Joseph A. Whelan

John A. Whelan

According to his grandaughter, Regina Whelan Rooney (1892-1980), John was born in Jersey City in 1854. His Death Certificate, however, states that John was born January 29, 1856. Regina stated that when John's father retired, he inherited his business, which transported goods from barges on the Morris Canal to warehouses in Jersey City by means of horse-drawn wagons. As the car became more common, he was forced out of business. He later worked as a Park Attendant. In later years, John lived with his daughter Regina Rooney at 316 Fairmont Avenue in Jersey City.

John (right about 1916 or 1916) married Sara Ann Lynch (1854-1919) and died on February 19, 1946 in Jersey City, due to complications from a fall. He is buried in Holy Name Cemetery. For the descendants of John and Sara, please visit the section of the Whelan Homepage called "The Progenitor and His Descendants."

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