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UHS 3rd All School Reunion
October 29, 2005

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8/7/14This website is updated very infrequently.  Class lists have not been updated as they should have been. I apologize profusely.  There are many ways these days to discover your classmates online and to have contact them them that I fell way behind.  If you are looking for reunion dates or classmates try contacting others in your class (see your class list) to find out what they know.  The class lists show at the bottom a "last update" date.  I may start updating this fall ('14).  Again - my apologies.  MJO webmaster.
11/28/11 Were you in a Crest commercial in 1961?  Do you know otheres who were?  You may find your commercial online.  Phil Terman ('62) posted this email to our UHS listserv -

"For all who were in the Crest commercial in 1961, I finally found the finished productions courtesy of Christine Weever from Proctor & Gamble Corporate Communications.  See her message below and the link to the Duke University archives.   There are three different locations and it seems that they made multiple variations from the same basic shoot.  The chem lab shoot is on 9, 10 & 18.  There is another series (11,13, & 17) that appear to be in another Jordan Av. building classroom but I don't recognize any of the faces.  Finally, # 5 & 12 may have been shot in the Student Union Bldg, perhaps in the Tudor Room.  However, I thought there was a production that was shot in Alumni Hall which I have yet to find.  Besides myself in 9 & 18, can anybody help out with face identification?
Phil T. '62

---- Original Message -----
To: Phil   Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 12:44 PM  Subject: Re: Crest TV ad from 1961
Phil:  I talked with our archivist, and here's what he shared with me::
We do not have these commercial spots in our collection, however, there is something very similar to them in the online collection of Duke University’s Hartmann Center for Advertising.  Here’s the link:

The Hartmann Center at Duke was given the archives of the Benton & Bowles advertising agency several years back. They’ve placed many of them online for educational and personal purposes, so you might want to review the spots on that site. You can also download them using iTunes.
10/31/11 Reunion time is almost here.  We have more than 300 people with reservations to the Saturday dinner.  There will surely be informal class gatherings in different places in town on Friday or Saturday or Sunday.  Even if you can't attend the dinner, how about coming to the Archives exhibit and/or to the Elm Heights open house?  See you there?
5/5/11 CHANGED - Coming NOVEMBER 5, 2011  ----  UHS 4th All School Reunion - Stay Tuned or look here.
The committee met on the first week of May, having learned that the previously announced October 29 date is now assigned as Indiana University's Homecoming.  November 5 is an away game (at OSU).  A mailing will be sent out in June to alumni/ae.  Those for whom we have correct addresses will get the mail.  Others may not.  Updated addresses are needed.  Send your information here or this new address just for UHS.
11/15/09 Are you on FACEBOOK?  Come join other UHS alums there on the  UHS alumni (Bloomington, IN) page.  Do a search for that phrase or you will wade through a LOT of other UHS pages before you find it. We, apparently, are not alone.  Administrators of that page are  Richard Rohrbacher ('70) and Felix Chu ('67) (creator).  Thanks, guys!
11/15/09 After another long delay, I'm going to try to whip this website back into shape.  You who have sent me address updates or other things, take heed - I might get them in the right places pretty soon. ... Margaret (web person).

earlier announcements  (2001 thru 2008) are archived on a separate page.
IN-BLOOMINGTON-UHS announced in the RootsWeb Review.  Two subscriptions added - four subscribers total.
3/06/01 The web page and the IN-BLOOMINGTON-UHS-L mailing list were started by Margaret Edmondson Olson '52 with only the most nebulous of ideas and plans.


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2011 All School Reunion
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