Waikerie, South Australia

Waikerie - The town was established in 1894.  The name Waikerie is said to derive from the aboriginal name for the giant swift moth. “wei kari” and means “many wings”.  Waikerie is an administrative centre for the District Council of Loxton Waikerie which includes the towns of Alawoona, Bakara, Bayah, Bookpurnong, Boolgun, Bugle Hut, Caliph, Cobera, Devlin Pound, Golden Heights, Hartwig Corner, Holder, Kanni, Kingston-on-Murray, Lock No 2, Lowbank, Loxton, Loxton North, Maggea, Maize Island, Malpas, Markeri, Meribah, Moorook, Mootatunga, Murbko, Myrla, Nadda, Naidia, Nangari, Netherleigh, New Residence, New Well, Noora, Notts Well, Oxford Landing, Paisley, Paruna, Pata, Peebinga, Poogincok, Pyap, Qualco, Ramco, Ramco Heights, Sunlands, Taldra, Taplan, Taylorville, Tookayerta, Tuscan, Veitch, Waikerie, Wappilka, Woolpunda, Wunkar, Yinkanie


  1. Anglican Church

  2. Lutheran Church

  3. Uniting Church


  1. Waikerie Cemetery
    Cemeteries (District Council of Loxton Waikerie)


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