Patterson Family
Cassandra on Porch in Minas Cassandra in Front of My Pick Up. Cassandra Dressed for School Play
Cassandra Dressed For Church Charles and Yvonne Patterson in Minas Charles Patterson Going to Work
Eddie Sudiarto and Suwahadi. Eddie Was a Field Supervisor and Suwahadi Was an Exploration Geologist Party at the Golden Barrel Club Ladies at Golden Barrel Club
Sastro Periowa as MC Isi Yules Hitapeau Wife Jim Cunningham, Construction Boss, Bess Cunningham, Jerry Peters and Jodi Peters at Golden Barrel
Cassandra and Yvonne in Back Yard Teti Sudiarto Helping with Fashion Show Ladies at Golden Barrel Club
Me Taking Picture. Gloria, Stan, Page Washburn Bob Schooler and Me Taking Picture at Christmas Party Cassandra and Yvonne at Christmas Party
Indonesian Children at Christmas Party Waiting on Santa Clause to Arrive Children at Golden Barrel Club waiting on Santa
Gloria Washburn and Yvonne waiting on Santa Santa Coming on the Minas Fire Truck Santa Arrived. Oran Hebert Was Santa in 1974
Santa greeting children Children Out Side the Medan Cafe in Pekanbaru Geneva Bledsoe and Stan Washburn
Stan Washburn, Yvonne Patterson, Bob Schooler at Medan Cafe in Pekanbaru Gloria Washburn, Leon Bledsoe, Schoolers Wife Ordering Meal at Medan Cafe in Pekanbaru Leon Bledsoe, Schooler, Yvonne, Stan Washburn at Medan Cafe in Pekanbaru
Chapter 1 My Way of Thinking
Chapter 2 My Father and Mother Became Sharecroppers
Chapter 3 Conception to Awareness
Chapter 4 Now I Know That I Remember -- I Think
Chapter 5 Things That We Did on The Farm
Chapter 6 Life on Jackson's Place
Chapter 7 My Education Begins
Chapter 8 Life on the Farm

Chapter 9 Move to the Metropolis of Lubbock, Texas
Chapter 10 Marines

Chapter 11 College and New Orleans

Chapter 12 Indonesia

Chapter 13 Bahrain
Chapter 14 Scotland