LeFevre Bible

The LeFevre Family Bible, 1720-1847

The original bible is printed in Dutch, and was published in 1719. In the front is tucked a page that is written in Dutch and signed by a Johannes Sybrants, Amsterdam, 1725 and is a poem. How it got into our bible, the LeFevres only know. All of the entries below are found on the first few pages, some of which have come loose. They were written in a curious mix of Dutch and English, as can be seen from the photos of the bible now online.

The bible is in generally good shape- a bit loose in its bindings perhaps, but the writing is perfectly legible. It seems to have been well cared for by the sucessive generations of owners. The hadwriting and quality of the ink changes, so the record seems to have been made as the events took place. My uncle now has the original bible, but the transcript below was made by my grandfather in the late 1970's. He changed the order of some entries and corrected some of the spelling and grammar. However, since a few of the entries have now faded away, I use his transcript for the sake of completeness. Some Photos of the original bible are now online and may be found by clicking HERE.

-1720 is born Peter LeFevre the 25 of December
-1733 is born Elizabeth Vernooy 3 September
-1760 January 2 there was married Peter LeFevre with Elizabeth Vernooy
-1760 October 4 is born my first son Jacob his godmother and godfather is Daniel LeFevre in his wife Cattrinna Cantyns
-1763 May 16 is born my dather Sara her godfather and godmother is Johannis LeFevre in Mary Vernooy
-1765 June 13 is born my dather Jonnoke her godfather and godmother is Andries DeWitt in his wife Jonnoke Vernooy
-1766 October the 6 was born Lydya Doyo
-1767 March 26 is born my son Isaac his godfather and godmother is Cornelius Vernooy in his wife Mary Bevier
-1769 June 4 is born my son Abraham his godfather and godmother is Jacob Bevier in his wife Anna Vernooy
-1770 Abraham LeFevre is gostorum 7 March in the year 1770
-1771 January 18 is born my dather Mary her godfather and godmother is Johannis Hardenburgh in his wife Mary LeFevre
-1773 May 19 is born my dather Annatio her godfather and godmother is Jacob Bevier in his wife Anna Vernooy
-1776 January 7 is born my son Johannis his godfather and godmother is Nathan Vernooy in his wife Yonneke Hoornbook
-1778 April 23 is born my son Cornelius his godfather and godmother is Isaac LeFevre in his wife Mary LeFevre
-1783 August 9 was married Jacob LeFevre with Lydya Doyo
-1785 December the 8 was born Deborah our daughter [finally, someone who could spell!]
-1788 January the 31 was born Peter our son
-1791 January the 26 was born Christophel our son
-1793 January the 23 our son Peter dyed [ok, maybe he couldn't spell either!]
-1793 August the 13 was born Elizabeth our daughter
-1796 August the 30 was born our son
-1796 September the 3 it dyed and was not baptyzed
-1798 March 9 was born Theiryk our son
-1800 March 21 was born our daughter
-1800 April 10 it dyed and was not baptyzed
-1803 March 22 was born Lydya our daughter
-1806 October 25 died Petrus LeFevre aged 85 years 9 months and 28 days
-1807 June the 2 died Elizabeth Vernooy consort of Petrus LeFevre aged 73 years 9 months and 1 day
-1810 June the 2 dyed Anna LeFevre the widow of Charles Hardenburgh
-1814 May the 7 died Johannis LeFevre
-1815 June 8 was married Christophel LeFevre with Sarah Doyo
-1817 September the 22 then died Jacob LeFevre
-1847 Lydya Deyo wife of Jacob LeFevre died March the 6th A.D. 184

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