The Darmody Name

The Darmody name is spelt as Darmody and Dermody in Ireland. Some variations of the name are Dirmody,Dormody and Durmody and because of the similarity in pronunciation, some Darmody and Dermody immigrants may have had their names recorded incorrectly in official documents.

"DERMODY, DARMODY: O'Diarmada. A fairly numerous but scattered name mainly in counties Cavan, Westmeath, Kilkenney and Galway; in the latter though spelt Dermody it is pronounced Darmody."

Source: 'The Surnames of Ireland'.

"Dermott: Irish: Anglicised form of the Gael. personal name Difharmait, composed of the separate prefix - di and farmat envy, and apparently meaning 'free from envy'.
This name was borne in Celtic legend by the lover of Grainne and in historical times by Diarmaid MacMurchadha, the 12 century King of Leincester whose appeal to the English for support led directly to the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland."

Irish  - McDermot(t), McDermit, McDermot.
Scot - MacDiarmid, McDiarmond, McDairmid, McDairmond, McD(e)armid,
           M(c)De(a)rmont, McDerm(a)id, McDermand
Manx- Kermode, Cormode
'Descendant of D' - Dermody, Darmody, Darby (Gael. Diarmada)

Source: "Dictionary of Surnames"

The Darmody and Dermody families are spread throughout 17 of Ireland's 32 county's with the highest concentration being in Galway, Kilkenny and Tipperary.

Using only  the Griffith's Valuation as the source, I found that there were 265 family's with the surname of Darmody/Dermody/Durmody occupying land in Ireland, during the years that the valuation took place (which was between, 1848 and 1864).

See The County's of Ireland for more details.

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