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Frances Gutkneckt

Shelly Green
(email: [email protected]) is researching Henry BARTELT who married Alvina Genrich and had one child Erwin BARTELT. Erwin married Grace Pigeon and had 3 children. No relation to my line has been revealed.

John Guerkink- (email:[email protected] ) is researching a Charles Eddie Bartelt, born Private. He married Judith Lynn Lemkuil Private. They had 2 children. You can find information on this line at http://www.familytreemaker.com/ No relation to my line has been revealed.

Joyce Curry- (email: [email protected]) is researching a Johan Bartelt and Wilhelmine Schwahn had four children: Juliane, born 1839, married Frederick Riebe and was my great grandmother; Wilhelmine, b 1840, married a Mueller; Herman b 1842 who married twice and had 21 children and Emilie who married William Ebert and moved to California. No son William has shown up on census records unless a son remained behind in Germany. Juliane would have been about 17 when they came to this country. Johan is said to have 3 brothers David, Frank, and Gottleib. This information comes by way of the Berlin Bicentennial History but seems to be in dispute as two of the brothers have an age difference of 16 years.

John Hrusovszky (email: [email protected]) has Otillia Bartelt and George Luedke in his family line as he is researching the Michligs. I found his information at GenServ.com.

Liz Hicks (email:
[email protected]) My great grandmother, Ernestine Bartelt b. 11-25-1822 Germany m. a August F Richter, resided Gollnow,Prussia, now Poland, then Stettin 1866, came to New Orleans, LA in 1872 with son, brother in law, and daughters. I have letters from Ernestine's brother in Pommersdorf (near Stettin), so know some of her family stayed behind.

Nancy Bartelt Whitaker (email: [email protected]) My brother and I (ages 33 and 29) are the last of our line of Bartelt. We know that they originated in Prussia and at various times lived in Stettin, Kiel, and Panker (Germany). We know our grandfather's name was Karl Bartelt. He was born around 1900 and died in 1965. He married Erna Grott. She was born in 1901 and died in 1991. They had three surviving children; Rosemarie, Hannelore, and Fritz. Fritz (our father) was born in 1938 and died in 1977. Rosemarie stayed in Germany and died about 10-15 years ago. Hannelore was still alive last I heard, but I cannot find her anymore. My grandparents immigrated to New York in 1940-something. They lived in the NY/NJ area. (I'm from NJ) I don't think we have any current links, but back in Prussia there probably were. Unfortunately, my mother died three years ago and she was the last to have any more information than I know. I wish I had asked more questions. Any how, keep up your search, and if you come across any of the names I've mentioned please contact me again!

Shelly Murphy (email: [email protected]) I am looking for Emily\Emma Bartelt who was b. in WI even though the place is unknown. She m. George Kern b. 1892 in Springfield, Greene, MO. They both died in that area and I am wanting to find Emma's parents!

William Buhrow ([email protected] )
  Michael Friedrich Bartelt, born October 3, 1815, died December 28, 1892, is buried at St. Paul's Cemetery, Leroy Twp., Bremer Co., IA.  His wife was Dorothea Bleibe, born May 18, 1815, died September 12, 1898 and she is buried beside him.  Their children include: Emilie, August and Louise Dorothea (who married Wilhelm Ferdinand Buhrow).  I am quite sure that they are all from Pommerania, but have no documentation.  The Buhrow brothers both were born and grew up in Pansin, Kreis Saatzig I, Duchy of Pommerania, Kingdom of Prussia before leaving the village to serve in the Prussian Army. Where they met their wives and married them is uncertain, but documents that you quote for possible Michael Bartelts all are relatively close to the area where the Buhrows come from (ie. 10 kilometers east of Stargard) which is somewhat further east of Stettin. I visited the area several years ago.

David Bartelt (
[email protected] )  My great grandmother was Henrietta Bartelt, and she was born about 1850 in Hannover, Germany. I do not know when she came to the United States, or how many brothers or sisters she had. Her father was G. Fred Bartelt, and her mother was Wilhelmina (maiden name?). Wilhelmina was born in 1837 and died in1918. I believe Henrietta's parents are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Quincy, Illinois. Henrietta married Caspar Kroeger(s) (the spelling was changed to KRUEGER) in 1867, and they had 17 children. Henrietta died on November 5, 1906 in Quincy, and Caspar on February 17, 1910 in Quincy. Caspar was born in 1845 in Lippinghausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. This is all I know about my BARTELT ancestors. Maybe they are related to yours? My Bartelt relatives are buried in Greenmount Cemetery in Quincy, IL . G. Fred Bartelt may well be Gerhard Frederick Bartelt who is my great grandfather, or so I recall

Dale Jorgensen ([email protected]
Dale is researching a Charles Hermann BARTELT born 17 June 1858 in Oshkosh Wisconsin and Married Lettie Rebecca Miller on 25 August 1880. Charles died on 15 October 1923 in Merced California Lettie was born on 22 August 1866 in Albany Oregon and died 17 November 1933.

Torsten BARTELT (
[email protected]) My great-grandpa was born in the year 1880 ca. his name was Albert Bartelt and he was died in the year 1953,he was married.His wifes name was Schmeißer.We dont know her firstname. My grandpa was born 01.01.1911 in Stettin Pommern. He was died 1948 in Würzburg who married Erna Emmi Ehmke. I hope this informations could help you. Thank you for the sites,I will look. maybe I find something about my family. Look forward to hearing from you -Torsten Bartelt Wilhelmshaven,Germany

Renee Reinke ([email protected]) Renee is researching Gottlieb Bartelt who married Friedricka Bublitz. Gottlieb descends from Christian Bartelt and Regina Hasselman. Her line seems to start around Gollnow and Baumgart in Naugard, Pommern. This tree is posted here.


Margaret Pattison
([email protected]  ) My great-great-grandfather was Ferdinand Heise, but I don't know if he was the same one as you mention. I know that he was on a passenger ship arriving in New York in 1861, accompanied by his sister Therese. It is possible that he had returned to Germany to get her. I know nothing else about his siblings or parents, except that his mother may have been named Eva. My Ferdinand was a cartwright, born in 1834 in "Germany", married Louisa Fischer in 1862 in Indiana, and returned to Europe before WWI, where he died in Prussia in 1923.


Susie Martin Rott (email: [email protected]) maintains the Original Muscatine Web Site on Rootsweb. She is researching August Kirchner and more importantly the Krell family.

Ann Kirchner Dudler (email: [email protected]) is also researching the same Kirchner Line.

Brad Arms (email: [email protected] ) is also researching the same Kirchner Line. He is a descendant of Bernard and Charlotte (Lenz) Kirchner. Their daughter Maggie married Frederick F. Carl who is his great grandfather.


Harold Mapes ([email protected]) descends from the same Mapes line as I do.

Catherine De Maere ([email protected]) descends from the Joseph Mapes (Markham, York County, Ontario)

Joe Boyle ([email protected]) has an extensive amount of information on most of the Mapes living in the United States. He also publishes books for sale on various Mapes ancestry topics.

Sheila Farnsworth ([email protected]) is looking for information on a Levi Mapes, his wife Annie Mapes or a lodger of theirs named Emma McGan (who later married a Mapes and is my grandmother)

Sharon Haggerty ([email protected]) descends from Markham/Ontario Mapes



Tom Stevenson ([email protected] ) has traced the Drurys all the way back to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. He will be posting his information shortly. Web Sites....
http://www.swyrich.com/cgi-bin/shop/total.cgi ,
http://www.camelotintl.com/bin/cgi/names?name=drury&wild=y ,

J. Jason Mengwasser (email: [email protected]) shares the same line of Susannah Hayden and John Drury.His web site can be found at ....http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/m/e/n/J-J-Mengwasser/GENE1-0001.html

Rick Coscia [email protected] descends from the line of Robert Drury and Mary Radcliff


Annette Vogel LALE  (
[email protected] )
Annette has done a tremendous amount of work on the HEISSERER Line.

Duane E. Lamers  (
[email protected])

My wife is descended from Andreas and Catherine Royer Heisserer of Schirrhein, with Andreas being the son of Andreas Sr and Catherine Lehman.  She has cousins on the paternal side who are also descended from Simon, son of your Anton.  Likewise for the late husband of her only maternal aunt.  They still carry the name.  I am trying to connect the Anton Heisserer line with the Andreas line.  Somehow I suspect that a couple generations earlier might be the link.  I have not been able to find the parents of Andreas Sr.