Patterson Family
Pekanbaru Pasar
Durian For Sale. Asia Loves This Fruit, But The Smell Is Hard To Get Over.
Betel Market Pekanbaru, Betel leaves are chewed along with the Areca Nut. Betel leaves are used as a Stimulant, Antiseptic and breath-freshener Durian Is A Fruit That Asian Consider to Be a Delicacy. To Most Westerners the Odor Is Too Stong to Overcome.
Root Pasar. The Pasar Had Just About Anything That You Needed, But It Was Not Cheap. Tjabe Was Made By Crushing Peppers and Mixing it With Garlic and Oil. Food Pasar. This Was Very Common All Over Asia. I First Experienced This in Japan in the Early 1950's
Children In Pekanbaru The Pasar in Pekanbaru Is Where Everyone Goes To Get Their Food. Most Expats Did Not Go to Pekanbaru Stan Washburn With a Crowd of Children Around Him. Children Would Flock Around Westerners.
Fruit Pasar Smoking Was Very Common Among Indonesians. This Store Keeper is Enjoying His Clove Cigarette. Most People Rode Bicycles or Motor Bikes.
Stan Wasburn and Dub Dorsett in Pekanbaru Shopping Stan and Gloria Washburn and Yvonne in The Gold Store Buying Gold Jewelery. Asians Tend to Put Their Money in Gold To Avoid Currency Exchange and Inflation. Houses Along The Siak River Were Built on Stilts To Compensate For The Rise and Fall of the River. The Rivers Were Influenced By The Tides and Heavy Rainfall.
Side Alley in The Pasar Coconut Pasar. Vendor Selling Juice To People Shopping in The Pasar
Gloria Washburn Bartering With The Lady Over The Price For Bananas Chickens Are Brought To The Pasar From The Farms To Be Sold Here. You Can Buy Them Alive or They Will Kill Them For You This Man Makes Juices That He Sells To Shoppers in The Pasar
We Stopped Along The Road to Buy Some Pinapples From a Man on A Bicycle. He Was on His Way To The Pasar To Trade His Pineapples For Other Commodities. Yvonne Beside Our Toyota in Pekanbaru. We Owned A Car Which Allow Us The Freedom of Going To Pekanbaru. A Small Taxi Cab Can Be Seen Behind Our Toyota. Most Expats Would Use These Taxis To Get From The Pontoon Bridge To the City Center. No Company Vehicles Were Allow in Pekanbaru.
This Type Boat Was The Primary Means of Transportation in The Siak River This Mosque in Pekanbaru Was Built By Caltex As A Community Project. Bike on The Jalan in Pekanbaru
Women Eating At Party Women Selling Food At Pasar Woman Laying Out Fish To Dry in Dumai
Girl Beside Bamboo Near Rumbai Boys Drinkig Juice From Plastic Bag At Pasar Man Walking Down Road Near Dumai
Pekanbaru Caltex Bridge Pekanbaru Cafe 
Street in Pekanbaru  Caltex Pontoon Bridge over Siak River  Penni delivered Chinese food to our house until he opened this cafe. 
Pekanbaru  Pekanbaru  Caltex Taxi 
Young boy at Pasar  Children at Pasar  Taxi cabs at Siak River. Caltex vehicles were not allow in Pekanbaru. They parked on the Rumbai side and the took a taxi to the Pasar 
Chapter 1 My Way of Thinking
Chapter 2 My Father and Mother Became Sharecroppers
Chapter 3 Conception to Awareness
Chapter 4 Now I Know That I Remember -- I Think
Chapter 5 Things That We Did on The Farm
Chapter 6 Life on Jackson's Place
Chapter 7 My Education Begins
Chapter 8 Life on the Farm

Chapter 9 Move to the Metropolis of Lubbock, Texas
Chapter 10 Marines

Chapter 11 College and New Orleans

Chapter 12 Indonesia

Chapter 13 Bahrain
Chapter 14 Scotland