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The information on this page was found in a 1950 agenda that is currently in the possession of ANNE TRABOLD.The author is unknown and its accuracy can not be vouched for. Below you will find the images and an exact transcription alongside each image. It is not always clear what the author meant and in some areas there are question marks inserted by the author.  Click on the images for a larger view.

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Dietz, Statt and Meng page oneMy grandmother's name was Eva DIETZ, married to Anton SASSINRATH. She had a sister named Maggie DIETZ who married my great uncle Mathew. (Aunt Maggie's mom died at child birth so Aunt Maggie was raised by the Frank DIETZ family included (Tony DIETZ Sharp Building Kansas City MO. Charles DIETZ 11th and Mallingkrodt Ave. St. Louis MO. Frank DIETZ 3015 Kossuth Ave. St. Louis MO. John DIETZ St. Louis MO.

The sisters were Anna, Mary and Elizabeth who married Tony Kammerer of Ferguson MO.

Dietz, Statt & Meng page 2 Frank DIETZ born 1807 Hessen Darmstadt. Married Elizabeth BAYER.

Frank DIETZ died July 7, 1891 buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery July 9 1891.

Julinanna [sic] his second wife born 1827. Died 1899

Louisa, child of Frank and Julianna DIETZ born May 21, 1864. Died Feb. 26 1887 and was buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery March 1, 1887.

Was baptized May 22 1864. Sponsors John & Louisa BOHN Rev. P. L. HOBER A.S.S.R.

Dietz, Statt & Meng page 3Anna Barbara DIETZ born Nov. 28, 1861 of Frank (Francis) DIETZ of Rochenberg in Hessen Darmstadt Germany, and Julia JACOBS of Oberchofen in Hessen Darmstadts [sic] Germany. Sponsors Charles MEISENZAHL and Catherine MEISEZAHL [sic] of P-----. Was baptized Dec. 29, 1861 by Rev Francis VON INSTED A.S.S.R.

Married Adolph STEPHAN Nov. 25, 1884

Dietz, Statt & Meng page 4 Mary 1/2 ? sister

Catherine or Kate

All the same mother but Mary had a different father.
Frank born November 26, 1869.

Dietz, Statt & Meng page 5 Frank DIETZ

January 26 1869. after 3 calls I united in Holy Matrimony Frank (son of Frank DIETZ and Elizebeth [sic] BAYER) of Hessen Darmstadt and Beatrice (Daughter of Aloysius ALBER and Magdalen KAISER) born in Shendorf Aberant Trittlingen Wurbenberg. Witness were Henry DIETZ & Joseph LAUTER
Signed Father HECKINGER C.S.S.R.
Married at St. Joseph

Dietz-Statt-Meng page 6John STATT married April 22 1873 Catherine MENG St. Joseph
John STATT father and mother.

Dietz, Statt & Meng page 7 Adam STATT married Julianna KLIENHANZ
Adam STATT and his brother came over from German [sic] his brother stayed in New York do not know his first name.

Dietz, Statt & Meng page 8 5   Joseph STATT
6   George STATT
Catherine " BAUMAN
Rigenia [sic]"
1 Barbara "
2 Mary "
Theresa " DIRELETH
3 Julia " CHRIST
4 John STATT

Deitz-Statt-Meng page 8The red brick house was bilt [sic] in 1859 by Adam STATT. John STATT lived in the house after his father died.
John STATT lived in the house on the corner of Greece Towneline [sic] Long Pond Rd.

Dietz, Statt & Meng page 9 Charles MENG - fur man - married Catherine SCHAFFER.
Adam STATT - garden & coachman - came from Germany Berviarian [sic].
Whitmore Estate

Dietz, Statt & Meng page 10 Mary MENG STUMPF
(fur) Charles MENG
(fur) Bruno MENG New York
3 children
2 girls & 1 boy Rose MENG LANG
Mary Amelia MENG WALSH
Jacon MENG
Frederick MENG
Elizabeth MENG
Catherine MENG
Margaret MENG

Grocery receipt for Theo Statt

This is a grocery receipt that was found in the back of the agenda.

since 1890
Choice Meats Fish,Poultry and Vegetables
1105 Lyell Ave. cor Glide St.
Rochester, N.Y.

June 2, 1934
Mr. & Mrs. Theo STATT

2 lbs spinach .10
2 bw carrots  .12
1 celery.10
1 1/2 H.B.& .23

Your account stated to date. If error is found, return at once