John D. Woodward
John D. Woodward, born May 18, 1828 in Morgan County, Indiana, was the son of Samuel S. and Abigail Shelley Woodward of Jefferson County, Tennessee, Hendricks-Morgan Counties, Indiana, and Keokuk-Hardin Counties, Iowa. He was grandson of William and Elizabeth Millikan Woodward.

Abigail Shelley (Shelly)
was the daughter of Jonathan (or James) Shelley (to be proven) of North Carolina.

The History of Hood River County says:
John D. Woodward, born Skendrex County [probably Hendricks County], Indiana, May 18, 1828, died December 25, 1897, came to the Oregon Territory by wagon train. He left the train at The Dalles, Oregon, and worked at odd jobs in the area.

The year he left Indiana is not known. According to records, Woodward had a donation homestead in Skamania County, Washington Territory, in 1855, and his squatter's right indicated he had lived there since 1850. It is logical to assume that he arrived in The Dalles between 1845 and 1850.

In 1854, he enlisted in The First Oregon Volunteer Army. In the years 1854, 1855, and 1856, Woodward fought in the Snake, Cayuse, and Yakima Indian Wars. Following his army career or during his stary with the army, he met Sarah Ough, who was born in 1838 in Washougal, Washington, and died in 1926 in Portland, Oregon. She was the oldest of the 11 children of Betsey and Richard Ough of Washougal, Washington Territory. Betsey was the daughter of Chief Schleyhoos, a chief of the Cascade Indians. Richard Ough sailed with the Hudson Bay Company merchant ships between London and Fort Vancouver. According to Dr. John McLoughlin's memoirs, he was on the Sailing Vessel Beaver. Richard and Betsey were married by Dr. McLoughlin in 1838 at Fort Vancouver.

John and Sarah Woodward were married on March 5, 1857 in Washougal. John migrated up the Columbia River Gorge to what is now known as Herman Creek on the Oregon side of the Gorge where he purchased a plat of 160 acres from a Mr. Henry Humphreys. This piece of property was then located in Wasco County as Hood River County was not formed until 1907. They built a cabin there and their first son was born, Richard, was born December 30, 1857, in Washougal, Washington. Following Richard they had five more sons: Alfred, James, William and Benjamin (twins) and Samuel. As these boys grew, their parents moved from Cascade Locks to Washougal to Portland, the reason being severe winters in the gorge and the lack of employment for their father. Making a living as a farmer in the gorge was very difficult, but no one time did they wander very far from the Columbia River Gorge.

(The 1850 Oregon Territory census has the family in Clark County, Columbia Barracks township. Richard Augh is 50, farming, with $3000 in property, born in England. Betsy -25, Sarah -11, Grace -9, Richard -7, and Benjamin -2 were all born in O.T.)

On August 4, 1860 the census has the family in Skamania, Washington Territory. John has real estate valued at $500 and personal property at $500. The census has the last name as "Woodrd" and born in "India". Sarah is 20, Richard 2, and Wm. C is 5 months old. A farmhand, Carter Mayhew, 27, born in New York, is in the household.

On July 9, 1870 they are still in Washington (Clark County, post office Vancouver). In the household with John and Sarah:
Richard - 13
William - 10
James - 7
Alfred - 6
Samuel - 4. All boys born in Washington Territory
Parker, Betsy - 21 - domestic servant, born Iowa
John doesn't have any land, but $300 in personal property
On the same census page, two households previous, is Sarah's father Richard Ough - 81, born England. He has $3000 in land, so John may work with him. In Richard's household are: Elizabeth - 55, keeping house
Benjamin - 21, laborer
Cecilia - 12? or 17?
Frederick - 14
Emily - 10
John - 6. Elizabeth and the children were born in Washington Territory, so perhaps she is Richard's daughter-in-law

In the February 1871 Washington State census, John (40, listed as born in Nebraska) is a farmer and Sara (30) is born in Washington Territory. Richard is 13, William 10, James 8, Alfred 7, and Samuel 3. The next household is Richard Ough, 82. Betsy is 50, Frederick 15, Cecilia 12, Emma 10, and John J. is 8. Ben Ough, 23, is a farmer born in Oregon.

John is probably the John D. Woodward divorced in 1875 from Sarah in Wasco County.

He may be the John Woodward in the 1880 Wasco County, Oregon census (age 52, divorced, wood-chopper, born in Indiana, parents born in Tennessee).

In 1887 he was living in Cascade Locks, Oregon, according to an article in the Lyons, Nebraska, Mirror.

The East Multnomah Pioneer Association says:
" Alfred Smith Woodward was born May 3, 1863 at Cascade Locks, Oregon, the third of five sons born to John and Sarah Woodward. His father had fought in the Indian wars, the last being the Modoc war of the Klamath area of Southern Oregon, and had homesteaded the area of their home at Cascade Locks. His wife Sarah was the daughter of the pioneer Ough family of the Washougal, Wn. area. She was a sister of Grace Latourell, wife of Joseph Latourell of pioneer fame, and also a sister of Mrs. Dunn who lived with her husband on the high ridge east of Troutdale and northeast of the Ed Woodard place, at one time in early pioneer days.

In early boyhood Alfred lived with his uncle, Joseph Latourell and family, his father and mother having separated, leaving the boys for the father to care for. While living with the Latorells he attended the Mountain School mentioned in Lydia Ostrand's historical sketch of this pioneer era. The schoolhouse, as he remembered it, was near the west line of the James Deaver farm and east and a little north of the William Crowston house on what was probably Painter property at that time.

Alfred, or 'Al' as he was familiarly known, grew to manhood in the Latourell Falls-Cascade Locks area and was one of the organizers of the Latourell Falls Wagon Road and Flume Co., and helped to build the wagon road and flume from Latourell Falls to Brewer, a small sawmill town near the westerly foot of Larch Mountain. These were constructed as toll facilities but were financially failures as about the only traffic on the road was the supply and mail wagon operated by 'Uncle' Joe Latourell and by the early closing of the Brower and Thompson Lumber Co., which was the only source of traffic for the flume.

He was married on October 22, 1888, to Amelia Elizabeth Campbell, daughter of a pioneer family who had crossed the plains by wagon train. Their first home was on the old Knapp place about a mile west of Brewer where the first child, Cecelia Mildred was born April 24, 1890. They next moved to house no. 11 in Brewer where Roy E. was born January 7, 1892. Al was working as edgerman at the Brower and Thompson mill at the time.

Later he was foreman of the mill at the magnificent salary of $50.00 per month. William Burkholder worked in the yard at the mill, putting the lumber down the schute into the flume which carried the lumber to the drying yard and planing mill at Latourell Falls. The capacity of the mill was about 50,000 board feet daily, and Bill, with very little assistance, put the entire product down the schute into the flume.

In the summer of 1895 Al was working for a time with Uncle Joe's seining crew on Smith Island about opposite Rooster Rock and living at Latourell Falls. Here Alice Hilda was born May 23, 1895. In the fall the family returned to Brower where Al resumed his work at the mill until 1897 when he moved to Palmer's Mill, where Ada Gertrude was born November 11, 1897. From Palmer's mill the family moved back to Brower and then the Maffets mill where a son, John Lester was born February 21, 1900. John lived only one month, dying on March 21, 1900.

The family moved to the old Adler farm near Corbett in 1900. Here Alfred Howard was born September 21, 1901, Stanley May 2, 1907, Lynn Addison May 28, 1911, and William Forrest August 18, 1914. William lived but a few days, passing away on August 21, 1914.

Cecelia, who was then Mrs. Earl Williams, died during the flu epidemic on November 8, 1918 and is buried at Mountain View Cemetery on the Evans place in the same plot with John and William who had died as infants. Stanley died May 27, 1940 at Portland and his ashes occupy a vault at the Portland Mausoleum."

The Woodward boys grew to be good-sized men. Their mother was close to six feet tall and their father was six feet. The twins lived rather brief lives and died in their early twenties. Sarah and John separated in 1975 [sic] and John took his six sons and returned to Cascade Locks to raise these young fellows. As they became young, husky men they found work at the Brower & Thompson mill. Later they worked at the Palmer mill. Around 1880, Sarah and John divorced. Sarah married a man named Andrew Cambrous. John never remarried and seventeen years later died in the Veteran Hospital in Roseburg, Oregon on December 25, 1897.

Richard Woodward was born on 30 Dec 1856 in Washougal, Washington. He married Emma Allen (born May 1864 in Nevada) in 1883, and they made their home in Cascade Locks, Oregon.
They had the following children:
i. Clement (Clemmie) Woodward was born in Nov 1882.
ii. May A. Woodward was born in May 1884 in Oregon.
iii. Charles Woodward was born in Mar 1887 in Oregon.
iv. Dollie Woodward was born in Sep 1888 in Oregon.
v. Ella Woodward was born in Mar 1890.
vi. Winnie Woodward 1 was born in Dec 1891 in Oregon.
vii. John Charles Woodward was born in Oct 1893 in Oregon.

James Woodward married Tillie Boyd in 1885; they made their home in Portland, Oregon. They had eight children.

ALFRED SMITH WOODWARD was born 5/03/1863 in Cascade Locks, Multnomah County, Oregon. Lived with his uncle Joseph Latourell and family, his father and mother having separated. He grew to manhood in the Latourell Falls-Cascade Locks area and was one of the organizers of the Latourell Falls Wagon Road and Flume Co, and helped to build the wagon road and flume to Latourell Falls from Brower, a small sawmill town near the westerly foot of Larch Mountain. He married AMELIA ELIZABETH CAMPBELL 10/22/1888 in Brower, Multnomah County, Oregon. They made their home in Corbett, Multnomah County, Oregon and had nine children:

i. CECELIA MILDRED WOODWARD, b. 4/24/1890, Near Brower, Multnomah County, Oregon; d. 11/08/1918 in flu epidemic; m. EARL WILLIAMS.
ii. ROY E. WOODWARD, b. 1/07/1892, Brower, Multnomah County, Oregon.
iii. ALICE HILDA WOODWARD, b. 5/23/1895, Latourell, Multnomah County, Oregon.
iv. ADA GERTRUDE WOODWARD, b. 11/11/1897, Palmer's Mill, Multnomah County, Oregon.
v. JOHN LESTER WOODWARD, b. 2/21/1900, Maffet's Mill, Multnomah County; d. 3/21/1900, Maffet's Mill, Multnomah County, Oregon.
vi. ALFRED HOWARD WOODWARD, b. 9/21/1901, Near Corbett, Multnomah County, Oregon; m. BLANCHE CALKINS.
vii. STANLEY W. WOODWARD, b. 5/02/1907; d. 5/27/1940, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon. Interred Portland Mausoleum.
viii. LYNN ADDISON WOODWARD, b. 5/28/1911.
ix. WILLIAM FORREST WOODWARD, b. 8/18/1914; d. 8/21/1914, possibly near Corbett, Multnomah County, Oregon.

It is likely that CECELIA M. (WOODWARD) WILLIAMS, JOHN LESTER WOODWARD and WILLIAM FORREST WOODWARD are buried in the Mountain View Pioneer Cemetery near Corbett, Multnomah County, Oregon; but their graves were not found in a search conducted in January 2006.

Here is Richard and family in the 1900 census:
1900 Falls Precinct Wasco County, Oregon
95 Richard Woodward, Dec 1856 Wash, In, Not known, married 17 yr, carpenter, own home
Emma, May 1864 m 17, 8 children born 7 living, Nev, Ill, Not known
Clemmie, step son Nov 1882, 17, Ore Gy Nev Day Laborer
May A. May 1884, 16, Or, Wa, Nv, at school
Charles Mar 1887, 13, at school
Dollie Sept 1888, at school
Ella Mar 1890, at school
Winnie, 8, Dec 1891
John C, 6, Oct 1898 Note Charles in the cemetery is also son of Richard. John C. is John Chester, not John Charles, per the 1920 census:

1920 Falls Precinct Hood River Oregon
Richard Woodward, own, 62, govt watchman, born Washington, father Indiana, mother Washougal
Emma, 55, Washougal, not known, not known
John Chester, son, 26, Oregon, father Washougal, mother Washougal, laborer, saw mill
And here is more on the 1930 census :
1930 Falls Precinct, Hood River Co, Oregon
John Woodward, 36, section hand, steam railroad, Ore, father mixed, mother Cascade
Iva, 27, Ore, Ill, Ia
Chester, 9, Ore, Ore, Ore
Kenneth, 6, Ore, Ore, Ore
Lee Allen 2 11/12 Ore, Ore, Ore
Note that Lee Allen may be named for the father of Emma Allen, wife of Richard.
To summarize: John C and Lenore were husband and wife and Charles, Chester and John C. in the cemetery were their children.

1933 Hood River County School Census
Transcribed by Jeff Bryant, 2004

Entry/District/Page Last Name First Name Birth Date Sex Age Parent Last, First Address

35 1 6 Woodward Robert 22-Dec-19 m Woodward S. A. Cascade Locks, Ore
36 1 6 Woodward Genevieve 8-Jan-23 f Woodward S. A. Cascade Locks, Ore
37 1 6 Woodward Sidney 15-Jan-25 m Woodward S. A. Cascade Locks, Ore
38 1 6 Woodward John Thomas 4-Aug-26 m 7 Woodward J. S. Cascade Locks, Ore
39 1 6 Woodward Clifford 16-Feb-23 m Woodward J. W. Cascade Locks, Ore
43 1 6 Woodward Shirley 26-Jul-24 f 8 Woodward J. W. Cascade Locks, Ore
40 1 6 Woodward Chester 9-Dec-20 m Woodward J. C. Cascade Locks, Ore
42 1 6 Woodward Kenneth 19-Nov-24 m Woodward J. C. Cascade Locks, Ore
41 1 6 Woodward Lee 14-Feb-27 m Woodward J. C. Cascade Locks, Ore
S.A. is Sidney Alton Woodward spouse: Naomi (Allinger) Woodward
J.S. is unknown
J.W. is John William Woodward spouse: Genevieve (Allinger) Woodward
J.C. is John Charles Woodward spouse: Iva (unknown) Woodward

Samuel Woodward was also son of John and Sarah Ough Woodward and here they are in the 1900 census
1900 Falls Precinct, Wasco, Oregon
115 Samuel Woodward, April 1868, 32, married 5 yrs, Or, Pa, Wa, farmer
Susan, Jan 1879, 21, 5 yr, 3 born 3 ;liv Ore NY Ore
John Apr 1896, 4, Ore, Ore, Ore
Henry, Aug 1897, 2,
Mabel Apr 1899
Their children constitute the rest of the cemetery: Arthur, Bessie, Henry James, John W, Leslie, Mabel, Sidney and Stella.

Samuel Woodward, the youngest son, the father of this writer [Robert Erle Woodward], was born April 22, 1868 and died January 11, 1927 and is buried at Cascade Locks, Oregon(Sue L. on headstone). On June 11, 1895, Samuel married Susan Greer who was born January 23, 1879, and died January 11, 1951, and is buried with Samuel at Cascade Locks, Oregon. After leaving Palmer, Samuel found work on the Bradford Road at Stevenson, Washington. He and Susan made their home at Cascade Locks, Oregon. He worked on the building of the Cascade Locks which by-pass the cascade rapids. Later he worked for the Wind River Lumber Company. Sam and Sarah had eleven children:
John William born April 21, 1896, served U.S. Navy WWI,died May 17, 1961;
Henry James born August 7, 1897, died May 11, 1952;
Mabel Clara (Dietrick on headstone) born April 3, 1899, died January 22, 1922;
Sidney Alton born September 30, 1900, died June 15, 1974;
Stella Ruth born July 6, 1902, died September 23, 1979;
Rose Mary born March 14, 1905, died May 4, 1971;
Arthur Greer born June 14, 1907, died August 15, 1937;
Leslie William born February 10, 1911, died December 26, 1932;
Bessie Lorraine born March 27, 1913, died March 30, 1913; Nora Gene born January 3, 1915;
Robert Erle was born December 22, 1917. He married Mary Zada Magee on 7 Mar 1942. They had Maureen Zada Woodward - 3 Aug 1946, Robert Woodward - 18 Apr 1949, and Myron Hughbert Woodward - 22 Sep 1951.

All children that are deceased are buried at Cascade Locks, Oregon, with the exception of Rose Mary who is buried with her husband, Mike Weaver, in Spokane, Washington.

In The Dalles cemetery, Wasco County, is: WOODWARD, Wm. B. 1880; d. November 3, 1897; "At Rest".

Other Woodwards in the Cascade Locks cemetery:
Charles R. Woodward 13 Mar 1887 - 2 Dec 1971 PFC US Army WW-I
Chester I. Woodward 9 Dec 1920 - 31 Mar 1940
Henry James Woodward 7 Aug 1897 - 11 May 1952 WT1 USNR WW-I & WW-II
Iva Lenore Woodward 15 May 1902 - 13 Jul 2003
John C. Woodward 23 Oct 1893 - 23 Feb 1979 CPL US Army WW-I
Sidney Woodward 30 Sep 1900 - 15 Jun 1974
Stella R. Woodward 1902 - 1979

A descendant has written that the full name is John Davis Woodward, and that he is buried in Roseburg.
The Roseburg National Cemetery has an online listing of:
Woodward, J D, d. 12/25/1897, CO B 1ST ORE VOL INF, Plot: A 37 R3, bur. 12/26/1897

Larry Moulton, a descendant of John's brother Nathan, generously took this picture in June 2005:

The Hood River County GenWeb site has a page with the following information:
Richard Ough married Betsey, daughter of Chief Scheyhoos, in 1838 in Fort Vancouver, Washington.
They had Sarah Ough, born in 1838, married Andrew Cambrous. She died in 1926.

Nadine Holder researched later census information, and the following was found:

John Davis Woodward
1880 Census Place: Falls, Wasco, Oregon
Source: FHL Film 1255084 National Archives Film T9-1084 Page 258D
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
John WOODWARD Self M D W 52 IN Occ: Woodchopper Fa: TN Mo: TN
John DENVER Other M S W 33 NY Occ: Wood Chopper Fa: --- Mo: ---
Eligah BAUGHMAN Other M S W 19 TN Occ: Wood Chopper Fa: --- Mo: ---

Appears to be son James
Census Place: Falls, Wasco, Oregon
Source: FHL Film 1255084 National Archives Film T9-1084 Page 257A
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Jane UMPHREY Self F W I 40 CAN Occ: Keeping House Fa: CAN Mo: CAN
Janet BURSTON Other F W I 69 CAN Occ: Keeping House Fa: CAN Mo: CAN
James WOODWARD Other M S I 18 WA-TER Occ: Laborer Fa: IN Mo: OR
Catherine HOGAN Dau F S I 5 WA-TER Fa: --- Mo: WA-TER

Here is Samuel with his mother - note the boys also had a half brother
Census Place: Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
Source: FHL Film 1255083 National Archives Film T9-1083 Page 430A
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
A. CAMBROSE Self M M W 36 FRAN Occ: Laborer Fa: FRAN Mo: FRAN
Sarah CAMBROSE Wife F M W 40 OR Fa: ENG Mo: ---
Samuel CAMBROSE Son M S W 11 OR Fa: FRAN Mo: OR
Joseph CAMBROSE Son M S W 1 OR Fa: FRAN Mo: OR

Uncle Joseph Latourell who supposedly raised the boys -
Census Place: Rooster Rock, Multnomah, Oregon
Source: FHL Film 1255082 National Archives Film T9-1082 Page 172C
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Joseph LATOURELL Self M M W 45 NY Occ: Farmer Fa: CAN Mo: NY
Grace LATOURELL Wife F M W 38 OR Occ: Keeps House Fa: ENG Mo: OR
Joseph LATOURELL Son M S W 18 OR Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: NY Mo: OR
Richard LATOURELL Son M S W 16 OR Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: NY Mo: OR
Mason E. LATOURELL Son M S W 15 OR Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: NY Mo: OR
Alice J. LATOURELL Dau F S W 13 OR Occ: At School Fa: NY Mo: OR
Wm. A. LATOURELL Son M S W 9 OR Occ: At School Fa: NY Mo: OR
Macom B. LATOURELL Son M S W 3 OR Fa: NY Mo: OR

No sign of Richard, age 23, in Oregon or Washington
No sign of twins William and Benjamin, age 15 in Oregon (and Nadine checked by first name only in case they were taking on the name of whomever they were staying with). No sign of Alfred age 17 - done the same way.

Both Richard Woodward, Dec 1857, 42 and Samuel Woodward, Apr 1868, are censused with Andrew Cambrous as stepsons. Sarah Ough Woodward married Cambrous after she divorced John Davis so this confirms that. It is odd why they are there though unless they were just visiting when the census was taken.

Samuel Woodward, Apr 1868 is censused again in Wasco County, with wife Susan, Jan 1879, son John Apr 1896, Henry Aug 1897 and Mabel Apr 1899 - so he definitely must have just been visiting his mother. Richard is not listed otherwise in Oregon so maybe his wife had died or something but he supposedly had seven children who were where????

There is another Woodward in Multnomah County who looks suspiciously like a brother of Richard and Samuel - his birthplace and date are right although the history above says he died in his 20's as did his twin Benjamin:

William Woodward, head, white, Nov 1865, 34, born Oregon
Rose Woodward, wife Feb 1873, 22, born Washington
Lucy Woodward, daughter, Apr 1889, 11, born Oregon
2 lodgers
Hard to say - William Woodward is a pretty common name but he slides in neatly with his age as the William who was brother of Samuel and Richard.

A little turn through the 1930 census records in Multnomah County shows only two of the family seem to be there:
Capital Hill, Henrietta Street, Precinct 521
James H. Woodward, 66, rent, born Wash, father born In, mothr born Wa,
married at age 24, foreman, warehouse
Tillie E., age 66, born Pa, parents born Pa, married at age 24
Clayton G., son, 20, born Or, typesetter, printing company
Their age is a bit off - would be more like 68 or 69 which would then match their marriage date if married at age 24 and would also then fit into John Davis's family in the right place.

Precinct 512, Hurlbut, Dist 250
Alfred S. Woodward, 66, bor Or, father born Ia mother born Or, married age 25, supervisor county roads
Amelia E. Woodward, 59, married at 18, born Ia, fathr born Pa, mother born Canada
Lynne A. Woodward, son, 18, general farm laborer
Louise E. Williams, granddaughter, age 18

Both James and Alfred supposedly had a herd of kids probably grown and gone but they didn't seem to be nearby. Some had died too.

1920 census - William and Rose Woodward are not found although Rose probably married again if William died.

Alfred Smith Woodward was in Hurlburt, ED 201
Alfred S., own, age 56, born Oregon, father born Iowa, mother born
Washington, supervisor County roads
Amelia E., 49, born Iowa, father born NJ, mother born Canada
Alfred H., 18, farm laborer, born Or
Stanley, 12, born Or
Lynne A, 8, born Or
Joseph A. O'Connell, rent 25, born Or, father born NY, mother born Switzerland, general farming
Ada G [Woodward], 22, born Or
Roy I., 2 6/12, born Wa
Robert J, 1, born Or

James was in Ryan on Dement Street ED 206
James Woodward, own, mortgaged, 58, Wa, father born In, mother born Wa, foreman, warehouse
Tillie, 58, born Pa, parents born Pa
Howard, son, 21, Or, hardware clerk in wholesale house
Ray, son, 19, pressman, wholesale printer
Ruth, daughter, 14
Clayton, son, 10

Samuel - missed in 1920 census evidently