The Sensenig Family from Martindale

       The Sensenig's probably arrived between 1711 and 1717.  At first they lived in the vicinity of Germantown and later moved to the Lancaster County area of Earl Township (before it was a separate county).
    It seems that three brothers arrived from Switzerland  and took up land.  In the Land Warrant Book, in charge of the Secretary of Internal Affairs at Harrisburg,  warrant No. 76 is to Jacob Sensiney and warrant No. 77 is to Christian Sensiney, and that both warrants are dated January 27, 1734, showing that these two men worked together with the same purpose in view.  John , the bachelor, later took land contiguous to Jacob's tract, but relinquished it to Michael Witwer (Witware), either because he made a profit by the transaction, or because he couldn't fulfill the stipulations of the agreement into which he had entered.  A third reason may have been that he was moving to another part of the country.  From this point forward we know nothing more of John.
    Foust and Brumbaugh in their two volumes on "Lists of Swiss Emigrants in the 18th Century to the American Colonies," speak of a property settlement in Switzerland in which it is revealed that Margret Müller came here with her brothers in 1714 and married Christian Sinsenig.  This is our Christian, as later facts prove.  It is also well proved that Jacob Sensiney married Maria Krey while living in the Germantown area.  The Kreys had come here quite early in the 17th century.