Genealogy study of the Hempenstalls and other Irish wanabes  

Genealogy study of the Hempenstalls, Kearons, and other Irish wannabes .

The Hempenstalls apparently originated at Heptonstall, a Township/Parish/Hamlet in the West Riding of Yorkshire England sometime in the 13th Century, after William Wallace and the dreaded Robert the Bruce, one hopes. They made it over to Ireland's east coast to the Counties of Wexford and Wicklow, bringing their finely honed skills as weavers, laborers, and armed combatants to an area that saw some measure of strife, including the rising of 1798. Joined in holy or unholy (depending on the state religion at the time) matrimony with the Kearons from Arklow (and possibly later the Bates from southern England, the Huguenot Tyrrells (Teril in France), the bastard Fitzgeralds (Fitz can has been both a surname prefix for undocumented issue and a designation for "son of", ), who were a force to be reckoned with, the famous and earliest Eire ruling family of O'Neill ( the big O' just means "son of " or alternatively "grandson of" ) and finally the Scottish clan of Johnston, late from Belfast. See the most recent here for the first time, integrated with Kay's (Mike's wife of 41 years) ancestors. All families unremarkable for the most part, but part of the overall scheme of things to be sure. If you're looking for a place to start some rooting around the old family tree ( e.g. be a genealogist, every one is) go directly to Cyndi's list of WWW pages, practically a standard by which all genealogy internet source indexes are measured.  Cyndi's Genealogy Site, quite simply the best of breed. Mike stumbled on this gem late in his search, don't make the same mistake.

A mini version of the long list to follow can be found at Mike's first attempt to use FTW

The Genealogy of a few Irishmen and a few Italians, not necessarily in that order, not necessarily orderly. Mike's brother in law, and excellent genealogist Bob Alvey, claims the Italian side were all born, married, and died within five blocks of their conception. The Pennsylvania Dutch ( WWII euphemism for German) listed here exhibit the same trait, being confined to Milton, PA. Dates of Abt always means we have no idea of the actual date, and would not pay to find out.

---24 : David Johnston, born in Belfast, Ireland December 1881, died March 9, 1962; Army Instructor, son of Alexander Johnston and Mary Neill), married Mary Jane Hempenstall, the 11 July 1906 in Dublin, Ireland (born the 24 September 1889 on Togher in Arklow, Co.Wicklow and died the 8 November 1980 in Vista, CA, daughter of John Hempenstall and Mary Kearon). (Notes : Royal Irish Rifles in 1900's)

--- 25 : Mary Jane Hempenstall, born in Arklow the 24 September 1889, Seamstress, died in Vista, CA the 8 November 1980, daughter of John Hempenstall and Mary Kearon), married (1)David Johnston, the 11 July 1906 in Dublin, Ireland (born in December 1881 in Belfast, Ireland, son of Alexander Johnston and Mary Neill), (2) Elliot Clawson, Abt 1939 in Salt Lake City, UT.

--- 28 : Carmine Di Meglio, born in Ischia, Italy the 25 July 1854, died in San Pedro, CA the 20 November 1909, son of Giuseppe Di Meglio and Frances Scalo, married Lucia Mascola, Abt 1890 in Ischia, Italy.

--- 29 : Lucia Mascola, married Carmine Di Meglio, ABT 1890 in Ischia, Italy (born the 25 July 1854 in Ischia, Italy and died the 20 November 1909 in San Pedro, CA, son of Giuseppe Di Meglio and Frances Scalo).

--- 30 : Francisco Trani, born in Ischia, Italy the 12 October 1886, Baker at Di Carlow Bakery, died in San Pedro, CA the 26 November 1957, son of Nicola Trani, married Catherine Eugenia, Abt 1900 in Ischia, Italy (born the 21 March 1886 in Ischia, Italy and died the 24 July 1974 in San Pedro, CA).

--- 48 : Alexander Johnston, born in Belfast, Ireland Abt 1850, Estate Overseerer, died in Belfast, Ireland Abt 1900, son of Unk Johnston, married Mary Neill, Abt 1875 in Belfast, Ireland (died the 1 January 1887 in Belfast, Ireland, daughter of Unk O'Neill). (Notes : Presbyterian Scotch)

--- 49 : Mary Neill, died in Belfast, Ireland Abt 1887, daughter of Unk Neill, married Alexander Johnston, Abt 1875 in Belfast, Ireland (born Abt 1850 in Belfast, Ireland and died Abt 1900 in Belfast, Ireland, son of Unk Johnston).

--- 50 : John Hempenstall, born in Coolgreany, WexfordCo, Ireland c 1855, blacksmith and later Master Iron Worker, died in Wexford, Ireland Abt 1890, son of George Hempenstall, married Mary Kearon on April 2, 1887, in Arklow Parish church , Ireland (born c. 1850 in Wicklow, Ireland and died c1920 in Wicklow, Ireland, daughter of William Kearon, a seaman, and Unk Tyrrell). (Notes : White Star Liners, worked on the Titanic?)

--- 51 : Mary Kearon, born in Wicklow, Ireland c. 1860, Dress Designer, died in Wicklow, Ireland c. 1920, daughter of William Kearon, seaman,  and Unk Tyrrell), married John Hempenstall, April 2, 1887 in Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland (born c 1860 in Coolgreany, WexfordCo, Ireland and died Abt 1890 in Wexford, Ireland, son of George Hempenstall).

--- 60 : Nicola Trani, married Filemenia Boccanfusco, Abt 1880 in Ischia, Italy (daughter of Unk Boccanfusco).

--- 100 : George Hempenstall, born in WexfordCo, Ireland ABt 1820, blacksmith, died in Vinegar Hill, WexfordCo, IRE ABt 1870, son of George Sr Hempenstall, married Margaret FitzGerald, Abt 1840 in Wexford, Ireland (born Abt 1820 in WexfordCo, Ireland and died Abt 1870 in WexfordCo, Ireland, daughter of Unk FitzGerald).

--- 200 : George Sr Hempenstall, born Abt 1790, Court Solicitor or Judge, died in WexfordCo, Ireland Abt 1840, son of Unk Hempenstall. (Notes : Dutch importers to Spain, "came to Ireland in French Ireland")

Note: Some people were left out off this list due to the ignorance of the writer or the missing person. Genealogists will balk at the form this took, but no one paid me to make this easy to read, yet.