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Descendants of Thomas Higgins and Mary Shell 
Higgins family of Currency Creek, Australia 

03 Jan 2009

I am currently trying to trace my Higgin’s heritage. My grandfather was Victor James Higgins, born in 1923, in the Wincaton area UK . He married Kathleen Jean Morey. They immigrated to Australia in or around 1952. I believe my grandfather had two sisters, Una and Eve. He had four brother’s. Edward, Jack, Leslie and perhaps George. My grandfather served on the HMS Kelly in WW2. Any assistance you could give me would be appreciated.

Thanks Kelly Mitchell, Sydney Australia  [email protected]

09 Feb 2008

Trying to trace Higgins family:

Patrick (born 1-1-1825) and John, sons of John and Margaret Higgins(nee lunuy), left Sligo in 1852 for Australia. Patrick became quite famous.(see below).
His wife died in childbirth and his son was killed at sea. John married Frances Benham had a son William Benham Bennett Higgins. We then lose track of them. William married twice, First to Eve Rebecca Smart and had a daughter. He later married Grace Peters in Dannivirke New Zealand and had 2 sons Jack and Robert. Grace moved to Australia with the boys after discovering he was still married to the first wife.

We never found out what happened to him.
   Did John have other children?
   Can anybody help?
Regards GARY PORTER  gjporter AT

Source: Higgins, Patrick (1825 - 1882)
HIGGINS, PATRICK (1825-1882), contractor and pastoralist, was born in Sligo, Connaught, Ireland, son of John Higgins, farmer and tenant of Lord Palmerston, and his wife Margaret, née Lunuy. Educated at the Sligo Academy, he became a successful contractor and, attracted by the gold discoveries, in 1852 migrated to Victoria with his brother John. He followed Palmerston's advice to continue his career and with his brother in 1853 won a contract to make part of the Mount Alexander Road which led to goldfields at Castlemaine, Chewton and Bendigo. He obtained many other road-making contracts from the Public Works Department but in 1857 changed to railway construction and carried out the extensive earthwork of the Melbourne and Suburban Railway Co. He also made part of the Melbourne-Echuca line and engaged in some profitable squatting ventures with Hugh Glass. In 1858 he became a magistrate. By 1866 Higgins was probably the leading public-works entrepreneur in Victoria. In that year he won the contract to construct the Lithgow section of the zigzag railway in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. He completed it in 1869 and, assessing the great economic potential of the area, promoted the Lithgow Valley Coal Co. and the Lithgow Pottery. In 1867 he had become a magistrate of New South Wales. He consolidated his wealth with profitable squatting investments on the Lachlan and Murray rivers.
Higgins was not so fortunate in his personal life. In 1855 in Melbourne he married Rose, daughter of John Lynch, of Sligo. Next year she died giving birth to a son. In 1872 Higgins was taking the boy to Europe to finish his education when he was lost overboard between Sydney and Melbourne. Distraught and stricken with heart trouble, Higgins went to Europe and America and proved a discerning and observant traveller. On his return to Sydney in 1876 he determined to enter public life. By then he was recognized as an entrepreneur whose pioneering had benefited both Victoria and New South Wales as well as himself. An associate of other leading industrialists and pastoralists, including the relatively small Irish-Catholic group headed by P. A. Jennings, he was a director of the Sydney Tramway and Omnibus Co., the Intercolonial Life Assurance and General Association, the Intercolonial Board of Executors Trustees and Agency Co. and other companies.
His popularity did not enable him to enter the Legislative Assembly. In 1877, despite a progressive and liberal programme, which included enlightened nonsectarian views on education and immigration, he was defeated at Hartley by J. Hurley. In 1879, a year of crisis for denominational education, Henry Parkes appointed him a commissioner for the International Exhibition in Sydney, and in 1881 a Sydney representative for Melbourne's Exhibition. In accepting Parkes's nomination to the Legislative Council in December 1880 Higgins said he was 'impressed with a full sense of the responsibility which loyalty, duty and independence impose'. The only Catholic member, Higgins was making a worthy mark in the council when he died suddenly from heart disease on 28 January 1882. With Jennings in charge, his body was taken to Melbourne and buried in the general cemetery. £10,000 of his estate of £44,000 was left to his brother, John, and substantial charitable bequests complemented similar gifts he had made when alive.
Select Bibliography
L. J. Harrigan, Victorian Railways to '62 (Melb, 1962); Bulletin, 1 Jan 1881; Sydney Morning Herald, 30 Jan 1882; Australasian, 4 Feb 1882; Henry Parkes letters (State Library of New South Wales); CO 201/591. More on the resources
 Author: Bede Nairn
  Print Publication Details: Bede Nairn, 'Higgins, Patrick (1825 - 1882)', Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 4, Melbourne University Press, 1972, pp 389-390.

St James Marriage Register 1893 - 1904 
23 25 March 1903 MCLEAN Thomas William Bachelor Castle Mountain Labourer 24 Castle Mountain Ewen McLean & Isabella Golding Farmer John Thomas Higgins & Mary Ann Elizabeth Carpenter W S Newton 
HIGGINS Lilly Ann Cox Spinster Pitt Town Home Duties 22 Pitt Town Charles Emanuel Higgins deceased & Charlotte Cox Farmer

. . . . . . . . 
Parliamentary Return of Landholders 1885 (District: Windsor): 

Pitt Town Pitt Town Higgins, Charles  70   5   4 � 7 p.447
Pitt Town Pitt Town Higgins, John      80 10 10 �  6 p.447
Pitt Town Pitt Town Higgins, Robert  102  1 � �   6 p.447
. . . . . . . . . 

 August 2003

Australasia Births, Deaths and Marriages Exchange
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Australia: Civil Registrations: Births Records: 26
Surname Forenames        Date        Place 
HIGGINS Alma Margaret 20JUL1910 Melbourne VIC 653 
HIGGINS Andrew          26JUL1864 Warrabine VIC 653 
HIGGINS Annie Ellen      09FEB1906 Carrum VIC 653 
HIGGINS Arthur Edgar   13AUG1890 Portarlington VIC 653 
HIGGINS Charles John   06MAY1919 South Yarra VIC 653 
HIGGINS Clarice Annie   05DEC1903 Carlton VIC 653 
HIGGINS Frances Jean  28MAY1922 Port Melbourne VIC 653

HIGGINS Frank Holiday  07APR1897 Carlton VIC 653 
HIGGINS Henry            05MAY1870 Little Hard Hills VIC 653 
HIGGINS Henry William  26MAR1913 Melbourne VIC 653 

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Australia: Civil Registrations: Deaths Records: 20 

Surname Forenames Date Place 
HIGGINS Amanda           02JUL1943 Northcote VIC 653 
HIGGINS Andrew            07AUG1918 Cora Lynn VIC 653 
HIGGINS Anne               04JUN1923 Portarlington VIC 653 
HIGGINS Annie Ellen       20AUG1983 Wangaratta VIC 653 
HIGGINS Arthur Edgar     30SEP1915 Warragul VIC 653 
HIGGINS Bessie Elizabeth 16AUG1993 Parkville VIC 653 
HIGGINS Elizabeth           24APR1897 Prahran VIC 653 
HIGGINS Frank Holiday     21JAN1935 Caulfield VIC 653 
HIGGINS George             13NOV1884 Portarlington VIC 653 
HIGGINS Henry               10FEB1922 Portarlington VIC 653 

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Australia: Civil Registrations: Marriages Records: 19 
Groom Forenames Bride Forenames            Date        Place 
DALDRY Gordon    HIGGINS Norma Amanda 11JUN1955 Ormond
                                                          VIC 653 
ELLIOTT Edwin     HIGGINS Jane               26SEP1908 Portarlington
                                                          VIC 653 
HIGGINS Andrew   HUXTABLE Amanda        12FEB1890 Portarlington
                                                           VIC 653 
HIGGINS Francis   WILLIAMS Doris Irene     20DEC1921 Prahran
                                                           VIC 653 
HIGGINS Henry     MEAD Adelaide              25JUL1900 South Yarra
                                                          VIC 653 
HIGGINS Henry     WIFFEN Elizabeth          31MAY1894 Drysdale 
                                                          VIC 653 
HIGGINS James     RICHARDSON Charlotte Louisa Barbara
                                                          02APR1891 Newstead VIC 653 
HIGGINS Norman Andrew
                         JONES Frances Emma 
                                                          10JUL1926  Oakleigh VIC 653 
HIGGINSON Reginald Joel Thomas 
                         CHAMBERLAIN Clarice Lillian
                                                          25MAR1933 Williamstown
                                                          VIC 653 
HUBBARD Edward John 
                         HIGGINS Alma Margaret  04MAY1928 South Yarra
                                                          VIC 653 
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Australia: Parish Registrations: Baptisms Records: 2 
Surname Forenames Date          Place 
HIGGINS Bridget      07MAY1848 Yass NSW 386 
HIGGINS Rosanna    01DEC1848 Sydney NSW 49 

New Zealand: Civil Registrations: Births Records: 1 
Surname Forenames       Date          Place 
HIGGINS Gilbert Leonard 18MAR1880 Mount Grey 506 

New Zealand: Civil Registrations: Marriages Records: 4

Groom Forenames      Bride Forenames Date Place 
BYRNE Clifford James  HIGGINSON Evelyn Helen 04OCT1947
                                                          Wellington 411 
MCKEW Michael         REDDINGTON Ann          14SEP1863 
                                                          Christchurch 666 
NEWTH Arthur William HIGGINS Lelia Bertha      08SEP1926
                                                          Spring Grove 827 
NEWTH Arthur William HIGGINS Martha Harriett 06NOV1901 
                                                          Wai-iti 827 

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

17 April 2003

Ahkin family reunion this Sunday
Thursday, 17 April 2003

The descendants of George Ah Kin and Mary Higgins are
holding a family reunion at the Bega showground on

George Ah Kin, a full-blood Chinese, arrived in NSW in
the 1850s and Mary Higgins, born in Sydney in 1844,
the fourth child of Michael Higgins and Ann Ryan.

The Ah Kins had 15 children, nine of whom have living

It is probable that George and Mary met on the
goldfields and the birth of their first daughter,
Emma, has the family living as Delegate Diggins.

Margaret was born at Bendoc and George, Thomas, Agnes
and Samuel were born at Craigie and it was there
that Mary and George were married according for the
rites of the Church of England.

On the birth certificates of his children, George
named himself as storekeeper and carrier.

In 1874 the family moved to Bombala and in 1875 George
set himself up as a carrier and James Joseph was born.

Wanting to buy land George had to put in a
naturalisation application and in 1861 he purchased
land at Bombala but transferred his land when he moved
to Nimmitabel.

Between 1875 and 1881 George was a hawker.

John Patrick was born in 1877, Alexander in 1878 and
Walter Henry in 1880.

In 1878 Emma (then 13) married John Ab Long and moved
to Sydney.

George and Mary moved to Nimmitybelle and George set
up business as a storekeeper and butcher.

In 1882 Elizabeth Anne was born and 1883 Mary was

Their thirteenth child, William Gabriel, was born in
July 1885 but died the same year.

In 1887 Alice Maud was born but Alexander died aged

The last of the children, Violet May, was born in

In a book on Nimitybelle it was recalled that a Mr Ah
Kin of Chinese origin had two pair of dental forceps,
one side curved, the other straight, and he did most
of the extractions for local folk and occasional

George Junior, Sam and Tom operated a coach service to

Their father became bankrupt and went to Sydney to
live. He died in 1905. Mary died in 1910.

It was George Junior who eventually settled in Bega
and he and his wife Edith Walker had 11 children

This family is the only one who kept the name, though
they put it together to be Ahkin.


link found concerning this family

George AH KIN/b>. George married Mary HIGGINS.
Mary HIGGINS. Mary married George AH KIN.
They had the following children: 
M i George AH KIN Jnr
M ii Thomas AH KIN 


A book reference about this family
Eurasian roots: a story of the life and times of
George Ah Kin and Mary Higgins and their descendants

(A.C.T.: B. Moore, 1994). by Lyons, Barbara Moore.

. . . . . . . . .
Added 05 February 2002
Maryborough Pioneers 1848 - 1868
 Queensland Australia)
 Born in Scotland

Higgins Ann

Higgins Helen

Higgins James

Higgins Jane

Higgins Joseph Francis

Higgins Mary

Higgins Peter

. . . . . . . . . .. 

Australian Women's Art
in the National Library's Collections
Anne Higgins 
Shan-a-cawbeen 1881 oil on canvas 
R11086 Palmer Collection 
This small oil painting depicts the slab cottage built
by Anne's son, Henry Bournes Higgins, on his selection
between Narre Warren and Gembrook, now suburban
Melbourne. Henry Bournes Higgins had a distinguished
career as a politician and judge. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . 


Geelong Lawyers' Collection

Higgins Family 

The Higgins Family archive by Vivian Hill 

It would be interesting to know if any other family
has served a local community with the provision of
legal services for one hundred and thirty-eight
years. The Higgins family came to Geelong when a
Congregational Minister William Higgins (1805-1876)
responded to John Dunmore Lang's plea to save
Australia from domination by Popery he feared would
come from the Irish migration occurring in the 1840s.
The minister and his family left England on the
"Larpent" in March 1849 and soon after arrival in
Geelong on 29th June his 16 year old son, also named
William, obtained work with the Irish solicitor Joseph
. After serving Articles and being admitted to
legal practice in 1856 he established his own
business. Some records of that business are held by
the Geelong Historical Record Centre. An examination
of them shows the wide range of the legal practice he
conducted. In all 8 members of the family gave good
legal service to Geelong citizens for well over a
Names of the eight Higgins'
William Higgins 1 and his descendants - Jabez, William
2, Frank Vernon, Charles William, Harold Norman,
Geoffrey Frank
and Russell James


Cemetery Index - Mourambine, Western Australia

HIGGINS, Helena Mena 6 years 1900
HIGGINS, Ingram 18 hrs 1 Jul 1900 

. . . . . . . . .
Cemetery Index - Frankland, Marriot's Farm & Yeriminup Reserve, Western Australia 

HIGGINS, Clement Charles
HIGGINS, William Died 1893

. . . . . . . 

Cemetery Index - Jamestown South Australia

HIGGINS (SISTER M. SYLVESTER), Elizabeth Interred 20-May-1894

. . . . . . . 

Ford and Genealogy - Ford Family 1857 - 1935

1. Richard FORD m. Ann HIGGINS,
2. i Richard FORD b. 19 Jan 1857.
    ii James FORD b. 9 Aug 1868, Tradeston, Glascow, LKS, SCT.
   iii Mary FORD b. 21 May 1870, Hutchesontown, LKS, SCT.
   iv Anne FORD b. 23 Feb 1872, Hutchesontown, LKS, SCT.
   v Catherine FORD b. 23 Feb 1872, Hutchesontown, LKS, SCT.

      [More Ford Descendants28 Dec 2002

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