This is my first attempt to make a family website at Rootsweb; I sure hope you folk's will be very patient with me.

A little bit about my self to start: I was born in Boyle Co., Ky. My folks lived in Mintonville area of Casey Co., Ky. This county is located in the Cumberland Lake Region of Kentucky. It consists of beautiful rolling hills and streams. My parents owned a farm, which at one time was a part of my great-grandfather William Valentine Barber. We didn't have most of the modern convenience that we have today; we did have electricity; but we had a "well" to get water out of and we used either a "sand-pump" to pull water up out of a hole, or an actual "well" that we had to pump water with. We had animals naturally; a garden that we raised our own vegetables, and mom would "can" what she could; and store the jars in the "celler" that was underneath our house. Lastly, since we we didn't have inside plumbing, yep we had an "outhouse." Our family used those big galvanized tubs to take our bath's in. Us, children, we walked to school, first on a gravel road (this was the main road), then we would turn off this road onto a lane that went up a hill, consisted of red-clay and creek rocks. So as you can see, I am a hillbilly from Kentucky! I am very proud of my roots from downhome!

Seems like when I started my family research, I never dreamed of having so many relatives that I have found. People throughout Casey Co. and Pulaski Co., Ky. were closely related or by distant relation. Don't matter which way it is, we are still kinfolks.

This site will be under construction for quite a while, until I figure out what I'm doing.

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