Greg's Family Tree
G R E G ' S   F A M I L Y   T R E E
created 2003
updated March 2021
Welcome to my family history pages! They are still a work in progress, but we wanted to share the fascinating story uncovered to date,
and we will be updating them as research continues. I am keen to hear from all my distant cousins, so don't hesitate to email me.
The Tasmanian Tree (maternal)
8 Convict Ancestors...

By Adoption...
The FLOYD family of Perth
The SANKEY family of Northdown
The FITCH family of Westbury
The APPLEBY family of Exton & Northdown
The STUBBS family of Emu Bay 
Timeline & Notes (in progress)
The KNIGHT family of Westbury
Timeline & Notes
The Martin Family of early Launceston
John Swan of Westbury
Timeline & Notes
Ellen Handley, Thomas Brown and John Hawthorn of the Midlands, Tasmania

The Harling Family of Yorkshire, Lancashire, & Melbourne