Twig, Tree and Treasure; A Genealogical Sojourn Family Photos


The Henry W Temme Family
William F Segelhorst
August H and Anna Temme
Fritz "Fred" Temme
Wilhelm Heinrich and Anna Charlotte M Temme
Maschhoff Family Reunion

Joseph C. and Susan Grooms
Drawdy Family
Hazel Bernice and James Theron Grooms
Amos Frank Drawdy
Barbara Lorraine Hooper
Alma Lenora nee Drawdy Crosby
Dianne Sue Hooper

Amos Frank and  Martha "Mattie" Drawdy
Margaret nee Ramsey Drawdy and Unknown
Alfred and Emma Jane Hayward
Emma Smalley, Matilda Hayward Morse
Emma King,
Mildred Benita King
Hardy LeRoy, Georgia nee Hagins Grooms
Harmon Jackson and Sarah Martha Grooms

Mable Magdalena and Ted Francis Hooper

Reverend Gerold Henry McBride
Ida Ella McBride, Margaret Renken
Ursula and Alonzo Francisco


Gerold Marker
George Ben Gerold
Mary E Gerold nee Rodewald
George Gerold

Mary A and Thomas A Fleming
William "Dinty" Moore and George H Fleming
Paul and Ida McBride
Catherine M Quaite nee Gerold
William Henry McBride
Louella Elizabeth McBride nee English
Clarence, Adrian, and Ella McBride

Ted and Mable Hooper
Robert and Daisy Schoolcraft
George and Hellen Segelhorst

Abigail Monroe
John L and Nancy Monroe
Isaiah and Emeline Monroe
Henry E and Elizabeth D Crosby
Jasper L and Caroline Crosby
Crosby Plot, Laurel Grove Cemetery

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