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I hope this is helpful as you search Madison County New York.

Although I did not grow up in Madison County, it is my birthplace and my roots are there.  As I search for my family members, I am learning more about the area all  the time.  I have acquired family, friends and acquaintances in quite an abundance during my journey of reseach and a few short visits during the summers.

About this project:

My dad, Kenneth (Jim) Moon was in WWII.  He spoke very little of it.  A couple of years ago, my mother gave me a book with all the Madison County men and women that served in that war, A Book of Remebrance.  I have looked at it numerous times, and because of the shape it is in, I have scanned it to help preserve it.  I have elected to put it here for your viewing.  Mike Hollingsworth also has my scans, and is going to put it on another server as well.  I hope it is of some help to you.

I do ask that you please take the time to view the following pages before going to the list of personel to search for family. You will have to use your back button to go back to the previous link or this page.

The front cover




History pg 1

History pg 2



To know which town to visit for your family, go to the list first.  Then you will see the town listed after the name.  Just come back here and then click on the link for that town.  You will find their name listed on the memorial.


North Brookfield

Earlville pg1

Earlville pg2


West Eaton

Hamilton pg1

Hamilton pg2



Leonardsville pg1

Leonardsville pg2

Madison pg1

Madison pg2

Morrisville pg1

Morrisville pg2


And here is the link for the list.  You will find the names listed by last name, first name, middle initial/name (when provided), the town they were from, and a number.  I have had to enter each into a database to sort them for your easy viewing. The number is the page link to find the picture on that page.  Each page will have up to 16 pictures.  I am also linking the name to any other page that the name is listed on.

Index of names

Please report any links not working.  If you have any suggestions to improve this site, or comments, let me know.


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anything below this has been added, and is not mine.