This poem was written by Reverend Malcolm James Edwards, who was my brother-in-law prior to his death on August 8, 1961.  He wrote it for a tribute to his wonderful mother, my mother-in-law and my children's grandmother.  It is a beautiful poem and I would like to share it with all of the mothers on this Mother's Day of 2003.

A tribute to my mother,
The greatest on earth I know.
This world contains none better,
No matter where you go.
She fulfilled life's highest calling;
She braved every fear on earth.
She smiled in the face of death itself
To give this boy his birth.

And when I think of someone great,
My thoughts shrink from any other,
For wealth and fame can never make
Someone greater than my mother.
And when I think of someone brave
Who through fear was always calm,
Though I search the roll for heroes through,
I come up with my Mom.

When I think of someone pretty,
Through the catalogue of beauty I go
Only to end as you may have guessed;
The prettiest is Mom, I know,
For bravery, beauty, and greatness true.
The world, it has no other.
A tribute to her! The trophy she wins,
For none compare with my mother.

And here's to all the Moms on earth,
The great, the small, the unknown.
When you've been a mother as my own.
May God give us many mothers
Who'll fill their duty true,
For Heaven will condescend to earth
With mothers just like you.

"Happy Mother's Day"


Performed By
Margi Harrell
Used With Her Special Permission
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