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Much of the information for the STEPHANY family was generously contributed by my cousin and fellow researcher, Carol PUSTULKA.

Frances Hahn Photograph.

Franziska STEPHANY was the daughter of Jon Jacob STEPHANY and Elizabeth FELDMAN. Born on the 13 of December in either 1834 or 1835 in the town of Pfortz, Bavaria, Germany, Franziska was the fourth of seven children known to be born to Jon Jacob STEPHANY and wife Elizabeth.

It is believed that Franziska immigrated to the US in October of 1851 when she was just a young girl of fifteen. According to a family story she met her husband-to-be during her trip across the Atlantic to her new home, but there is no information to support this story. Immigration for Charles HAHN, the man she would later marry, indicates that he arrived in the Port Of New York in 1848.

It appears that Franziska made her journey to Rochester on her own, however, other family members were already living in Rochester when she arrived.

Frances married Charles HAHN on 28 November 1854 in St. Joseph's Church in Rochester, Monroe County, New York. They had eleven children all of whom survived.

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