The Mills Family of Mid Wales - Family History
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The Mills Family of Mid-Wales

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The Red Kite is a symbol of Mid-Wales.
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Update Archive


May 2003

The introductory version of this site was placed on the web on 1st March 2003 (St David's Day). Now it is set for expansion, the launch announcement will be made more widely at the end of May. In the interim the networking has begun:

  • North Montgomery: We have made contact with Miss Eleanor Mills who has extensive knowledge of her family history in the Llangadfan and Llanerfyl areas. She introduced us to Peter (W Sussex), to whom we referred Jennie and John (down under in Melbourne), who will link up with Pru (in the UK Midlands).
  • South Montgomery and North Radnorshire: Glenys (Newtown) has provided information on her Llananno branch which has been passed to Liz McAsey (LM) who forwarded the detail to Margaret (Stoke on Trent) who has family connection with that area.
  • Trefeglwys: Richard (Dick) M Mills (DM) (Maryland) has now made contact with Diana and Michael (Llanidloes) for assistance in defining the "Foundry" line; he has resumed information exchange with Nia (Newtown) and John and Pam (Llanidloes) regarding other branches of his Trefeglwys group.
  • Llanidloes/Millsiaid: Cynthia Mills (CM) (Llanidloes) has gratefully received an offer of help from Ian (Van) in defining local family groupings with a view to identifying those descended from the "Musicians". She is also making active re-contact with all those who have corresponded with her over the past few years.
    Llanidloes/Hughes and Mills: Barbara (Hampshire UK) visited the site by chance, sent in sufficient detail of her lost family connection to enable an introduction via our local historian to Aled (Caernarvon); he proved to be a first cousin, able to provide the information she had sought for years.

Mills DNA Project

May 2003

Richard (Dick) M Mills (DM) (Maryland) is actively seeking a Mills candidate descended through an all-male Mid-Wales line, who would be prepared to participate in the DNA project for potential matching of results with his own. He is offering to contribute half the $100 cost of the test. Contact Dick directly if you are willing to help.

Website Launch

1st March 2003

The set-up

An introductory site, kept brief in line with recommended practice and very focussed to dissuade random enquiries unrelated to our specific mid-Wales "clan". Invited initial responses may be e-mailed through to one of our group of five central "agents", each collecting material on defined family branches or historical interests.

Aims and content

Development will be on the basis of reliable data aimed to assist better understanding of our roots, branch inter-relationships, diaspora, family interests and achievements. The only unproven material displayed relates to various "legends" regarding origins (earliest established record is 1593), which might identify ancestral links. In this last respect, information is available for those wishing to participate in a recently established Mills DNA world-wide project. Our timespan extends to approximately 1901, in line with Rootsweb policy not to include living persons. An optional picture gallery offers some infill on relevant local history and, with their consent, links are provided to appropriate Welsh reference sources.

Project management

For purposes of coordination, the central agent group will be kept relatively small, expansion normally restricted to newly identified major geographical areas, branches or interests. Each agent heads up, manages and builds on his/her own section, mutually exchanging data where appropriate and passing proven findings or other matters of interest through for posting on the main site. Communication within each section may be by e-mail attachment or by developing "hidden sites". New participants are asked to indicate consent or otherwise for their interests and submitted data to be openly shared and/or published; as also their willingness to receive information subsequently contributed by third parties. All contact names are passed to a central, briefly classified, register for the internal agents' use only.

Website design and training of webmaster

Professionally undertaken by our friend A.J., to whom we are most indebted. He remarks as follows:

  • Site was developed in hand-written HTML, using "First Page 2000" ( ), with some client-side JavaScript, mainly in the Galleries.
  • Galleries include a range of scanned photos from various sources. Each photo has Caption, Copyright and optional Narrative.
  • Visitor counter is provided by Rootsweb and was very simple to install.
  • Contact email addresses are included with anti-spam measures.
  • Approval within the group prior to publication was achieved via a draft site on a separate, unpublished URL.

NB: The free Rootsweb site is much appreciated - apart from common-sense conditions designed to protect them as provider, there are only two stipulations for us to accept: no up/downloading of GEDCOM files and advertising banners will be displayed on our pages.