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Albert Schroeder (1907-86)

Albert Conrad Schroeder (1907-86)

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IMMIGRATION: Essen, Germany  =1892=> St. Louis, MO

Peter SCHROEDER (1872 - 1950's)
Essen, Germany - Immigration: 1892
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Jacob VIEHMAN (1841-1919)
Augusta VIEHMAN (1876 - 1950's) Immigration: 1865

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Louisa ERHARDT (1845-1918)

ALBERT C. SCHROEDER was born on February 7, 1907 in St. Louis, MO and died in November of 1986 in St. Louis, MO.

During the depression, Albert was held back a grade due to lack of jobs in the marketplace. During his senior year of high school, he captained the Basketball to a state basketball championship. Another interesting story is that he was asked to play catcher for the Washington Senators but his mother would not let him go as the profession did not pay much in that time. For a time, he used to warm up the pitchers for the St. Louis Cardinals in between innings. He and his wife Ellen Drury lived blocks away from the baseball and enjoyed going to as many games as they could muster.

Albert married Ellen Drury on Nov 20, 1941 at her sister Sadie's home in Normandy, MO. They were married just before Albert was called to fight in World War II.. Albert was serving in WWII when their first child Ellen was born. During this time in the military, Albert would write home and use a different letter for his middle name to let his wife know where he was. The middle initial corresponded to what city he was in at the time.

Albert and Ellen lived in St. Louis where he was a policeman. He converted to Catholicism once his mother passed. He was a man with an immense sense of humor and enjoyed baseball and the track.  Albert was inducted into the minor league baseball hall of fame.

Albert and Ellen are buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO. (external link)

Albert Conrad Schroeder b: Feb 7, 1907 St. Louis, MO d: March 1985 St. Louis, MO
m: Ellen Marie Drury b: Oct 27, 1916 Cape Giraurdeau, MO d: Aug 12, 1999 St. Louis, MO
m: Nov 12, 1941 in Sadie Brehers home, Normandy, MO
Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO.

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Census Listings

1930 Missouri, St. Louis Independant City
Peter Schroeder, Head, $1,900-R, 55, M-35, Germany, Germany, Germany, 1892, NA, Painter, Automobile
Augusta, Wife, 52, M-30, Missouri, Germany, Germany
William, Son, 17, Missouri, Stone Mason, Construction
Albert, Son, 15, Missouri
Louise Viehmann, Sister In Law, 46, Missouri, Germany, Germany