Patterson Family
Charles, Yvonne and Cassandra Patterson Elmer, Lola, Chad, Angela, and Karen Crochet
Harry and Arlene Rimmer Frank, Catherine, Jamie Robin
Erskine and Annette McLemore Arthur, Mary, Laura, Arthur Jr., and Lisa Regottaz
Bill and Marion Couch Henry and Ellen Molenia
Arnie and Jennie Milton Bill, Myrna, and Lisa Tuttle
Bob, Ruth, Scott, ?, Nelson Chris, Doris, Patricia & Christinia Breitenfelder
Chuck & Barbara Klimowicz Herb & Betty Roos
Dan & Nuri Bozanic Dave & Linda DeBurg
Dave & Nilca Landau Dave and Teri Lewis
Dean & Shirley Goff Jack & Helen Mills
Jim and Linda Elkins Jim Wray, Herbie the Streaker, Marshall Ayres, John Sanders,
Fred and Marie Kernaghan John Sanders
Judd Hoyt and Virginia Wire Keith and Claire & Adam Stangroom
Mike, Sharon, Steve, Mark, Tara, & HeidiHarmon Olen & Peggy Medford
Pat & Gwen Russum and Catherine and Donna Paul & Hidi Prester
Pete & Shri Hodson Pete & Joyce Fish and Mary
Peter Jory Family Price & Betty Rose
Ron and Sandy White & Karen and Alan Walt & Ann Coleman Joe, Lisa
Ken & Marilyn Quarfoth Lloyd & Faith Roddell
Lloyd & Joy Austin and Larry G.E. Carnes
These Pictures Were Taken in Caltex Camp Rumbai, Sumatra, Indonesia on 4 July 1976
C.E. Nichols
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Tom Davidson, Beverly, Pam and Little Davidson  
Chapter 1 My Way of Thinking
Chapter 2 My Father and Mother Became Sharecroppers
Chapter 3 Conception to Awareness
Chapter 4 Now I Know That I Remember -- I Think
Chapter 5 Things That We Did on The Farm
Chapter 6 Life on Jackson's Place
Chapter 7 My Education Begins
Chapter 8 Life on the Farm

Chapter 9 Move to the Metropolis of Lubbock, Texas
Chapter 10 Marines

Chapter 11 College and New Orleans

Chapter 12 Indonesia

Chapter 13 Bahrain
Chapter 14 Scotland