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This is the Jarrell Family website. We are the "Delaware" Jarrells that migrated from Delaware to Pennsylvania. We have many cousins particularly in Virginia and other areas of the southeast united states.

As I began to think of sharing our Jarrell roots and connecting with other Jarrell Families I realized I had to include all branches of the family Karn (karns), Connor and Somers. Many of the branches of our family hailed from Ireland. I tried to stay with our direct family ancestry here as reading it can be dry.


If you are a Jarrell, Karn, Connor or Somers and would like to share you Jarrell experiences I would be delighted to set up a or add you family information and pictures.


If you have any limbs to add to our family tree or more information let us know. I am looking for information on Robert Jarrell about 1864 and his Canadaian wife. Also previous generations.

A photograph of Michael Francis Jarrell and John Joseph Jarrell Jr. Michael is on the left and Jack on the right.

Michael was born March 8 1958 and resides in New Jersey John "Jack" Joseph Jarrell Jr. was born on March 24, 1948 and passed on October 24, 1995. He was Mensa, a tested genius.

I don't have a lot of pictures yet but Michael our Jarrell Genealogy buff has promised to suppy me with them.

Michael and his children were the inspiration for this site. Michael has always been interested in our lineage


We are interested in Jarrell Lore, Ancient History and family facts in general.

We are interested in your Jarrell, Karn, Somers and Connor links.