Berri, South Australia

Berri - The name "Berri" is derives from the local Aboriginal (Meri) word “bery bery” meaning "a wide bend in the river”.  The town was proclaimed in 1911.  Berri is an administrative centre for the Berri Barmera Council, which includes the towns of Barmera, Berri, Cobdogla, Glossop, Loveday, Monash, Overland Corner and Winkie.


  1. Anglican Church (corner Strawbridge St and Verran Tce)

  2. Church of Christ (42 Old Sturt Hwy)

  3. Zion Lutheran Church (corner Marshall St and Vaughan Tce)

  4. Riverland Corps (Salvation Army)

  5. Uniting Church (Denny St)


Berri Cemetery (Gambling Rd, Berri)
Cemeteries (Berri-Barmera Council)


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