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 Sometimes there are no words. Sometimes all you can do is ponder and pray and wonder why. And sometimes, there is no why. God help the victims. God help us all.

September 11, 2001


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Thank you for visiting my homepage. I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data presented here, but I am always open to corrections and additions; indeed I welcome them. This is an ongoing project that has taken many interesting turns and will no doubt take many more. So please let me know of anything that I can do to improve these pages and the data presented in them!

I should note that I am in no way responsible for the adds at the top and bottom of each page. They are placed there by the company that has given me this webspace free of charge and not by me.

All written material on these pages may be freely reproduced (indeed I am honored if you think it worth reproducing) as long is it has been written by me and "James Miller at [email protected]" or the url of this website (or if you want to be really nice, both) is given credit as the source. If you don't cite me (and I find out) be warned: you may suffer the nefarious curse of numerous nasty e-mail messages! If you wish to reproduce any graphics, please write me first and ask for permission.

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July 7- redesign of page layout

June 22, New Census and tax records, major update to LeFevre section

Photo at top (just in case you were wondering):Bottom left: Mary Elizabeth Whelan and her friend Nell Flanagan at Coney Island, summer of 1902. Later Mrs. Wallace R. LeFevre. Top Right: Ona Vilimavicaite Bartasiene Druktiene, about 1936, Lithuania

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