The Mikacevich/Mikacevic Reconnection</font>
The Mikacevich/Mikacevic Reconnection

Here is the photo story of my June 2001 visit to Croatia to meet up with Marijan Mikacevic and his family. I hope that you enjoy the seeing the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Michelle leaves Sweden. . .

Here is Part II--Michelle's May 2002 trip to Croatia to see all the lovely Mikacevic people there and to explore the archives more fully.

How it all happened. . .

In October of 2000,  I received an email from a Mikacevic. This was a shock to me as I didn't recognize the name. It was from a person named Marijan, who said that they were happy to see the name Mikacevic on the Internet, as they were the only family in Croatia with that name.

A flurry of emails ensued. While we are as yet uncertain of the exact nature of our relationship (i.e. how is his grandfather related to Vinko), both his family and ours come from Preko Brdo, a very small town in the interior of Croatia. This relation is being explored, and I hope to be able to bring news to you shortly!

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