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Other Irish Family Interests -

The Irish family names that I am researching are DARMODY, MEEHAN and MADDEN all of which have married into a Kelly family.

I now have a separate page for these family's, and will expand on the information as I gather more details.

If you have any links to any of the family's below - please contact me.

My Kelly Family were living in the village of Ballykeefe Hill, a small village in the Townland of Kilmanagh, in the County of Kilkenny, in the early 1800's.  It is assumed that Patrick Kelly and Mary Egan were married in 1811.  From the death certificate of Mary Kelly, it has been ascertained that nine children were born to Patrick and Mary between 1812 and 1828.

During these years, Ireland was experiencing extremely harsh conditions and life would have been difficult for many families.  The Kelly family was one of many to leave Ireland.

Andrew Kelly was the first of the family to leave his homeland.  Although no records have been found of his arrival into Australia, the Victorian BDM index show the birth of a child in 1842.

Mary and five of her adult children, arrived between 1852 and 1855, residing around the Tower Hill area.  It is unsure if husband, Patrick Kelly migrated with the rest of the family or remained or had died before the family left Ireland.  No death certificate or other information is known about him.  Only a couple of Patrick and Mary's children arrived in Victoria married and the others married soon after.

It is interesting to note here, that three of Andrew Kelly's children (Ellen, Patrick and Andrew) all married a Kelly.  The other family's being John Joseph Kelly and Margaret McGrath; John Joseph Kelly and Mary Murnane; and Patrick Kelly and Mary McNamara.

The family soon grew, although most stayed in the area, Patrick was the first to head north to Wycheproof and later Lalbert, where he raised his 10 children.


In this Kelly family there are over 1,400 surnames.  The GEDCOM file only lists five generations of this Kelly family with no dates for anyone living being displayed.
The surnames list displays the family names of Patrick and Mary's children.

Further details of their descendants can be read by clicking on the children's names below.
Patrick, Elizabeth, Richard, James, Andrew, Michael, Catherine, Patrick,Mary.

The spelling of surnames varies according to different factors.  In many instances the person giving their name was unable to read or write, so how they said their name was interpreted and written by someone who possibly didn't understand the accent.  Kelly is quite often written as Keeley in some Irish records and early Victorian records.  Dermody is also spelt as Darmody depending on how it is interpreted, you will notice in the shipping records below that Darmody is spelt as Demordly.  Even some christian names can cause confusion - with pet forms of names being used rather than the actual name.

Leaving Ireland
In eleven years, over two million Irish individuals left Ireland where disease, famine and starvation had killed about 50,000 people.

The countries that they migrated to were England, Scotland, America, Canada and Australia.  There were many schemes devised to make the transition easier.  The voyage took between three and six months through all extremes of weather, sometimes many lives were lost on the voyages.

After settling in their new homelands, they would, where possible, send money home or quite often pay for the passage of other family members.  Although some family members were never heard from again.

Shipping Information.

As mentioned earlier, many schemes were implemented to assist potential migrants - some passengers arrived "assisted" and others "unassisted".  The assisted passengers were usually guaranteed employment and pay for between a minimum of one month and up two years.  Although, some family members already living in a country paid for the passage of others in the family.

The arrival of the KELLY family into Australia has been very difficult to ascertain.  Between 1850 and 1855, 27 Patrick Kelly's arrived in the Port Phillip area.

For many years, along with other family members searching this Kelly family, finding the arrival date of Patrick Kelly has been unsuccessful.  Although, by comparing notes and information with Richard Merry, I think we may have found the arrival of some of the Kelly family.

The passenger list for the INNELLAN which arrived in February 1852 at Belfast from Greenock (Scotland) shows 10 passengers.  The list below displays the names.

SURNAME, Name,      AGE

DEMORDLY ELLEN             20
KELLY ELIZ                    30
KELLY MARY                   50
KELLY MARY                   20
KELLY PATRICK                15
KELLY RICHD                  30
POWELL HENRY                13
POWELL JAMES                17

The INNELLAN was later shipwrecked off the coast of Port Fairy.

According to letters, it is assumed that the Kelly and Dermody family's knew each other in Kilkenny.  It is interesting to note here that Ellen Darmody and her brother Jeremiah were also on the ship - details of this family below.

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