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To say that Pennsylvania stands first among the great sisterhood of States which compose the American Republic, in the noble work of caring for the children made neccessitous by the casualties of war, is no empty boast. It would, in fact, be within the limits of truth in affirm that the Keystone State has done, and is doing, more to succor the offspring of her soldiers who lost life or limb in their country's service, than all the other States combined. Indeed, the annals of the race do not furnish a similar instance where a State has adopted, as her special wards, all the dependent children of her slain and crippled warriors.

These are some of the Schools/Homes in the State of Pennsylvania for the children of Soldiers who died in the Civil War or who were disabled and unable to take of them . The people of Pennsylvania wanted to take care of their own.

This is a new project so please check back again. I have received information from several counties and hope to have more in the future. If anyone knows of the names and locations of others please let me know so that I may list the names.Mary Jean Williams




Soldiers Orphans' SchoolHarfordSusquehanna
Soldiers Orphans' SchoolMansfieldTioga
McAlisterville SchoolMcAlistervilleJuniata
Home for Friendless ChildrenBorough of WilkesbarreLuzerne
Huntingdon OrphangeBorough of HuntingdonHuntingdon County
Northern Home for Friendless Children, and Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphan InstitutePhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Co.
Paradise SchoolParadiseLancaster County
Quakertown SchoolQuakertownBucks County
Mount Joy SchoolStrasburgLancaster County
Emmaus Orphan HouseMiddletownDauphin County
Dayton SchoolDaytonArmstrong County
Orangeville SchoolOrangevilleColumbia County
North Sewickley Schoolto be linked soonAlleghany Co.
Cassville SchoolCassvilleHuntingdon County
Soldiers' Orphan HomePittsburghAlleghany Co.
Phillipsburg SchoolPhillipsburgBeaver County
Jacksonville SchoolJacksonvilleCentre County
Uniontown SchoolUniontownFayette County
St. Paul's Roman Catholic Orphan AsylumPittsburghButler County
Protestant Orphan Asylum of Pittsburgh and AlleghanyPittsburghAlleghany Co.
Church Home AssociationPittsburghAlleghany Co.
White Hall SchoolCamp HillCumberland County
The Orphan's HomeGermantown
Andersonburg SchoolSherman's ValleyPerry County
Pittsburgh and Allegheny Home for the FriendlessAlleghenyAlleghany Co.
Lincoln InstitutionPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Co.
Educational HomePhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Co.
Titusville SchoolTitusvilleCrawford County
Chester Springs SchoolChester SpringsChester County
Church Home for Children (Episcopal)Angora, PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Co.
St. James' Orphan AsylumLancasterLancaster County
Bridgewater School-ColoredBridgewaterBucks County
Bethany Orphans' Home (Womelsdorf)WomelsdorfBerks County
Tressler Orphans' HomeLoysvillePerry County
Home for Friendless ChildrenLancasterLancaster County
Mercer SchoolMercerMercer County
Industrial SchoolPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Co.
Butler Orphan HomeButlerButler County
St. John's Orphan AsylumPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Co.
Catholic HomePhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Co.
St. Vincent's CollegeWestmoreland County
Orphans' HomeAdjunct to school in ZelienopleButler County
"Children's Home"YorkYork County
St. Vincent's Orphan AsylumTaconyPhiladelphia Co.
Orphans' Farm SchoolZelienopleButler County
Nazareth HallNorthampton County
Pennsylvania Training-school for Feeble-minded ChildrenMedia
ScotlandGreene TownshipFranklin Co.


  • Roster of Children in the Soldiers' Orphan Schools of Pennsylvania June 1, 1902 ... by Cindy Kanny
  • Western Pennsylvania Orphans ... Teri's site
  • Pennsylvania Soldiers' Orphans Schools by Mary Floy Katzman
  • Lookups for Bethany Orphans' Home by Vern Paul

  • This is a list of Books I have found that were written on the Orphans Schools/Homes:
  • (*1) Pennsylvania's Soldier's Orphan Schools by James Laughery Paul, 1877*( pages contributed by Charles Faust and Tammy Lamb)
    ** note: I do own my own copy of Paul's book now
  • Soldiers Orphan School by Charlotte Rhodes Squier, 1989
  • Penna. Annual Report of the Superintendent of Soldiers' Orphans, for the years: 1878, 1880, 1881, & 1897
  • "1887-1987 Second Century, A Huntingdon County Bicentennial Album" by Nancy Shedd, Jean P. Harshbarger and Paul A. Blaum. pg. #18
  • History of Harford 1790-1940, by Caleb Richardsen 1837
    **Note: I am the 5th great-grandniece of Caleb Richardsen's wife Esther Tiffany

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