
1862 John Smith and Rev. Romulus B. Cook Stone Church Eramosa
1862-1865 Joseph Hilts Carmel West Garafraxa
1862-1863 Stephen A. Brownell Peel/Erin
1862-1863 A. Milliken Fergus/Elora/Peel/Minto
1862-1863 William Cross Mt. Forest
1863 R. Clarke Maryborough
1863 David Auld Arkell
1863 John Spencer Erin
1863 Richard L. Tucker Woolwich
1863 Samuel Fear Woolwich
1863 Thomas Adams Hollen Maryborough
1863-1864 R.J. Forman Nichol/Pilkington/Elora
1863-1864 Samuel Wilson Erin/Garafraxa
1863 H.H. Wilkinson Erin
1863 G.M. Meacham Fergus
1864 John Carroll Norfolk St.
1864 Isaac Barker Mt. Forest
1864 Isaac Crane Peel
1864 Samuel Fear Peel
1864 S. Bond Garafraxa/Erin
1864 R. Potter Maryborough
1864 Richard L. Tucker Glen Allan Peel
1864-1865 Richard L. Tucker Hollin Maryborough
1864-1865 William Savage Ellis Church Puslinch
1864 G.M. Meacham Bethany Peel
1864-1867 N.S. Burwash Luther/Arthur/Peel
1865-1866 R. Potter Mt. Forest
1865 Robert Tindall Carmel Garafraxa
1864-1866 G.M. Meacham Fergus/Nichol/Pilkington/Elora
1866 Matthew Swann Maryborough
1866-1869 John German Nichol/Pilkington
1866 A. Milliken Minto
1866 Aaron D. Miller Ellis Church Puslinch
1867 W.S. Griffin Norfolk St.
1867 Richard L. Tucker Fergus/Garafraxa
1867 R. Potter Arthur
1867-1869 Isaac Crane Hollen Peel
1867 Charles Silvester Pilkington
1867 John Carroll Puslinch
1867 A. Milliken Pilkington
1867-1868 J. Shepley Woolwich
1867 C.E. Cornish Puslinch
1867 John Smiley Ellis Church Puslinch
1868-1869 John Hough Puslinch/Eramosa
1868-1869 George H. Cornish Erin
1868 I.W. German Peel/Nichol
1868 Romulus B. Cook Erin
1868 Isaac Crane Rothsay Maryborough
1868-1870 Thomas A. Ferguson Ellis Church Puslinch
1868-1870 R. Brewster Fergus/Nichol/Garafraxa/Pilkington
1869-1872 Matthew Swann Huston & Rothsay Maryborough/Peel
1869 A. Milliken Minto
1869 John German Pilkington
1869-1870 N.F. English Elora/Pilkington
1869 S. Bond Arthur
1869 Lewis Warner Eramosa
1869-1871 George H. Cornish Wesleyan Rockwood
1869-1870 David Kennedy Garafraxa/Luther
1870-1871 N.S. Burwash Mt. Forest
1870-1871 John Hodgson Minto
1870 Aaron D. Miller Arthur Methodist
1870-1872 F.C. Reynolds Minto
1870 Ephraim B. Harper, M.A. Norfolk St.
1870-1872 John Guiness Laird b 1835 Ireland Fergus
1870 Isaac Crane Peel
1870 Benjamin Jones Drayton
1870-1872 Matthew Swann b 1822 England Maryborough/Peel
1871 M. Demick Rockwood EM
1871 Thomas Crompton b 1817 England, 1871 minister Guelph Town
1871 David Kennedy Erin b 1839 Ontario
1871 A. Glazier North Arthur Methodist
1871 Finlay Malcolm Smith Eramosa - later Carmel in West Garafraxa
1871 Thomas Adams Paisley St.
1871 Ezra Adams Peel b 1789 United States
1871 John Hodgson Minto/Arthur b 1826 Ontario
1871 John Dochsadder Minto b 1832 Ontario
1871 James O'Hara Erin b 1837 Ireland
1871 George Wood Paisley St.
1871-1872 Isaac Crane Peel/Maryborough b 1823 England
1871 Isaac Crane Glenallen Peel
1871 William Bradley West Garafraxa b 1830 England
1871 William Johnston Maryborough b 1846 Ontario
1871 William Bury Peel b 1845 England
1871-1875 B. Sherlock Erin
1871-1872 P.W. Jones Garafraxa/Luther
1871-1872 Thomas Stobbs Ellis Church Puslinch
1871-1873 C.E. Stafford Eramosa
1872-1875 W.J. Maxwell Norfolk St.
1872 John G. Scott Maryborough
1872 Robert Phillips Nichol
1872 James King Eramosa
1872 C.E. Stafford Nassagaweya
1873-1874 Isaac B. Howard Dublin St.
1873 John E. Lanceley Dublin St.
1873 Thomas Adams Paisley St.
1873 C.E. Stafford Eden Mills (1885 opened Union Methodist Church Arthur Tp.)
1873 George Wood Paisley St.
1873 Christopher Cookman Ellis Church Puslinch
1874 John E. Lanceley Dublin St
1874 Matthew Swann Eramosa
1874 William Henderson Ellis Church Puslinch
1874-1875 John G. Scott Arthur/Harriston
1875 Robert Phillips Arthur
1875 David Auld Arkell
1875-1877 James McAlister Ellis Church Puslinch
1876-1878 John Hough Clifford/Minto
1876 Robert Phillips Maryborough
1876 G.C. Moore Trecastle Maryborough
1876 Thomas Cobb Bethany Pilkington
1876 E.B. Ryckman, M.A. D.D. Norfolk St.
1876-1877 John G. Scott Minto
1877 A. Cunningham Garafraxa
1877-1878 William Mills Cumnock Nichol
1877 J. Gray, David Rogers Zion Maryborough
1878-1879 Edwin Holmes Ellis Church Puslinch
1878-1879 Deacon Cumnock Nichol
1878 John Stewart Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1879 William Williams Norfolk St.
1879 Wray R. Smith Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1879-1880 Charlton Cumnock Nichol
1880-1881 Ephraim B. Stevenson Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1880 Francis E. Nugent Ellis Church Puslinch
1880-1881 B. Sherlock Cumnock Nichol
1881 Mount View in Luther - ministers were Magwood, Miln, Crittenden, Newham, Ward, Lewis, Woulds, Merryweather, Whiteham and Edington 1881-1882 Robinson Cumnock Nichol
1882 James McAlister Drayton circuit Peel
1882 George McAlister Drayton circuit Peel
1882 W.S. Griffin, D.D. Norfolk St.
1882-1884 Edmonds Cumnock Nichol
1882-1885 Francis Swann Mt. Pleasant Nichol/Fergus/Peel/Garafraxa
1883-1886 Findlay Malcolm Smith Carmel Garafraxa
1883-1886 William Mills Ellis Church Puslinch
1884 A.W. Yonge and T.W. Miller Alma circuit Peel
1884-1887 Findlay Malcolm Smith Belwood Garafraxa
1885 Joseph W. Holmes Norfolk St.
1885 Robert Heeners Howitt Memorial Puslinch Tp.
1885 Robert Phillips Arthur
1885 Ferguson, C.E. Stafford, Shannon Union Methodist Church Arthur Tp.
1885-1887 Isaac Crane Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1885-1888 Fisher Cumnock Nichol
1887-1890 Grandy Belwood Garafraxa
1888 N.R. Willoughby, D.D. Norfolk St.
1888-1890 Edward A. Shaw Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1889-1892 Findlay Malcolm Smith Cumnock Nichol
1890-1893 Wilmott Belwood Garafraxa
1890 James Hannon, D.D. Norfolk St.
1891-1893 Henry Caldwell Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1892 A. Cunningham Dublin St.
1893 W.C. Henderson, D.D. Norfolk St.
1893-1896 A.W. Yonge Cumnock Nichol
1893-1896 David Kennedy Belwood Garafraxa
1894-1897 Judson E. Truax Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1894 Nelson Burns Guelph
1896 John G. Scott Norfolk St.
1896-1899 C.W. Cosens Belwood Garafraxa
1897-1900 Wright Cumnock Nichol
1898-1900 Henry J. Harnwell Ph.B. Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1899 F.A. Cassidy, M.A. Norfolk St.
1899 Sparling Conn Luther
1899-1902 Ottowell Belwood Garafraxa
1901-1903 J. Wesley Magwood Cumnock Nichol
1901-1903 William J. Ellis Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1901 William K. Allen b. July 28 1873 Erin
1902-1905 Duff Belwood Garafraxa
1903 Sanford E. Marshall, B.A., D.D. Norfolk St.
1903-1907 Daniel Ecker Carmel Garafraxa
1904-1906 Ephraim B. Stevenson Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1904-1907 Wray Smith Cumnock Nichol
1905-1908 Flag Belwood Garafraxa
1906 W.E. Crews Norfolk St.
1906 Phillip Hellyer Arthur
1907-1908 W.A. Terry Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1908-1911 Webb Belwood Garafraxa
1908-1911 C.W. Cosens Cumnock Nichol
1909-1910 Jabez H. Dyke Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1910 J.D. Fitzpatrick Norfolk St.
1911-1914 Gilpin Belwood Garafraxa
1911-1912 Thomas Voaden B.A. Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1911 Gaynor Glen Allan Peel
1912 Treleaven Conn Luther
1912-1915 R.H. Rogers Cumnock Nichol
1913-1914 Fred W. Crowle B.A. Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1914-1916 Daniel Ecker Belwood Garafraxa
1914 W.F. Gaetz, D.D. Norfolk St.
1915-1917 William Walker Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1916 H.A. Cook Cumnock Nichol
1916 C.E. Stafford Carmel/Belwood Garafraxa
1916-1919 Masson Belwood Garafraxa 1917 E.A. Pearson B.A. D.D. Norfolk St.
1917-1921 R. Springer Cumnock Nichol
1918-1920 Austen W. Guild Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1919-1925 Hunt, Fiddes, Taylor, McDonald, Ostrander, Barbaree, James, Wooley at various years at Belwood Garafraxa
1920 N.A. Hurlbut Paisley Methodist &Arkell
1921 H. Irvine Norfolk St.
1921-1923 Roscoe H. Smith Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1921-1924 Milton C. Morrow D.D. Cumnock Nichol
1924-1925 Albert E. Millen Mt. Pleasant Nichol
1925 Hugh Taylor North Arthur Methodist
1925 Rev. Treleaven Carmel Garafraxa

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