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Lenz Family Page


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Hessen Darmstadt, Germany =1857=> Rock Island, ILL ==> Nichols, IA

Hessen Crest

This Lenz family lived near the city of Darmstadt, which is in the German state of Hesse(Hessen). They lived near Laudenbach & Ober-Laudenbach (Upper-Laudenbach). Depending on the time period in history the German State of Hesse was called: Hessen; Hesse-Darmstadt; Hessen-Darmstadt; etc. Darmstadt itself was once a city-state; a thing we do not have here in america.  At one time the Lenz's also lived in the German State of Baden near Kaeferthal and other towns. Even today, there are Lenz's living along the entire length of the Rhine River in Germany. The Rhine River runs the entire length of germany. The archives in Darmstadt reveal the name "Lenz" was very common in the State of Hessen. In addition Lenz's live all over Germany,in Austria, Switzerland & other countrys. Very ancient records reveal the Lenz's twice married into the Hapsburg (also called Habsburg) family. The Hapsburg's ruled Germany for over 1,000 years.They ruled before they had the last name of Hapsburg. Charlemagne was an ancestor of the Hapsburgs. There are several Lenz Coat of arms that bear the Hapsburg single-headed hawk which later became the double-headed hawk of the Royal Hapsburg dynasty. &nbspIn switzerland, the Lenz Castle is not far from the Hapsburg castle.(See town of  Lenzburg,canton of Aargau,Switzerland.) 

Valentine LENZ was born on October 18th, 1817 in Hessen   Darmstad Germany and died on June 30, 1898.  in Nichols, IA. His parents were Peter LENZ and Margaretha FUHR.  Peter is the earliest Lenz ancestor that I have discovered.  On May 10, 1857 Valentine, his wife Barbara, their children and Barbara's brother Adam sailed to America aboard a ship called the Palestine. They sailed via London. The Lenz's were German Protestants. Valentine was a farmer. He witnessed the marriage certificate of his daughter Charlotte and Bernard Kirchner along with George FUHR. Valentine was buried with his wife Barbara in Lenz Cemetary, Mucsatine County, Iowa.   Other researchers seem to believe that most of the people buried in Lenz Cemetery were relatives of Valentine and Barbara. When the Lenz's first came to Rock Island County, Illinois, they lived in or near Buffalo Prarie Township. There may have been a town there called Buffalo Prarie which is now a ghost town.
Peter LENZ
Valentine LENZ
Charlotte LENZ
Muscatine County
Original Muscatine Couty
Lenz Cemetery