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DNA Heritage

The Hendy-Dove Family

The Tree

The Researchers:

Daphne Bellman
Yvonne Fountain
Mary and Mike Horder
Colleen Kubis
Maureen O'Sughrue
Michael McManus
Carl and Marilyn Madden
Angela Niblett
Sylvia Reid
Anne Shilton
Karen Smith
Eleanor Smyrski

The Newsletters:

Gentle Shores No.1
Gentle Shores No.2
Gentle Shores No.3

Dove Events 

Gentle Shores, rough seas






                        The Needles, Isle of Wight 2001                                   Quay Street, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, 1867

Welcome to the Hendy-Dove Family Web Pages. Here you can access genealogical and local history data in relation to specific lines of descent of these two family names and their geographical locations. Please note, however, that this is not a general 'one name' study of these names. We are a group of researchers concentrating merely on some specific family lines predominately located on the Isle of Wight, Hampshire, in the South East of England. Please look through these pages and, if you can associate with our lines, get in touch. Over several years Hendy-Doves have been discovering new cousins in various parts of the world. The primary facilitator for these contacts has been the Isle of Wight Family History Society. With the introduction of the Internet and E-mail, contacts have become easier to make and have consequently increased. There was a need, therefore, to provide a focus for research and general information and a means of collating data for future access. Our objectives are, therefore, to provide these and to periodically produce a newsletter. As well as being electronically published, the newsletter, 'Gentle Shores', is a British registered publication, ISSN 1471-373X, and is held in the collections of several British and Irish national libraries and universities. Of course, the shores of the Isle of Wight are not necessarily gentle - the Needles Lighthouse stands proof of that. As you will see in Issue Number One of the newsletter, 'Gentle' refers rather to the characteristics of our family names, Hendy-Dove, while 'Shores' is a general term relating to the Island's famous shores.