African-American Genealogy - Missouri Roots
Sainte Genevieve, Saint Louis and Perry Counties, Missouri USA
Welcome! This website is dedicated to those whom have come before us,
those many brave unspoken heroes of our past. To whom without their
resilience and integrity, we their descendents would not have achieved the
heights that they had aspired.

In our journey of discovery of our own family roots we had the fortune to
acquire this treasure of information about other families in Missouri. Our
labor of love guided us through the hand written pages of church directories,
forgotten dusty ribbon-tied wills and faded microfiche.

You will find available data collected from the following resources:
Federal Census Records, Church Records (baptisms, burials, marriages)
and County Records from Ste. Genevieve, St. Louis and Perry County.
Some families found in these records are: Amoureux, ANDRE, Basil,
Bequette/Becket, Coffman, James, Janis, Randall, Rozier, St. Gem, Valle
and many many more.

                        We hope you enjoy the journey and happy hunting!

                                   Enter the gate to our past!




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