Van Sweringen Chronology
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Van Sweringen Chronology

Port Royal Times
Thursday, November 26, 1885


2026 North 21st Street
Philadelphia, Nov. 24, 1885

John W. Speddy -- Dear Sir: While on a brief vacation at the residence of my late father-in-law, Joshua Beale, Sr., of Bealetown, in August 1877, I was kindly permitted by my esteemed friend William Van Sweringen, of that place, to transcribe from a carefully preserved file of almanacs in his possession, a record of "local events" pertaining to citizens of that place and the adjoining neighborhood. The dates and events, therein noted (principally those of marriages and deaths) having been entered in the almanacs on or about the time of actual occurrence, the value of this record, it seems to me, is thereby very greatly enhanced because of conditions so favorable to accuracy and reliability.

Having recently discovered this record among a number of other highly valued papers, it has occurred to me that as it contains so much of personal interest to a large proportion of the readers and patrons of the TIMES, many of whom are descendants of those therein referred to, it ought not longer remain away from their view. I therefore forward you a copy for publication, subject, however, to the decision of your own good judgment. In making this copy I have inserted a few other items in the order of their dates, and given full names in place of mere initials when known, and done what I could to contribute, to the extent of my ability, additional facts within the boundaries of the period covered by this exceedingly interesting chronological record. The great bulk of this information, however, is drawn from Mr. Van Sweringen's almanacs. Should you decide to publish these records I trust that your readers will have the kindness to notify me by postal card of any errors in dates or names, and also send me names and other data needed to fill the vacancies therein. I trust also that our friend Mr. Van Sweringen will finish the record by furnishing you with a supplemental record which shall extend to the present date.

Personally, I would be glad if, in a paper so full of interesting "Local news" as is the TIMES, there would appear from time to time similar publications covering other portions of the county. It would constitute an exceedingly valuable reference record in the years to come. If a similar chronological record of marriages, deaths and other matters of personal and local and historic interest occurring in and around my boyhood home at Port Royal, and extending back for thirty-five, forty or forty-five or fifty years, could be prepared and published in the columns of your valued paper. I feel quite assured that very many of your most deeply interested readers now residing elsewhere would be under most grateful and unceasing obligations to both author and editor. If local data is to be preserved in an authentic manner, it must be compiled and published during the lifetime of those who are personally acquainted with the persons and occurrences therein referred to, in order that omissions may be supplied and errors corrected.
Yours Fraternally, I. Newton Ritner


January 18, Abner McConnell married.
February 12, S. McConnell died.
August 19, Mrs. -- Thompson died.
August 31, Mrs. -- Stewart died.
October 5, Rev. Andrew Jardine's "induction" as pastor of the Presbyterian churches at McCulloch's Mills and East Waterford.
October 31, Alexander McClure married.
December 21, Joseph Stewart married.

July 18, Mrs. Woodward died.
Nov. 20, Mrs. Rev. Coulter died

Feb'y 25, G. McCulloch married.
Oct. 14, Miller Dobbs died

Aug. 1, Mrs. J. Given died.
Aug. 5, John Neely died.
Aug. 13, John Quinn died.
Aug. 24, William Patterson died.
Aug. 29, Reuben Burdge died.
Sept. 6, Moore C. Deen died.
Sept. 22, Mrs. Arbuckle died.
Oct. 7, Nancy McCulloch married Mr. Stevens.
Dec. 23, I. Stewart married.

Feb'y 11, Anna Wharton died.
March 20, Mrs. Rachel Milliken died.
April 10, Mary Jane Brown died.
April 30, Mrs Junk died.
July 21, Mrs. Neal McCoy died.
Sept. 16, John McCulloch died.
Sept. 21, E. Anderson died.
Oct. 20, Mrs. George McCulloch died.
Nov. 12, Jesse Beale killed (ran over by his wagon).
Nov. 18, M. Bower married to Miss Sherlock.

Jan. 6, David Deen married.
Jan 26, "Molly" Hogshaw died.
March 4, John B. Black died.
March 8, John Middagh died.
April 27, John Middagh (Bealetown) married.
May 28, Evan Van Sweringen died.
June 9, Mrs. Tirzah Orr died.
June 21, John Evirs died.
June 30, James McDonald drowned at McCoystown.
Sept. 11, Martha J. Deen died.
Sept. 15, Samuel McCulloch, Jr., died at Petersburg, Pa.
Nov.22, William McClintock married to Eleanor Arbuckle.
Nov. 28, Robert Knox married to Margaret McClure.
Nov. 29, James Deen, Jr., married to Rosanna Work.
Dec. 21, Samuel McCulloch married to Edith Beale.

Jan. 24, Katie Grove died.
March 22, Nancy Ewing died of small-pox.
March 29, James Ewing (her father) died of small-pox.
Nov. 5, James G. Kennedy building the second school-house at McCulloch's Mills.
Nov. 7, Thomas Arbuckle married to Miss Okeson.
Dec. 6, A. J. Ferguson married to Ellen Beale.

Feb. 26, John Knox married to Miss Barton.
Feb. 28, Stewart McCulloch married to Margaretta Wallick.
March 19, J. Barnett married to Miss Neely.
March 20, William Barton married to Mahalah Doling.
July 8, Mrs. Mary McCulloch died.
July 9, Samuel Dearing died.
Aug. 14, Christian Hockenberry married to Miss Creighton.
Aug. 15, John Middagh married to Mrs. Mary McCulloch.
Sept. 3, Joseph Towsey married to Catharine Snyder.
Sept. 3, Thomas Laughlin married to Miss Green.
Nov. 21, James Barton married to Rebecca A. McConnell.
Dec. 3, John Noss married to Margaret Milliken.
Dec. 5, John Hockenberry married to Hannah Middagh.
Dec. 8, John Knox died.

Jan. 21, James Beale married to Hannah J. Middagh.
Jan. 30, G. Hutchinson married to Miss Knox.
March 31, Robert Innis died.
July 2, Dr. Murphy died.
Sept. 12, Thermometer 104 degrees.
Oct 13, William Van Sweringen married to Rachel B. Sweringen.
Nov. 4, G. McCulloch married.
Nov 18, William Beale died.

Jan. 15, James Kerlin married to Miss Mary Work.
Jan. 20, Mrs. Bower died.
Jan. 29, Mrs. Jane Innis died.
Feb. 2, John Boozel died.
Sept. 27, James Sweringen seriously injured.
[to be continued]

Port Royal Times
Thursday, December 3, 1885


[continued from last week]

Jan. 12, Samuel Louden married to Mary A. Sweringen.
June 27, Isabella McCoy died.
July 9, Neal McCoy (her father) died.
Dec. 2, Samuel McCulloch killed by his wagon.

Jan. 26, James McCulloch married to Mary Ann Beale.
March 15, Sarah A. Liggett died.
March 22, James Dobbs died.
April 10, Hewitt Wilson killed near Lancaster, Pa.; a broken rail running through the floor of the car and striking him.
May 24, Wm. C. Laird married to Catharine Beale.
Nov. 7, James Thatch died.
Nov. 8, Mary Stewart died.
Nov. 21, William Ickes married to Belle Milliken.

Feb. 10, Thomas Sweringen died.
May 28, Samuel Pannebaker married to Elizabeth Rohrer.
June 14, John Reed married.
Sept. 2, Willie Crouse killed by a runaway horse near Concord, Pa.
Sept. 24, Sarah Watt died.
Oct. 17, Miss Nellie Brice died.
Oct. 20, Elizabeth Middagh died.
Oct. 28, Mrs. Belle (William) Ickes died.

Feb. 20, Mrs. Dr. D. B. Milliken died.
June 17, John Comp married.
Nov. 13, R. Hervey Neely married to Rachel Beale.

Jan. 6, Mrs. Charlotte (?) Sweringen died.

Jan. 29, Samuel Milliken died.
Feb. 12, George Stewart died.
March 1, James Alexander died.
March 4, Hugh McMeen married to Elizabeth Sweringen.
June 11, M. A. Given, of McCulloch's Mills, was married to Rebecca J. Shith, of Wooster Ohio.

Feb. 21, Mrs. Mary Murphy died.
Feb. 24, Mrs. William Pannebaker died.
April 16, Mrs. Dr. Kirk died.
April 28, James Drolsbaugh married to Belle Marshall.
June 5, Vegetables frozen.
Aug. 25, James Middagh died.

Jan. 3, A. B. Given married Priscilla McCulloch by Rev. Mr. Allison.
March 1, Mrs. -- VanSweringen (mother of Wm. Van Sweringen) died.
July 23, Robert Reed (insane) died.
Dec. 25, Abram L. Etnier married to Tillie J. Sweringen.

Feb. 19, George Smelker married Keziah Pannebaker.
May 7, Silas Smith died.
June 19, Harriett Dolby died.
June 21, John Dolby died.
Sept. 3, "Juniata Union Rifles," under Capt. Abram Harshberger left Perrysville for Camp Curtin.
Sept. 20, Mrs Rachel Peck died.
Nov. 2, Highest water in Upper Tuscarora Creek since 46.
Nov. 7, John Middagh, Jr., married to Mary Ann Fulton.

March 6, Mrs. -- Dobbs died.
March 20, Jeremiah Kennop married to Lizzie J. McKilips.
March 31, Beale Kirk died.
April 12, Mrs. Rachel Peck died.
June 25, Mrs. John Middagh, Sr. died.
July 11, Mrs. Priscilla Given died.
Aug. 12, James Coyle killed by being thrown from his horse.
Dec. 25, Alfred W. Snyder married to Mary Ann Ewing.

April 11, Anna Peck died.
April 23, Hugh Clark died.
May 8, John Milliken (lame) died.
May 16, Bealetown school-house sold for $18.
June 13, New (third) school house raised in Bealetown.
Oct 22, S. McConnell Beale married to Lizzie J. Innis.
Nov. 26, Judge James Morrison killed.
Dec. 24, Hugh Hughes married to Jane Dobbs.
Dec. 24, Robert Patterson married to Lizzie W. Smith.

Feb. 27, Margaret Work died.
March 1, J--- Crawford died.
March 11, Ebenezer Innis died.
March 15, Mrs. Dr. Samuel Crawford died.
April 16, John Milliken Esq. died.
April 18, Thomas Milliken died.
May 3, Snow on the mountains.
June 9, Mrs. Nellie Morrow died.
June 9, Matthew Laughlin married.
June 29, Ella Cox died.
Aug. 16, Morrison Peck married.
Sept. 15, Samuel Mowry married to Rachel N. McCulloch.
Dec. 6, Mrs. James Milliken died.
Dec. 16, Mrs. Mary Jane Orr died.
Dec. 17, Mrs. -- Imes died.

Jan. 7, James Gray died.
Feb 28, Mrs. Rachel Barnard died.
Mar. 9, James Kidd, Sr. died.
April 1, James Woodside (soldier) died.
May 2, Rev. David J. Beale married to Mary Moore at Howard, Centre county, in the morning. He then came to Bealetown and on that evening married I. Newton Ritner, of Philadelphia, to his sister R. Jennie Beale.
May 8, Mrs. Rachel Morrow died.
May 22, Kelly B. Gilliford died.
June 18, James Junk, Sr. died.
July 3, Mrs. Edith Sweringen died.
Aug. 21, F--- Hockenberry married to Nancy Wildman.
Sept. --, William Pannebaker married to Annie M. Long.

Jan. 21, Mrs. Rachel Barnard died.
Feb. 4, Martha Work died.
May 24, John W. Smelker married to Nancy McCulloch.
July 3, James Woodside died.
Sept. 10, Maggie E. McCulloch died.
Nov. 14, Dr. Samuel B. Crawford married to Amanda Junk.
Dec. 25, David P. Peck married to Clara Stambaugh.
Dec. 26, James Kidd married.

Port Royal Times
Thursday, December 10, 1885

[continued from last week]

Jan. 21, David Beale, Sr. died.
Jan. 24, William J. Kirk died.
Jan. --, Isaac Heckman married to Anna Rohrer.
Feb. 5, Mrs. Mary McClure died.
Feb. 14, Dr. -- Kirk died.
Oct. 25, Josiah McMeen died.
Dec. 11, Rev. Stephen W. Pomeroy married to Effie K. Smith.
Dec. 19, John Barnard married to Mary Ann Milliken.
Dec. 19, --- married to Sarah Showers.
Dec. 26, George Taylor married.

March 5, Tillie Snyder died.
March 6, Mrs. James Fitzgerald, Sr. died.
May 8, J --- Burd died.
Dec 28, Dedication of East Waterford Presbyterian church.

Feb. 18, Abner Drolsbaugh married to Bell Barkley.
March 27, James Patterson died.
March 28, Mrs. Elizabeth W. Smith (Spruce Hill) died.
June 9, Solomon Louden died.
Nov. 4, Samuel McCulloch married to Miss -- Neely.
Dec. 28, John Peck married.
Dec. 29, J. Oliver Patterson married to Nancy McCulloch.

Jan. 6, Matthew Rodgers married to Sarah J. Innis.
Jan. 11, Mrs. Mary (David) Beale, Sr. died.
March 20, Alexander McClure died at 8 p.m.
March 24, John Adams married to Mary Innis.
April 14, Mrs. Henry Smith died.
Aug. 18, William L. Beale (of Liberty) went to Virginia. His family removed there Sept. 12th.
Sept. 16, Thomas Barnard died.
Nov 24, William Neely married to Jane Milliken.
Dec. 6, J. Frank Beale married to J. Annie Ritner, of Philadelphia.

March 16, Joseph Barnard died.
March 29, David B. Sweringen died, 3 p.m.
May 25, McCoy Stewart married to Maggie Mears.
May 25, David L. McDonald married to Miss -- Robinson.
June 7, Mrs. Eliza Beale died.
June 12, Mrs. Rachel N. Mowry died.
June 20, Mrs. Jack Milliken died.
June 27, Stewart Hurl "killed by lightning".
Sept. 21, Raising of U. P. Church at McCoysville.
Oct. 1, Abner Middagh died, more than 90 years of age.
Oct. 8, Thomas Laughlin died.
Oct. 14, Matthew Laughlin died.
Nov. 16, Amos Bennett married to Adaline Burd.

Jan. 3, William Duncan died.
Jan. 26, G --- Johnson died.
Jan. 27, Jacob Lindsay died on his horse.
Feb. 2, William Junk died.
Feb. 26 29, United Presbyterian church at McCoysville dedicated.
April 4, Curtis S. Snyder married to Nancy E. Orr.
April 13, Mrs. William McGill died.
May 30, James H. Junk married to Tillie Sweringen.
Sept. 12, Jack Milliken married to Mary J. Neely.
Oct. 22, Mrs. Annie E. Culbertson died.
Nov. 10, William Neely died.
Nov. 14, David Crawford died.
Dec. 10, Mrs. Annie McCulloch died.
Dec. 19, M --- McGill married to Miss --- Ramsey.

Jan. 1, Robert Innis married to Tory Junk.
Jan. 30, William Okeson died.
March 15, Peggy Brice died.
May 8, James Rodgers married to Jennie Murtch.
July 15, Noah Rodgers married to Catharine McCulloch.
July 16, James McMullen married to Fannie Smelker.
July 17, D. Porter Beale married to Linda Laughlin.
July 24, S. Crawford Middagh married to Ella Rohrer.
July 31, Mrs. Rachel Drolsbaugh died.
Oct. 10, John Enslow died.
Dec. 25, William Yeater married H. Maranda Rohrer.

April 2, John Morrow married.
Oct. 20, Dedication of the "Tooker" church near Reed's School House.

Jan. 28, Re-dedication of the Presbyterian church at McCulloch's Mills, after extensive alterations had been made.
Feb. 27, John Kidd died.
March 24, Mrs. John Drolsbaugh died.
June 9, Mrs. John Morrow died.
July 9, Mrs. -- Woodside died.
July 9, Joseph S. Laird, Esq. died.
Oct. 6, J. H. Rodgers died.
Oct. 16, Mrs. Samuel Barnard died aged 97.
Nov. 27, Joshua Beale, Sr. died, 84 years old.
Dec. 7, Thomas Barnard died.
Dec. 8, Hugh Hart died, aged 81.
Dec. 30, Miles Wentzel married to Clara A. Snyder.

Feb. 3, Samuel Rhorer married to Maggie A. Book.
April 3, John McKillips died.
May 20, Mrs. William Pannebaker died.
July 1, Mrs. Eliza Allen died.
Sept. 18, Hon. Thomas I. Milliken died, aged 80 years.
Nov. 8, Wilson D. Adams married to Mary Bell Kennedy.

[end of record]

Port Royal Times
Thursday, March 4, 1886

Honey Grove, Feb. 18, 1886
J. W. Speddy -- Dear Sir: With this you have a continuous chronological record as taken from my diary, which at the request of Rev. I. Newton Ritner, I have copied for publication. Although imperfect yet it may be of interest to your subscribers and will no doubt bring to mind things gone by. Hoping you are in the enjoyment of health and happiness, I am. Yours Truly, Wm. VanSweringen.

Feb. 28, William Pannebaker, Sr. died.
April 1, Judge Everard Oles died.
April 23, Surveyors surveyed for Hunt, Franklin & Fulton Co. RR
July 27, Samuel Fisher died.
Aug. 7, David B. McCulloch died.
Sept. 8, Thomas Milliken died. (Willow Run)
Oct. 9, Mr. and Mrs. Hon. Abram Rohrer and Mrs. K. Smelker went to Texas.
Nov. 1, Jerome Hetrick died in Bloomfield court house.
Nov. 6, Abraham Burd and Mattie Kline married.
Nov. 13, Mrs. Barbara Fuller died.
Nov. 23, David Beale's saw mill burned.
Dec. 3, William Rice died.
Dec. 6, James Crawford and Alma Dobbs married.
Dec. 11, Mrs. Jane Campbell, of Waterloo, died.
Dec. 17, Miss Jane Rodgers died.

Jan. 3, George Bitting and Hannah Taylor married.
Jan. 21, Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher died.
Jan. 25, Joseph Given died.
Feb. 14, Ralph E. Dobbs and Clara Clark married.
March 8, Thomas Dobbs died.
March 13, William M. Peck and Maggie Bowserman married.
March 24, Mrs. -- Beale died.
April 9, George Woodward died.
May 13, Leaves, &c froze.
May 17, Wm VanSweringen's store robbed.
June 29, Mrs. Jane Rodgers died.
July 23, Dr. Samuel B. Crawford died.
Sept. 13, John Beale died at Mechanicsburg.
Oct. 3, Howard Snyder and Mattie Wise married.
Nov. 7, John Coffman and Mary Rodgers married.
Nov. 28, Robert S. Reed and Flora Myers married.

Jan. 9, Benjamin Vanscyoc and Agnes Hartman married.
February 1, Mrs. Solomon Loudon died.
Feb. 6, James L. Mairs and Clara McClure married.
Feb. 27, Thomas E. VanSweringen and Jennie Bennett married.
Feb. 29, George M. Smelker went away.
April 6, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith died.
April 10, James Stuart and Mary VanSweringen married.
April 23, Neal McCoy died.
May 5, Daniel Coon, Sr. died.
May 6, Thomas Morrow died.
June 5, P.T. Ritzman struck by lightning.
July 28, Miss Mattie Okeson died.
Aug. 14, Stuart Manger and Katie Pannebaker married.
Aug. 15, Noah T. Rodgers died.
Sept. 11, Joshua Ferguson and Annie Kough married.
Nov. 5, Miss Polly Fitzgerald died.
Nov 6, Henderson Forsha and Lizzie Laughlin married.

Jan. 6, Mrs. Polly Milliken died.
Jan. 8, Howard Beale got a leg broken.
March 16, Florence Beale died.
March 22, John McCulloch Jr. died.
June 5, Henry Meganhey died.
June 8, J. Calvin Dobbs died.
June 14, Creighton Junk died.
June 15, Miss Emma Tergo died.
July 10, Mrs. Annie Wagner died.
Aug. 14, J. Allison Laird and Ellis Randolph married.
Nov. 21, John McCulloch, Sr. died.
Dec. 16, James Burred and Lizzie Fry married.
Dec. 22, W. A. Pannebaker and Beckie Manger married.
Dec. 31, Thermometer 20 degrees below zero at 8 o'clock a.m.

Jan. 5, Mrs. Mary Patterson died in Page county, Iowa.
Jan. 5, William Koons and Lizzie Rohrer married.
March 9, Ira Duncan died.
March 22, James McCulloch, of East Waterford, died.
March 28, Mabel Beale died.
April 1, Peter Burred and Anne E. Albert married.
April 7, Howard Randolph and Annie McMeen married.
June 20, Mrs. Diana Reed died.
July 2, President Garfield shot.
July 15, Jacob Thompson died.
Sept. 14, J. Nevin Randolph and Lizzie -- married.
Sept. 19, Garfield died.
Oct. 25, William Koons died in Chicago.
Oct. 27, Frank Fuller died in Colorado.
Nov. 9, Mrs. Mary Taylor died.
Dec. 22, Shelburn Kepner and Emma McCulloch married.
Dec. 29, W.L. Randolph and Hattie Crawford married.
Dec. 29, William Neely and Zelma Burchfield married.
Dec. 29, John Drolsbaugh and Annie Stinson married.

March 30, William McClintic and Mary Pannebaker married.
April 16, George McCulloch's house burned.
May 4, Daniel K. Grim, of Philadelphia died.
May --, Wm Randolph killed on elevator in Chicago.
May 6, Rev. Wilson Kidd's child died.
June 25, Mrs. -- Myers died.
June 30, Charles Guiteau hanged for murdering Pres. Garfield.
July 22, Shuman Miller of Millerstown, shot by J. Wagner.
July 25, John Hassinger died.
July 25, Samuel White drowned at East Waterford.
Sept. 2, John Woodside died.
Sept. 16, Rev. Albertson Okeson died.
Sept. 16, Howard Randolph's child died.
Sept. 27, John Drolsbaugh, Sr. died.

Jan. 14, William Dolby died.
Jan. 24, Thomas VanSweringen, of Ohio died.
Jan 27, Capt. James Kennedy died.
Feb. 9, John Middagh, Sr., died.
Feb. 10, Miss Eliza Kennedy died.
Feb 12, Elizabeth Work died.
Feb. 22, Wm R. Williams and Maggie Robinson married.
Feb. 24, Michael Kunkle died.

Port Royal Times
Thursday, March 11, 1886


March 4, Henrietta Dobbs died.
April 1, Mrs. Mary Gilliford died.
April 21, Mrs James McMullin died.
May 16, Mrs Jesse Rowe died.
June 21, Dr. R. M. Quig and Belle Ferguson married.
July 3, Rev. J. A. Ross' barn burned.
July 7, John Murphy died.
July 10, Mrs. Thomas Morrow died.
July 22, Miss Maggie McKinley died.
Aug. 17, Samuel Okeson died.
Aug. 18, Mrs. Eva Moyer died from effects of chloroform, at Mifflintown.
Sept. 18, John R. Beale died.
Sept. 27, Dr. Charles Campbell and Mary McGill married.
Oct. 13, Benjamin F. Allen and Fannie E. Snyder married.
Oct. 29, James B. Milliken died.
Nov. 10, Andrew Patterson died.
Nov. 21, Samuel S. Long and Clara R. Mattock married.
Dec. 3, Judge Francis Bartley died.
Dec. 9, Wm. J. Wise and Eunice Smith, of Iowa, married.

Jan. 26, Mrs. Mary L. Woodward died.
Feb. 1, James Fitzgerald died.
Feb. 3, Mrs. Thomas M. Cook died.
March 4, James Kennedy died.
Aug. 17, Mrs. Elizabeth Pannebaker died.
Sept. 16, Isaac Kirk died.
Sept. 21, Mrs Annie Thompson died.
Sept. 26, James McKinstry died.
Oct. 8, Miranda Sheriff died.
Oct. 19, John Ludwig died.
Oct. 22, James McMullin and Flora Peck married.
Oct. 23, Mrs. Catharine Peck died.
Oct. 27, William Hutchinson died.
Nov. 10, Mrs. Jane Neely died.
Nov. 26, Ibra J. Milliken died.
Dec. 1, Mrs. James Kirk died.
Dec. 2, Ida McGill died.
Dec. 4, Thomas Dobbs, Jr. died.
Dec. 24, John Gray died.

Feb. 1, John Bennett died.
Feb. --, James C. Laird died in New York City.
Feb 25, Mrs Catharine Laird died.
Feb. --, Samuel McKinley and Miss --- Dunmire married.
March 4, Mrs. Peter Ubil died.
March 10, Mrs Lizzie Welsh died.
March 26, John Ubil and Maggie Moyer married.
March 31, Howard Beale died.
April 1, Andrew Welch's child died.
April 13, R. Max Eaton and Jennie McClure married.
April 16, Robert Hackenbarger killed on PRR.
May 22, J. Beale Kirk and Ida M. Beale married.
July 21, Belle Kough died.
Sept 10, Harry E. Bonsall and Laura Watt married.
Sept. 11, John Sarvis and Mary Walls married.
Sept. 29, John C. Fuller and Annie L. Smelker married.
Nov. 5, William Patterson died.
Nov. 30, Clara Bennett died.
Dec. 4, Henry F. Smith and Mannie L. Work married.
Dec. 24, Charles McMeen and Ida Kunkle married.
[the end]

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