Maternal John A





Welcome to my Family History Web Site.  This web site represents a passion I have had going on thirteen years.  Once a year I travel on my vacation to visit places where my ancestors lived and to conduct research.  I have been to Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky several times in the past, and this year (2006) I spent a month in North Carolina (the Piedmont area.


Our family history goes back to Jamestown and there are several early Virginia lines from whom we descend.  While I would be eligible for most genealogical organizations, i.e., DAR, Jamestown Colonial Ancestors, Pioneer Ancestors of Indiana, etc. etc., to name a few, I have never had the time to pursue putting an application together.  I guess I enjoy the hunt more.


Having much to share on my family lines if we connect, I am more than happy to help if I am able.  I have amassed quite a collection of paperwork with respect to my ancestors.  However, among other things, when I first started out, I didn't realize the importance of recording my sources, and so like many cousins, I have learned this and other things along the way, i.e., I don't have sources for everything.   Good luck in the chase ....




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