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"The old people, in noting the family characteristics of the LeFevres, said that they lacked the energy of the Hasbroucks and DuBoises; they would not work hard themselves, nor make their slaves work hard; they were not so noted for book learning as the Beviers; they could not talk well; but on the other hand they knew when to keep the mouth shut. This is a most important quality, meaning prudence and oftentimes good sense and judgement. The LeFevres certainly held their own very well among the other settlers; when the church sought release from Holland rule and when the country sought release from British rule they were on the right side; in building each of the old stone churches they contributed a full share, and in the war of the Revolution they did not waver; no feuds or family quarrels are reported among the LeFevres in the olden days."

-Ralph LeFevre in A History of New Paltz, New York, and its Old Families..."

Although I am linked to by the Huguenot Historical Society in New Paltz- the authority on many of the old families of that town and the group responsible for preserving the old homes there- I am not affiliated with them. If you have questions for them, or just want to get some wonderful information on the New Paltz Huguenots, I highly recomend that you visit their website at www.hhs-newpaltz.org.

The coat of arms displayed above is that used by George Newton LeFevre in his book The Pennsylvania LeFevres. It was granted, he writes, to a man named Mengen LeFevre in 1510 and he further states that Simon and Andre LeFevre (of New York) and Isaac LeFevre (of Pennsylvania) were his descendants. This same statement has been found in other sources as well. The HHS uses a different coat of arms which may be seen on their website under the section headed "Museum Shop Menu."

If you have a LeFevre website, please let me know so that I can link to it. If you have biographies of LeFevre ancestors, obituaries or anything else LeFevre related that you would like to get online let me know and I will try to find a place for it on this site. All material on this site was written or compiled by me unless otherwise noted. Feel free to copy and use it freely, but please cite me (James Miller) as the source.

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