Meet my Cousins
Joyce Gordon  I found Joyce in the Mennonite Family History Book several months ago.  She was looking for her relative George Christ, wife Rosanna.  I had this man in my files and I had suspected all along that he was a brother to my third great-grandfather, William Christ.  I couldn't wait to get in contact with her.  I wrote a letter and in a short time I heard back from her.  We decided that there was a possible match.  Ever since that time, we have been searching together for our relative, (Brick wall Christ).
    Since that time Joyce and I have become close and it feels as though we have known each other all along.  We are the same age and enjoy many of the same things.  She is an avid genealogist and enjoys the research.  We contact each other often and keep each other apprised of any new information.  If for no other reason, this search was worthwhile because it lead me to a wonderful friend.

Gail Holdeman  Gail lives in Minnesota.  We are also the same age.  Gail has been working on the Wolf and Mohler lines.  She has filled me in with a few blanks.  She has tried to help me identify some of my pictures.  She has an old living relative that was familiar with some of the family and she downloaded the pictures that I sent to her.  She had photos made in hopes that her relative might recognize someone.  It didn't work out that way but it was a very nice gesture on her part.
    Gail enjoys gardening and flea markets.  She works as a therapist and Coordinator of a Domestic Abuse Program.  Gail has three grandchildren whom she spends a lot of time with.  I haven't met her personally but I know that we could be good friends  because we also have many things in common.

Marie Gauron  I met Marie in October at her parents home in Lititz.  We had a great time talking about the things that we had found and the things that we have in common.  My mother and her father had a nice chat remembering people they knew in common, even though they had never met before.  It brought back pleasant memories for both of them.  Marie is working on the Pfautz and Mease families.  Her Mease line married into the Pfautz side of the family.
    Marie has done extensive work on the Mease line and she is searching for other lines as well.  Marie also lives out of state but I feel confident that we will get together again to swap information because her parents live in Lititz and that is in my area of the country.
    We keep in contact with each other and hopefully working together, we can find out many new relatives.

Karla Staudt  Karla notified me that she saw one of my posts about the Sensenig family.  Her mother-in-law was a Sensenig and she thought that my query pertaining to the names and the area sounded familiar.  Karla had a copy of the "Sensineys" of America, compiled by Barton Sensenig.  She copied the pages pertaining
to my family and offered to hand deliver them.  Her family was planning a trip to the Berks county area to visit the Sensenig's over the Labor Day Weekend.
    It was because of Karla that I have even the slightest idea where my Sensenig family is from.

Betty Carson  I met Betty at the Ephrata Historical Society.  We discussed the Mohler family.  I had my Mohler genealogy done, but Betty led me to the probable conclusion that Ludwig was not my ancestor but that Heinrich is.  I enjoyed the talk with Betty.  She has done a tremendous amount of work on the land records and deeds of the Mohler families.  Her facts are well documented and she is quite an authority on the Mohler's.
    Don't forget to stop by Betty's Home Page on the Mohler Family.  It is great.