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Family Genealogy - Rampe Family

The information on the RAMPE family is from a combined effort on both my part and that of my cousin Carol PUSTULKA.

Charles W. RAMPE was born in Hösler, Prussia about 1827. He immigrated to Rochester in the early 1850's where he was employed as a shoemaker. On 28 November 1854 Charles married Maria Anna HAHN, the younger sister of Karl HAHN, on the very same day and in the same church, Maria's brother Karl married Franziska STEPHANY.

Charles was employed by J. F. KALB. as a shoemaker. He continued to work there when brother-in-law Karl HAHN went into partnership with Mr. KALB, calling their company KALB HAHN. Eventually, Charles also became a partner in the firm, and the name was changed to KALB, HAHN & COMPANY. Sometime after 1880, Charles and Karl formed their own company, calling it HAHN & RAMPE.

Charles and Anna had one son, William F. RAMPE. He married Cecilia MEYERING in 1889 and they had three children, Frederick, Pauline and Mary.

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