Murphy Family of Bytown, Nepean Township, Upper Canada

Michael Murphy

Welcome! If you're looking for information about the Murphy family of Bytown, Upper Canada (now Ottawa, Ontario) or related families, we hope you'll find what you're looking for here! These related families include the Ross family of Ross Township, Ontario, the McConnell family of Aylmer and South Hull, Quebec and the Cook family of McNab Township, Ontario. And if you're researching the Wright family of Edwardsburgh Township, Ontario or the Whitman family of New York and Nova Scotia, we may also be able to help.

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My name is Michael Ross Murphy, and I'll be your host for your visit to this site. Please feel free to contact me for more specific information about these families or any help that I or other family members can provide. My particular interests are the early histories of Bytown, Nepean Township, the townships of west Quebec and the Upper Ottawa Valley.

The information offered here focusses on those of our pioneering ancestors we have been able to trace as well as the first few generations of their descendants in Canada and the USA. We hope that this information can help other families in their research as others have generously assisted us.

For reasons of privacy, we follow the common practice of omitting specific information about living individuals from material published on these pages.

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F a m i l y    G r o u pR e s o u r c e
Cook Family of McNab Township, Renfrew County (Ontario, Canada)
McConnell Family of Aylmer and South Hull, Gatineau County (Quebec, Canada)
Murphy Family of Bytown and Nepean Township, Carleton County (Ontario, Canada)
Ross Family of Ross Township, Renfrew County (Ontario, Canada)
Whitman Family of Guysborough County, (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Wright Family of Edwardsburg Township, Leeds & Grenville Counties (Ontario, Canada)

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