Bjelovar and Kapela Archive Information

Summer 2002


I am happy to present to you the final version of the information of the material recorded during two days in the month of May at the archives in Bjelovar and the church in Kapela.  I am in debt to Mario and Josip Mikačević for their valuable help in the archive—I never could have gotten as much information without them.  Also, a huge thanks to Marijan Mikačević without whom I may never have even made it to Croatia in the first place.


At present, this information is only that which I brought back with me from the archives.  By the end of summer I hope to add the rest of the known family’s information, so that you can see where we all fit into this.


If you have any problems accessing this information, please email me at the link below, and I will be happy to help you in any way I can.


Last updated juni 24, 2002

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