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Please click on the links below to view each image. For Engert family cemetery photos, please see the Cemetery transcriptions page for Holy Sepulchre Cemetery for links to all cemetery photos.

Catherine Fell Hahn Portrait

Catherine Fell Hahn Portrait2

Charles (aka Karl) Hahn Portrait

Charles (aka Karl) Hahn Portrait 2

Charles (aka Karl) Hahn At Home

Charles George Hahn

Charles Lumel Hahn and brother Frank W. Hahn

Charles Lumel Hahn School photo

Elizabeth Hahn Lorscheider Portrait

Frank W. Hahn Portrait

Hahn Family Home on Almira Street, Rochester

Hahn Sisters Portrait

Hahn Sisters Portrait Identified

Frances A. Hahn Portrait

Frank Hahn Portrait circa 1900

Frank Hahn Portrait Young

Frank Hahn Portait Young Man

Gerard Patrick Hahn and Christine Faust Hahn

Hahn Family Home

Hahn Family Members

Julia Hahn Portrait

Kalb, Hahn & Company Invoice

Unidentified Hahn Daughter

Unidentified Hahn Daughter2

Unidentified Hahn Daughter3

Unidentified Man

Unidentified Young Man

William Hahn