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McCluskey & Long


Ouellet & Levesque Lewis & Green Lutes & Hope
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M. Helena Long

Lawrence Francis McCluskey

September 20, 1922

Grand Falls, Victoria Co, N.B.


Marie Louise Levesque

 Etienne Joseph Ouellet

April 5, 1926  

St Cyprien, Temiscouata Co, Quebec

Sarah Adelaide Green

Walter Lewis

May 23, 1898 

Moncton, Westmorland Co, N.B.

Jennie Beatrice Hope

Levis Joshua Lutes

 June 12, 1918

Steeves Mtn, Westmorland Co, N.B.



  McCluskey/Long Tree


Ouellet/Levesque Tree

Lewis/Green Tree

Lutes/Hope Tree



Vernon Joseph McCluskey  &  Aurore Hermelie Ouellet

August 25, 1949 

St. Jacques, Madawaska Co, N.B. 


Gregory Allen Lewis & Mary Helena McCluskey

July 27, 1974 

Moncton, Westmorland Co., N.B.

 Walter Elmer Lewis & Shirley Bertha Lutes

November 15, 1945

Moncton, Westmorland Co., N.B.

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New Brunswick Cemeteries    


Quebec Cemeteries       

Unknown Family Pictures             


My Pioneer Ancestors from Grand Falls, N.B.



I'm looking for any photos connected to the above families. Pop on by to see exactly what family lines I need help with. Other interesting websites Research Information


additions to this site

July 2013 - St André and St Eloi Cemeteries, Madawaska Co, N.B.

July - Aug 2013 - Church of the Precious Blood Cat. Cem, Goshen Bapt Cem, Gowland Cem, Harrison Cem, Tucker Rd Cem, Albert Co, N.B.

July 2014 - St Michel de Drummond Cemetery, Madawaska Co, N.B.

Aug 2014 - Mountville Cemetery, Upper Goshen Cemetery, Steeves Cem. Hillsborough, Albert Co, N.B.

Aug 2014 - Colpitts Pioneer Cem #1, Colpitts Settlement Cem, Mollins Rd Cem, Albert Co, N.B.


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