These are my maternal grandparents
Sam and Sally
Samuel Pfautz Christ and Sarah Mohler Mohn, shortly before their marriage on
July 2, 1904.  This union was blessed with seven children.

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 Eli Christ 


Samuel Pfautz Christ
    Samuel Pfautz Christ was born February 1, 1884, in Hopeland, Lancaster County, Pa.  He was the son of Oliver and Mary Francis (Pfautz) Christ.   He learned to work hard at an early age.  He was hired out to neighboring farms when just a young boy.  In later years he was a cigar maker and he also worked on the railroad.  He always maintained a large garden so there was enough for the family to eat.  He married Sarah Mohler Mohn, July 2, 1904.  They had a hard life trying to raise seven children during the Depression Era.  His parents and grandparents were from the Brickerville area.
    Oliver, Samuel's father, was a farmer.  He lived in the Clay-Hopeland area. Mary Pfautz Christ, his mother, died of typhoid fever.  Oliver never remarried.
    Oliver's father was William M Christ.  William served in the Civil War in the 195th Reg. Pa. Vol.  He is buried at Brickerville, along with his first wife Mary Ann Marks and his second wife Emma Snyder.  William was killed in a mining accident at the Cornwall Ore Mines.  He left behind a large family with several young children.  His second wife, Emma, was left alone to struggle with the children.  Times were hard in a mining town with no income.  She took in laundry to help with the finances.   On September 21, 1892, a meeting of the board resolved to pay the widow $30.00 a year.
    William's father was also named William.  This William is buried at Schaefferstown.   He was married to Anne Miller.  I have no idea when she was born because the tombstone is missing.  There are so many Miller families it is very hard to track down a common name like Anne.  According to Schaefferstown History, she died in 1886.  Death certificates of some of their children name her as Anne (or Nancy) Miller.
    William's father was also named William.  He was married to Elizabeth Miller, December 3, 1801.  Their marriage record is found at Stouchsburg Church.  The baptisms of their children are found at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Brickerville.  Here is where I am stuck.  There are many unanswered questions and I would love to find out the answers.



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