Agreement for Protecting the Frontier
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Agreement for Protecting the Frontier

Juniata Sentinel
July 11, 1979

Almost 200 Years Old

Agreement for Protecting The Frontier

[Editor's Note: Following is a very interesting "Copy of an agreement relative to protecting the frontier written on May 21st, 1780." It was written in Mifflintown and many of the names will be recognized as founding fathers of this county. The original copy, which is in the possession of Mrs. T. R. [Jane] Auker of R. D. 2, Mifflintown, is in very fine penmanship and is in excellent condition. Mrs. Auker expects to have the letter framed and then present same to the county historical society. Following is the agreement:]

Terms proposed to the freemen of this company for granting some assistance to our frontier as follows - that four men be raised immediately and paid by this company in grain on the value there of at three pound, old way - per month during the time they shall be in actual service and also provisions - The time they shall engage to serve one month and the method for paying the men aforesaid shall be by levying a proportionable tax on all and singular the taxable property of each person residing within the bounds of Captain Mintsers company and if any person shall so far forget his duty as to refuse complying with his brethren in the aforesaid necessary proposals he shall be deemed an enemy to his country and be debarred from the privilege of a subject of this state by being excluded the benefit of all tradesmen working for him such as millers, smiths, etc.

We, the subscribers do approve of the above proposals and bind ourselves by these presents to the performance of and compliance with the same. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands this 21st day of May, 1780 - N. B. Wheat to be 51 rye and corn 31 per bushel. We also agree that Captain Mintsers company shall meet on Wednesday next at Wm. Shanons

Wm. McCoy, Jas. Taylor, Samuel Shanon, E. Hart, John Hatson, Christian Lintner, John Riddle, Robert McDowell, Thomas Wiley, James Banks, James Patterson, David Nelson, Robert Connaghan, John McCartney, William Martin, William Harris, Wm. Cunningham, James Dickey, William Wright, William Brown, Wm. McAlister, Hugh McCormick, James Armstrong, John Henderson, Jas. Nelson, Wm. Conahan, George Moore, Jas. Harris, Hugh Shannon, James Patterson, Wm. Stretch, W. Stewart, Jun., Alexander Armstrong, Andrew Douglas, Andw. Nelson, John Gill, George Green, Charles Bair, David Walker, James Purdy, Robt. Nelson, James McIlvaine, Thomas Howard, Hugh McAlister, Matthew Stull, Thomas McElroy, Henry Matson, William Wiley, Thos. Palie, Hugh McElroy, Samuel Mitchell, John Purdy, Anthony Trimmer, William Upton, Robert McLear, James Smith, John Henderson, William Henderson.

To receive the grain or shoes or shirting cloth for the marching party. John Purdy at his mill. Robert Nelson, at his house, Hugh McAlister at his house. Wm. McAlister at his house.

An agreement made by the under named persons that we will serve as military volunteers along the frontier for the space of one month commencing from Monday, the 29th instant to meet at David Nelson, on said day and to march from thence - given under our hands the 24th day of May, 1780. - James Taylor, James Harris, E. Hart, Thomas Wiley, James Purdy, James Armstrong.

Copy of an agreement relative to protecting the frontier - May 21, 1780.

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