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Please click on the links below to view each image. For Wattel, Wadel, Waddel and Waddell family cemetery photos, please see the Cemetery transcriptions pages for Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Mt. Hope Cemetery, St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery of Penfield, and St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery of Perinton for links to all cemetery photos.

Carl Wattel 1940's

Carl Wattel 1950's

Carl Wattel and Margaret Gertner 1923

Carl Wattel and Margaret Gertner Wattel Just Married

Carl Wattel and Margaret Ann Gertner with Wedding Party

Carl Wattel with daughter Judith

Carl Wattel with daughters Judith and Mary Ann

Judith Wattel Infant

Judith Wattel 4 years old

Judith Wattel teen

Judith Wattel College portrait

Judith Wattel 1960's

Judith Wattel in Costa Rica

Judith Wattel 2000

Margaret Gertner Wattel Wedding Portrait

Mary Ann Wattel Infant

Mary Ann Wattel with sister Judith

Mary Ann Wattel College Portrait

Mary Ann Wattel 1960's

Mary Ann Wattel